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Lunars talking to animals

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  • Lunars talking to animals

    Am I missing something blatantly obvious, or do Lunars not actually have any way to talk to animals?

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    I think the general assumption is that animals don't have a lot worth talking to about, and that you can generally get what they want/are thinking through ohter cues sans langauge.

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      I'm sure they could if animals could talk, but animals can't talk.

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        Not in the sense of words and sentences, no. No currently published Exalt type gets that natively. Though Flight of Separation as a control spell will get you it for birds.
        But Lunars get a Charm to make every animal have a Tie of Loyalty towards them and a body-language Charm. With one or both of those, you can social interaction at animals very effectively. Getting information out might be tricky, but such is life when you're conversing with something languageless.


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          They have the Charm to endow their familiars with human intelligence and an understanding of all languages known to the Lunar.

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            Yes, Flight of Separation lets you talk to birds if it's your control spell, but it also says they might not have much to say. I think the key point is that animals have animal minds, and if you got the magical ability to talk to them, you wouldn't necessarily be able to get more out of them than you would by just having a good understanding of animal behaviour (ie the Survival ability). You would "hear" things like "Danger? Danger!" and "Follow me, there's food" and "This is MY spot and I will FIGHT you!" and "I'm horny, come get some". They're not having secret conversations with each other where they're so much more articulate than you thought.

            If an animal was granted human intelligence but no way to articulate their advanced thoughts, maybe you could understand them, but that's an edge case. Of the effects that would do this to an animal, the Charm that enhances your familiar doesn't need any help because you can already understand your familiar.

            It would be useful in expressing yourself to animals, but you can already do that with Glance Oration. It can't convey highly technical information, but your horse wasn't going to understand algebra anyway.

            So yeah, I'm with Blaque and Princess No-Vowels in saying Lunars already have the toolkit to extract as much out of a conversation with a normal animal as can possibly be extracted, (at least without enhancing the animal).

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