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    Thanks. It's interesting that Alchemicals in Creation are canon now, so maybe what motivates Ris is that he saw the Silver Man, a famous ancient statue in Blessed Isle, and recognised it as a Moonsilver Alchemical in status mode, He wrongly thinks it's a sleeper agent for Autochthonia.
    For an actual game, I'd use Daison, a man with Autochthonian parents born in Creation early in the invasion. He becomes an important mortal general on the invaders' side and helps organise the retreat when Ris wins. Then he suddenly appears in real Creation and does the opposite of Ris, trying to ensure a victory for the Autochthonians when they break through. He learns about the Silver Man and has the same misconception as Ris, so the PCs have to stop him waking it up.


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      Originally posted by Gareth3 View Post
      Ris is a child of war. His parents only met when streams of refugees from the Locusts joined up in the wilderness of the East, and they were both killed by the mechanical champions of the invaders. His entire life has been a constant struggle to defeat an army with an overwhelming technological advantage, that sees his entire world as merely raw materials. But eventually Ris did defeat them by allying with Exalted of every type, sending the invaders fleeing back to their realm of brass and shadow. Immediately after his victory he found himself in a Creation that had never even heard of Autochthonia. Not the past, just a version of the present where the invasion never happened. His only thought is how vulnerable this new world is, and how he must prepare it for the inevitable war. The new versions of his old allies are mostly useless, either impossible to convince or not Exalted, if they were born at all. He's now recruiting new Exalted to his cause, forming a resistance group for when the Seal of Eight Divinities is breached.
      "Come with me if you want to live."
      I am going to steal liberally from this for the first arc of my Essence campaign. Thank you.

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