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[Solar Linguistics remake] Cunning linguists everywhere

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  • [Solar Linguistics remake] Cunning linguists everywhere

    Good evening, everyone!

    The Linguistics Remake is up

    This one was a doozy, between creating aides to use the ability on its own, suggesting new uses for it and translating solar authority and radiance to the art of writing, we ended up with 30 charms :O

    A few of the classics make a return, but now your savvy interpreters and master cryptographers can make people go mad, and few are so well versed in the art of elevating (may I say exalting?) people to honor-or suffer- their titles as the Lawgivers. It is in the name after all!

    As always, feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy this one!

  • Katana1515
    Just stopping by to say this is really cool. Linguistics is a skill that needed some serious TLC and you have done exactly what I would have hoped to do with it if I had the time. I'm bookmarking this for when I run Ex3 again and will check out your other rewrites too.

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