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The narrative mighty of the Exalted Host.

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  • Heavenly Devil
    started a topic The narrative mighty of the Exalted Host.

    The narrative mighty of the Exalted Host.

    The power of the Exalted Host is relative, being subject to the presentation of the Storyteller and his players. With this, it is difficult to talk about the powerscale, even though the setting tell us that the joint work of the Exalted was enough to "topple the world-makers".

    So instead of starting a thread asking "how strong is a Solar", I decided to do something different.

    At your tables - past or future - how do you intend to present the limits and explorations of the mighty of the Exalted?

    My case: reading through a lot of Wuxia and Murim manhua/we toon, I like to present the power scale like these ones. A world filled with superhumans fighting for his ideals, with different power scale between them - the Martial Artists could punch a man and launching him into a wall with enough force to pull down the wall; and the Transcendent Master could split a mountain.

    Another example I give of presentation of the setting power scale is Feng Shen Ji, a Chinese comic depicting the fight of humans against the gods. Character's here could obliterate a horse with his punch ( ), survives a blow that's slice a cliffside mountain ( ), set up laws to reinforce the co-existence between to people vastly different ( ); Help the Hell beings trough diplomacy ( ); forge trough meditation ( a Spirit-Slayer Sword (

    How individually strong are the Exalts in your tables?

  • DrLoveMonkey
    Well, in the first edition core, and in fact every edition core, there are several references Ninja Scroll, and not only that but 1E also references this exact scene, in particular. In fact just because the exalted 3e core describes the fight scenes of Ninja Scroll as great examples of Exalted combat, have another.

    As for their charisma? Well, Ten was my Doctor, so here's a few from him. Context here, there's essentially a living shadow monster that infiltrates people's space-suits through shadows and devours them from the inside out. The Doctor is about to make a deal with them*, in exchange for leaving the monsters alone, he takes every human trapped on the planet away. Now, here's the thing, if you know Doctor Who, you know that if those creatures pounced on him right there, there's honestly a great chance the Doctor just wouldn't even have a plan for it at all and he'd just die, eaten down to his bones like Anita.

    On the other hand, throughout history, there's been a thousand times, in dozen ages of the universe and across hundreds of worlds where someone has thought "pfft, he's bluffing" only to find he wasn't. Other people who've killed someone the Doctor really liked ended up trapped forever in chains forged in the heart of a star, sealed away in the space behind the mirror, every mirror, or hurled into a dimension beyond space, time, and thought.

    Again though, he's not a god, he doesn't have some kind of incontestable divine power power. His mainstay weapon isn't a weapon at all, it's a sonic screwdriver, and his greatest alien power is the ability to die and come back again a set number of times. There have even been tons of times where somebody totally HAS called his bluff. So you have him, right? Right where you want him? Just like the Weeping Angels, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, and the Timelords, they all had him right where they wanted him too. So maybe not. Maybe take the deal.

    *a bargain action in Ex3.

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