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3e elementals, where can I find them?

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  • 3e elementals, where can I find them?

    For a player with summon elemental I don't see too many creatures available for them to use. There are a few elementals in the core book do we have any others yet? I purchased the elemental book of thousand sanctioned beasts and that had several more, are there any similar collections of elementals up on storyteller's vault that I missed? Is there a thread someplace on the forum that collects ideas? Are there some elementals suitable for summoning published in hundred deviis night parade?

    I want to play this as a starting character, I don't even care what game.

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    A little old perhaps, but two of them at least, the second being more geared toward homebrewing some into one's own game in fact.

    Besides, while not explicitly about elementals per se, this one is another place where i also babble and sketch up some ideas on the subject, with a distinct "ancient fantastic races from before the time of man" slant. hope you enjoy.
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      On Storyteller's Vault there's the Thousand Sanctioned Beasts.

      Hundred Devils Night Parade has a handful more.

      I've personally found it relatively easy to kitbash things from prior editions, especially if the players aren't planning on having them fight.

      Exalted Behind a Screen of Jade, Savant of the Immaculate Texts, No Moon Scholar, Good Sitting Dog, Best Lurking Cat with Bones, Pioneer Pooch, Corsair, Director, Keeper of the Karstein Manor, Scion with Shield of Knowledge, Erymanthian Boar, Seeking Awakened, Cloaked Changeling, Family Head, Kindred, Agent, Poltergeist, Disciple of the Antler Crown, Wraith, Conspiracy Theorist, First Time Traveler


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        Me, i have developed a marked preference for making up my own elementals instead of using the races from past editions with a few exceptions.

        It has gone so far as to retcon some parts of the lore/setting, like changing the created races, into something else altogether in some cases.

        The "People of the Air" were not mortals but the empire of Ur-Anu, a coalition of air elementals aligned with but independent from the Deliberative, formed in a nebulous period of the dawn of humanity, sometime between the Divine Revolution and the Niobraran War.

        Tales about the inhabitants of their aerial citadels and palaces as the "creations of the exalted" are the result of solar hyperbole and misinterpretation of diplomatic/social treatises between both parts, related to the "adoption" of young sorcerously-created air elementals just released from service in as citizens of the People of the Air, to be accepted on a probationary period.

        The conflicts of the Usurpation, the Shogunate that followed it, along with the tensions of the Rain Wars between Air and Water courts would lead to the eventual shattering of their civilization, of which the hedonistic palaces of the Cloud People, the belligerent fraternities of nomadic thunderbirds and mysterious empty citadels floating amidst the stormy skies or the highest fog-shrouded mountains are some of the most long-lasting remnants.

        (Did that because the People of Air as just some people with Solar-given mutations always felt, imho, wrong and too small fry, almost offensive, for a group who got multiple vignettes dedicated to them in the Dreams of the First Age sections in the Castebooks. Why would they be just some norms with wings when everything else in those scenes involved exalts, gods, demons, fae, animal avatars & more? They should be something as glorious as spirit courts or dragon kings cities i felt, so remaking them as an empire of elementals was my way to [re]dial up the sense of wonder)

        The rest of the "People of [Element]" - that came to be mostly out of "padding through elemental symmetry" a trick as old in the game as oD&D - i generally ignore, since i much prefer created races as relatively less numerous groups of idiosyncratic people resulting of more extensive vanity projects on the part of certain cliques or individual First Age exalts, exactly to emphatize the jaded futility and decadence entrenching itself in the halls of the Princes of the Earth of back then.

        Edit: ended up re-reading on Ysyr, Palanquin & Volivat today, rediscovering the elemental cloudfolk of the windborne City of Blue Gauze, who visit Palanquin to trade with mortals, in the process. Definitely making them and Palanquin's "magical gateway to Heaven" part of Ur-Anu history & mythology now.
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          Speaking of kit-bashing elementals, here is a topic on fleshing out a game's spirit court, with a pecking order of elementals [with the original ghosts/demons/gods/other element elementals they are reskins from in brackets] in page 2 for a sample. Also found this along the way.

          Damn shame i never had an opportunity to use it in a game of my own and had kind of forgotten the list until recently.
          That and my "bizarro cheapo edition" of the Walker in Darkness.
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