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    So those ideas just kept rattling in my head and I had to let them out, well, somewhere- so here they are! (Also, NOTE- a lot of headcanon is going to come out of it which may contradict to some level establish material. This is just a thought experiment, so don’t take it too seriously. Also, no, I’m not actually suggesting all of those concepts as actual new Exalted types- those are just ideas, and perhaps one or two of those will be developed at best case scenario- so just random thoughts and musing which some people may find as inspiration)

    I don't know if it was confirmed before Essence came out, but one of the things that I found weirdly appropriate was seeing that Infernals simply resonate with orichalcum. It emphasis the corruption of their Exaltation in a very subtle way- that idea that by falling victim to the yozi's touch, the Solar Exaltation was stripped from most of what made them Lawgivers of the Sun, and twisting their themes into rage and brutality. That, actually also made me realize that the Infernals are not, actually, the first infernals- for if you were to accept Apocrypha, the Hearteaters were cursed by the ancients, having their themes corrupted, stripped and subverted, and one of the few things which were left behind was their resonance: adamant. While I found it as an interesting quirk ("hipster Hearteaters were infernals before it was cool"), it also occurred to me that depending on how one defines "infernal corruption", the even the Hearteaters could not perhaps be the first of corrupted Exaltations- for like the Hearteaters and the infernals, the Getimians have the same resonance as their counterparts, and there themes are described as "invasive" and "infecting", and they too were created by the primordials- even though that unlike the other two, they were an independent creation, not a corruption of an already existing Exaltation. On the other hand, with the Sidereals being chosen by Fate and the Getimians the product of stillborn Fates, it could be argued for a connection between the two, especially when you see how many Modes the two Hosts share in Essence.

    Taking that into account, it made me think about how other forms of the current Exalted could be corrupted, either by actual corruption or similar enough creations, like in the case of the Getimians. There are two things which we need to consider for such thought experiment- first, who the patrons are. As we already know, even the corruption of an Exaltation requires great power, and according to the previous instances those should, of course, be primordials/yozi. However, with the exception of the Getimians, we currently know nothing about those patrons- the exact identity of the one to curse the Aurorals is unknown, and we don’t know if the Infernals were corrupted by all of the yozi, some of them (like the Big Five) or even just Malfeas, which simply catalyzed the corruption yet the Chosen themselves are allowed to choose patrons among the rest of Hell’s broken kings (like a twisted Exigence of some sort), similar to how Abyssal could search for other dead patrons in the Underworld. The second point is that among the three “corruptions”, only the Infernals were actually corrupted by the yozi- the Hearteaters were cursed by the primordials before they were trapped in Hell, even though the ones to lay the curse may have been broken by the war during that time. The Getimians, however, were clearly created by Oramus and Sacheverel before their fall from Grace- as the first is not yet bound and the later was still doing things besides sleeping like Chthulu. So in a way, the process of “corruption” is more of something that primordials do, instead of an outcome of their suffering in Hell (even though it may indeed stopped them from being able to create Exaltations and instead left them forced to use existing ones).

    As such, I would imagine that if indeed one requires a specific patron in order to corrupt/create a mockery of a certain Exaltation, the Lunar parallel will probably be aspected to Kimbery (due to her soul being the Blood Moon and her role as a violent mother of monsters), or perhaps even Szorney (with his power over reflections and alternatives- even though he could just as easily fit a Getimian patron with those aspects. Maybe could serve as the “void” which is the lack of “flowing” and “still”, like Kyurem to Reshiram and Zackrom from Pokemon’s “tao trio”, but that’s 100% headcanon thing). The Umbrals, as beings of darkness which currently relate to soulsteel, make sense as having theior corrupted form related to the Ebon Dragon and/or Isidoros (even though their concept actually came from the Chosen of Oramus, but between his involvement with the Getimian and potentially the Infernals like most other yozi, I think it would just be an overkill). And as for the Dragon Blooded we… get something weird.

    Here is the thing- the Dragon Blooded’s patrons, while not primordials, are indeed related to Gaia, so in a way, the Dragon Blooded are the “primordial Exaltation”. On the other hand, they were clearly stated that while Gaia is the mother of the Elemental Dragons, the Dragon Blooded are not the “Gaian Exalted”, and the Dragons are indeed independent entities. In fact, the Five Elemental Dragons are more similar to beings such as the Dark Mother and Ketu, as unique and powerful beings which challenge categorization awhile holding a Incrana level power. More than that, it is more true to say that the Dragons are to elementals what the Incrana are to gods and the Deathlords are to ghosts- so yeah, the Dragon Blooded are not a true “primordial Exlatation”. Yet again, the Chosen of the other such entities, while being on the same power level as the Dragon Blooded, are different in terms of resonance- as the Dream Souled and Liminals were said to be neutral with their corresponding magical material and dissonant with the rest, while the Dragon Blooded resonate with Jade and neutral with everything beside soulsteel, but that’s for thematic reasons (and because they are still on terrestrial level). Such behavior fits more a “primordial/corrupted” version of Exaltation than a “stranger” or Celestial one. One could theorize that the Dragon Blooded did had a Celestial, Jade related counterpart, but it may have some implications (like the whole “DBs are not real Exalted” kind of thing) we wish to stray off from. So yeah, Dragon Blooded are weird- what’s new.

    Now, while defining corruption is strange but relatively easy, that doesn’t seem to be the only way to transform Exaltation- as the Abyssals show us. The Abyssals, after all, are a deathly reflection of the Solars, created by the Neverborn, which raise the question of why did the Deathlords waited so long to create such Exalted. Did they required the permission of the Neverborn? Are other Exaltations immune to the touch of death, like how people said the Lunars are? Or maybe they simply couldn’t, and that there were some requirements in order to allow them to change an Exaltation? Also, would the Abyssal transformation mean that every Exaltation changed that way will result with a soulsteel resonated Exalted, with powers over death? While it has some logic to it (all are equal before death), it will produce a boring narrative to a some degree, where everyone changed that way will end up the same. That makes me think that perhaps inversion, unlike corruption, works differently- it is not that the Deathlords wanted to corrupt Solar Exaltations or some kind of defense mechanism that other Exaltations had. It is simply that inversion is exactly what it is- changing one trait to its polar opposite, and the polar opposite of soulsteel and death is orichalcum and divinity. The only Exaltation that the Deathlords could inverse is their own reflection, and as such only the Solars could have been candidate to become the Abyssals. But if that’s the case, what will be the inversion of the other Exalted?

    For the Lunars, the most instinctive answer will be “starmetal”, and it actually makes sense- it is not just that the Lunars and the Sidereals hate each other, it is that they represent polar opposites of one another. Change and transformation versus fate and order. As such, The Lunar inversion form should be a great power of change which is related to Heaven… which is basically Luna? Like, the Sidereals are so closely associated with gods, and the largest Incrana level god which does change is the patron of the Lunars. Perhaps something more closely associated with fate? But again, Fate is basically the god’s will, so… yeah, Lunars are not easy to be inversed (as it should be), and may require something weird to do so. Sidereals, on the other hand, are much simpler- the Wyld is a vast place with all kinds of strange horrors, and probably one of those have some fate like associations, even if in a twisted way. The Umbrals, who are already related to soulsteel, could potentially be inversed into a orichalcum Exalted by some entity of great purity which also relates to self-anguish- perhaps something about search for redemption or sacrifice? A shining reflection to the Umbrals as much as the Abyssals are the shadow of the Solars.

    Now, the next association, in that case, will be the adamant Exalted (the Aurorals, as the Hearteaters are corruptions), and that should leave them as being inversed to jade… but jade is weird, and we actually have a better candidate- itzli/mirrorstone, the magical obsidian which resonated with Neptune and his Chosen, the Spoken. I must say that while we don’t know much about the Spoken and their material, what we do know does make sense, as both are stoney materials, and where adamant is emotional, shinning and inspiring itzli seems to be deep, cruel and dark. So an inversed Auroral will be more in the lines of spreading fear and terror, while an adamnt Spoken could be the gentle philosopher kings of the depths? Also, if we do consider the Spoken, we should also consider their corruption- which would probably be related to Kimbery, the Ebon Dragon, or maybe even Mardukth, if they were created by him before his demise and change into He Who Holds in Thrall.

    That leaves us with jade- which, again, is weird. Just like the Dragon Blooded it associated with, jade is five different magical materials which are closely related to one another, and as such it makes sense that any such inversion would affect each type of jade separately (and the same for the Exaltations). However, the jade colours also balance each other, creating a harmonizing cycle- and as such, I tend to think about jade as self-inversed- inverting it will only change the direction of the cycle, but will still be contained within itself, and as such the inversion of the Dragon Blooded should still resonate with jade. Now, we do have semi canon candidates for that corruption- the corrupted Dragon Blooded of Gloam, which were touched by something dead and forgotten. And that actually fits, as, again, the only magical material the Dragon Blooded dissonant with is soulsteel, so their inversion will resonate with it (the material of death) and dissonant with orichalcum, something which fits much better than inversing them to adamant, IMO.

    While this has all been about changing Exaltation, another aspect we can think about is expanding the “neutral Exaltations” for other magical materials. As we mentioned earlier, the Dream Souled and the Dark Mother have their own “neutral” Chosen, corresponding to moonsilver and soulsteel, and what they both have in common is that they are unique beings. Could the same be true for other magical materials? Could we, perhaps, have a “hearth deity” which created “orichalcum neutral” Exalted? Could perhaps a neutral “starmetal Exalted” be related to Sirius/Sothis, a lone and strange star which bursts through the sky? Maybe like in mythology, Ketu has a sibling, Rahu, a black sun of obsidian which resonates with mirrorstone and creates nightmare born entities? Maybe the “adamant neutral” Exalted are sacrificial beings, which get lost in their own inspiration like the maenads? And what about jade? Again- the Dragon Blooded are, technically already the creation of unique entities, and they are terrestrial in power- yet they resonate with jade, not neutral with it. If I learned anything from this, is that the Dragon Blooded are weird, having traits of a primordial Exaltation, a neutral one, an inverted one and a celestial one all at the same time. It is not to say that we can’t have such parallels, but it does mean that thinking about them is a much more difficult task.

    And of course, we also have the Alchemicals- but they are so weird by their own level, with each of the Castes corresponding to a different “core Exalted”… except that we don’t have an Itzli Caste. Or do we?

    And that’s it. No real point beside those random concepts. Just had to let it out. Hope you found it interesting!

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    So after thinking about the subject some more, I've decided to write down something a bit more coherent in terms of making short write ups for every "possible" Exalted type, including a few which don't fall easily into the system- to basically, a bunch of fan Exalted concepts! I've wrote them all in the form of "legends" from an IC point of view, so if people were to enjoy the concept but would like to use it for something else in some way, they could feel free to do so. At some cases, I have repurposed fan ideas upon which I stumbled here and there, and I have noted such cases appropriately (or at least tried to). Again, I am NOT going to even try and make full writeups for all of those concepts- maybe I'll get inspired to write a few in "universal" Essence format, and from those I may develop a few more further. I have my own favorites, of course, but feel free to note which ones you personally find interesting! I've also added a "behind of scenes" section to each concept, to help you get what was going through my mind while writing them. Hope you'll like it!

    Legends of Gold
    The most shinning and pure of all Magical Materials, Orichalcum resonates with those Exalts which draw their power from their own internal fire, be it divine or infernal. The most powerful of Exalts, the Solars, are known to resonate with this powerful metal, as well as their corrupted form- the Infernals, which became the Anathema that everyone always claimed them to be. Yet virtue and rage are only two forms of internal flames, and who knows what other forms of refining fire burns in the hearts of other, stranger heroes?

    Long, long time ago, during the glorious time of the First Age, during a year like any other, the summer started earlier than expected. While initially seen as a good sign, as it signed a time of future fruitful harvest, it quickly became a horrifying time- for the summer has kept growing warmer and warmer. The South boiled as the season marched on, the East burned as forest fire ignited, dead fish covered the islands of the West and even the ice capes of the North has started to melt. While people have prayed that the heat will cease with the autumn and that the gods will show their mercy, the summer kept going beyond its time, and hundreds died by the terrifying heat. As the wise of the age started to argue among themselves about what could be the meaning of this, the astrologers have noticed a strange star emerging in the night- a burning, red light, which kept growing closer at every night, until eventually its light could have also been seen in broad daylight- and when the Endless Summer came to its peak, the light was no longer a star as much as a second sun, shining vengeful red upon the land. As the people of Creation dropped on their knees before the red star, the Sun himself took the challenge, charging against the stranger. A climatic battle erupted, as the Sun protected Creation from the foreigner, earning the even the name of the War In-Between Suns. After days that the battle went on, the Sun eventually won- and the terrible star was banished from the sky with his divine majesty. However, just before the false sun left, it started surging with horrible red light- its fire erupted, engulfing the world with pain, and with that the strange star was banished, driven back to the void from which it came. With the end of the War the summer also ended, allowing Creation to heal- yet the star has left its mark. New, strange Chosen emerged, claiming to represent Nemesis, the Sun of Judgement. A twin sister to the Sun meant to serve as a replacement in the unlikely event where the Sun will be conquered, they claimed that Nemesis was kept in a distant edge of existence called Cosmos, for the light of two suns would destroy all Creation. However, as the Divine Revolution took place and the screams of anguished filled heavens, Nemesis was awakened from her slumber and came to join the war, yet due to the vast distance she had to cross by the time she came the Revolution was already won, and no one, not even her Vindictive Exalted, born from the furnace of her rage and forged to bring justice to Creation, knows whether she came to fight alongside the ancients, or against them. (Inverted)

    As some of you may notice, those Exalts are based around an older concept which I've had for a fan Exalted called "the Cosmic Exalted" (no relation to the 4chan Cosmic Exalted, and one of the reason I've changed the name). Originally, Nemesis was meant to be the original Soulsteel Incrana, but as that role is currently taken by Nebiru, I found it strangely appropriate to turn her into the "inverted Orichalcum Exalted". Most of the details, however, are still the same- she is the twin sister of the Sun who was sent into Cosmos as Creation couldn't handle both her and the Sun's heat at the same time, especially as Nemesis is less about life and justice and more about vengeance and punishment. The relation between her and Nebiru is less of an actual inversion of the Umbrals and more about the process- when Nebiru blew himself up on his planet, that awakened Nemesis, and his form of Exaltation was the only one she knew of. Nemesis didn't kill herself, however, yet her shards do enhance some aspects of her Chosen's personality, making them to target the self loath in others instead of themselves, turning them into "avenging angels" which care more about their enemy's feeling of guilt than actual crimes or sins

    Once, there was a powerful and great elemental called Entangler of Embers. Said to be the child of the Fire Elemental Dragon himself, Entangler was beautiful to behold and a caring entity, which loved everyone- especially the children. Her sacred hearth was made as a sanctuary for all lost souls, and all could have joyed the life she gave. However, as the First Age drew near its end and the Solars fell victim to their hubris, the light of her flames became abused, as the corrupted Lawgivers demanded her warmth to forge vessels of power and threw children into her furnace to keep her flames burning. Horrified by their actions, Entangler took her flames away, leaving her sacred hearth behind as she petitioned for help from her father- yet the vast Dragon remained asleep, unbothered by the cruelty of Creation’s god kings. Frustrated and sorrowful, Entangler returned to her hearths- only to discover her temples toppled, the Solars dead and the Dragon Blooded governing the remains of the First Age. Seeing this, Entangler wept tears of flame, for she knew that while the end of the Solars brought an end for her suffering, so was it the end for the glorious time. While the Dragon Blooded were far less cruel, she remembered the gentle touch of the Solars before their failure, and she could not have trusted the Chosen of her father when he himself failed her- and deep within her heart, she resolved to make Creation a better place, no matter what the price may be. She gathered those few lost children which survived the hardships and embraced them with her fire- yet her flames didn’t hurt them. Instead, Entangler allowed her body and Essence to shatter and spread among the children, sacrificing herself as she was scattered into sparks, choosing heroes meant to tend the next generation of Creation, protecting the children she loved so much. Those Heart-Tenders were said to walk the early days of the Second Age, sharing their warmth with those who were in need and protecting them from harm- yet as the Contagion swept through the land and the Fair Folk invaded, no trace for those Chosen was left behind beside a few surviving legends and sacred hearths where the fire was long dead. (Neutral)

    So here is the thing- I LOVE hearth deities. I find something both comforting and noble in such gods in mythology, and it felt very appropriate to make them the "simple Orichalcum" Exalted's patron. I also think that elemental needs more love, which is why Entangler is presented as such, and with her being the daughter of the Fire Elemental Dragon it gives an explanation for her borderline Incrana level power- yet because it was borderline, the Exaltation did destroyed her. As for the inspiration behind her, I've taken some aspects from Hestia and combined them with Moloch and even Loki, as there is a theory that Loki was originally a hearth god of some sort (hence the name Entangler) and it all reinforce the tie for her love towards children. Besides, we need at least one patron in here who is actually nice, right?

    Legends of Silver
    Ever changing like the celestial body after which it is named, Moonsilver Exalts are all about transformation and adaptability. Some, like the Lunars, change themselves, roaming through countless different bodies as they avoid definition. Others, like the Dream-Souled, change the world, turning their dreams into reality and trick Fate to treat their self-hallucinations and true. Yet there are many ways to change, and many catalysts to cause it. Who knows to what kind of transformations wait for Creation when those Chosen walk it?

    During the great Divine Revolution, when the gods raised their champions to fight the ancients, one of the most of horrifying of their enemies was a titan called Szorney- a great forest sprouting from a silver tree, which reflected everything and everyone who entered his domain. After many fell before the ancient’s trickery, Luna sent the greatest of her Chosen to enter the Silver Forest, being tricksters who could outwit the titan and could use their gift of change to confuse his reflective illusions. Through cunning and guile, the Lunars shattered the Forest’s reflection, butchering his false imitations and almost reached the heart of the forest where they could slay the titan himself. However, Szorney was patient and cunning, and as the Lunars entered his domain, he sacrificed his own souls in order to better study their elusive nature, seek for a grain of truth within their mercurial nature. And by the time they reached their target, the titan grasped at that core truth, using the light of Luna herself in order to invert them against themselves. With a flash of a blinding light, the Lunars dropped before the tree, and when their sight returned, they discovered that before them were copies of their own- only changed and twisted in horrifying ways. For as one of the ancients, Szorney knew the truth of Luna’s birth, for she raised from a cauldron of potential would have been moons which never came, brutally consuming her kin to survive- and Szorney reflected those phases, giving life to what should have been only pale reflections. The battle against those copies was bloody and horrifying, yet eventually the Lunars came triumphed- at a terrible price, for every time they killed their own copy, its false Exaltation penetrated their own heart, turning them twisted and foul while allowing the Forest to escape his doom. By the time that the war was over, the Lunars found their twisted kin and put them out of their misery, trapping their Exaltations in the reflective remains that the ancient left behind- yet they could not destroy them. It is said that those who were to found those cursed mirrors could free the Exaltations from their reflective prison, giving horrifying power to the wielder as they are blessed by moons who never were: Zatesh of Doorways, Abarxus of the Dark Star, Beloved Cattlesta, Phyre of the Third Eye and Sameshana the Silver Mirror. Each of those false moon's desires to be true, and each of their reflections seeks to become real, agonizing in silence in a false, reflected world. (Primordial)

    Now, originally the idea was to have Kimbery as the "power behind the corrupted Lunar Exaltation" with all of her relations to the Blood Moon and such, but while I considered to shove Szorney as a patron of a lost "Solstice Caste" for the Getimians, eventually it came much more naturally to use him here, as I wanted to import the Aspects of Luna from her Glories writeup as the patrons of those Exalts, and Szorney reflecting the would-have-been-moons in his forest just felt natural to me. They have five Castes, unlike the regular Lunars, but mechanically wise they also mean to draw much about the TAW version of the Lunars- so yeah, a way to import those mad monsters into 3e

    Once, there was a maiden. Alongside her sisters, she fought bravely against the horror of the ancients, leading those Chosen for their wisdom in battle. Near the end of the war many lives were lost- yet the victory of the gods looked assured, and their future bright. That was when the terrible mountain came to challenge the might of the maidens, for only someone as wise as him could challenge the unmoving pillar of Creation. Knowing her own fate, the maiden and her Chosen charged the great mountain, fighting to reach the top of the impossible pillar. While they were all wise, the journey challenged them, and they fell under the burden of the mountain and his demands for enlightenment. One by one, the Chosen of the maiden died- yet she managed to do the impossible and confront the mountain at his peak. The mountain, however, mocked the maiden- for he only allowed her to reach the peak when she lost those who could defat him, leaving her powerless before his might. Yet the maiden was wise- and she collected the fates of her fallen heroes through the journey. She fought the mountain in a great war, challenging his might against hers, and after centuries passed in the peak which knew no time, she managed to defeat the mountain and pushed it from its axis, sending it to the prison which was his kin. Yet while the maiden won, she also lost- as she knew the war against the mountain would demand sacrifice. In order to push the impossible mountain from its axis, she and the souls of her Chosen had to create equal yet opposite force. The powerful blow which shook the mountain to its core have also sent the maiden and her Chosen outside of Creation, into the depths of the Wyld- and their wisdom was no more. While that act of heroic sacrifice both saved and doomed Creation, the wise say that there is hope- that sometimes, the wisest of them all will find a way for her Chosen to cross the Wyld, bringing with them the strange wisdom she gathered from outside of Creation- but if it is true, would such Wyld twisted Chosen truly be wise, or would they better be described as mad? (Inversed)

    So as you may notice, those writeups are going to touch or adapt some material from 2e- and in here, we have the Maiden of Wisdom, which originally was said to die in the Three Spheres Cataclysm. Here, instead, she is thrown into the Wyld together with her Chosen after her battle with Qaf, who serve to some degree as a "secondary patron". While fitting, that actually has some "astronomical inspiration", as according to the Nice model, there was once a hypothetical ice giant between Saturn and Uranus which was ejected to outer space, and she is going to serve as that role. Currently, I'm naming her Mephitis

    Legends of Iron
    Falling from the sky like a divine flame, Starmetal resonates most strongly with the powers of Fate- yet even they must put it over all other metals. The Sidereals, as the Chosen of the Maidens, manipulate the weave directly, and work constantly in order to keep it functioning so Creation will be preserved. The Getimian, on the other hand, shake the status que by force, as the infect reality with their imaginary worlds. Yet there are other, stranger ways to twist Fate to one’s will, and who knows what kinds of heroes those fates will choose?

    Once, there was a maiden. The youngest of her sisters, she had little power- she was still more powerful than most of the beings in Creation, yet she was unable to weave and was left only to supervise the art of her sisters. She envied them, for while they created many great tapestries of journey, serenity, battle, secrets and ending, she served only as oversight, meant to report any of the flaws she witnessed in their art. Yet all have their fate, and she accepted hers as a part of maintaining the integrity of Creation. One day, her sisters gathered, telling her on their decision to go and rebel against their makers, as it was destined to be- yet she, being young, were to left outside of the battle, leaving her the role of protecting the tapestry while they were gone. While she knew that it was their form of care towards her, the maiden wept, for she was denied helping her sisters in the coming battle, forbidden even from supplying her own Chosen to the war. And so, she watched as her sisters came and chose the greatest fates of journey, serenity, battle, secrets and ending, plucking them from the tapestry and incarnating them into heroes, for that was her job- but she watched too carefully. She learned from her sisters, yet she watched beyond the fates of the tapestry, how the other great beings of the world chose heroes of their own- the shining excellence of the King, the silvery changes of the Queen and the raw elemental power of the dragons. In her despair and yearning for freedom, she found the Queen’s Chosen as the most inspiring- and through the weave of the tapestry, she did what she was forbidden from doing. She took action, reaching through the weave and stealing silver tears which the Queen left behind. She added those tears to the web of Creation, and invoked the power that was her right yet denied from her through the tapestry. Yet her sisters denied her for a reason- for her body was too frail to withstand the cost which the process demanded from her. As her screams filled the domes of heaven, five maidens run to the room of their little sister- only to find her charred remains. Seeing those, the maidens wept, for the little maiden who have only wanted freedom found it in the worst way possible- yet her Chosen carry her will still, the Theian Exalted who carry the memory of the star who died so they could rise. (Inversed)

    Next after the Maiden of Wisdom we have Little Sister, another 2e adaptation. In here, she was simply the weakest of Maidens instead of their creation, and while she was meant to only maintain the Oversight she stole some of Luna's essence/Exaltations and catalyzed Exaltation... only to die in the process. As such, I've named her Theia, after the star which supposedly died in order to give life to the moon.

    Roaming through the night’s sky is a strange star, called Sirius by astrologers and scholars. Like all stars in heaven, Sirius follows its strange patterns in the sky, pulling the strings of fate as it resonates in the celestial spheres. However, the ancient texts warn against including Sirius in star maps and astronomical calculations- there is no god to supervise Sirius, they say, and it is not the Fate of the Maidens that it weaves in the sky. In fact, the texts warn from even acknowledging the star’s existence, giving it many names and titles in order to avoid its attention- the Hound of Heaven, the Mad One, the Nameless One or the River of Souls. Those who try to draw its attention suffer from great misfortune, as the stories go, and those who include it in their patterns suffer from dread curses, while some witches learn the twisting paths of Sirius in order to lay dreadful curses on their enemies. While the texts warn against the star, there are other, weirder stories about it- that once, in the obscure days which are between the First and Second Ages, there was a small kingdom who worshipped the stars. They viewed Sirius as the highest of its kind, one greater than even the Maidens themselves, for its will ruled the dome unlike any other. Following the star’s whispers, the kingdom slowly expanded its reach, becoming a vast empire which ruled all across the South. While it helped to rise the empire, the sorcerer priests of the realm should have known better than to trust the foul star- for just when it reached its peak and Sirius shone the brightest, madness spread all across the empire, driving its people into a celebration of murder and sacrifice. Overnight, the empire collapsed, and the only people who were found in the streets were slaughtered and dead. Yet within the bloody remains, a number of corpses were found, being delicately preserved and ritually dedicated to the star. While none of the mummified corpses have survived to modern era, it is said that those who follow the twisted star’s path will be led to hidden temples hosting those remains, and those who pass their judgement and offer sacrifice will be Chosen by them as the Sothic Exalted, who serve the star’s strange will. (Neutral)

    So in here I've decided to use Sirius, as it is an important astronomical object and I kinda use it everywhere since it "showed up" in Critical Role. Beside, if I were to use it I can use the word "Sothic" which sounds cool. I have taken a lot from Mummy: the Curse for this adaptation, due to their relation to Sirius in the game, making those as the "Mummy Exalted". Still not sure about how exactly to adapt their Exaltation- would the mummified remains grant it, together with the knowledge of their civilization, or are the mummies themselves some kind of ancient Exalted? We'll see, if I'll work further on this idea

    Legends of Steel
    Forged in the depths of the Underworld from the screaming anguish of souls, Soulsteel is as common as the willingness of defiled individuals to cause pain in the name of profit- and as such, it is plentiful, and so are its Exalts. From the corrupted Abyssal Exalted who serve as a dark mirror to the Solars, through the strange Liminals which were birthed by the Dark Mother which may have predated the ancients themselves and up to the strange Umbrals which draw power from their own pain and self-loath, many of the Chosen wield the cursed metal in battle, a reminder that in the end, all are equal before death.

    Scholars of the demonic hierarchies speak about a strange prince of hell called Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares. A rolling mass of wind and thunder, Hegra sweeps through Hell, raining strange emotions upon anyone who falls in her way. Those touched by the yozi immediately suffer the most extreme forms of pain and pleasure, their body overwhelmed by the raw sensations offered by her. As such, many seek after Hegra’s liquid ecstasy, finding uses for it as both a drug and a poison, and the wildest of Cynis galas share the exotic ingredient among the guests- using it to drive them to the edge and catch them at embarrassing positions. Others, however, use it in order to initiate themselves to the arts of sorcery, opening their minds to the mysteries of the world with the powerful drug, while few children of the Dynasty who are desperate to gain a Second Breath risk their life and drink the rainbow liquid, hoping that it will push them enough to the edge that they’ll be forced to Exalt- to a very limited degree, and with horrifying results. Still, the rumors remained popular, up to the point that the Realm officially forbade the use of the drug on those who are still young enough to Exalt- but the rumors speak about a different kind of Exalts who found interest in the drug. A group among the Umbral Exalts, haunted by their own self loath, have sought after Hegra’s rain out of hope it would free them from their bindings to their mad patron, wishing to use the drug in order to either destroy or absorb their shadow. While the drug itself proved itself useless, it is said that a number of those desperate individuals reached Hell itself, seeking to withstand Hegra’s madness with its full power. If such expedition indeed happened, those poor souls are by all likeliness have found their death- but some among the demons whisper that it was not the case. That while the Typhoon unleashed upon them its rage, their shadow rose to absorb the defiling liquid, trying to protect both itself and its host. Yet while the shadows managed to save the lives of their bound siblings, they drank deep from Hegra’s madness- the will of the fallen god was washed away by the yozi’s pouring rain, yet it was replaced with something else. Hegra’s will took over the shadows, twisting their minds and turning the Exalts mad. Whether true or not, it is said that those Psychedelic Exalted still roam the deserts of Hell, seeking to share their strange form of enlightenment with any poor soul who stumbles on their way. (Primordial)

    Ok, so the best thing about Soulsteel is that we already have a bunch of Exalted resonating with it. In here, I've wanted to give Hegra some further screen time, and for me it actually made sense as Hegra's LSD infused rain does somewhat fit the whole Umbral shtick. Like, the shadow could be a pain to deal with even when it is not drugged to death, and it would indeed make them much more monstrous and primordial, IMO

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      Legends of Diamond
      The rarest among the Magical Materials, Adamant is strong, sharp and inspiring. The mythical Auroral, the fallen shepherds of the Exalted Host, were said to resonate with this material, as well as the carriers of their corrupted Exaltations- the Hearteaters which twist the will of others to their liking. Yet inspiration takes many forms, some of which are pleasant, and some of which are dreadful.

      After the end of the dread Niobraran War, the bones of the Spoken were scattered across the ruins of their empire. Many among the Exalted Host has taken them as decorations and trophies, showing their superiority over those who claimed to rival them, only to find their death and the extinction of their race. Since then, no one has had the capability to carry the lost Spoken Exaltation- yet bones still hold power, and there are those who know how to use it. The origin of Ea is unknown- is he a Wyld creature who wormed his way to Creation? A lost god of great power, denied by his kin? The soul of a titan, if not an ancient himself, who somehow escaped the wrath of heaven? Perhaps something stranger still? Whatever the case may be, Ea is well known in the legends of the islands found in the far West and the Southwest. Known as a trickster spirit, Ea is known to test the people, challenging them in all sorts of games and riddles and motivating them to create new tools and laws in order to bring order out of the chaos. Many leave sacrifices for Ea in order to appease his will, for he holds great power over fresh water, lakes and rivers, and those who anger the generally gentle spirit by abusing his gifts or defiling his sacred places are punished by having their water turned salt and foul. Among the many tales told about Ea, one speaks about a child who sought wisdom, seeking to guide his village and convince the elders that the gods they worshiped was in fact a demon in disguise. Seeing the potential in the child, Ea tested him again and again, challenging him in his quest in order to strengthen his soul- and once proven worthy, he guided him to the bones of a long dead race which fell under their own hubris. Using Ea’s teachings, the child purified the bones, turning their foul power into a blessing of enlightenment and inspiration, yet in the price of his humanity, becoming the first Apkallu. Using the gifts of Ea, the child banished the demon and freed his people from their suffering- yet he could not live among them, since he no longer was human. Since then, he and his kin served as the protectors of the islands, acting as wise sages who used their voice to connect the people of the sea. Whether this story is true, and whether it truly refers to beings rising from the bones of the Spoken, is unknown. (Inverted)

      In here, I've wanted to introduce something new, and not just recycle the same old "Incrana/Primordial does something weird to Exaltation", and I did wanted to have some references to Mesopotamian mythology. Nevermind that when looking for a god of water and knowledge, the only other main candidate beside Ea was Neptune, and so the symmetry was kinda fitting. At any case, I've thought that using the bones of the Spoken to do some crazy things sounded cool, and the Apkallu could be used either as Exalted or as something else. Also you may notice that in mythology there are only 7 Apkallu, which is meant to hint that for those crazy Exalted concepts, you can have only a few representatives. Maybe even just one, something to show how weird Creation can be

      Long time ago, in days now forgotten, there was a singer unlike any other. His voice was so pure, that the trees greeted him, no beat bared its fangs before him and every human heart was shattered in tears while hearing him. Wherever he went, all greeted him with open arms- for his talent was precious, and all wished to enjoy his song for all eternity. One night, he came upon a group of maidens, who were lured by his song and asked him to play for them. As always, he performed before the ladies, and they were delighted. They asked him to keep on singing, and he did, while they shared wine with him and danced and celebrated in the middle of the night. And when all were drunk and had more wine than blood in their veins, they asked to repay him by sharing their bed- yet he refused, for his talent was only as long as he remained pure. Enraged by the rejection, the maidens went mad with violence, pulling long knives and attacked the singer. They teared him to shreds as punishment for the rejection, and bottled the remains so his song will become into wine. Then, they prayed to the being they wished, a creature of vines and grapes and life and death who crawled from the Underworld while it was still alive, and so he could never die. Examining his worshippers, the thing of vines and grapes and life and death asked what did they wish for him, and they answered that they killed the singer for rejecting their offer, yet did not wish to kill the song, and petitioned him to preserve it so it will not be forgotten. And the thing of vines and grapes and life and death pondered on their request, and decided to accept it. He drank the wine which was the singer and the song, and a child was born from his vines and grapes and life and death. And the thing crumbled a before his followers, for by giving life he had to know death, and the child remained to guide them in his place. And since then, there is always someone to sing the song of vines and grapes and life and death which was greeted by tears and beasts and human hearts, living and dying for all eternity so the song will not be forgotten, and there will always be maidens to celebrate it in the moonless nights, ecstatically ever after. (Neutral)

      Talking about weird, in here we went full crazy. The thing is that I like Orphism, and the only thing I hate about it is how little we know about this mystery cult (still better than Mithraism). Anyway, in here I took the story about Orpheus and Zagerus and more or less mashed them together in the form of an undead Dionysus which sacrificed himself to create Exaltation. It is weird, as it should be

      Legends of Obsidian
      Almost forgotten by the modern era, Itzli (also known as Mirrorstone) was not used in large quantities since the fall of the Niobraran Empire. Still, those who dare to scavenge the cities in which the Spoken once ruled may find artifacts from that era, all sharp, cruel and radiating fear. Whether other Exalted are to find resonance with this foul metal is yet to be discovered- yet if they exist, the whole wealth of the Niobraran Empire is waiting for them to plunder.

      It is said that during the Divine Revolution, as the gods battled to ancients, there was one shinning Host called the Aurorals. Those shepherds and muses of the soul fought alongside those they inspired, until the foulest of the ancients captured, tortured and murdered their patron, and used his bloody remains to lay a dreadful curse so they devour the hearts of their loved ones instead of guiding them to greatness. Yet not all of the Aurorals were cursed- for the war claimed the lives of many among their kind, and some were found in the state which is between life and death as the curse was laid. Still, the curse should indeed have eventually taken effect was their reincarnation would turn true, for such great and terrible was the power of the ancients. Some, however, whisper that it was not the case. That as those Aurorals were neither alive nor truly dead, as the Exaltation felt the dread power of the curse reaching to grasp and defile their power, a voice echoed in the void which is between life and death. It was a dark and cold voice, one which knew only suffering and pain which could never be fulfilled- and in the voice was question. Who am I? And the Aurorals which were neither dead nor alive answered, as the whole world answered to satisfy the voice, growing and rising and collapsing under its own weight just so the voice will no longer question itself any longer. And as they answered, the voice gathered those lone Exaltations, so they could remind it who it was and sing it songs and keep it company in the cold darkness of his grave, and so the Exaltations were gone, escaping the raging curse in the embrace of death. For centuries they remained this was, hugged by the one which did not know his name, until centuries later those who hungered for knowledge no matter the price broke open his grave in order to steal the secrets of the forbidden art of the dead. If that was truly the case, then those Exaltations were not recovered, for no Auroral was watched in Creation since their corruption by the ancients- and even if that was the case, who knows what happened to those lost Exaltations, after centuries they knew only death and desperately sang to the voice which grasped them who he was, so he’ll stay asleep? (Inverted)

      Ever since we got the Spoken introduced, the only thing I could have thought about their patron was "I can't believe it is not Mardukth". Like, we are talking about a Voice based entity, after all! Well, it isn't- but I still wanted to incorporated the crazy bastard in some way, and having him clutch at a number of Auroral Exaltations and taking them into his grave so they could whisper how much he is great and wonderful made sense. Of course, we do not know much about the Spoken and their themes, but I think that something about voice, fear and the depths would make sense, and it does work for inverted Aurorals, right?

      It was during the final days of the Niobraran War, as the doom of the Spoken and their race was deemed inevitable. While most of the once great race prepared to the final battle to determine the fate of their once proud civilizations, a few put their life over their pride, wishing to preserve themselves no matter what the cost may be. Using foul sorceries, those old Spoken occultists summoned the greatest of Elloge’s demonic hosts, asking the Sphere of Speech to save if not themselves, then the legacy of their race. The souls of the greatest of speakers agreed, yet asked for the blood of the Spoken’s own children as a price- and the Spoken, in their despair, agreed. Yet one should always be careful when dealing with demons- for Elloge despised the Spoken as she hated all Exalted, but was still driven by the urge to preserve their words and voices as it was her nature. The souls of the yozi took the blood offering, and fulfilled their bargain- by butchering the sorcerers who summoned them and stealing their Exaltation. And as the Niobraran Empire collapsed and the forgotten race of the Spoken was destroyed, the demons of Elloge experimented with the blood, souls and Exaltations of the Spoken, translating them into words and poetry and calligraphy most beautiful and most foul as their attempted to redefine the conditions which Spoke the Exaltation into existence and to whom it would be granted. By the time that the Solar Deliberative collapsed and the Shogunate was near its end, the yozi have finally reached her goal, creating strange demonic grimoires which contained both the lineage of the Elloge, the vestiges of the Spoken and the Exaltation of what was now nothing but a Voice in a Trench. Then, she sent her demons to spread the language she created from the Spoken and herself to propagate across Creation- those who were not worthy would be driven mad, as the voices of the dead Spoken would echo in their mind, causing it to collapse upon itself, while those who were worthy were Chosen as her voice in the world. Yet the number of Exaltations is still limited, and as such as long as the secrets exist in the mind of those touched by the books exist no others could glean the power of Exaltation from them, living the secrets of Spoken safe, and their legacy alive, as it was promised (Primordial)

      Now, this writeup has went through a number of changes! At first it was supposed to talk about Isidoros, as something felt aesthetically "right" in that respect- but I have not found any deeper basis for this one. Then I've considered Kimbery and actually made the whole writeup about how the pact was with her, and how she mutated to Exaltations to fit her lineages- but something still didn't click, and I was left with Elloge in the "need to be referenced" list with no place to stick her- when it suddenly occurred to me that the Sphere of Speech will make a great patron to the corrupted Spoken (like duh? stupid brain). So I did something I usually don't do and rewrote the concept to replace Kimbery with Elloge. I do think it was the right choice in the end, as their themes actually overlap and not only their aesthetics, like in the case of the other two

      Few have heard about Ketu, the Dreaming Prince who reached out from the Wyld to reside in Creation’s dreams, granting the gift of Exaltation to those he found to have dreams of heroism. Less have heard about Rahu, Ketu’s twin sibling and the strange black sun. Unlike his brother, who have found his place in Creation, Rahu rarely stays in the world for too long- for he despises the light of the Sun and can’t withstand it for too long. Yet during the times of eclipse or the Calibration, Rahu manage to penetrate Creation’s defenses, entering its dreamscape and shedding its dark light upon the sleepers. During that time, many suffer from strange and horrifying nightmares, for Rahu is a being of fear, and whispers horrors to his dreamers. Many awaken soaked in cold sweat from those dread dreams, while others even find their death in them, unable to distinguish the horror of their minds from reality and suffer the fate they have seen while sleeping. It is said, however, that some actually find power from those nightmares- for while dreaming, they embrace their dark selves, and become the fear which haunted them in their nightmares. For them, fear becomes a source of power, and their nightmare was a test meant to show themselves worthy to Rahu’s great blessing. Gifted with the power to invoke fear and speak nightmares into being, those Nightmare-Born are said to take the place of hags and crones and red headed horrors which devour the ones unwary, teaching them the taste of true fear as they weave fairy tales into truth. Stories tell about hexes casted by those twisted Exalted, for their words hold power and bring misfortune on those who dare to defy their words. Still, unlike their supposed kin, there are little evidence for the existence of the Nightmare-Born, and many wonder if they are nothing but a cautionary tale- even though they are known to live in their stories, for whatever it may mean. (Neutral)

      Like, you can't just add Ketu into Exalted's cosmology without considering that someone will decide to make a writeup about Rahu! Now, from what I gather, Rahu seems to be much more dangerous and dark than Ketu, as it is appropriate to the demon god which brings the eclipse. As a symmetry to the Dream-Souled, the Nightmare-Born are inspired by the Thallain, the cruel fairies from Changeling: the Dreaming, and have relations to Itzli due to both the fear connotations and the eclipse ones (like, Tezcatlipoca has a big weight in that connotation). Also, I've found that focusing them around stories will be a nice mirror to the Dream-Souled being related to, well, dreams, and it does draw somewhat on Beast, which is Changeling's "dark cousin" to some degree

      Legends of Jade
      The most common of all materials, Jade is the crystalized blood of Creation, born from raw elemental power and ley lines. The Dragon-Blooded, the Princes of Earth, are the most common Exalts and the users of this Magical Material, and they even use it as coinage to show their power over Creation. Still, the Dragon-Blooded are strange among the Exalts- Chosen by neither Incrana nor titan, yet they are respected members of the armies of Heaven, by themselves five Exaltations in one just like the metal they carry. As such, as weird as the Terrestrial Exaltation may be, its kin are guaranteed to be far, far stranger.

      It was during the Time of Glory, when the ancients still ruled Creation and the Incrana have served as the only hope that the people had for survival, that the titan called Cemunian felt estranged from his own kin and decided to build a world of his own, made of flesh and sinew. Called Cajerron, this “counter Creation” served as the ancient’s plaything, where he could fulfill his most deviant of desires. While the rest of the titans were willing to accept their sibling’s twisted desires as long as he stayed outside of Creation, Cemunian wasn’t satisfied with his loneliness, for he knew no pleasure in suffering made out of his own flesh. So, he created a being to give hope to his own world, just as the Incrana of Creation. He called her Rhea, the Incrana of Cajerron, the counter Creation. Just as the ancient defiled the beings born from himself, Rhea stood to resist his pull- trying to bring order and life to a false world. That has satisfied the titan for a while, for he enjoyed seeing Rhea suffering as she desperately tried to bring hope to the counter Creation, yet eventually he found himself bored with his plaything- for there was a limit for how much pain he could squeeze from the frail hope of his flesh-beings. Eventually, Cemunian decided that the only way to truly enjoy Cajerron is for the counter Creation to become the real one- and so he sent his tendrils to devour the world, and make all a part of his. Yet the ancients and the Incrana knew the Cemunian would one day tire from his false existence, and were ready for his attack. The Sun himself marched against the twisted being together with the whole Solar Host, banished the ancient and set his world ablaze- and some whisper that Rhea helped, betraying her creator and creation so they will be put out of their misery. Cemunian was then exiled to the Wyld, forever lost to the waves of madness, and Cajerron’s charred remains were left to rot. However, some scholar claim that it was not the case- that Cemunian was more cunning than it seemed, and that the Cajerron which was destroyed was nothing but a copy of a copy, or perhaps that he stole the burning remains and the captured Rhea with him, or maybe that he recreated them once more from his own flesh even at the cost of his life, leaving a legacy that will never go away. According to those astrologers, Cajerron still stands as a counter Creation, hidden behind the Sun so neither Creation no the Incrana could see that it still survived. Some even dare to claim that Rhea have created Chosen of her own, after she have seen the might of the Solar Exalted, either rising them from Cajerron’s own tormented souls or perhaps keeping the Exaltations to the day that Creation and its counter will be touched once more, as it is destined to happen once the Sun will close his eyes. Most, however, claim those as nothing but a rambling of madmen, and even question whether Cemunian or Rhea even existed. (Celestial)

      So here is the thing- in Pythagorean cosmology, there is that concept for a "Counter Earth", which has been adapted in a number of ways in SciFi. Now, while it is cool to have such a celestial Incrana, the problem was that the official name for the Counter Earth is Antichthon- which is terribly similar to Autochthon (as they share the same word). So I've looked at literature, and it turns out that the other common name for the Counter Earth is Terra- which is basically Gaia, which is annoying. I considered Tellus, another name for Terra, but then I remembered that we did had a "Counter Creation" back in 2e, as Cajerron and Cemunian did made sense as such- so I took them. I used Rhea, as she is the "other" Earth goddess which was not used in Exalted (beside Ceres and Gaia), and she is also the name of one of Saturn's moons. I did consider making them Gaia Exalted which exist on Gaia as she travels the Wyld after leaving Creation, but again, I wanted to avoid the whole "dragon-Blooded are not true Exalted" thing

      Many great and terrible things were created during the Divine Revolution- tools of destruction meant to bring victory to any of the sides during the war. The miracle of Exaltation was such creation, developed by the mighty Autochthon in the service of the Incrana before the war. Veles was another. Born in the days near the beginning of the war from the depths of the devouring swamp Metagaos, the old wyrm ruled the twisting paths which are below Creation, in the liminal place between the living and the dead where twisted proto gods have claimed their domain. There, feasted upon the remains of the old so new could be born- yet his hunger knew no limit, and he yearned for more than the ancients who gave birth to him allowed. However, when the Divine Revolution has started and the armies of the gods clashed against the titans, the ancients saw the might of the Exalted and knew that they had to use whatever means available to them in order to win the battle. And as such, they released Veles from his underground prison, allowing him to lash out and feast on his enemies. Many lives were lost to Veles’s hunger, and wherever he went the dead rose from their graves and devoured the living. As it was the time before necromancy was discovered, few knew how to stop the wyrm, until the great Solar Exalted clashed against the horror and in a mighty struggle bound it back to its own grave. There, they built an underground temple, the Hall of the Anathema, where the corpse beast will forever sleep, his body festering with hunger. For centuries the seal upon the grave was maintained, and with the discovery of the dark arts it was reinforced by even greater power- but then came the fall of the Solars, the Contagion and the Balorian Crusade, and the very memory of Veles was forgotten to all but the wisest. While for most the great behemoth is nothing but a curiosity, some scholars fear that the danger of Veles is still real. They compared the maps which survived from the Shogunate to the modern ones, and wonder if perhaps the strange rumors about Gloam may hint that Veles is not only free, but have also discovered a way to corrupt the noble draconic Exaltation into something twisted and Worm-Eaten. (Inversed)

      So one of my favorite plot hooks in 3e is the whole Gloam thing, and I really wanted to adapt the corrupted Dragon-Blooded Exaltations into something cool, especially since the first fanmade Exalted i've read was something called the Blood Dragon from the Exalted Unofficial Wiki, which presented them as vampiric versions of the Dragon Blooded, and it left its impression on me. On the other side, I've also had an idea for a splat which is related to the dark places below Creation, which represented corruption and was exiled to below to Earth after the Primordial War. While originally, I wanted to keep the two concepts separated, in the end Veles made such a great candidate for both ideas, and so I've combined them together into one, and honestly, i think it was the right choice

      Strangest among the beasts of the First Age is Echidna. Very few scrolls which survived from the time describe her, and even them seem to treat her as a legendary being, a creature lost to time. According to those legends, Echidna was the eldest daughter of the ancients, conceived by them all at once as they experimented with the powers of Essence in order to create life in Creation for the first time. As such, Echidna was the most monstrous of all beings, and she was gifted with the power to procreate from her Essence alone, birthing countless behemoths which brought ruin on the lesser species of Creation. From the mighty nine headed Vallistra to the ever-twisting Carth’rek, Echidna was worshipped by some of the ancient civilizations as a womb of destruction and the mother of all beasts. While one would expect seeing reports about her demise during the Divine Revolution, considering her raw power over the earth and her role as the greatest of monsters, there is no legend detailing her being slain by shining Solar generals, raging Lunar warrior of a coordinated company of Dragon-Blooded. As such, some suggest that Echidna, the first child of the ancients, died sometime before the Divine Revolution- if she existed at all. Others, however, think otherwise- that perhaps Echidna went into some deep sleep state, as reptiles sometimes do, and she was then lost either to the horrors of the Contagion or the march of the Fair Folk. Many doubt that she ever existed, being nothing but a legend that the people of the First Age believed in as they sought after a connection between the many disparate beasts which were created by the titans. There are, however, few strange theories about Echidna’s final fate- that seeing the demise of her children, she swore vengeance against the Exalted who slaughtered them, and sacrificed her own life to create a new child- a monstrous form of Exaltation, giants of great power who draw the Essence of the earth and consumed it to wreck ruin upon Creation. Those fringe theories point to the dread city of Dis as the place where Echidna’s last children still roam- yet the only way to verify the theory would be to ask the giants of the city state- and no one sane dares to get near Dis’s gates. (Neutral)

      Now, that was a tough one! Thinking about a "terrestrial" version of a Terrestrial Exalted was far from easy, and in the end I had to turn to Echidna to do so. I do use the whole "firstborn creation/mother of monsters/mother of all life" concept every now and then, since the whole Eve arc in Supernatural, and relating her to the giants of Dis did made sense (originally, it was a suggestion on the Discord for human version of the Spoken to have it make humans giants, and I suggested Dis as an option, but this is another take on this thing)

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        Legends of Many
        While most Exaltations resonate with one material or another, few defy categorization, resonating with all and nothing all at the same time. The most known example for such an Exaltation is the Alchemical Host, most contained to Autochthonia yet with a few members protecting disparate communities in Creation. With each of their Castes representing one of the prototype Exaltations of the gods, the Alchemicals are the closest to the raw nature of the Magical Materials, and other, similar Exaltations are guaranteed to be just as strange and none conventional.

        Nox was an Incrana, a God of Night’s Sky. Unlike the rest of his kin, however, Nox was far older- a firstborn creation of the ancients, as they experimented with making servants for themselves and sought to create the kings among slaves. As such, while Nox was indeed great and powerful as the ancients wished him to be, he was also mad, twisted and horrifying, even by the standards of the titans. Regretting the birth of the foul god yet recognizing (or even fearing) his power, the ancients exiled Nox beyond the Gates of Night to the desolated plains which reside above Creation, commonly known as the Firmament. With his banishment, the ancients have learned from their mistakes and have started to call the other, true Incrana into existence, not even bothering at mentioning Nox to them. For centuries the titans stood unchallenged in Creation, until the day they were betrayed by one of their own, who taught their servants how to forge heroes of great power, which were able to do the impossible and bring down the ancients. While the titans dismissed those heroes at first, with the death and mutilation of their kind panic spread among the titans, and they decided to break the seal upon the Gates of Night, petitioning Nox to supply them with heroes of their own in exchange for his freedom. And Nox, the elder of the Incrana, agreed- for in his place in the empty Firmament, he was able to watch everything which took place in Creation, including the secret of Exaltation- and as such, he sent his power to choose great visionaries to herald the victory of the ancients. However, Nox was cunning, and he knew that the ancients will not stand behind their word, and that it is very likely that they were doomed to fail. And so, he spread his power in secret, choosing wise harlequins to serve the armies of heaven. While his plan worked, the toil of the Exaltation was great, shattering his mind and body and binding his Essence to the Firmament for all eternity- yet he could still whisper to his Chosen. To them, he said that he was a betrayer and a betrayed, a jester and a mastermind, telling countless lies and half-truths to make sure that his identity will remain secret. And when the gods won the war, when his heralds were banished to live in his shadow and his harlequins remained to be integrated into heaven’s systems, Nox laughed- for he knew he won the game before it even started. (Celestial)

        As some of you may have noticed, I am working on my own update for the Nocturnals, which does include some setting, lore and flavor changes, both to integrate them better to 3e and to keep them separated from the Getimian, Umbral, Infernal, Hearteater and Dream Souled territories (which is an headache). This version of the story here is only one of Nox's many stories, which is not more or less "canon" than the other orgin stories which show up in the writeup, but I do like this one

        It is said that before the Divine Revolution, there was a dark star in the sky, a singularity which bended gravity and devoured light, space and time, now known as the demon prince Isidoros. As a being of pure will and unstoppable force, the ancient brought ruin upon Creation, believing that only those who are strong in their heart, spirit and body are worthy to live. Then, came the war with heaven, and Isidoros looked on the small beings with contempt- for how could the gods ever believe they could win the ancients with such poor beings on their side? That impression didn’t last for long- for soon he clashed face to face against the Exalted, the Chosen of Creation- and for the first time in his long existence, the unstoppable boar had his trajectory changed by a blow from Creation’s greatest heroes. While lesser titans would have been furious by it- Isidoros was delighted, for in the first time he discovered something which could challenge his ideals and perhaps influence his tremendous pull. Through the war, as his kin struggled against the armies of the god, Isidoros was single mindedly busy- to devour the light of the Exalted Host, devouring one from each of the Celestial and Terrestrial champions to taste and study their Exaltation. Eventually, after studying the lost light, the black boar was ready to bring forward a new race of heroes to suppress all others- yet by that time, the war already ended. Isidoros, together with his kin, was trapped, diminished and forced to swear surrender oaths to never challenge the gods again. Yet even his own fall from grace didn’t stop him- for even after he raged against the oaths and tried to break them with no successes, the yozi is said to spit out the stolen light of heaven, creating a foul mockery of the heroes which brought his downfall. No one knows the fate of those creations, however, and whether or not they even truly exist- or maybe the light is still contained in Isidoros’s dark insides, waiting to be released when the opportunity to take vengeance against Creation will show itself. (Inverted)

        Ok, so the main thing here is that I really wanted to give Isidoros his own Exalts. The reason was that first, he is cool. Second, he was meant to get them, but then they were removed from him and became Ketu's Exalted. And third, while Oramus suffered from the same thing, he wormed his way back into the Getimians. So yeah, here is what I have for him. Considering that he is a freaking black hole, I've thought it would made sense for him to try and make the "ultimate Exalted" by devouring the Essence of all other Exalted, yet his obsession also brought his downfall in some degree, which is appropriate

        Ask the scholars, and they will tell you many reasons about why did the gods decided to start the Divine Revolution against their makers. It was for the benefit of humanity, they say. It was to save Creation, or maybe due to their own suffering, or dreams of greatness. They wanted to be free. They wanted to be kings. Yet, those who are truly versed with the history of the Time of Glory know the truth- that it was envy, and desire. The gods wished to have the Games of Divinity, and everything else was an excuse. In many ways, the Games were a golden apple thrown in the courts of heaven, inducing temptation and sowing discord which ended up with a total war which could well destroyed Creation. While no one neglects the importance of the Games as a cause for the Divine Revolution (even though some try to downplay it in order to present the Incrana in a more heroic light), some talk about stranger theories related to the Games- for no one outside of heaven knows their true nature and role. Those sages claim that the Games of Divinity are not just a catalyst for the war, but the actual mastermind behind it, for the Games are sentient being, formed from the collective Essence which the Ancients, and now the Incrana, invest in them. The Games became bored with the rule of the ancients, they say, and felt abused by their rule- and so they tempted the glorious Incrana to make a war over the right to play them. Some of the conspiracy theorists even go further and suggest that the Usurpation, the Contagion, the Balorian Crusade and any other important event in Creation’s history is a part of the Games’ masterplan, and that by using the stolen Essence from both the titans and the Incrana they have catalyzed their own form of Exaltation, one which mimics the glories of other Chosen and sow Discord among their ranks unseen. While the vast majority of scholars scoff those rumors without even a second thought, a few do recall seeing strange Exalts who answer this description, a self-proclaimed “Chosen of Eris”- even though that by all chances, they are more likely a secretive group of Exigents and not the Chosen heroes of the strange game that only the gods are allowed to play. (Neutral)

        So long time ago, someone had made the Discordian Exalted as those Exalts which mimic other Exalted in order to sow Chaos, being Chosen by Eris, which no one actually knows who or what she is. They, in turn were an adaptation of a similar concept (I think), called the Ethereal Exalted, which again had the same ability. Now while Eris was never stated to be the Games of Divinity in the writeup, it was my own personal theory, and I've thought it would be fitting considering how the Games were the "golden apple" which brought the Divine Revolution, and the rest of the chaos ever since

        Legends of Exigence
        Unlike the Chosen of the Incrana, the ancients and other powerful entities, the small gods of Creation must rely on the power of Exigence in order to bring forward champions of their own. Due to the great cost of Exaltation, the Exigence merely makes the process possible and stops the god from destroying themselves in vain. As such, most Exigents are unique Chosen, their Exaltation is lost with their death. Others, while reincarnating, are still the only ones of their kind. Yet still, sometimes (mostly due to numerous gods working together), more than one Chosen may rise for the same god. Sometimes, it is a special form of harmonious Essence resonance, like as it is for the Architects and (seemingly) the God Admirals of Cabochon. On others, such as for the Sovereigns, it is a god utilizing foreign Essence out of hope to make something greater- at the price of their spiritual stability.

        The worship of volcano gods in the West is a well-known practice, one which is maintained even in the face of Immaculate missionaries who try to convert the locals to their faith. While generally it draws little to no special attention, recently reports suggest that a new kind of heresy has started to flourish among those islands, one which is dedicated to Vulcan, a former Incrana banished from heaven due to the jealousy of his kin, who dethroned him as they desired his power. Many small volcano gods claim loyalty to Vulcan, and they gather their people to worship the banished god so he’ll gain power to reclaim his place in heaven. Some even claim to have witnessed the great Vulcan himself, being granted many gifts as a proof of their loyalty. That’s, of course, a lie- one which is very easy to disprove, yet a powerful one nevertheless. The entity which claims the title of “Vulcan” was one a well-respected member of the divine bureaucracy, a strong volcano god named Fire-Untamed-by-Depths. Up until the Usurpation, Fire was a loyal god for heaven- yet after the Usurpation he dropped off the radar, either due to him being a Solar loyalist or his despise towards the new Immaculate Philosophy, or some other reason entirely. While there are reports suggesting that some Sidereal Circles were dispatched to find and punish the rogue god, no sign of it was found, and after the coming cataclysms which brought the rise of the Realm he was assumed dead. The truth, however, was found out only recently- as it seems, Fire have got himself tangled with other forbidden gods, and slowly solidified his position as the main powerhouse in the Westen divine underworld. During that time, he extorted weaker volcano gods for worship, using his connections to offer them protection from Immaculate missionaries in exchange. It was during this period that he crafted the persona of Vulcan, spreading his myth through rumors and fabricated legends while creating an anti-Realm resistance movement in the West. Recently, his actions draw the attention of the Bureau of Fate, and they planned on utilizing House Peleps in order to get rid of the nuisance- only to discover that Fire was smarter than they thought. The “False Incrana” have managed to get hold over the Exigence flow in the Western black market, and by creating a method similar to the Exaltation of Architects he formed his own army of divine champions. Those self-proclaimed “Volcanic Exalted” (or the Cabeiri, as the Sidereals refer to them in order the delegitimize their status) even seem to resonate with a “lost magical material”, which is commonly known as Kobold’s Ore- an exotic material, indeed, yet nothing compared to true Magical Materials in the hands of anyone besides the Cabeiri. While it was indeed a setback, getting rid of them was still an easy act- before the Empress vanished, the Solars returned and the whole Realm fell into the verge of a Civil War. Now House Peleps has much more urgent matters than dealing with Vulcan, while the False Incrana gathers many gods weakened by the Immaculate Philosophy, both from the West and beyond, under his flag of resisting “celestial corruption”. Finding a way to deal with the rogue gods and his Exalts is a top priority, yet many fear that due to Vulcan being more of a title than an individual, getting rid of Fire may inhibit the movement, but another god is likely to take the mantle. Cautious is required to deal with the situation, yet many fear there is not time to be cautions- and in the meanwhile, the Vulcan movement keeps on growing and growing.

        I've always thought it would be a cool idea to have Vulcan showing up in Exalted as a fake Incrana, considering that the whole "hypothetical Vulcan planet" that people believed to exist only to discover it was not the case, and some people still think that there might be something between mercury and the Sun as a group of asteroids called "vulcanoids". Also, Vulcan was an Incrana in Wereworlf: the Apocalypse, iirc, so it felt appropriate. I also liked how he served as an "black market" parallels to the Architects, using extorsion in order to force other gods to work together and take over their Exigence, while taking the guise of an heroic rebel. Beside, volcano Exalted are cool. Originally their material was meant to be magical obsidian, but that was before Itzli was revealed as a thing, and I decided to change it to "magical caobalt" because i do think that it is a cool metal

        Among the ranks of heaven, serving as the Ambassador to Hell was viewed (quiet literally) as a dead-end job- at the very least, until the day that Verumipra entered that position. Being the first god in the position to not get killed, corrupted or replaced within weeks, Verumipra is generally viewed with contempt and even fear among Hell’s hosts, due to his position as the Warden of Exiles and a representation of the accursed surrender oaths which bind the demon princes. However, even he was caught off guard by the creation of the Infernal Exalts, as the correspondence between the yozi and their dead brethren was kept even under his radar. Seeing the danger that it could present to Creation, Verimipra petitioned to heaven not to accept Exigence- but for the right to use it. When the first Warden of Exiles was sent to Hell, he was gifted with an Exigence which they catalyzed, yet not yet activated- as they had to both show their loyalty to Heaven and have evidence for an immediate emergency, and the catalyzation and possession was to serve to shorten the bureaucracy in a case of emergency. The god, however, failed in his position, and as such the Exigence was passed from one god to the next, getting infused by a sliver of anyone to claim the mantle of the Warden. Among them, only Verimupra shown that he was worthy to the trust of Heaven at utilizing the Exigence- and with the rise of the Green Sun Princes, he was approved of using the Exaltation on those he deemed as worthy. In accordance to the office, the god has chosen those which were themselves exiled from the world which didn’t want them. Through the mantle of the Warden of Exiles and the divine power of the surrender oaths, the Ars Goetia were granted a Second Breath, being Chosen to manipulate the power of the surrender oaths while banishing and binding demons, a celestial mirror too the Infernals’ eternal rage. Even more curious was the affinity of those Exalts, for while they had not special resonance with any Magical Material, once tainted with Vitriol - a purely demonic substance - they gain resonance, and basically resonate with the terrifying acid. Verumipra claim that it must have been the long presence of the Exigence in Hell, or the corruption of previous holders of the Mantle. Others wonder if perhaps Verumipra was not as incorruptible as they believed.

        Ever since the Exigents were revealed to be a thing, I knew that I want to make a Chosen of Verumipra. He is just so cool, and it would provide a cool way to have some sort of "Infernals of Heaven" which (I think) were suggested way, way back. At any case, I've decided to reintroduce "Vitriol as Magical Material", as while it may not fit the Infernals, I still find it as a cool concept

        Five Days Darkness is an oddity among the gods- being the first shadow cast by the Sun, he is both a powerful entity related to the King of Heaven and a despised stranger banished from heaven by his own “brother”. Few gods have worked as hard as Five Days Darkness to achieve recognition by Heaven, and he self handedly became the ruler of the five days of the Calibration, becoming a powerful entity which cannot be ignored- even if a threat to the overall stability of the Celestial Bureaucracy due to his feud with other calendar gods. Between that and the Sun’s unwillingness to recognize his own shadow, even though that Five Days Darkness have petitioned for Exigency a number of times he was refused again and again. We are not sure about the reason for his constant demand- perhaps he views it as a sign of being accepted by Heaven? Or maybe it is his hunger for power? Or maybe even just him trying to emulate the Sun by having Exalted of his own? Whatever the reason may be, the Bureaucracy have not deemed Five Days Darkness petitions as worthy enough for acceptance- yet we did keep a close watch over him. Lately, we have heard from our contacts in the black market that a god associated with Five Days Darkness has bargained for an Exigence, and he apparently, he was prepared to break the laws and create his own Chosen. We sent a Circle of Sidereals in order to try and intercept the delivery, yet we failed. We can only assume that by this point, Five Days Darkness has achieved his goal, and the fact we have witnessed a few Itzli cladded warriors in the Scavenger Lands with affinity to shadows and darkness seems to justify our suspicion. Currently, we still discuss the right course of action, as we do not know what Five Darkness Status is after the Exaltations, and how pure the Exigence was while it was utilized. Even if he is weakened, Five Days Darkness has many supporters as he has enemies, especially among the Exalted- so a diplomatic solution is to be preferred over violent one, yet if all else fails and he would refuse have his Exigents cooperate with Heaven, then the stability of Creation is more important than the lives of a number of Sidereals and the consequences of using violence against the ancient god.

        LIke, I am pretty sure that someone will eventually write a 5DD Exigents of some kind- it is almost being asked for. I know that some people have considered giving him Exalts even before Exigents was a thing, being the shadow of the Sun and all of that, and some even suggested making bhim the actual patron of the Abyssals, or the original "Soulsteel Incrana". While I did consider using Soulsteel, Itzli made m,ore sense, due to 5DD's connection to eclipses and being basically Tezcatlipoca, which also fits the obsidian themes of it all

        Well known through Creation, the Directional Gods of War are among the most popular and powerful members of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Those gods have always shared a measure of common understanding and interest, even though the methods they utilized for war were very different from one another. As such, each of those gods was by himself seen worthy to hold Exigence, yet it was only after the Usurpation that they truly received the permission to use one, as petitioned by their supervisor E-Naluna. While all of the gods have shared their Essence together, the process still took its toll from them, with the one to pay most of the cost was Darunla, who was already wounded as she tried to protect the Solars from the Dragon-Blooded, as a way to show her loyalty. The result was Darunla’s consumption by the Exigence, something which the Sidereals covered up in order to create the impression she was executed for “choosing the wrong side”, which insured the loyalty of her replacement Sunipa. Similarly, to the Celestial Hosts, the Exalted of the war gods reincarnate from in a way which fits the will of their makers- Ahlat commonly choose one of his Brides of bear his horned Exaltation, Nasamara and Voharun seek after a glorified survivor who represented both of their values for their avaian Exaltation, Sunipa seeks mostly loyalty and obedience, Siakal hunts for a worthy prey and Wanjung looks for discipline among the mortal soldiers of the legions. While the five champions are mostly independent from one another, it seems that coordination between both the gods and their champions have become more and more frequent as the civil war draws near, and some among the Bureau of Fate wary that they may dare to usher the coming war, partitioning the Realm in the process.

        The "War Five" is a concept I've had for a long time, even before Exigents, when I had a concept for "tons of shards getting released all across Creation and being used by small gods". The War Giods are powerful beings after all, and with Exigents around it makes sense for them to maintain their own champions, and their role in the comin Civil War would make them much more interesting, IMO

        Few gods have as viler of reputation as Han Tha. The ancient god is known for his cannibalism, willing to devour dead gods in order to gain their power, as he did during the Primordial War. Known the dangerous appetite of the foul god, the Bureau of Fate have worked constantly in order to make sure that the he will gain no Exigence to bring accursed Second Breath to anyone. Yet according to recent reports, those efforts have failed- whether the god managed to bargain for numerous Exigences, that he devoured those gods who held them or perhaps even developed an ability to absorb the Exigence of devoured Chosen is unknown. Whatever the case may be, he seems to have combined the Essence of numerous gods within those Exigences, something which ironically fits his nature. The result of the process is a number of defiled Exigents, which now roam the area around Rathess. According to observations, they seem to have gained the power of their maker to steal Essence while devouring it, something which makes them unexpected and dangerous. As such, finding a way to subdue those Exigents is currently a top priority, yet one should be careful near them, as they may steal esoteric knowledge by eating the flesh of Exalted. On the bright side, it is possible that empowering a number of Chosen have weakened the cannibal god, giving us opening to finally destroy Han Tha. The opportunity window, however, will probably be closed shortly- we have a number of reports about powerful gods and Exalted vanishing in the area, which may mean that the ghoul king is regaining his power. We must act fast- if only we had enough manpower for the job.

        another Exigent concept which by all likeliness will be written by someone is Han Tha. The ghoul god is a very popular choice, especially as he was the only example for a forbidden god that we had (well, I think there was another one about killing dreams, but no one cares about them)

        Lesser Legends
        While the seven main Magical Materials (or eleven, if one were to count each colour of Jade as its own material) do resonate the strongest with the Exalted Hosts, a number of other materials have also been to have repeatedly shown up among Exigents, to the point that some scholars have theorized that there were indeed once Exalted resonating with them in the distant past. Unlike the regular materials, the “Six Lesser Magical Materials” lack the same metaphysical weight as the “Greater One”, which may be the reason why only one kind of Exalted was able to resonate with them. Whether the rumors about those missing Exalted, and whether those are indeed true Magical Materials, are true, are yet to be known.

        Legend of Amber- Little known fact is that Gaia and Autochthon were not the only primordials to side with the gods during the Divine Revolution. A third great ancient named Mnemosyne have also supported the gods during their war against the rest of the titans- for she was responsible for the dead and carried them to their final rest, remembering their stories so their lives will not be forgotten even after death, and as such she has personally witnessed the many horrors committed by her kin. As the only ancient to reside in the Underworld, Mnemosyne had to remind herself more than once that she was truly one of the ancients, and not one of the dwellers of the Bellow. There, she and her four souls have worked in harmony in order to collect the stories of the living, making sure that even though Lethe will cleanse their minds their legacy will remain. As such, she had Charon ferry the dead to her, Pluto to watch over their passing so they will not be corrupted or fail in their journey, Vanth to record their lives and Orcus to judge whether they were worthy to be added to Mnemosyne’s great archives. By doing so, the ancient have learned much about the weaknesses of the titans and their forces, for the dead spoke much about them, and fed that intelligence to the Incrana- a practice which became invaluable when the war actually erupted, and the dead filled the Underworld en masse, revealing secrets that they would not have spoken while still alive. Eventually, however, the ancients have learned of Mnemosyne’s betrayal, and the one to become the Ebon Dragon have reached into the Underworld and slain her- and some even claim that she was the first primordial to die in the war, and as such became the first of the Neverborn. While the loss of Mnemosyne was a blow to the efforts of the war, it also meant terrible consequences for the dead, as now many would die without their story preserved, and all will be lost forever. Thankfully, the primordial of death did not die easily- her four souls have survived Mnemosyne’s death, and filled with woe, they have decided to call upon the powers contained within her dead body in order to create Exalted of their own, even at the price of their own existence. As such, the process of Exaltation has reduced them, turning them into nothing but ritual masks and crown now known as the Dual Monarchy- Charon became Nebthys, Pluto turned into Setesh, Vanth was reduced to Eset and Orcus was burned into Usine. Still, the power of Mnemosyne’s souls remained great, and the Dual Monarchy served as a measure of stability and protection to the dead- and in the case they found some truly heroic ghosts, carriers of Mnemosyne’s Exaltation, the Memorial who are adorned with her amber tears.

        As some of you may recognize, those Exalts are based around Dragonmystic's and Kyuedo's Memorials project. I have made a few changes, however- first, among the presented patrons, Charon got cut in the latest update, Ceres is now Getimian related and Neptune is the patron of the Spoken, which leaves only Pluto and Uranus who have little in common. Also, the Dark Mother more or less rules over Lethe, being the "spider who wevaed it", and there isn;t actually much of thematic connection between Mnemosyne and Lethe, as they are opposites to one another. As such, I've brought Charon back, and added the "anti Pluto" and dwarf planet candidate Orcus, as well as his moon Vanth, and restructured them a bit to focus around memory and not reincarnation. The tie in to the Dual Monarchy was a sudden inspiration, as I really wanted to have some kind of "Monarchy Exalts" which choose among the heroic dead, yet they are stated to be weaker than the Deathlords and not Incrana level, so having the souls of the primordial getting diminished as a part of the Exaltation made sense for them, IMO

        Legend of Lead- Far in the deserts of the South, there is a legend about the lost city of Xanadu. Said to trace its origin back to the Time of Glory, while the ancients still walked Creation with all of their might, Xanadu was a sacred place- a temple city dedicated for the glory of the titans. There, the souls of the ancients walked freely, crafting wonders and celebrating the magnificence of the yozi. According to the legends, Xanadu served as the earthly incarnation of the magnificent Yu Shan, and many spoke about the raw power which radiated from the glorious primordial utopia. Due to the importance that Xanadu held for the ancients, it served as one of the main targets of the heavenly armies during the Divine Revolution, as the gods wished to bring down that great symbol of primordial might. For 40 days the gods sieged Xanadu, until finally the walls of the temple city caved under the Exalted might and the gods broke in, slaying its foul denizens and establishing their might. According to the stories, the Exalated originally wished to preserve Xanadu, wishing to convert it to a shrine for their own glory and take over the hidden treasures which were kept there. Yet once they have seen Xanadu by their own eyes, however, the Exalted were horrified- for what the ancients viewed as magnificent, the armies of Heaven viewed as horrifying display. Xanadu was an hell upon earth, forged from the lives of countless beings and decorated with the black lead known as Apeiron- an infernal substance which absorbed the screams of the living city and silenced them. Disgusted with the foul utopia, the Exalted burned the city down, hoping to end the pain of the living city, collapsing it upon its treasures and letting the sands cover the remains. That should have been the end of the magnificent Xanadu- yet not all legends agree on it. It is hard to kill a living city such as Xanadu, after all, and even during the time of the Revolution not all Exalted and gods were pure. People whisper that some of Xanadu’s treasures were smuggled before the city collapsed, either forged from flesh, Apeiron or both, and here and there artifacts made out of black lead are being found across Creation. Some still seek after the fallen city, searching across the South out of hope to find more of its hidden treasures- and some whispers that the city will only reveal itself to those it deems as worthy, and that deep within its twisted paths, there is Xanadu’s greatest treasure- Exaltation. Of course, no one knows the truth, and all hope that if Xanadu truly existed, then that it would remain buried for all eternity, so its horrors will not return to haunt the world.

        Here is the thing- I love lead, as a metal. Like yeah, it is poisonous and all, but the first time I read about it was that it was the only thing to block gamma rays, so in my mind it is more of a symbol of protection than anything else. Still, personal connotations aside, I have wanted to write a Lead based Exalted, and as such I turned to Titan, the moon of Saturn (which is lead associated in alchemy) and a relatively major celestial body in the solar system, being a potential Earth like candidate. The problem is, however, the name- I can't call any entity "titan" when it refers already to the primordials as a group. While I struggled with it, I stumbled upon the fact that Xanadu is the name for a shinning spot in Titan, and that all of those spots are named after utopias of some sort- so I decided to make Xanadu into a "false paradise of the ancients", which worked with Titan and lead associations, as well as being somewhat inspired by Cognoza from Critical Role as a living city of some sort. I am happy with the final result

        Legend of Copper- Among the many stories about strange Chosen in Creation, many seem to speak about the mysterious Arcadians- the Chosen of Gaia herself, meant to serve as healers and protectors following the terrifying Primordial War. According to the stories, when Gaia viewed the state of Creation after the war, she wept, and felt an urge to leave this accursed world behind, looking for a shining answer for whether the Revolution was indeed inevitable. Yet before she left, as a parting gift, the ancient have gifted a few rare souls with the power of Exaltation, so they may heal the wounds that the war has brought. As such, there are many legends about the Arcadians, with claims about their ancient, sacred groves, and that they hold the gift to heal every disease and injury, or that without them the Great Contagion would have destroyed Creation as a whole. Dragon-Blooded sages seek after the Arcadians as it is said that Gaia have blessed them with the gift of fertility, and that they can control their territory and establish powerful barriers to protect their sacred places. They are also said to hold vast sorcerous knowledge, leading thaumaturges of all kinds to seek them to they may gift them with the blessings of the art. And of course, there are those who seek the power of the Arcadians for themselves- as according to the legends, when an Arcadian perish, a tree will grow on their final resting place, and after seven years it would bear a golden fruit which will grant Second Breath to anyone to eat it. Those legends, of course, are false. The Arcadians are not the Chosen of Gaia- they are the Chosen of Cytherea, the Mother of the Yozi, as their affinity with Hepatizon instead of Jade may hint. According to their own stories, Cytherea has created them just before she broke the end of the Primordial War, surrendering to the Incrana in exchange for sparing their lives. Why did Cytherea done the act is unknown and debated among the Arcadians, yet due to their association with one of the oldest of the ancients and the view of the Immaculate Philosophy, the Arcadians prefer to let the legends carry on. They have lost enough of their members due to their sacred trees getting cut of the fruit eaten by devious Exalts already. They don’t need to add the strongest religion in Creation to their enemy list.

        Let's be honest- copper should have been a Magical Material, and as such I really wanted to add an Exalted which resonates with it. Now, my idea for the Arcadian Exalted was originally to make them the Chosen of Gaia, but then I considered the potential problems with the concepts and I got reminded that Cytherea is a thing, and that the Mother of the Yozi is named after Aphrodite, who is related to copper, so... yeah, making them the copper Exalted felt very natural

        Legend of Platinum- Against the efforts of the Exalted Host, not all of the ancients either died or were captured during the Divine Revolution. One such example was Ramethus, who forged himself into a war dedicated form and returned to avenge his kin- only to die in the Aftershock War. Others, however, were far more cunning. It was during the early Second Age, when it was noticed that the North has slowly started to expand- tress in the East did not awaken from their winter sleep, and the seas of the West were filled with glaciers. Slowly, the cold has spread, covering much of the East with snow, the West with ice and even caused the Blessed Isle and the South to slowly grow colder and colder. Fearing that it signed an invasion from beyond the boundary of Creation, the Sidereals of Heaven have coordinated an investigation mission which have discovered that the worst did happen- an ancient have come from the Wyld, a primordial being known as Sedna, the Devouring Cold. As it seems, the titan has bid her time, waiting for Creation to show weakness- and with the Solars gone, the Lunars and the Sidereals at each other’s throats and the Dragon-Blooded still recovering from the price of the Usurpation, she knew that there was no one to stop her. However, she with her cruel heart didn’t evaluate correctly the willingness of her enemies to work together when seeing their ancient enemy returns from its grave. Even though Creation was in a bad starting point when the War of Winter has started, pushed to the brink under a common threat the Silver Pact and the Bronze Faction have brokered a temporary alliance for the sake of Creation. Together, they fought against the titan, going through her labyrinth of ice while sacrificing many lives in the process, and while they didn’t manage to kill the ancient, they did drove Sedna away, breaking the Ice Age’s grasp upon Creation. The alliance, however, have quickly dissolved after the War, and in a few decades all of the remains from the Ice Age were gone... except one thing. For while Sedna ruled over the North, she have granted Second Breath to her most favored soldiers, ones she deemed as worthy to survive the Eternal Winter. To them, she also gifted with relics made from Winter Gold- and even though many believe that the Glacial Exalted are nothing but a Northern myth, the existence of Winter Gold artifacts may hint otherwise.

        Ok, so my first every fanmade Exalted concept was that during the Primordial War, two primordials have escaped into the Wyld, and when they returned each of them created his own Chosen- one with the power over dreams, and another with the power over winter and frost. While dreams is now covered by the Dream Souled, winter is still an open territory (beside some random Air Aspect DB or Winter Getimian), so here comes the ice age! Also, kinda fit to platinum's aesthetics, and we do have as potential dwarf planet called Sedna. I personally really like the concept, as again, it is my first fanmade Exalted idea, after some adaptations

        Legend of Tin- In some of Creation’s most obscure mythologies, it is said that alongside the Maidens of Fate there was another group of gods who served as their shadows-the Mysteries, four brothers dedicated to explore the strange and the bizarre, and deal with threats which did not fit the patterns of Creations. Those four were Io, the Mystery of the Ancients, Europa, the Mystery of the Wyld, Ganymede, the Mystery of the Elements, and Calisto, the Mystery of the Underworld. Each of the four have held sway over those beings which were outside of the preview of the gods, and had to learn about the actions of those strange entities. Not much is known about the Mysteries beside that they were both ambassadors to the strange and gatherers of intelligence, and that their symbolism has resonated with a material now commonly known as Kassite, which by itself tends to form where powerful entities of foreign origin express their power. If the Mysteries did exist, no one knows what exactly happened to them- some say that due to their affinity to the strange, the Mysteries have sided with the ancients during the Divine Revolution, and as such were either executed for their crimes or exiled to the worlds which they were meant to govern, so they’ll live among Creation’s enemies. Others claim that they were themselves killed by the ancients, being easy targets due to their connections and previews. Others say they simply hid their presence, turning into mysteries as they always claimed they were. Here and there one could even find an Exalted claiming to be Chosen by one of the Mysteries, rallying an army around them, but deeper investigation have always revealed them to be nothing but Exigents which used the mythology of their people for their side. The question why those Exigents always resonate with Kassite remains, how appropriately, a mystery.

        Well, I must admit that this was a tough one- first, tin lacks a lot of the mythical resonance that other metals have, yet it is still and important alchemical element. I was still about to replace it with arsenic or antimony, but I've also really wanted to have some Incrana based around the Galilean Moons (which, again, when I learned about them as a child left a lingering impression about me), and tin is the metal of Jupiter. Now, another problem was what to actually do with those four gods- originally i considered them as "underworld sidereals", but I already threw that concept out of the window in this project. However, they are named after the lovers of Jupiter- so I had to tie them to the Maidens in some way, or at the very least, to the Maiden of Secrets. In the end, I got the idea of relating them to "none god spirits", which is elementals, demons, ghosts and fair folk (well, kinda). Again, I am not 100% sure about them, but I am satisfied with the concept for now

        Legend of Mercury- Every once and awhile, a bright light breaks through the night sky, disrupting the light of the stars and the Fate they carefully weave. Those comets are said to be huge chunks of ice, flying through the heavens as they leave a burning trail behind them. While it may be true for most of such celestial bodies which emerge from beyond Creation, some seem to have a different nature- for as the fumes they leave behind condense and slowly descend towards Creation, they rain as liquid called Hermium. Due to the strange properties of this Wyld touched liquid, it is recommended by the wise to avoid rain which comes after the passage of a comet in the sky, as those touched by it suffer from strange visions and are even driven mad. Few alchemists, however, seek after pools of the liquid metal, as they know that they can refine a powerful poison out of it. Those who do go get touched by Hermium yet maintain their life and sanity tell strange stories about the visions they had- that deep in the Wyld, there exists a self-conceived Incrana, born out of the pure chaos and infinite possibilities of the madness beyond Creation. According to those hallucinations, that entity, called Tyche, exists outside of Creation’s regular laws, and as such hold domain over luck and chance, and she uses those comets as a mean to communicate with Creation, implanting her messages within the Hermium’s toxic madness. Whether or not Tyche is indeed an Incrana or an elaborate scheme of a certain powerful Wyld entity (if not simply a shard hallucination made by the material), some even dare to claim that Tyche does not just seeks to commune or influence Creation, but she also chooses her own champions, seeks after those who have extremely good or bad luck and giving them the gift to influence their own chances. Those Chosen are said to hold affinity with Hermium and be immune to its toxic properties, yet beside a few very exotic Exigents who have learned how to meld Hermium into alloys using less dangerous and more mundane materials, no sign of those Chosen of Tyche has been found all across Creation.

        While moonsilver is kinda borderline between mercury and silver, I wanted a "true mercury magical material", and that's what I got (again, I may have a thing for poisonous elements, like lead, sulfur and mercury. I am working with them all, in a virtual way of course. Much safer that way). At any case, for this ones I have adapted an old fanmade idea that I read about in the old White Wolf forums about the "Cometary Exalted", who were the Chosen of Fortune, which was a comet. Now, I suggested to rename Frotune to Tyche, considering that it is the name of an hypothetical planet which some claim to throw comets on Earth every now and then, and i decided to use that suggestion in this writeup. I wan't really sure about Tyche's origin, so I made her a "self created Incrana", which is currently more of a plot hook than an actual truth- I just didn't want to recreate the Maiden of Wisdom's origin story
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          Legends Stranger Still
          Not all legends fit the same, neat boxes. Some defy categorization and description. Some Exalted, after all, do not resonate with any Magical Material, or resonate with them only under special conditions, or perhaps they had their special metal destroyed due to some occult reasons ages ago. Whatever the case, those Exalted may still linger in Creation, bringing mostly new questions and complicate things even further, leaving the scholars confused and wandering.

          Legend of Corruption- During the Time of Glory, when the ancients still ruled, many of the titans had their blood spread among mortals, birthing many races to both serve and worship their greatness. However, after the Divine Revolution, many of those races were exterminated, seeing them as potential seeds of corruption and rebellious elements which may cause their communities stray from the proper worship of the gods. Yet even after the purge and the countless of years which have passed since the fall of the titans, one yozi was the most successful at not only preserving their lineage, but also to have it spread and prosper- Kimbery, the Sea the Marched Against the Flame. From her vitriolic depths, countless lineages and progenies have risen, and many of the demon-blooded of Creation claim lineage to her. The most famous among those genealogies is the Lintha Family, for while not all of the pirates are touched by the yozi’s corruption, many are among her most favored children, and according to the rumors have even helped in transporting the lost Solar Exaltations which have now became Infernal. As such, it is little wonder that many have legends among their kind about some legendary figures which descended from the Sea, demon children which could have rivaled even the Solars in the ancient days, until their empire was shattered by the Exalted. Some even dare to claim that those champions were in fact Exalted by Kimbery, in a way not that different from how the blessing of the Five Elemental Dragons propagates through the blood of their Chosen. Even if that was true, by modern times it seems that the conditions which were required to allow Kimbery to grant Exaltation are no longer valid, as nothing has remained from those heroic figures beside their legends, and the set of rituals where they baptized their weapons in their mother’s corrosive water in order to grant them greater abilities.

          Well, the fact that Kimbery was removed as a corrupted Spoken patron does not mean I'm ignoring her! She'll drown me otherwise, after all. So in here I have more or less just taken the "original Lintha" origin from 2e and turned them into Exalted of Kimbery. Nothing too exotic, but sometimes a simple solution is a good solution

          Legend of Ruin- It is said that once, far in the days before the Divine Revolution, there was another planet in the skies, one barely visible to the naked eye. His name was Uranus, a now lost Incrana of ruin and failure which resided on the skies beyond the sky. Yet Uranus was envious god, for his light was dimmed down by the other Incrana who viewed him as an old and sick entity, dedicated for nothing but his own glory. As such, even as when the Incrana prepared to rebel against their makers, they left out the old god, wishing to stay away from the Plaguebearer’s influence- and for a good reason. When the gods launched their attack against the ancients, Uranus sided with the titans without a second thought, lending his dark powers to the titans out of hope that the Sun will be defeated and he will take his place in heaven. Just like the ancients, however, it turned out that Uranus didn’t appreciate the power of the Exalted- the titans were defeated, and while Uranus was offered exile, the old god chose death instead. The rest of the Incrana, however, were wary of the god’s willingness to die- as the Plaguebearer have surely had tricks in his sleeves. As such, they castrated the old god, breaking his power as the Maidens pronounced a terrible revelation meant to shatter the core of Uranus’s power instead of simply killing the god- and so Uranus was gone, and his power vanished from the world. Some of the wise, however, claim that remains of Uranus yet linger in Creation, even if their form is unstable, in the form of the strange metal called Decomposed Ether, which always glows in a soft, green light and is known to bring sickness and plague to those who touch it without protection, and which is known to spontaneously decay to one of the true Magical Materials after a time. While most believe that those are merely stories meant to explain this unusual occurrence, some even make wilder claims- that Uranus did had a trick in his sleeve, and as he died he spread his Essence to infect Creation. And when the Great Contagion was unleashed upon the world, the suffering and death caused by it brought the Plaguebearer to a semblance of life, one which allowed him to gift Second Breath to his Heralds of the Apocalypse. What form does those twisted Exalted may take, if they truly exist, is unknown.

          Well, let's be honest- as the devs said that they have no plans for Uranus as an Incrana it is only a matter of time before someone would write them as a lost Incrana of some sort. Originally he was meant to be either a storm god or a law/oath/ritual god, but in the end he became a god of corruption due to his relation to "magical Uranium", which, as part of his curse, is now unstable and turns to other magical materials. I have also added to it another idea I've read about in the forums for an Incrana created by the Great Contagion, and mixed them togetehr to create those ap[ocalyptic horrors- so yeah, Uranus is far from being a nice god. His castration his simply a reference to his mythology as well as a reason for why his Magical Material decomposes

          Legend of Preservation- Laying among the many stars of Creation’s night sky, one could find Andromeda, the Starry Shadow. Unrelated to any of the known Incarana, there are many stories about the nebula, with the most popular ones speaking about how Andromeda was a divine champion who sacrificed her life fighting some accursed monster of the ancients. As such, the vast majority of Creation’s scholars claim Andromeda was an Exalted of some sort, with the sages of the Realm speaking about her as a mighty Dragon-Blooded, while other cultures equate her with one of the Anathema. Still, here and there one could find rituals and practices made in Andromeda’s name, as well as texts which speak about her as a goddess of some sort, and ancient creator which fought alongside or against the gods during times now forgotten. That has led a few to consider Andromeda as a lost Incrana, if not an ancient which turned against the rest of her kin for reasons now forgotten. Whatever is known about Andromeda seems to tie her for creating new out of old, as well as some mentions of her “devouring the light of stars” in order to keep the “darkness at bay”. Some mad astrologers even go further and suggest that Andromeda is not, in fact, a nebula, but a whole sub universe forged on the edge of the Wyld, perhaps a remnant of the ancient reality from which Yatani’s Children have come to Creation. While most ignore those theories as gibbering of madmen, those are not even the strangest claims- as some say that Andromeda rises her own champion, creating Chosen with the gift to shape reality to their liking out of starry, smoke like substance. Whether the rumors about the Galactic Exalted are true or not is unknown, but if they do, it may cause the philosophers of Creation to question everything they know about the universe.

          Another idea which I've seen floating in the forums was that of the Galactic Exalted, the Chosen of Andromeda which they only thing I know about them is that they are of Solar power and can do some Incarnaum style shaping. They resonate with their own tools in this version. The references for Andromeda as nebula relate to the fact that many people actually considered it as such before discovering it was a galaxy, and I fought such reference could be cool to add

          Legend of Endurance- When Autochthon have left Creation due to the terror of the Solar Exalted, he stole with him masses of mortals to serve and supply him in his self-induced exile. As one could expect, among those mortals some were touched by the Elemental Dragons, and had within them the potential to rise and become Chosen of the Elements. However, detached from Creation’s layout of dragon lines and without the Children of Gaia to choose from their descendants, the ancient blood remained inert, and as such no Dragon-Blooded have walked Autochthonia’s surfaces, and with the Alchemicals to govern the law and order of their primordial’s god body there was also no need for such heroes to rise. However, it is whispered that deep beneath the surface of the machine world, where the tunnel folk gather in disparate communities, despair have driven those lost souls to the edge. Some whisper that the sages of those people have managed to develop forbidden rites, taught to them by a strange entity known as the Ninth Minister. Using this strange rituals, the tunnel folk are said to manage to tune to Authochtonia’s elemental ley lines, and trap powerful elemental spirits in order to catalyze their blood into Exaltation. Only those with the blood of the Dragons in their veins may try the ritual, and only those with strong enough spirit can bind the elemental into their being. Those who fail the ritual would simply die. While one may wonder whether those people are truly Chosen when they use a false method in order to harness the power of the elements, the power behind the ritual is truly the Ninth Minister, whatever it may be, for he allows the ritual to operate as it exploits the holes in Authocthon’s system. As such, the Minister is by all chances not a true Divine Minister, and may very well have its own plans for those “Industrials”, while they simply struggle in order to remain alive.

          so this is more or less an import of the Masters of the Industrial Elements by Kiyeudo, with some changes such as focusing on "igniting sleeping Dragon Blood" and adding the Ninth Minister as a patron to make them actual Exalted and not just a weird thing. Because that they effectively wear their power and are disconnected from Authochton's system, however, they dissonate with all MMs- so no evocations for them! Kind of an opposite to the Alchemicals, who are living MMs

          Legend of Questing- It is said that sometimes, when the storms hit ships in the Dreaming Sea, some sailors hear the song of a trumpet breaking through the chaos. They claim that the one responsible for it is a being called Triton- an ancient god of some sort which have claimed the Dreaming Sea as his domain ever since the Divine Revolution, if not beforehand. No one really knows who or what Triton actually is- he may be an actual god, a powerful elemental, a member of the Fair Folk remained behind after the Balorian Crusade or even a rogue demon or a soul which broke from an ancient during the ancient war. Just as he is mysterious, he is famous- almost every port near the Sea has stories about Triton, claiming him the king of drowned palaces, served by hundred mermaids who either save the drowned or consume their souls (the songs vary). He loves the innocents and punish the wicked, or perhaps support the wicked and drowns the innocents? He is extremely curious, they say, and stories are told about how he sometimes walk to a ship in the middle of a storm conjured by him in order to ask the sailors simple questions and ask to hear their life stories. If he’ll like the answers, the sailors would live. If not, or if they act rudely towards him, he would drown the ship and call his mermaid servants to devour the sailors, leaving only one survivor behind to propagate the story, as the old laws of the sea dictate. Just like the storms upon which he claim dominion, Triton is a fickle entity, and no one can know why would he choose to let one to survive while drown another. Sometimes, however, drowning is a prize by its own right- for it is said that if Triton would truly like someone, he would drag them to the depths of his palace, and if they’ll survive the journey and show themselves entertaining enough for the storm king, they will be granted with an Exaltation. Few even claim, however, to have met one of those Drown, and those who do are generally quiet about the subject. The Drowned don’t like to be spoken about, they say, and it will be wise to just ignore them- unless you wish to find one of the bone and coral cladded warriors at your doorstep.

          So I really wasn't sure if I should include Triton- I mean, I like the character from mythology, and it is Neptune's moon which some claim to be a dwarf planet caught by it, and it is a large object, so it makes sense. Still wasn't sure what to do with him, as we have enough things going in the West, when I remembered that we have a whole sea in the East in 3e- so I made him into a powerful Fair Folk (or similar Wyld entity) which beings chaos in there. The Drowned have affinity to bones and corals, taking the old concept from the Spoken and using it for themselves

          Legend of Dynamism- Known as the youngest child of Gaia, the Caul is a strange place, almost on the verge of stability, only recently resurfacing back to Creation after being devoured by the Wyld. While it is mostly viewed as a battle ground between the Chosen of Luna and the Dragons, as each tries to claim dominance over the shrine cities and the Essence of the strange continent, some whisper that the Caul is also a being of his own- a stillborn Incrana of some sort, born as the love child of Gaia and Luna, yet never coming into his senses. In many ways, the Caul is alive, and everything which happens on his surface is his own dreams as they manifest themselves into Creation- at least, that what those sages claim. In fact, they even go further and say that the reason that the Caul vanished was because that he created Chosen of his own in an attempt to fend the Balorian Crusade, and that only recently he regained enough power in order to manifest himself back in Creation. If that was true, however, than surely those Chosen should have gotten themselves involved in the terrible battle which goes between their kin, as many Caulborn suffer and die as a result of the struggle. Others say that they do- yet the Caul can only rise champion among the Caulborn (or maybe anyone who walks his surface) which completes the five shrine cities pilgrimage, and as the voyage was always kept to Dragon-Blooded alone, and now outright impossible, the Caul is simply unable to bring make his own Chosen. However, perhaps there are a few Caulborn who have gained Second Breath before the Realm took over the sacred pilgrimage, and they watch from the shadows as they plan to let the two sides to tire themselves before they’ll act, reclaiming their sacred land back from the oppressive Dragon-Blooded and the mad Lunars once they’ll weaken each other enough. Most, of course, scoff those rumors- but one can’t deny that the Caul is indeed weird, and it would not be that impossible to consider such a scenario, whatever it may imply.

          Well, the Caul is weird, and I thought it could be nice to have it as a stillborn Incrana (I think I've actually read this theory somewhere, but I'm not sure where), so... here! Caul Exalted! :P

          Lost Legends
          Not all legends about the Exalted tell about new and strange Hosts of the Chosen. Some speak about much smaller variations- lost Castes and Aspects, which vanished from Creation due to strange circumstances. One such example would be the Five Castes of the First Age Lunars, which were shattered by their own hands as they chose to adapt to the new Age. Others are even more exotic- and who knows if and how they could resurface once more?

          There is one thing which without doubt is true about Autochthon- he is always prepared. Deep within the archives of the Core, one could find secret blueprints for a seventh Alchemical Caste- the Itzli Caste, made out of polished obsidian and meant to spread fear as propaganda. No one is sure why did the Machine God decided to scrap the design- perhaps he feared the result of such Exalts, as he have seen the Spoken’s threat during the Niobraran War. Maybe he required some magical attunement for the number six, and having seven Castes and seven Magical Materials in his system would have turned his processes too complex an inefficient. Maybe he just had no use for those who rule through fear in his realm-body. Maybe he just didn’t had enough Itzli. Whatever the case may be, there are not Itzli Alchemicals- even though that those who manage to put their hands on the blueprints toy with the thought that now, with the Seal of Eight Divinities being open, there is a chance to collect enough mirrorstone in order to build such cruel Exalted to rule over Creation. Some wonder if they already did, as there are always whispers about dark Exalts roaming the Void touched wastes of Autochthon, and who knows if perhaps that was the role of the Itzli Caste- to bring an end to Authochton when the time is right?

          To put it this way, now that we have Itzli as a Magical Material, it is time to ask "what about the Itzli Caste?", and this section asks this questions. In here, I've left it as a potential gremlinized Caste dedicated to destroy Autpchthon (put him out of his misery). You may also ask that if we have eight Ministries and seven Castes, why shouldn't we have eight of those instead? And to this I say "sure, just choose one of the other proposed MMs and a corresponding Exalted and you are done with it". This is what you have here- options! And tones of them!

          A rarity among the Magical Materials of Creation, alchemists tell stories about the so called “Yellow Jade”. Most scoff them as mistakes of beginners, for there is no reason for such colour of Jade to exist. It is much more likely to be an impurity found in White Jade, or perhaps an alloy of Green and Blue Jade. Still, some alchemists insist that Yellow Jade does exist, and that is corresponds to an element foreign to Creation- Vitriol, the banished element which corrupts all, now found only in the demonic realm. They believe that within the acidic depths of Kimbery one could harvest this rare Jade, and craft strange artifacts out of it. Some even go further and claim that within Kimbery’s sea, one could find Iyutha, the Vitriol Dragon. While the existence of Iyutha is well known, those alchemists claim that he is not, in fact, a demon- instead, he was a kin to the Five Elemental Dragons, yet was always hated by his mother, Gaia, and found acceptance within the Sea that March Against the Flame. During the Divine Revolution, Iyutha have sided with the ancients, unlike his brothers, and as such he was banished to Hell. While imprisoned, some wonder if the Vitriol Dragon have also granted Exaltation like his kin, just moment before his banishment- and if not, if he could do the same now, after spending centuries in Malfease.

          Yet another 2e adaptation, I can totally see why would someone make the mistake of writing "yellow jade" in the book- when you have red, blue and green, you add "yellow" in an almost instinctive level. Now, the fact that it became an inside joke where "yellow jade can only be formed by mistake, and it is an eternal mistake of a element which should not be" was a bit too much (they should have just ignored it), but it is still a cool plot hook to some degree. So here is a new presentation of Yellow Jade, the Vitriol Dragon and a new Aspect, if one were to use them

          Legends from the First Age claim that the current Five Maidens were not the only ones- but that once, there were more planets in the sky, many of which were lost to the ancients during the terrible war over the fate of Creation. One of those lost Maidens was Phaeton, the Maiden of Hours, who chose among the fates of the greatest of healers and protectors. However, during the war, Phaeton clashed against the armies of Oramus and Sacheverell, for the two ancients recognized that her fall would weaken the armies of Heaven and may give the titans the opening they required. The battle was long and horrifying, as the very fabric of time was shattered and used as a weapon against the ancients, yet in the end the Maiden and her Chosen were defeated and slain- yet not before Phaeton used her powers over time in order to warn her sisters in advance about her fall. Since then, no one have seen any of the Chosen of Hours- some say that without their goddess to guide them, the weeping Maidens have taken the Exaltations and contained them in a now lost place called the Fallen Stars Memorial. Others look on how closely the Getimians resemble their Sidereal kin, and ask whether the connection between the two Exaltations is deeper than they thought. Most, however, just dismiss it as a story- there are no Chosen of Hours because there never were. As simple as that.

          talking about inside jokes, the Maiden of Hours as Pluto should have been a Sailor Moon joke that a lot of people who didn't see the show (like myself) have missed. At any case, while thinking about it, I've seen that glamourweaver have suggested their own headcanon about the Getimians, relating Phaeton as the patron of the lost Aurorals from which the Getimians were formed. While i do like Aurora as the Auroral patron, Phaeton as a destroyed Incrana is a cool idea, especially as the Maiden of Hours, which relates well to have Oramus and Sacheverell using her destruction to create those time defying Exalted, so double theme- time and asteroids! Overall, it is consistent, IMO

          And that's it! Please let me know if you find some of those concepts interesting! check

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