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  • Forum Game - What Does This Charm Do?

    I have The Boredom, and it feels like it's been a while since someone introduced a forum game, so here we go.

    Things begin when I drop in a fictional Charm name at the end of my post. The next poster then describes its general effect, splat of origin, and Ability/Attribute/whatever tie, and then ends with one or more (let's say no more than three) new fictional Charm names for the next poster to define. If there are multiple Charm names, the new poster doesn't need to feel obligated to define all of them.

    Minor ground rules for how loose this is meant to be:
    - A name doesn't need to be defined as a Charm: the new poster could say it's a Sorcery spell, Evocation, Rank, Knack, innate ability on a behemoth or other creature, whatever.
    - Given the above, "Splat of origin" and "Ability/Attribute/whatever" may not neatly apply, but eh, just give some idea about what uses it and how.
    - Non-canon splats and the like -- whether written up, conceptualized, or made up for the sake of the answer -- are A-OK! Just try to give some vague notion of what they are. Ditto utterly speculative concepts.
    - Mechanics and balance (for any or no edition) are fine if you wanna, but a general and cool effect for the name is the important thing.
    - If you're moved to develop details in an answer in addition to those three, go nuts with sharing them!
    - NEW (12/21/14) : If a full week has passed without any response to the current name(s), a new poster may respond to any unused prior name. Try to aim for something recent, though no biggie.

    ... Oh, and apologies to anyone coming in here disappointed for having expected something related to Dexter's Laboratory. >_>

    EDIT: Around two weeks later, the whim has struck me to listing all of these in a log. Just the first page for now, I think. I may add descriptions and a second list sorting them all into categories, but that'll come later.

    #) Name (Name by | Effect by) - Category

    1) Kinetic Triumvirate Proposition (Gaius | Ulfsarkar) - Sidereal Socialize Charm
    2) All Devouring Consumption of Knowledge Technique (Ulfsarkar | JayTee) - Lunar Knack (Intelligence?)
    3) Heaven's Lonely Sight (JayTee | Arteliex) - Sidereal Archery Charm
    4) Shattering Sky Prana (Arteliex | Korhal_IV) - Martial Arts Charm (Storm Serpent Style)
    5) Fitful Luster Stance (Korhal_IV | Robert Vance) - Dragon-Blooded Resistance Charm
    6a) Running Through the Night Royalty (Robert Vance | Tiresias) - Abyssal Socialize Charm
    6b) Running Through the Night Royalty(Robert Vance | semicasual) - Solar Performance Charm
    7) Carefree Improvisation Method (semicasual | Pyrosorc) - Sidereal Socialize Charm
    8a) Thousandth Sunburst Maw (Tiresias | MrInsecure) - Infernal Brawl Charm
    8b) Thousandth Sunburst Maw (Tiresias | The Hanged Man) - First and Forsaken Lion Panoply Charm
    9) The Heart Dies Slowly (MrInsecure | Bronze Tiger) - Solar Integrity Charm
    10) Endless Cycle Conflux (Bronze Tiger | turkeygiant) - Solar Lore Charm
    11) Pilfered Perfection of Power (turkeygiant | Imrix) - Lunar Appearance Charm
    12) Hungry Spear Unchained (Imrix | The MG) - Abyssal Melee Charm
    13) Centipede Skin Curse ( | ) -

    Charm Name: Kinetic Triumvirate Proposition
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    Kinetic Triumvirate Proposition
    Splat of Origin: Sidereal
    Ability: Socialize

    It is a fact of social interaction that in any group of three, two will turn again one. A Sidereal takes this further and can conspire with spirits of air to bring low a foe.

    The Sidereal makes ROLL and if successful deals DAMAGE and knocks the target down. This ability cannot be used while not in creation or Yu-shan.

    All Devouring Consumption of Knowledge Technique



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      Originally posted by Ulfsarkar View Post
      All Devouring Consumption of Knowledge Technique
      Lunar Shapeshifting Knack. Kill the target, eat the heart to not only gain their shape, but also his knowledge, allowing perfect (with a capital P) mimicry and the ability to add that person as a "contacts" background so you can draw on their knowledge at any time.

      Heaven's Lonely Sight.


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        Originally posted by JayTee View Post

        Heaven's Lonely Sight.
        Splat: Sidereal
        Ability: Archery

        As long as the Sidereal is alone and has no assistance from allies, and is at Long Range, he may continue to make Unexpected attacks against any target in his line of sight. Once chosen, the Target may not be changed without a reactivation of this Charm. Additionally, as long as the Sidereal may move, the Target may not close distance with the Sidereal, remaining at Long Range until the Charm ends in (archery) rounds.

        Shattering Sky Prana


        • #5
          Originally posted by Arteliex View Post
          Shattering Sky Prana
          Prerequisites: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3, Thunder-Meets-Ground Stance, Storm Serpent Form
          Cost 5m, 1wp
          Type: Supplemental, Combo-OK

          The storm sifu's wrath cannot be stayed by mere distance; she forms her will into a gust as strong as steel, and strikes all her opponents at once. The martial artist makes up to (Essence) attacks at targets she can see within (25*Essence) yards. No target may be struck more than once.

          Fitful Luster Stance


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            Originally posted by Korhal_IV View Post
            Fitful Luster Stance
            Dragon-Blooded Resistance. The Terrestrial's anima hardens into a crystalline shell, converting its anima flux into a sporadic defensive boost instead of a recurring damage effect.

            Running Through the Night Royalty

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              Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
              Running Through the Night Royalty
              Abyssal Socialize

              As the Deathknight saunters through the darkness, the echo of her footsteps calls out to the denizens of the night. The Abyssal rolls Charisma + Socialize as a social influence against all criminals, thieves and murders in the area, benefiting from any intimacies towards crime that these blackguards might possess. Those who fall under the Abyssal's influence seek her out and willingly join her criminal gang until the sun next rises.

              Thousandth Sunburst Maw

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                Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
                Dragon-Blooded Resistance. The Terrestrial's anima hardens into a crystalline shell, converting its anima flux into a sporadic defensive boost instead of a recurring damage effect.

                Running Through the Night Royalty
                I'm reminded of a thing I saw once where a nobleman smuggled a prisoner out of a secure area by dressing her up like a prostitute and then stumbling through the halls with her with some wine and a lot of yelling. Everyone else studiously ignored them, enabling their escape.

                Solar Performance Charm.
                Prerequisites: Performance 4, Essence 4, Heart-Compelling Method
                Cost: 3m, 1 WP
                Duration: 1 Scene

                No one wants to impede the path of important people on private errands, or admit to being a witness to their passage. A Solar in a hurry to be somewhere can activate this charm and find that crowds of people will part before him - people are just naturally inclined to make way, and look away. Anyone caught by the effect of this charm gains a temporary intimacy that will make them disinclined to talk about or remember the Solar. The benefits of this charm extends to anyone who is traveling with the Solar who does not interact with the crowd.

                Carefree Improvisation Method

                EDIT: Whoops, ninja'd. Sorry, Tiresias.
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                  Originally posted by semicasual View Post
                  Carefree Improvisation Method
                  Sidereal Socialise. The exalt may not know a taboo or otherwise shameful secret of the target, but they don't really care. They make a wild accusation against the target as part of activating this charm, which Fate will make sure they can later find evidence for.

                  I'll let someone answer Tiresias' one rather than keeping two going at once.


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                    Originally posted by Tiresias View Post
                    Thousandth Sunburst Maw
                    Infernal Brawl When the Green Sun erupts, all is consumed in diseased sunfire. This supplements a Brawl attack, making it deal lethal damage and allowing the Infernal to gain one health for every two damage he deals. However, if the attack deals no damage, the Infernal instead takes (Essence) damage, as his own sunfire consumes his immortal flesh. Next Charm: The Heart Dies Slowly

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                      Originally posted by MrInsecure View Post
                      The Heart Dies Slowly
                      Solar Integrity - A solar never gives up on the the things he cares about. This Charm permanently makes it so that any positive intimacy the Exalt possesses takes twice as long to degrade by any means, and even Charms which automatically remove intimacies must be used twice.

                      New Charm: Endless Cycle Conflux


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                        Originally posted by Bronze Tiger View Post
                        New Charm: Endless Cycle Conflux
                        Solar-Lore: The Solar enters a deep meditative state throwing his mind back into past ages. Surveying a blinding white landscape, the Solar sees golden figures coalesce out of the light, the embodiment of his exaltation's past incarnations. The Solar may seek advise from these knowledgeable echoes of who they once were, though there is no guarantee that they will give clear or even truthful answers.

                        New Charm: Pilfered Perfection of Power


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                          Originally posted by turkeygiant View Post
                          New Charm: Pilfered Perfection of Power
                          Lunar Appearance; by stealing a small piece of the target (usually blood or hair), the Moonchild may cloak their magics in an illusory guise of acts the target might commit. With the gnarled fingerbone of an aged Terrestrial in their grip, the Lunars fluid-flesh agility is obscured behind lightning speed and helpful winds, while the Lunatic's passionate entreaties burn with Draconic fire.

                          New Charm: Hungry Spear Unchained
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                          Originally posted by Dex Davican
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                            Originally posted by Imrix View Post
                            Hungry Spear Unchained
                            Abyssal Melee
                            Death's Lawgiver whispers to a weapon, enlightening it to the purpose of all steel. Anyone who wields it must then cut down the living, starting with those they love and hate.

                            New Charm: Centipede Skin Curse


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                              Centipede Skin Curse
                              Type: Infernal
                              Ability: Resistance
                              When using this charm, an Infernal grows hard bug-like plates all over his body, giving him additional soak against bashing and lethal damage for the remainder of the scene. This charm may be purchased multiple times. The second purchase grants additional points of bashing and lethal soak, but causes the Infernal to suffer a small mobility penalty when using this charm. The third purchase grants additional soak and causes short spines to grow out of the plates, allowing him to inflict lethal damage with unarmed and grapple attacks. At the fourth purchase, the Infernal may choose to commit motes spent to activate this charm, allowing it to remain active until the motes are released. Additionally, while using this charm, the Infernal loses [X] dice from all social roles except those involving intimidation due to his insectoid appearance.

                              If Walls Could Talk Technique