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    GRRM has written for TV in the past, like in the Beauty & the Beast show with Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman. However, I think his greatest boon to the show was having already plotted things out. D&D appear to have been much better at adapting than creating their own narrative.


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      Originally posted by JohnDoe244 View Post
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      Originally posted by Lioness View Post
      Only the former is really a plot point that originated in RotSE. The latter has been the obvious intent for why the Scarlet Empress was missing since early 1st edition and I think the main thing that made people hold off from telling that story at their own tables was the lack of mechanical support for the 50 missing Solar Exaltations.
      Yeah, I'm pretty certain that they were named Ebon Dragon and Scarlet Empress in the first place because they're a shout-out to
      the Ebon Dragon and Scarlet Phoenix in KoTE -- not the other way around. But originally, Erembour was upset because this bride might survive. Implying there's a good chance she's doomed to die.

      Re: Having GCG or current developers involved:
      I have seen adaptations that claimed to be "spiritual adaptations" that actually shat all over the spiritual core of the original, because the people writing the plot either didn't understand what it was about, or didn't care. And on top of that, threw in obvious plot holes to prove their incompetence and/or apathy. Exalted has multiple authors and developers, so there's less of a unified spiritual vision in the first place. But bad adaptation is absolutely still a potential outcome of having no OPP involvement, especially if the risky left-ish elements are aggressively eliminated to appeal to a "wide audience" of white Americans who don't want their comfortable empire-based privilege questioned. Or to appeal to white American show-runners and writers.

      TL;DR: Adaptations that are about money or parody are usually crap. Adaptations that are about art can work IF the show-runners value the same things the original writers did.

      In fact I think it could be worthwhile to just focus on some poor schmuck who got stuck with the Permanent Caste Mark flaw from 1E, and the local police, soldiers, and monks all try to shoot/stab him on sight, even when he's completely unarmed and eating lunch or taking a bath. Even when a Wyld Hunt hasn't arrived yet. Literally make it about his appearance and blatantly obvious lies about Anathema.
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        For what its worth, I'm hoping for an animated adaption, not so much for worrying about CGI budgets (which have come down a lot) but costuming & location budgets. Doing urban fantasy like Scion with semidecent CGI in a modern setting sounds eminently doable on a TV budget (that probably overlaps with a fair chunk of my normal TV viewing between the various super shows I check out); doing classical antiquity as a fantasy setting? That's a lot bigger ask on a TV budget. Xena/Hercules are probably the only ones I can think of that came anywhere close to being up to standard there & they were massive productions by the end.

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