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Claw Strider Cavalry?

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  • Claw Strider Cavalry?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if a group of characters lets just say 3 players with one of them being a Lunar shapeshifted into a Claw Strider, the other riding another claw strider. This would provide the maximum 3 success bonus for Pack Hunting correct? This just seems very powerful for a group of close combat characters.

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    I refer you to Lunars page 134 sidebar at the top. That definitely seems like it’s overpowered to the point of making things less fun at your table.
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      Note that if you use the claw strider's bite, you are limited to an Accuracy 1, Damage 15, OVW 1 attack, when an artifact weapon will give you somewhere between accuracy 1, damage 14+strength, OVW 5 and accuracy 5, damage 10+strength, OVW 3
      3 successes brings that to effectively accuracy 7, except that it uses up most of your dice cap. So, depending on your strength it's better than a light artifact weapon by 2 accuracy and 0-4 damage, but loses dice cap, overwhelming, and tags.
      Using the claws is complicated, but it's accuracy at least 1, only those count as charm dice so you hit the dice cap much faster - someone with dex 5, brawl 3 is already at the charm cap just from being a claw strider if they stunt another attribute 5 in. And you're down to damage 11, as bad as a light weapon with str 1
      You also lose out on the option for a medium weapon's defense boost, which is 1 non-charm success to defense, which is similar in value to a non-charm success to attacks

      Also pack hunting applies to decisive which weapon stats don't

      Though, if you get your hands on a way to use constructed weapon stats in animal form instead of natural weapons non of this applies.