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Lunar Exalted with the Burning Name?

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  • Lunar Exalted with the Burning Name?

    Hello all, I was wondering whether I was looking at this right that with the Burning Name Merit (core book 468) or a similar one you could use most of the combat lunar charms?

    A Few Examples:
    Find the Needle's Eye: This seems solid as a choice since you basically get a weaker form of Excellent Strike since its not dexterity pool based?
    Stinging Inchneumeon Scourge & Foe Driving Attack: This would let you turn your decisive attacks into persistent penalties as wasps made of fire keep hindering your foe?
    Coiled Serpent Strike: Pretty straightforward but can be a lot of fun to do with any attack letting you blast people to death instantly, this also works great with the combo before it?

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    Burning Name allows you to make an (Intelligence+Occult) attack roll to send forth a stream of flames.

    Most of those are Dexterity charms that supplement an attack roll and supplemental Charms can generally only benefit rolls using the Ability/Attribute which they’re listed under, unless otherwise stated.


    Stinging Inchneumeon Scourge specifically supplements attacks made with Needle Quill Technique.