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On Exigents, Getimians, and Kickstarter Time-Tables

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  • On Exigents, Getimians, and Kickstarter Time-Tables

    Given that the 'Exalted: Essence' Kickstarter has whipped up a frenzy of excitement over the new Exalt types, and that the next Kickstarter is apparently going to be 'Squeaks From the Deep' (sidenote: subterranean rat beastfolk society on the Blessed Isle; Look into it.), how long will it be until the wheel of fate brings Exalted back around to the Kickstarter stage? OP has a very full portfolio of projects-to-be, and I'm wondering if the new books will be released in my lifetime (not that I'm worried about anything in particular, but one never knows.).tra

    This in mind, I ask: rather than waiting for potentially years for the books to be released in the standard Kickstarter cycle, why not drop the finished manuscripts a la Legendlore, and then have all the extras be funded when the project's Kickstarter slot comes around in its own time? It's not like the fans won't jump at the chance to support the production of bonus material anyway, and this might even give the developers some lead time on what the fans really want to see more of for that particular release.

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    Well for one the material isn't done. That's why the kickstarters happen when they do. Its not so much that we hit a slot for whatever kickstarter, basically it just goes "Hey we're almost done with x, do we want to do a Kickstarter for this one and the extras, and when do we want to drop that so it doesn't risk getting overshadowed by or overshadowing something else we're doing."

    They might have lore stuff done and a general idea on how some things function, but its not like they've got the Get stuff statted out all over and ready to drop in for the main line.


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      On when we can expect the Exigents KS: end of this year or early next. Squeaks and Anima are locked in as the next two KSes, and there's a couple of things that might come ahead (like Lore of the Traditions).

      Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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        Exigents will be either one of the last 2021 Kickstarters or one of the earliest for 2022. Sidereals is next after that, and will hopefully come in later 2022, with Getimians as a non-KS book released alongside. After that, Abyssals and Liminals will happen similar to Sids/Gets, followed by Infernals, then Alchemicals.
        Getimians and Liminals are currently planned to be smaller books, as Sidereals and Abyssals are intended to have pretty much all the relevant lore (we don't need two books talking about Heaven/the Underworld.)


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          The aside in the first post of this thread about a subterranean rat beastfolk society on the Blessed Isle caused me to read the rest of the thread holding in mind the subterranean society that canonically does exist on the Blessed Isle: the Mountain Folk. Which makes me wonder: when can we expect to get 3e/ExEss updates for the Mountain Folk, the Dragon Kings, and the Rakshasa? Given the rarity of Infernals and Alchemicals, I wouldn't mind such a book or books coming out as early as post-Abyssal; but I could see arguments for it/them being post-Alchemical too, or even "never" (as much as I'd hate that).