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    For TheCountAlucard, the Tomb of Sweetlea, Eclipse Caste Solar

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      Originally posted by LeTipex View Post
      For TheCountAlucard, the Tomb of Sweetlea, Eclipse Caste Solar

      And since TheCountAlucard asked for a bit of explanation of what I put in there, here's a bit of contect on the map (in bold, parts that were specifically asked for) :

      The Tomb of Sweetlea :

      The tomb of an Eclipse Caste Solar, built in the Underworld, meant to act as a museum of his life and deeds as well as to house his body. Sweetlea, also called Kenning Quill and the Scribe of Honey, was a far-ranging negotiator and one of the earlier explorers into the Underworld. He authored treaties between man and spirit, man and man, and spirit and spirit, and was known for having brokered an agreement between a human tribe and a colony of intelligent bees.

      One of his greatest friends (or possibly lovers) in life was a Sidereal named Pseudanor, a non-binary Chosen of Serenity. When Pseudanor died, Sweetlea made grand elaborate sacrifices that ensured Pseudanor would live on like a king in the lands of the dead. In turn, when Sweetlea died, Pseudanor's ghost approached the Sidereals requesting permission to create Sweetlea's tomb. Pseudanor repurposed the golem Sweetlea had constructed for them to operate the elevator in the tomb.
      Thus, the mausoleum is also called Pseudanor's Gift.

      While the tower itself is in the Underworld, the entrance of the tomb is a great stone portal in Creation.

      General map structure :

      At the top is a representation of the resting place of Sweetlea's body, entombed in a block of obsidian, and the floor is decorated by an immense mosaic depicting many of his legendary deeds. The title of the map in Old Realm is writen immediately below : PSEUDANOR GIFT (with a cartouche saying SERENITY)

      On the left side, the six other floors are depicted, from the penultimate floor to the bottom floor, along with an illustration of the door as it looks in Creation (Old Realm : DOOR)

      On the right side, one can see the whole structure, with the central screw-like elevator shaft and the topmost floor decorated in gold (with an Eclipse caste mark marking the resting place of the Solar), and a small illustration of the old stone golem powering the elevator. (Old Realm : GOLEM)

      The Floors:

      - The first floor : (No old realm sign, bottom right)
      This floor is designed to look like a treasure room, guarded by stone serpents,with a bronze and orichalcum door, and artifacts laying on top of a massive treasure trove. However, the floor is a trap, and anyone touching the treasure will find the massive doors closing behing them as the room floods with deadly black liquid and skeleton snakes start pouring out of the mouth of the statues.

      - The second floor : (EXALTATION, bottom left)
      The first room displays object and pictures from Sweetlea's mortal life, along with a great statue of his mother. The second room, decorated with stone icons honoring his first deeds (a tradition of his culture), centers around a massive portrait depicting the circumstances of his Exaltation.

      - The third floor : (LOVE, middle right)
      This floor depicts Sweetlea's passions : jewelry made by his own hands, the harp he played, the throne he carved out of a gigantic pink ruby, plants he cultivated or created, paintings of friends and places he enjoyed, and a mysterious and massive sarcophagus of grey marble protected by sorcerous sigils. Behind a blue curtain, a small exhibit is dedicated to his lovers and depicts scenes of lovemaking and intimate correspondance.

      - The fourth floor : (FAMILY, middle left)
      The first rooms showcases busts of his wives and husbands, and the other are dedicated to his lunar mate, children and to Pseudanor himself. Once again, we find marble statues, stone icons depicting the deeds of his progeny (including one made out of blue jade, honoring his Air-Aspected daughter), along with a model of his palace and family portraits.

      - The fifth floor : (WAR, top right)
      Here, painting of great battles adorn the walls, and the room hold treasure that many in the Age of Sorrow would go to war for : the orichalcum daiklave he wielded in combat, armors of orichalcum and blue jade, along with a rack of other powerful weapons. On one side is the table that held the war council of his circle, with maps and the broken daiklaive of a mad general displayed prominently. On the other, a sorcerous map of Creation is linked with a sorcerous portraits, switching slowly between the battles he fought or ended. (The map depicts Creation as it currently is, and images of the battles fought outside its current frontiers glitch and shatter in strange ways.)

      - The sixth floor : (TREATIES, top left)
      The first room is dedicated to his treaty with the bee-people, with part of a hive made out of beeswax displayed on the wall, along with the original treaty and the quill and seals used to write it. A orichalcum icon he commissioned for this occasion is also visible, along with a pot of imperishable honey. Other rooms are dedicated to his other treaties, presenting summaries of the negociations he went through or gifts he received (a banner of voices from Berengiere, a blue jade panther, a golden statue of a powerful celestial god, a marble stela commemorating peace agreements, quills and specific inks and reagents, etc...)

      If you like Ex3, you can support Holden on Patreon!
      Chains of Silver and Blood, my current Ex3 campaign.
      I do maps for your games!
      Images 1, Images 2, Landscapes 1, Landscapes 2 and Musics from Creation.


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        I wanna thank you again - this is genuinely wonderful work.


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          That looks really nice.

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