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Movie and cartoon inspirations for an Exalted game

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  • Movie and cartoon inspirations for an Exalted game

    There used to be a thread like that here before, but it seems to have slid way down the list and I thought I'd start over rather than commit thread necromancy.
    What have you seen recently that looks Exalted?

    What about... a circle of lunars facing the dangers of the middlemarches?

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    ya that is not a bad way to illustrate a group of lunars trying to get away from a semi-sentient wyld storm

    For that Autochton-based games, these are the horrors of the unholy technorganc synthetis that apostates might end up creating:

    this could be the introduction to a western themed game:

    some DB on DB action?

    an alchemical enters the wyld

    Lunar VS fire-DB (I do believe I got this from the old thread)

    Malfeas F'Tagn - go check out my epic MLP/Exalted crossover "The Scroll of Exalted ponies" @ Fimfiction


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      The third one is not available in my country. What was it?

      EDIT: I've finally found the MLP story from your signature. Turned out my mature filter was on. If you'd like mine in return:

      In the meantime, the circle facing a nephwrack:


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        If you haven't already, watch Eternals.

        It has everything, from super-powered fights, through thousand year old beings influencing civilisations, arcane technology all in gold sigils, and even leveraging intimacies to contain a teammate suffering from a madness episode.


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          I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once a few days ago and nothing will convince me that Jobu Tupaki isn't a perfect representation of a completely unhinged Sidereal or Getimian.