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Who are the top WRs?

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  • Who are the top WRs?

    Asante Samuel Jr., Lockdown corner, considered that his speed may be higher from his cousin's reaction to Mut 22 Coins his voice over the phone. "Ninety-two speed. But, you're still moving. You're moving," Samuel's cousin said. "I'm very proud of you man. You should have had the 94 mark, but you'll be to the top every week."

    Cornerbacks Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II will likely be proving themselves for next year's contest, having found their ratings below what they were expecting. "Y'all completely off," Surtain said of his 75 awareness ratings20 points lower than he claimed. "You must change that."

    However, it wasn't just hype. Jones declared himself a good score of 66. EA giving him a respectable score of 70. This is a decent score for a quarterback who is just starting his career. "Okay I'll accept that," he said. It's fine. It doesn't matter when you begin; it's all about the point at which you finish.

    With ESPN's Madden 22 Ratings Week kicking off this weekend as we wrap up our own predictions with looking at wide receivers. In the past, we've examined quarterbacks and runners. We're now ready to complete the three.

    Two wide receivers were among the Club 99 members last year. The name is reserved for those with the perfect 99 overall rating. Before we look at what I believe is the case this year, we should first take a look at those who began Madden 22 with the top five spots and those who finished in Buy Madden 22 Coins the top five for the receiver position. Here are the five top receivers in Madden 22 at the time of launch.

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