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Lunar Evocation for Unity (Arms p.111)

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  • Lunar Evocation for Unity (Arms p.111)

    Unity, a five dot moonsilver buff jacket in Arms of the chosen. Has an evocation; Fluid Battle Evolution. This evocation lets a Solar activate increasing strength exercise reflexively when the character does a miscellaneous action with Unity (when they enter one of the miens - miens in this case being some armor specific things that I'm not going to retype here). The point is, it gives the wearer a scene long damage booster as a reflexive charm in specific circumstances, albeit with an accompanying charm purchase.

    For an evocation for a lunar who is using the armor, I was thinking of copying the evocation more or less exactly, but replacing increasing strength exercise with Deadly Beastman Transformation. Here's my text:

    "This Evocation upgrades Hybrid Body Transformation (Lunars 143). When the Lunar enters Quicksilver Host Mien or Final Unity Mien, she may invoke the Charm reflexively. She may then, in turn, also reflexively activate Deadly Beastman Transformation in accordance with the special activation rules for that Charm"

    Does anyone see a problem with that? I think that DBT is a bit better than increasing strength exercise but this doesn't bother me. Is there some consequence Deadly Beastman as a miscellaneous action that I should beware of?
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    I want to play this as a starting character, I don't even care what game.

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    Well, all evocations are unique to each user (lore-wise), power-wise I don't have an explicit problem with it and think it's fine.