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    Originally posted by Daredevil View Post
    What do others think of a house rule to allow two Supernal Abilities?

    One would be a combat Ability & the other a non-combat Ability.

    The idea behind this is that a lot of Players wish their PC to be bad arse on the battle field & excellent at something else. This would allow for that duality. For those Players who are happy with a single minded combat PC, this can encourage them to explore a different side focus & give them something more to do in downtime.
    If it was a short game or story then it might be one thing but if you were planning a long story ? I just would not see how the characters could grow in the story.

    Personally it would not be my cup of tea. I sort of like the duality but one of my goals for this chronicle is emphasis character progression. I like them starting off as weak and the Wyld Hunt (especially in my chronicle set around 50 years before Scarlet Empress disappeared) being a danger.

    Later on I do plan on them stomping a few Wyld Hunts to the ground.