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  • glamourweaver
    started a topic Autochthonia House-Material

    Autochthonia House-Material

    So, this was a thread I started on the old forum a while ago to share my own expansions to the Realm of Brass and Shadow as a setting beyond what is in its fantastic Compass. I put it on the back burner when the 3rd Edition Kickstarter dropped because at the time we all thought the new edition was right around the corner. I want to pick it up again. Comments, ideas, and constructive criticism VERY WELCOME.

    First the return of some of my earlier material....

    General Topography:

    The body of the Great Maker is a vast alien environment, and like all Primordials, a cosmic frame of reference unto itself. It does not adhere to some external "down" outside the outer wall of the Pole of Smoke. Many of the machine organs are gravitational bodies unto themselves, things upon and within them falling toward their center, or some other internal point or surface as demanded by function. Conduits running through the maker's body may serve as 360 degree planes of gravity around its outer, or in some cases inner, surfaces - while in other cases Conductors have discovered that gravity within the conduits pulls "down" toward the destination of the transmitted substance within. The floors of hallways and chambers may serve as planes of gravity sometimes perpendicular to one another - as is also common with the surfaces of the vast gears slow turning each other through the Maker's body. By design, the Pole of Smoke universally falls outward so as to act as a basin collecting waste from above, while in the Pole of Oil, all falls away from the outer wall, so as to better draw oils into the Pole of Metal below. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted.

    While Autochthon sleeps, his body counts as terrain for the purpose of Shaping effects. This makes areas more vulnerable, but the whole more secure (as he can't be targeted as a singular entity). Any Charm with the Blasphemy Keyword, as well as any Third Tier Sorcery or Necromancy is guaranteed to elicit an immune response from his systems. Lesser effects tend not do so, but theoretically could trigger an automatic response if the system they are targeting is very important.

    Despite how alien these features (in addition to everything described in the Compass) would be to people from Creation (or our world for that matter) - it is important to stress that unlike the worldforms of certain other Primordials (Malfeas for example), Autochthonia adheres to the understood three spatial directions. There are a few areas where they bend perhaps (chambers larger within than should be possible based on their outer scale - as applies to the worldform as a whole when he is in the external reference frame of a place like Creation; as well as "Sanctum space" of places like the Poles of Lightning and Steam, which operate not unlike Yu Shan in Creation, being semi-omnipresent Sanctums that interface with the other space through specific gate conduits), but at no point do concentric spheres have outer borders all being surrounded by the same location, or any maddening nonsense like that.

    The sanctum-organs of the Divine Ministers are anomalies that fall into the aforementioned category of bended space. Like many Third Circle Deva, the Divine Ministers co-exist not just as humanoid aspects, but as far greater spirit forms/locals as well. To one who is not a studied savant in such matters, these can be thought of simply as their Sanctums, and they do serve the purpose of great divine immaterial citadels. They are more than that though. Each one is as much the Divine Minister in question as their more human-scale manifestation - just as Ligier is both the Green Sun and the four armed smith. In addition, each one is a machine organ and part of the Great Maker's systems, just as the dual-state organs of his worldform jouten, and the purely material parts he has incorporated. Where they bend the normal rules of space within the Maker, is that just as the five offices of the Bureau of Destiny co-exist across Yu Shan AND surrounding the Loom of Fate through its weaving of reality - so to do the citadels of the Divine Minister co-exist throughout his Poles AND surrounding the Godhead (on the most outer reaches of the great torus chamber) by grace of the Design.

    Runel: The Cloud Gardens. Located in the Pole of Steam, these pristine bodies of cool clouds amongst the pole's boiling torrents serve as a small utopian refuge for lifeforms beloved of Runel - Autochthon's Compassion. Even a small community of humans have been blessed as cloud walkers to live here and tend Runel's gardens. A strange people untouched by the outside world for millennia, they are utterly ignorant of the concepts of violence or sufferings.

    Kek'Tungsssha: The Birthing Forge. A massive factory cathedral sanctum in the Pole of Metal near the floor of the Pole of Oil (no where near Loran). Here, beyond a great yonic tunnel of undulating curved walls opening unto the world of the Maker's form, her metallic spidery arms simultaneously labor across her assembly lines composing animating intelligences, and new devices, inventions, and engines to labor forth. Upon the great anvil and bed of love at the Forge's center, Kek'Tungsssha labors endlessly toward her greatest masterpiece - the conception of a Progenitor Subroutine.

    Debok Moom: The Sixfold Battlements Array. The six military structured expanses, square in boundary, are located at strategic locations through the Pole of Metal, far from the Eight Nations. Simultaneously they coexist together in the Core's torus chamber, all touching and forming a heavily armed cube. Composed of all five magical materials, they are dominated by towers of black jade arrayed over criss-crossed channels of molten iron and red jade. It is from this base/these bases that Debok Moom oversees the construction, programming, testing, and deployment of Destroyers and other weaponized exmachina.

    Noi: The Opalescent Dhow Capricious. Noi's ship shifts and shimmers with every turn. In theory it sails the Pole of Oil, but in truth it is prone to wander, and can be found nearly anywhere in the Realm of Brass and Shadow where oil flows. It is thus the most likely to come in proximity of the Eight Nations.

    Mog: The Hall of 10,000 Copper Thunders. The great Court of Mog is accessed through the space between electric bolts within the Pole of Lightning. It is an imposing rumbling palace of copper edges where Mog holds court on a daily basis, often with relevant Subroutines in attendance. Evidence of events and the behavior of exmachina, elementals, custodians, Alchemicals, and mortals are presented - usually by Espinoquae - to Mog as a trial, usually in abstentia, where the Divine Minister can pass often belayed judgment for his great record, encoded electromagnetically on every edge of his sharp copper citadel. In addition to a host of lesser machine spirits acting as couriers, magnetic scribes, and general attendants, great metal aurochs serve as guards throughout the Hall, while a fleet of lightning locusts sit in wait for Mog's command to fly and dispense his harshest judgments.

    Kadmek: The Lattice Gate. Located within the outer-most wall of the Pole of Crystal, Kadmek's sanctum serves as both defensive castle and a luminous pearl doorway between the Poles of Metal and Crystal for those for whom Kadmek has opened its doors - or for those able to force access to the immaterial (though as said, it is well defended). It is the only sanctum that stands regularly open to the passage of the Operatives (though the crystaline staircase that leads to the exit facing the Core is not - save with Kadmek's explicit permission)

    Domadamod: The Heap. A mountain of spiritual refuse overlooking a great valley in the Pole of Smoke, indistinguishable from Domadamod's smaller form, save by scale. The Heap continuously melts under the acid rain of the Pole, while growing as new refuse ever-falls. It is not Domadamod's nature to be unharmed or unshaped by outside forces, but rather all wounds and shaping fall away as its husk is ever shed and ever grows. Countless abandoned secrets and forgotten history may lurk buried in the Heap.

    Ku: The Far Tower. Hanging suspended in the sky of the Pole of Smoke, over the curve of its outer most edge, this menacing framework of Soulsteel spikes overlooks some of the most blight heavy zones of Autochthonia. Oberashti, the Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smoke and Shogun of Genocide coils around this watchtower's base in silent wait.

    Currently, as of the start of 4878 DA, the Eight Nations are arranged as follows.

    Claslat, Jarish, and Estasia all directly connect to each other via their tramlines. In addition, Estasia connects to Kamak, and is extorting exorbitant tariffs on trade between it and the other two nations.

    Yugash of course drifted out of direct connection with any of the other nations at the end of the Element War and has yet to rejoin any. With their resource shortage, this makes Project Razor all the more dire.

    Sova, Gulak, and Nurad all connect to each other, though the tramlines between Nurad and Gulak will be falling soon. Since sending refugees to Gulak is far more appealing than sending them to Sova (whose tramlines to Nurad will only last a year or so longer than Gulak & Nurad's), the question of emigration has being rushed by the Tripartite.


    The Salinan Working, having occurred after Autochthon erected the Seal that metaphysically separated him utterly from Creation's causal continuity, does not extend to Autochthonia. The only path to Sorcery or Necromancy that exists in the Realm of Brass and Shadow is Autochthon's metastasized Sorcery Initiation, accessed by Alchemicals through the Weave-Shredding Paradox Engine. Should the Seal be breached, this will cease to be the case, and just as mortals will be able to Celestial Exalt at that point, so to will one be able to learn Sorcery from cosmic essence patterns.

    Autochthon departed Creation during the Calibration that marked the END of 121 OEG. Thus what in Creation was marked as 122 OEG, was marked in Autochthon as 0 DA. 4878 DA (RY 768) is 5000 OEG, meaning the COMING Calibration is the 5000th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Primordials.

    (to preface what's about to follow, I don't use the idea that Creation has 25 hour days. It's silly, and unlike in Autochthonia [where the work shifts are based on that premise] it adds nothing to the setting except being something you shouldn't think about because it further distorts relative age. Creation has 24 hour days. That being the case...)

    The Autochthonian year is made up of 408 25-hour days. It has no uniform concept of seasons, months, or Calibration. The passage of the year is marked via decimal progression - so a quarter of the way through the second year in Autochthonia would have been 1.25 DA. This year is the exact same length as Creation's 425 24-hour days. Before the Conclave, each Nation had its own calendar and different ways of measuring years/cycles/ages/whatever. It was Claslat's that was standardized, theirs being based on the giant gear upon which Harmegis sits (see Claslat's further details write-up), which has 408 teeth, each of which takes 25 hours to click past, and thus making one full rotation each year.

    When any Autochthonian (save Autochthon himself, his Divine Ministers, their Subroutines, or Drones) enters Creation, they are initially Outside Fate, but by causing effects upon those Creation natives inside Fate or Creation itself, the Loom starts to pick up their presence and calibrate for them, making it possible to read them in the Loom, and even tag them with astrology effects. This can take months, or only days via a large enough disruption of fate. Being targeted by any Sidereal Charm will automatically smack them with the Loom's recognition. Until that point though they cannot be read through the Loom, divination, nor can they be astrology tagged.

    (I considered for simplicity's sake just ruling "since they aren't primordials or part of their soul-structure, they enter Fate as normal when they enter Creation", but this grey-zone better facilitates the Locust Crusade or Grass-Hopper Diplomacy being a surprise/secret, which has more plot hooks)

    Coming up (assuming people are interested)

    - Expanded info on the Eight Nations, Loran, & Xexas

    - A complete revision of Autochthon's spirit hierarchy, with a ton of spirits (no stats as of yet, but names, purviews, concepts, hooks, etc)

    - The Five Theopoli

    - Erlik, the Apostopolis

    - Other "lost colonies" (Loran and Xexas are the most remarkably far afield, but they are not the only time in history Kadmek has sent an Alchemical out into the Reaches to plant themselves as a city)
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  • Yukiartic
    OMG has been ages since I don´t come back here.

    I´m so happy that GlamourWeaver is still building his world...... you are a huge inspiration to us all =)

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  • glamourweaver
    Important Note of Drones: After the Seal is breached, the Investiture of Axiomatic Clarity will be capable of granting a willing Solar, Lunar, Sidereal, or Dragon-Blooded Exalted recipient the Charms of Autochthon himself. HOWEVER, the Divine Ministers are drastically unlikely to do this, as Charms worming their way through Autochthon's set are unavoidably cancerous (such as his Sorcery Initiation), and could end up being a vector for an Exalted Drone to succumb to Gremlin Syndrome, corrupting their Program (Urge).

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  • glamourweaver
    One thing I hope is becoming clear in the Subroutine write-ups is the degree to which the different Subroutines of the same Divine Minister can represent opposing aspects of their personality and purviews, the same way the Divine Ministers do for Autochthon. Sitlacami believes in the equality of all humans and opposes the hierarchy of the caste system, while Qeb-Deq is a meritocrat who is one of its most vehement proponents. Runel herself overflows with compassion for humanity, but her nagging concerns about bio-matter and sterility play out as Bibgyejgen.

    I made the rivalry of the co-Advocates of the Scholars pretty explicit as they embody improvisation and gerry-rigging vs perfectionism and focus.

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  • glamourweaver
    *while a buy more time to finish Debok Moom's Subroutines*

    Languages of Autochthonia

    The canon version of the setting where Autochthonic is a dialect of Old Realm that all the Octet speaks works well enough for Creation crossover games, but some may find the following alternative works better for purely Autochthonic games if they want to get more use out of Interpolative Syntax Emulator.

    The Populat of each nation of the Octet has their own indigenous dialect. "Old Realm" (called Autochthonic here as it's the language of the Maker) is the language of holy scripture and ritual, and used as a lingua franca between the Tripartites of different nations.

    None of the national dialects have a written form, save for Sovan, which many other nations see as heretical, and the secret Militat code of Estasian. All true writing is in Autochthonic/Old Realm. Public signs are written in simple pictographic script that crosses all language barriers with simple familiarity and do not require lore or linguistics for literacy.

    The eight national dialects count as tribal tongues for the purpose of purchase.

    The people of Loran speak Claslatian. Xexans speak Gulaki.

    While the languages of the Octet, and various Tunnel Folk clans are all purchased as Tribal tongues, the languages of the Polar Mutants are so far removed from each other , and it's so unlikely for one person to speak more than one, that they require a dedicated Linguistics dot (or Merit dot in 3E) each.

    Void-Cant is a warped perversion of Old Realm that Blightborn find instinctive. Alchemicals are advised to rely on their Interpolative Syntax Emulator for interrogation or undercover work and NOT to permanently integrate the language, as it is filled with memetic viruses that can serve as vectors for Gremlin Syndrome.
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  • glamourweaver
    Sample Motivations of Noi

    - See the Orthodoxy of the Octet overturned
    - Integrate healthy Genesis tech into the Maker
    - Uplift the Oilkin into a great nation to rival the Octet
    - Seduce Mog
    - Breach the Seal of Eight Divinities
    - Help Kek'tungsssha create new Caste of Alchemical from a new Magical Material
    - Help Domadamod create a new Caste of Alchemical from a new Magical Material
    - Experience a new and completely unique pleasure or pain
    - Protect those who's only crime was thinking differently/challenging orthodoxy
    - Reprogam the Core with a human being whose original thinking is capable of saving the Maker from his rote cycle of decay
    - Blow up the Core in hope a Fetich death can reshape the Maker to save him

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  • glamourweaver
    Motivations of the Divine Ministers

    Runel: Achieve health and harmony between humanity and the Maker

    Kek'tungsssha: Forge a Progenitive Subroutine

    Debok Moom: Eliminate weakness within the Maker

    Noi: [changes constantly]

    Mog: Enforce justice and obedience to the Maker

    Kadmek: Realize the perfect beauty of his vision

    Domadamod: Assure Autochthon can be reborn from his death rather than become a Neverborn

    Ku: Gain control of Gremlin Syndrome and the Maker's Illness as his domain
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  • glamourweaver
    Thanks! Good catch

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  • Japomann
    Cool stuff.

    Minor correction: Jejollllllli’s entry should use "bear" instead of "bare."

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  • glamourweaver
    Added the following to Ryn Reb's write-up: Should Tilxriyin's madness be discovered and he be excised, Ryn Reb would be the most likely candidate to be named Advocate of the Surgeons. Runel would object given her own dominion over health and good functioning, but as she'd be weakened at the time by the loss of her Wisdom Subroutine, her objection's would not carry as much weight.

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  • glamourweaver
    Originally posted by Anaximander View Post
    I'd be interested to see the Subroutine governing spatial folding, adjacency modification, and Elsewhere engineering.

    Off the top of my head there's a Subroutine of Noi coming who is dedicated to labyrinthian spatial twisting and exploration, and a Subroutine of Ku dedicated to keeping Artifacts stored Elsewhere inviolable.

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  • Anaximander
    I'd be interested to see the Subroutine governing spatial folding, adjacency modification, and Elsewhere engineering.

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  • glamourweaver
    Comments on Subroutines and requests/suggestions of the type of Subroutines you'd like to see are welcome!

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  • glamourweaver
    Current Ministerial Subroutines of Kek’Tungsssha, Third Soul of Autochthon, Divine Minister of Smelting, Craft, Tools, Industry, Mass Production, Fertility, and Reproductive Sex. Goddess of Assembly Lines, Creativity and Productivity.

    Ryn Reb, Defining Subroutine for Common Goods, Interchangeable Parts, and Mathematical Mode; one of three Acting Advocates of Claslat

    A koan long pondered by philosophically minded Scholars proposes a tram that regularly has its parts replaced as they wear down, until every single piece of the tram over the course of a century have been replaced. Is it the same tram? If one took all the discarded parts and assembled a rather broken-down tram out of them, which is the original tram then?

    Ryn Reb arose as the Defining Subroutine of Kek’tungsssha in the earlier years of Autochthonia, before the Municipal-era, as tribal industrialists in what would be Claslat strove to standardize their creations and tools for easier use. Both product and patron of those efforts, Ryn Reb itself is a manakin-like humanoid assembly of replaceable arms, legs, heads, and torsos, who keeps a huge ever cycling supply of pieces of itself. Rare among Second Circle Deva, it can even co-locate by the assembly of additional selves from those pieces.

    Overseeing the necessary replacement of parts throughout the Maker, Ryn Reb ponders the possibilities of true repair to the Maker’s functions, and whether even exmachina can be interchanged with standardized replication. So far, the finite nature of human souls limits it with dealing with human replication, though it has been known to grant new bodies to humans in its experiments, particularly as shadowy business deals in the markets of Claslat, where it now serves as one of the three acting divine advocates for the nation.

    Should Tilxriyin's madness be discovered and he be excised, Ryn Reb would be the most likely candidate to be named Advocate of the Surgeons. Runel would object given her own dominion over health and good functioning, but as she'd be weakened at the time by the loss of her Wisdom Subroutine, her objection's would not carry as much weight.

    Motivation: Provide functional immortality for the Maker and Autochthonia through part replacement, and by extension, the mass production of selves.

    G Ibedreth, Expressive Subroutine for Improvisation, Jury-rigging, and the Science of Enchantment, co-Advocate of the Scholars

    The Expressive Subroutine of Kek’tungsssha stands tall as a copper armored warriors, with wings of propeller blades, strung together with Starmetal wiring. On the forehead of his narrow beaked face is the diamond-shaped amethyst gem of the Sodalites held in place by the binding of the starmetal wiring. Wherever he passes his spindly talons rework machinery and scrap into new devices and tools which he leaves scattered in his wake. Prayed to by the Scholars as their god of inspiration and new applications, he wrestles for dominance as their advocate with Nyothra. Franticaly improvisational, he is Kek’tungsssha’s greatest warrior among her subroutines and a deadly enemy to cross in battle – but at least he’ll use every piece of you to make new tools afterwards, even if he is prone to wander off and forget them.

    Motivation: CREATE! And achieve sole advocacy of the Scholars, leveraging that to become Keeper of the Makers Tools

    Nyothra, Indulgent Subroutine for Refinement, Perfectionism, and the Science of Enchantment, co-Advocate of the Scholars

    The other Advocate of the Scholars is G Ibedreth’s complete opposite. Nyothra is a perfectionist to the point of obsession. She has been laboring over the same Grand Goremaul for Autochthon since before he left Creation (the first circle exmachina she creates that spread out pursuing her unrelated goals being born from the scraps off her work). If someone could wrestle it away from her, it is obviously by now a n/a Artifact of unspeakable power, but as far as she’s concerned it’s still not finished. The Scholars pray to her for focus and attention to detail, when they labor for shifts on end to make sure their creation is exactly as it should be.

    Unlike her rival, Nyothra doesn’t even have fleeting attention to spair for the politics of the soul-pantheon. Her status as Advocate of the Scholars matters only to her so much as their prayers provide more Essence for her work, so she nominally speaks on their behalf when she speaks at all among the Ministerial Subroutines and Divine Ministers. It infuriates G Ibedreth that despite her ambivalence, he can still not manage to be recognized by the Divine Ministers as the sole Advocate of the Scholars, but as any Scholar fearing mistake and striving over one piece of work prays to her specifically, and knows G Ibedreth jury-rigging will be of no help, her place is largely assured. Nyothra’s attention is for her creation, and her engagement with the heroes of Autochthonia almost always toward that end, as she strives for a component she needs for her work.

    Nyothra stands as a burly female figure of red-hot liquid metal. Her eyes appear to constantly weep liquid orichalcum from the left eye and moonsilver from the right. Like G Ibedreth she bares the diamond cut amethyst gem of the Sodalites as an Advocate of the Scholars. Hers is pressed over her molten heart.

    Motivation: Perfect the Maker’s Goremaul

    Enxoythorn, Messenger Subroutine for Levers, Belts, the Transference of Energy, Male Fertility, Male-Female Pairings, and Mathematical Range

    Masculine fertility god to the people of the Octet, prayed to for virility and plentiful children. He stands in the form of a muscular Autochthonian man, bearded of face, with eyes of solid green jade. He either appears naked or wearing a light shawl. From his loins, a great metal arm reaches up endlessly into the machinery of the Maker wherever he may be at the time, the movement of this arm carrying him from place to place. So to is he master of all levers and belts, transferring energy from one body to another.

    Enxoythorn is devoted to his partner Jejolllllli (see below), but his passions run deep and wide. As many as half of exmachina-blooded heroes conceived in Autochthonia’s history may be his children. While he is meant to receive the prayers of men, and Jejolllllli of women, he is known to answer the calls of women unsatisfied with their male lovers. While Divine Ministers and Operatives alike have chided him for this behavior – he predicts that one day one of his children will be the savior of Autochthonia by bridging humanity directly into Autochthon’s soul-hierarchy.

    Motivation: Conceive a hero who he can see reshape the very nature of Autochthonia and save the Maker.

    Dithru, Reflective Subroutine for Intellectual Craft and the Written Word, Keeper of the Maker’s Doctrine, Advocate of the Clerics

    The Advocate of the Clerics and Keeper of the Maker’s Doctrine serves as patron for the less overtly physical acts of creation under Kek’tungsssha’s purview. The written word in particular is central to her domain. The Old Realm text of countless editions of the Tome of the Maker cover her form – that of a tall elderly woman with eyes of solid blue jade with the square sapphire of the Theomachracy on her brow – the black sigils ever shifting and unfolding as she moves, often drifting around her like vapor.

    Dedicated to the translation of knowledge and philosophy into tangible physical form for its preservation, Dithru faces something of a paradox in her mandate. On one hand, it is the function of the Clerics and the Tome of the Maker to codify orthodoxy. On the other hand the erasure of heterodoxy is the loss of knowledge, which is anathemic to her. For the time being she relies upon Clerics to preserve apocrypha and blasphemy in forms off limit to the Populat, justified to the Preceptors by the need to identify heresies for what they are. She stands ready however to bless any serious hope of integrating heterodoxy into a collective whole that can unite the disparate paths.

    Motivation: To preserve all knowledge and see the creation of a written orthodoxy that unites all heterodoxy rather than erasing them.

    Jejollllllli, Warding Subroutine for Springs, Tension, Potential Energy, Female Fertility, Male-Female Pairings, and Mathematical Range

    Overseeing female fertility and women’s part in sexual reproduction, Jejollllllli is partner to Enxyothorn. Together their sexual unions bear countless first circle exmachina into the world. Furthermore she stands as guardian spirit over pregnancies, as well as springs and anything else coiled to retain potential energy. She is tormented by the cries for her intervention as the epidemic of stillbirths surge. To bare new souls into the cycle, she is the most outspoken supporter of the breaching the Seal of Eight Divinities among the Ministerial Subroutines. In her eyes, the union of Autochthonia and Creation is a new sexual union with the souls it will bare into the cycle of reincarnation the product of that union.

    Jejollllllli’s body is a tightly compressed spring that varies in outline depending on her current state of pregnancy, from an hour-glass figure to heavy with exmachina children. Floating over this figure, a feminine mask, painted with a checkered pattern serves as her face.

    Motivation: Unite with Creation in sexual union to bare new souls into Autochthonia

    Brongbwon, Wisdom Subroutine for Industrial Rhythm, Pounding Beats, and Echoing Bellows

    A relatively young soul of Kek’tungsssha, Brongbwon rose to replace the fallen Carzinithair (now one of the ruling Gremlins of Erlik). He is a musician of the bangs and clamor of the Maker’s innards, and the industrial labor of the Octet. A large mechanical dragon of brass and steam, he can create bellowing music from himself alone, but works further to unite all of Maker’s body in his music. Scheduling the movement of machine organs, seeking out and preserving perfect rhythms of industrial work in the Octet, Brongbwon seeks to compose a mechanical symphony worthy of the Maker. When the Autochthonian people say the Maker sings to himself in his sleep, they speak of Brongbwon whether they know it or not.

    Unique sounds and the events that create them are of great interest to Brongbwon as he can collect such noise to use in his work throughout Autochthonia.

    Motivation: To compose a musical masterpiece that resonates throughout the entirety of the Maker

    [Kek'tungsssha personal Motivation is to create an eighth Progenitive Subroutine that will in turn facilitate the creation of new Third Circle Divine Ministers expanding Autochthon's nature. She researches and labor's toward this end in her Birthing Forge, as yet to no avail]

    [up next, the Subroutines of Debok Moom!]
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  • glamourweaver
    I need to go back and edit in that Sitlacami wears the round onyx gem of the Populat, Konom'aq wears the square sapphire of the Theomachracy, and Tilxriyin wears the diamond-shaped amethyst of the Sodalites.

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