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Solar Survival Revamp

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  • Solar Survival Revamp

    Solar Survival is now done.

    This ability is a lot larger than it was before. That’s because Survival was pretty much completely absent of any sort of mechanics at a base level. So that meant I actually needed to define just what the ability can do at base. In addition to a difficulty table I’ve also included an overland travel and navigation system, how finding food/shelter works, tracking, training animals, and traps.

    After that, I actually needed to include charms to interact with all to this. The end result is something that is actually bigger than the original Survival tree, however with the way the charm trees are made, you should be able to get the charms you want quickly and with each one being a useful purchase. Survival now does far more than just be a glorified animal ken ability, it can do much more.

    Oh, and I’ve also nerfed the familiar charms. Such charms were overpowered to hell, and were dire need of revisions.

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