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Sword Breaker's and Exalted?

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  • Sword Breaker's and Exalted?

    Hello all, I am just wondering how you would go about making a character who uses a European style sword breaker? Mechanically that is? I don't see any really useful charms off the top of my head, and I assume you would simply use something like the disarming keyword & clashes? That being said clashing attacks are really good, although being forced to use a decisive attack for the gambit seems very expensive on the accuracy pool?

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    Swordbreakers are generally designed to be used in a duelling context. If a player wanted a particular reason mechanically I would perhaps use it as a light weapon with a higher defence bonus with some sort of trade off. Probably in lower accuracy for attacks and you know, requiring being held in the off-hand. Would probably look like a medium weapon with lower damage but concealable.

    Accuracy: +2 Damage +7 Defence +1 Overwhelming 1
    Tags Disarming, Lethal, Melee, Shield(Melee attacks only).

    Edit: As for the character themselves, I would use gambits for disarm as you mentioned. Special rule for allowing a swordbreaker to get the dualwielding bonus to clashes. I think you are on the right track.
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