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Exalted Essence Infernals Homebrew Charms

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  • Exalted Essence Infernals Homebrew Charms

    I tried to write some Charms which explore the grandiose Infernals themes of having an inner world with its own spirits and alien architecture in the smallest, most mechanically simple way, to try to fit in with the Exalted Essence design philosophy.

    Feel free to comment in any way you prefer, or post your own Infernal homebrews.

    Inner Voice Cacaphony

    Prerequisite: Integrity 2, Essence 2

    The Infernal contains multitudes. To convince them is to contend against a horde of competing ideologies.

    Any social influence attempt against the Exalt suffers penalties as if it was a social influence attempt against multiple targets. The other players (or, in a single-player game, the player and the storyteller) may roleplay in voices their head counseling against the action.

    Devil Emperor’s Courtiers
    Prerequisites: Awareness 2

    The voices in the Infernal’s head often have different perspectives on the same course of action.

    Once per scene, when making a decision, you may suggest two possible approaches to the Storyteller, and ask them to provide a reason to undertake each of them. The Storyteller will give arguments for the two conflicting approaches. These may be based on the knowledge of the Demon City or on information the Exalt could have observed but missed.

    Virtriolic Transmutation
    Prerequisites: Craft 3

    Stone, wood, and metal shift in the Exalt’s hands into forms more fitting the majesty of Hell. This Charm costs 1 mote, and grants double 7s on a roll to deal with an obstacle on a Craft venture related to materials. If successful, the final object has the green-tinged brass appearance of the demon city Malfeas or another, equally alien, aesthetic chosen by the Exalt. Extra successes may be spent to confer Advantages representing the unique properties of these strange materials, though not approaching the power of an artifact, nor can this Charm create Magical Materials from mundane ones.

    Inner Landscapes Manifest
    Prerequisites: Craft 4

    While working on a Venture to craft a large-scale mundane project or a Manse, the Exalt may spend 1 mote to choose a philosophical or psychological principle and a physical representation of it, such as abusive love represented by acid. (The relationship between them need not make sense to anyone else). The completed project has the chosen physical form, and those denying the principle are unnerved.

    Anyone within or on the structure takes a -1 die penalty to all actions which either oppose the principle or are hampered by its physical representation. The Infernal can maintain this magical effect for up to (Essence) structures at a time, dropping old ones when new ones are created, or can make the effect permanent by overcoming significant obstacles or accepting meaningful consequences to uphold the principle inside the structure.

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    Here's something I cooked up:

    Yozi-Mind Synchronicity
    Prerequisites: Integrity 5, Essence 2

    The Infernal adapts their mentality and priorities, putting themselves more in line with a Yozi they wish to emulate. The Exalt gains a new trigger for earning Exalt Milestones, based on the Yozi of their choice, allowing them to once per session, earn an Exalt Milestone for the following:
    • Malfeas: Establish dominance over others at the cost of personal sacrifice (such as dramatic injuries, lost merits, loss of loved ones, etc.)
    • Cecelyne: Uphold the current rule of law through brutal means.
    • She Who Lives In Her Name: Fulfill a planned operation without indulging in petty emotions in the process.
    • Adorjan: Abandon an attachment, good or bad, to die alone.
    • The Ebon Dragon: Escape from a physical or social confinement through deception.
    • Kimbery: Fell a hated foe through a slow death (physical or social), such as through poison or disease (for physical) or extortion (for social).
    By purchasing this charm, the Infernal must develop a Minor Intimacy which the Yozi also holds. Should the Intimacy be destroyed, a brand new one involving a different subject is formed at the Minor level at the end of the scene. For example, a Kimbery Infernal might hold a Principle of "No matter what anyone says, my standards are more than fair." Should that principle be eroded, it is soon replaced once the social combat is over by a Minor Principle of "I prefer drawing out my enemies agony."

    This charm can be repurchased once more at Essence 4.