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Show Us Your Commissions 2, The Revenge

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  • Show Us Your Commissions 2, The Revenge

    A place for artwork of Exalted characters. Commissions, gifts and promoting the artists in our midst. I thought I would start off with the sister duo of my Twilight Caste Scarlet Sunset and Lioness' character her younger sister the Daybreak Caste Mystic Crowned in Sanguine Locks.

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    Here is my Dragon-Blooded Fire Aspect, Kirigasa Kurenai:

    and this is my No Moon Lunar (Jackal Totem), Shimmering Mirage:

    They were drawn by Julie Curtis from First Fruits (


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      This is my Air Aspect, usually just called Aleks (yes, its my avatar too).

      It was drawn for me by Jenny Dolfen, an amazing artist from Germany.

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        Originally posted by Jehzavere View Post
        Here is my Dragon-Blooded Fire Aspect, Kirigasa Kurenai:
        A fire aspect from Gens Kirigasa? Interesting, but not unlikely.


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          Two commissions I bought for one of my characters. The first one is post-Exaltation. The second one is the same character but as a mortal teenager.

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            Those are mine, Ragara Saulot and Cathak Linari, because Dragon-Blooded are the best, ever!






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              Huh. So there's a time limit on the edit button. Who knew? Guess that placeholder was a bit pointless, then.

              I was saving the spot for an actual commission - a pair of them, actually - but they won't be done for a while yet, and since we're apparently posting our own work here too...

              Meet Cynis Koda, Immaculate ascetic and general irritation to the family. (The feeling is very much mutual.)
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                Here's the very first Solar Character that made it into a campaign:
                Daimyo of Bronze and Diamond.

                I used to know things. Forbidden things.


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                  Yay, I love these threads. It's been a long time since I have commissioned art, and all of this is work that I have done. I'll start with some of the old ones first..

                  Lizzie defeats the Gorgon in it's lair in the Mall of America.

                  Nellens Kazeru walks away from weapons training. Who needs anything but fists?

                  Sig Solar Panther, contemplating something pleasant. Neither punching, nor screaming.

                  Sig Solar Swan practices the Martial Arts alongside his newest sifu.

                  Gotta post quick, before I get logged out again...

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                    A few more, before I call it a day.

                    Centurion, the Hellsayer

                    Stone Jaguar Defeats the Mountain King.

                    Luck on the River, Solar Pirate

                    Infernal Genius challenges you to a Duel!

                    I draw things! Wanna check it out? Click on the link below!

                    YES! I do commissions!


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                      Back in May, Brontes commissioned a series of three characters from me. I finally got them finished up [I'm not usually this slow, but it's been a stressful move].


                      ???? Lanis

                      Wild Falcon

                      Check out my art here! You can see my stuff from the old forum here.
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                        The PCs of my Sidereals game (part 1 of 2)

                        Stalking Cat, Chosen of Secrets

                        Restless Eliya, Chosen of Journeys

                        Karal Kaseno, Chosen of Battles

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                          The PCs of my Sidereals game (part 2 of 2)

                          Single Step Serafina, Chosen of Journeys

                          Shiko Shadoweyes, Chosen of Endings

                          Artwork by Andarix


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                            Insatiable Hunger of the Charnel Sea, Dusk Caste Exalt, Daughter of Siakal


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                              My Chosen of Journeys PC Single Step Serafina and her sifu Anys Syn, also known by their couple name AnysFina.

                              Action pose!

                              Post Training


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