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The New Adventures of Spearpsycho Soulshitterson

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    Thank you. I have every intention of making him a recurring... Non-event... In the Adventures of Spearpsycho Soulshitterson. At least from the main character's perspective.

    Aretii: "As one of the players described it, 'After initiation, it was actually a relief seeing who had eyepatches or bandaged hands - you know what they sacrificed, instead of wondering what bits people cut out of their own souls to gain power.'"


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      Spearspcyho was training in the hyperoblic time chamber to make himself even stronger. but also to make himself faster and tougher, because the strong gravity of the chamber made all of his movments slow and made him tired faster, so it was really good training. His hot lover Radiant Silver Beauty was also there but she wasn't training she was just lounging about in some really hot underwear because she didn't want to ruin her perfect skin with sweat or muscles or anything like that. it was very importnt to her that she stay as beautiful as possible for spearsycho because hw as everything to her, her intire life.

      "this isn't working" sperspycho suddenly said, his voice was loud but also soft and mysterious. "I need an opponent worthy of my spear so i can train better." and Radiant Silver Beauty cried because she could never be the perfect pertner for her love. her makeup didn't run though. Spearsycho wanted to comfort her but he couldn't stop training because his mind was set, so instead he said "since you can't fight me, what about summoning a worthy foe" and Radiant Silver Beauty agreed. At first she tried summoning a blood ape but it ran away as soon as it saw Spearspycho for his fear of him was stronger than any binding. then she summoned Sonduck thinking it woudl be better, but Sondakc ran away too. Finally she thought of something, and she changed into black panties so she could use necromancy, and she summoned a hecroniticialsies that was made of weapons and anger.

      At the sight of this fearsome creautre Psyerpsycho finally thoguht "yes a foe worthy fo my spear but also a kindred spirit. he know pain and fury like i do" and they fought with dark and terrible power, the hecronticis using all of its weapons to attack Spearsycho at once but even then he was toof ast for it, but the gravity made it harder than ever.

      he was enjoying himsefl with this fight, and thought that he hadnt had such a good fight since..and then he remembered his father and his joy turned to bitter rage, and with a burning strike he destryed the hecronics,and the blow was so strong that it destroyed him for real, not just banished. and spearsycho seethed with rage and was about to destroy the time chamber with a single thrust. but raidiant silver bauty saw him and was moved to tears, and she ran over to hug him and calm him down and kissed him on the face and it eventuallyw orkthed.

      "i am sorry for that Radiant Silver Beautfy. I will try to be stronger and contro my powerful rage."

      And radiant silver beauty thought to herself "and i will try to be stronger as well. for you my tormented love"

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      The New Adventures of Spearpsycho Soulshitterson


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        Tsor Lo Tser had finally tracked hiss archnemsensis, Spearpsycho Soulsthitterson, to the basturds sekrit base. Using his super-snaky-ultra-perfekt-hiding combo, he sneaked invisibily into the base - and promptly stoped in the dor, transfixxed to the spot as his six mismatched eyes caught seight of the most wunderful thing he had ever seen - his beloved Radiant Silver Beauty, wearing nothing but some really hot underwear, was lounging around just outsid the hyperbole gravy t chamber, where the bastardly Soulhitterson was running a round being all cool and stuff - Tsor Lo Tser was too busy committing every square milimitre of his belover Radiant Silver Beauty to memory, from the way the light caught in her silver-blonde hare to the gentle curve of her impeckably pedicured toenails.

        Suddenly, something Soulshtiterson said made Radiant Silver Beauty's eyes filled with tears. The eternally burning rage with in Tsor Lo Tser's scrawny and kind of pasty chest exploded into a holocaustic inferno, and he was just about to launch himself at his hated foe withe a deffening war cry when Radiant Silver Beauty suddenly stood up, and his rage was quickly repressed as he began to commit the glorious perfection of her back side in nothing but skimpy underwear to memory. Then she began to weave a spelll, her both moving rythmically through the moetions of the spell, bouncing, swinging, gryrating, her voice like tiny bells even as she spat out the hash syllables of the black tougne of Mallfaes. 'Finaly,' Tsor Lo Tser thought as he saw his beloved conjure up a blood ape to attack his archnemnensis, 'finally my beloved has broken free from the bondage impos-' and then Tsor Lo Tser lost himself in unprintable thoughts about his beloved tied up in compromising positions.

        And then he was ran over by a scared-shitless blood ape.

        'Wat was dat?!" Tsor Lo Tser asked, but luckly noone heard so no one answered him as he climber back up, silentley sheering that his super-snaky-ultra-perfekt-hiding combo had held up despite the vicious assault vissited upon him by the fell minion of the evil Soulshittreson. No sooner has he thought that and turned towards his fel foe than he saw his beloved, in the throes of casting an even more powerful spell, one that involved even more bouncing, and swinging, and gyrating, and once moar was entrenched by her radiant silver beauty. As the spell reached it climax - just before Tsor Lo Tser's rather limited self control did, luckily - it was no mere first circle demon, but a second circle whcich appeared - Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways, Warden Soul of the Green Sun himself. Again, Tsor Lo Tser rejoiced; 'Unwarae of my presence, to defend herself against Soulsshittersson, my beloved has conjured a demon slave to-' and then he promptly lost himself in unprintable thoughts about his beloved wearing black leather and wielding a whip.

        And then he was run over by a scared-shitless Sondok.

        This time, it took him quiet some more time to recover, this time to the sounds of a great battule and his belowed gasping with fright. Quick like a drunken bohemian waxwing he rose to his feet, ready to defend her with his very life. What he saw filled his mind with exitensital hooror; the glistening black shape, the non-euclidian patterns, the way it tightly clung to his beloved's most private parts, the tiny slip of pink cloth discarded off to one side - Radiant Silver Beauty had changed her panties, and he hadn't awake to witness it! A scream rose then from his throat, a keaning cry so highly pitched that nonone could hear it, and he sank to his knees with despair, his eyees still focused on the curve of his beloved's behind, memorising and cataloguing every detail, silently debating the relative virtues of the innoscently cut and sedductive pink set to the sinfully temptating black lace, all while cursing the cruel vagaries of fate. And then it hit him - it wasn't fate - Clelestlials Exxxalted like himself were immune too that! It had to be someone else, and since it couldnot have beein his beloved, it must had been his arknemmessis! The inferno of his rage rekindled, Tsor Lo Tser turned towards his enemy with murederous intent.

        And then Soulshittreason blew up the heccatonkykhire and the hyberbolemic gravytrain chamber.

        As time warped and twisted around him like taffy in a taffy-pulling machine, Tsor Lo Tser found himself seeing the same image over and over and over again in slow motion; his beloved, running up to his hated foe and showering him with her affection; hugging him, kissing him, pressing her bountiful love against him. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again..........

        It was yet another very, very long and painful day in the life of Tsor Lo Tser.

        Aretii: "As one of the players described it, 'After initiation, it was actually a relief seeing who had eyepatches or bandaged hands - you know what they sacrificed, instead of wondering what bits people cut out of their own souls to gain power.'"


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          Link is dead now. Try the archive. ( )