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Iconic Charms (for non-Solar Exalts)

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  • Iconic Charms (for non-Solar Exalts)

    What would you consider to be classic or iconic charms/charm effects for the other splats? The ones that show up across multiple editions, that you know so well you barely need to glance at the text anymore, that you hold up as perfect examples of what [Exalt type] can do? For Solars (and bearing in mind that I know practically nothing about 2e and even less about 1e) I'd point to things like Heavenly Guardian Defense, Tiger Warrior Training Technique, and Hundred-Faced Stranger--that sort of thing.
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    Ramparts of Obedient Earth is very Dragon-Blooded to me.

    It was a Craft Charm in 1E's Aspect Book: Earth, that was reprinted as a War Charm in 2E's Manual of Exalted Power: The Dragon-Blooded. In 3E it is, of course, the Earth Signature War Charm.

    I like it because it's a literal manipulation of the elements that's a little more complicated than throwing a rock at someone. It brings together the idea of manipulating the elements to enhance your mundane skills (which is often completely disconnected or entirely symbolic) -- you are building things for tactical advantage by manipulating the Earth.

    (I don't like how 1E literally invented the Charm for out of combat Craft use, but 3E has ruled that not only must you use the Charm in combat but you have to be leading troops in strategic warfare to use it, meaning you can't craft with it. But the thematics and mechanical execution is solid -- it's just a pet peeve.)

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