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Solar Larceny Revamp (Ex3)

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  • Sandact6
    started a topic Solar Larceny Revamp (Ex3)

    Solar Larceny Revamp (Ex3)

    Are you tired of the Larceny ability being poorly defined on what it can do? Do you wish that Solar Larceny had better higher essence charms? Do you wish to add a little spice to your carefully crafted heists or teeth to your criminal empire?

    My name is Sandact6, and I’m here with my patented Larceny revamp! A quality of life hack for Solar criminals all over Creation!
    • Detailed and codified mechanics one can do with Larceny, including an extensive Disguise rework!
    • Revamped charms, allowing you to steal things easier than you can steal NFT’s!
    • Charms to run an empire with subtle means! Whenever you’re running a back-alley gang or a Creation spanning criminal empire, do your deeds and cover them up! All powered by the Venture system!

    Don’t wait! “Borrow” it today!

  • hachiman
    Your work remains excellent and appreciated Sandact6. I look forward to seeing it in its entirety at which point i hope to run a Ex 3e game.

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