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    Figure more of you will see it over here. I've decided to run an Exalted game in play-by-post format over in the Play-by-Post section of the Onyx Path boards. Yeah, I know, there are better sites for it, but I like the idea of getting most of my Exalted fix in one place.

    So, here's what I'm looking to run:

    This is a MORTALS game. Exalted 2.5. No Exalts allowed. Forum-games tend to run slow (oh, so very slow!), which means that I figure by the time 3E has come out the PCs will have met each other and maybe had one or two adventures. In terms of play-by-post timing...we're looking at it probably being a week or two of in-game time before 3E hits. Once it does, then Exalts will be allowed again, and characters will get to take their Second Breath as we convert over to the new system. The goal is for a low-powered game in a localized environment without too much travel, so that when you Exalt and suddenly become powerhouses, you're invested in that localized environment and likely to do kingdom/empire building centered there rather than a travelogue.

    I'm looking to set this game out West, on a tropical island that's off most of the major trade routes and is pretty rural/primitive. Sun and sand and steaming inland jungles. Papayas and mangoes and avocados, chubby little pigs and fish stews in earthenware bowls. Many-hued birds and hungry sharks and the distant screams of monkeys. Catamarans and spearfishing and bronzed muscles gleaming in the sun and intricate tattoos. There's probably a volcano. I might set it on the island I just made up for the Plot Garden thread (the one with the Dragon-Eels and the giant waterfall and the hang gliders), if players are interested. You don't have to be from the island-criminals in hiding on a distant island or marooned sailors who wound up there after a storm or Dynasts who are scouting the place as a potential naval base for their House or what-have-you are fine, but your mortal characters need to have a reason to be on and stay on this large tropical island out in the West.

    There will be tribal politics, dealing with nature spirits, hunting, fishing, and probably some swashbuckling and maybe some investigation of vine-draped first age ruins in the depths of the jungle. As we're Mortals, you should be concerned about infection, disease, getting eaten by large predatory dinosaurs, and gangs of pirates should be something that's a major existential threat rather than something to solo before breakfast. This game is going to take FOREVER in real-time to get to the point where anyone Exalts, so I'm looking for players who want to play scrappy or clever underdogs who figure out neat ways to deal with supernatural opponents by cheating and stealing and lying and bribing and begging and sometimes just running away. PCs who are interested in helping flesh out the local area through the use of Backgrounds are welcome to do so: at this point I'm still in the theme/aesthetic planning stage.

    If you're interested in a Creation-set but rather non-standard Exalted game, throw in your hat here. I'm looking for some 4-8 players. Questions and suggestions for mood/setting/things-you'd-like-to-do-over-the-course-of-the-story are just as welcome as character ideas and applications.
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    Count me in, at least tentatively.

    I'll have some questions shortly.


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      When you say mortals, does that include Sea Folk?
      Regardless, set my status to maybe-leaning-yeswards.

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        I am going to say Maybe as well. Haven't played Exalted in like a year, and I really only played it once, so I'm pretty rusty.
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          If you don't mind accepting someone who never had the chance to play, I'm in :P

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            As long as the group don't have to face tentacle monster, then I'm want to join too.

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              Where's the ring? I want to throw my hat in. Also, are all of our characters supposed to be eel-killing adults?

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                I'll throw in my hat as well.


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                  I think there's room for shamans, trapmakers, traders, hunters, dino-riders, in there as well, based on skimming WOG's intro. But yes, sounds like if you've playing an adult, you did the eel-trial.

                  Also, Jen: does that include squid beastfolk? Deep Ones? Or do you just mean "generic cthulu monsters"?

                  I used to know things. Forbidden things.


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                    Oh, don't worry, I'm just joking about the tentacle thing.

                    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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                      Alright, two questions:

                      One, how mythic would this story be? That is, how prevalent are gods and monsters? Could one play a man cursed to be a monkey(man)?

                      Two, what level of cultural (and biological) fusion do you prefer? Could one, in theory, play a Māori Buddhist monk with a pet howler monkey and a macahuitl?
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                        That's some interesting people for an interesting set-up.

                        On the other hand, I really suck at committing to PbPs...

                        Bits and pieces of Exalted setting.


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                          After giving some thoughts about what kind of character I want to play, some question start to pop in my head:

                          1/ Does the island a closed circle, once the group go in then they stuck there and can't get any outside help or contact ?

                          2/ Are "Gain NPCs" backgrounds such as Allies, Familiar or Followers allowed ?

                          3/ Can Dynast character use the Background from ManualB, those delicious extra hearthstone........

                          The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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                            Mortals can totally include sea folk, Brasstreader. I was thinking about having a tribe of sea folk dwelling in a nearby reef-kingdom who trade with the people of the island, and very occasional conflict or intermarriage could be a thing. More tribal politics, another local power center to flesh out, and a chance to run some underwater adventures? I'm up for that.

                            If you are rusty or haven't played Exalted before, no worries! Now's the time! Starting out as mortals for a while is a good way to get the feel for the system, and, well...we're all gonna be new to the system once 3E comes out and we switch over anyway. There won't be too many rules heavy magic powers before then, so no worries.

                            I make no guarantees as to tentacle monsters. Giant squids or Octopi Of Unusual Size are both staples of the seafaring swashbuckling drama, and I'm a big fan of the deep-sea kraken god who guards sunken treasures and dislikes them being stolen from the sunless depths, so he might show at some point. I do promise, however, that he is not sexually attracted to humans? Totally might eat you, though.

                            In terms of PCs being eel-killing can, you totally can. But you can also be callow youths who have yet to perform that adulthood ceremony and eagerly look forward to doing so and changing the name given by their parents to something more fitting. You can play a foreigner of some kind who never performed the ceremonial cliff gliding, like a Guldsman who washed up after a storm or a Patrician with no interest in local customs or a sea folk who trades pearls with the locals and has his own initiation rite involving riding a shark. I also have a soft spot for kids, so if you want to play a child PC, that's fine too. Bonus points if you're a linked character, like another PCs daughter or little brother or something.

                            The island totally isn't a closed circle. There might be other islands nearby, at least close enough for conflict or trade with other tribes and some competition between local deities. It's pretty far West, though, so if you're calling in backup from the Realm, you can expect it to take months to show up.

                            "Gain NPC" backgrounds are not only allowed but encouraged! They help me flesh out the world. If you take a weather witch as a mentor I get to add one to my setting! If you take some local followers I get to come up with their in- group relationships! If you have a giant pet parrot- dragon then I get to stat up and invent a new species of, uh....parrot, I guess. I love that sorta stuff.

                            Dynast characters don't get the Dragonblooded special backgrounds, no. Those sweet hearthstones and artifacts get handed down to your siblings and cousins who, y'know, Exalted instead of disappointing the family by failing to take the Second Breath. A heck, even having Enlightened a Essence is gonna get you some sideways looks, as it's rising a bit above a mortal's station to muck about with magic. Learning thaumaturgy is heavily restricted on the Isle, much less sorcery.

                            MG, I'm looking for something pretty mythic. Gods and monsters don't show up every week, but they are a known and accepted part of the world. If you want to be cursed by the gods or by an ancient Lunar sorceress or by the twisting tides of the Wyld, you totally can. If you want to be a monkey man, I can get down with that. I'd prefer a bit more Tak of the Bright Spear and a bit less Sun Wukong, though.

                            In terms of cultural and aesthetic fusion..,I'm looking at heavy Polynesian, South American, and Thai influences for this place. I'm fine with you inventing a local monastic or priestly caste or order to be a member of, and I'm fine with a macahuitl being a relatively common local weapon since shark teeth or volcanic glass are easier to get around here than metal. I'm leaning heavily on the Pulpy kitchen sink here, though the more ideas we can steal from real island cultures the more real the local setting, where we will be spending a lot of time, is going to feel.
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                            So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

                            The absence of a monument can, in its own way, be something of a monument also.
                            -Roger Zelazny


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                              I don't have any specific character ideas at the moment, but I may be interested.

                              I do have the caveat that there will be about two weeks in August where I probably won't be able to post much (Gen Con followed almost immediately by driving out west for school). If that'd be cool, though, I can start brainstorming.

                              Have you ever read a Coik post before, man? lol