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Solar War Revamp (Ex3)

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  • Solar War Revamp (Ex3)

    Do you want to be a leader of men? Do you wish you could do more with the War ability? Did your large-scale war campaigns lacking anything resembling mechanical substance and leave you unfulfilled and wanting more?

    My name is Sandact6, and I have something the Geneva convention won’t give, my patented Solar War Revamp!
    • Massive streamlining of the War charms. No more pointless filled that only exists to reroll 6s, each charm designed to be meaningful and cool! (To the naysayers screaming at me, use the General and Strategy section, as that's revamping the old system only)
    • Lead a group of any size! From just your and your circle mates, battles involving hundreds of people, or year-long campaigns involving thousands! No matter what the scale, this rewrite gives you options for each!
    • Build your battlegroup using Qualities! Give your battlegroup mechanical bonuses that let them stand out from other armies. Done by the only person insane enough to do a 17 pages homebrew as a prelude for another work.

    Make the first move! Read now!

    Read my shit at my homebrew topic, 2.5e and 3e material!
    Play Alchemical's in 3e now, you're welcome.