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  • Homebrews of the First Circle?

    Something I was curious about. I've been looking, but I'm having trouble finding any Homebrew First Circles. I found two(both in a blog named Octipodial Preservation), but that's pretty much it for anything with stats. So, does anyone know where I can find some? Those which were on the Lost Wiki would be prized, especially if they're of Yozi without any canonically(like Qaf, Hegra, Theion). Here is a collection of sone that were apparently on the wiki: Sorry for wasting your time!

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    I wrote up a number of First Circle species on the old forums, about half of which were statted (for 2E, obviously). I've linked to their Google Docs below. They're...adequate, hopefully.

    Jaghanatha, the Crushing Chariots

    Levivula, the Iridescent Rainclouds

    Sarsketch, the Blaze Malkins

    Signifers, the Promise Snakes

    Aruna, the Hounding Blades

    Chagurar, the Smoldering Giants

    Daramba, the Horned Trumpeteers

    Gnumgurgl, the White-Salve Gulperfish

    Jabira, the Course Keepers

    Vendaghan, the Cataclysm-Riders



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      Overall, i don't worry much about demon species as such because things like Neomah flesh-crafting and Anulehs-brewing opens the door for the existence of endless hordes of unique patchwork/hybrid demons spread all through the demon realm, some who might even have (some) sexual reproduction potential, depending on how much material from mortal things of Creation was blended or not in their making.

      There's much you can do with such "amalgamated demons" going from hardscrabble random masses of "lowest of low" rung in demonic hierarchy to specialized "built to unique needs" custom lovers, servants or pets and unique, unpredictable and distrusted one of a kind citizens originated from peculiar mixes of demon, god, elemental, mortal, fae, exalt or even stranger things.
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        Originally posted by Golden Demon View Post
        I wrote up a number of First Circle species on the old forums, about half of which were statted (for 2E, obviously). I've linked to their Google Docs below. They're...adequate, hopefully."]Jaghanatha, the Crushing Chariots[/URL]"]Levivula, the Iridescent Rainclouds[/URL]"]Sarsketch, the Blaze Malkins[/URL]"]Signifers, the Promise Snakes[/URL]"]Aruna, the Hounding Blades[/URL]"]Chagurar, the Smoldering Giants[/URL]"]Daramba, the Horned Trumpeteers[/URL]"]Gnumgurgl, the White-Salve Gulperfish[/URL]"]Jabira, the Course Keepers[/URL]"]Vendaghan, the Cataclysm-Riders[/URL]
        These are all awesome! My favorites are the Jaghanatha and the Gnumgurgl. Though I'm curious, what Yozi do the Levivula and the Vendaghan belong to?


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          Originally posted by ZealousChristian24 View Post

          These are all awesome! My favorites are the Jaghanatha and the Gnumgurgl. Though I'm curious, what Yozi do the Levivula and the Vendaghan belong to?
          The levivula descend from Cytherea iirc (I didn't come up with them, I just statted them), and the vendaghan descend from Isidoros. Inunda, the Pillar of Cataclysm, progenitor of the vendaghan, was a homebrew Second Circle who iirc was the Wisdom Soul of Ferand, created by Robert Vance back before he was a freelancer. It was on the old forum so idk if the write-up is still around.



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            Okay, thanks for responding. Both would make great familiars or EarthScorpion style Coaducators.


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              Szmiya, the Sword-born Thralls. For the curious, they are descended from Malfeas via Ligier.


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                Originally posted by WarDragon View Post
                Szmiya, the Sword-born Thralls. For the curious, they are descended from Malfeas via Ligier.
                Cool! Though, I would've assumed they're descended from The Ebon Dragon 'cause they seem like the sort of thing he'd make for fun.


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                  Eldagusto had a whole mess of homebrew demons at one point, I'm on my cell right now so I can't really hunt them down right now


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                    Originally posted by ZealousChristian24 View Post

                    Cool! Though, I would've assumed they're descended from The Ebon Dragon 'cause they seem like the sort of thing he'd make for fun.
                    If I remember right, their maker had a whole "thing" about slavery.


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                      Ah, fuck it. I can't find my own thread. Anyway, some stuff from Eldagusto.
                      Quiqui, the Mist Haired Singers.

                      Quiqui, the Mist Haired Singers. Demons of the First Circle, Orphans of the Neomah

                      Rare is it that one of creations of the Neomah to thrive and breed true, and in the case of the Mist Haired Singers they can trace back the mythical spreading of their species to the century before the great contagion, though legend has it that the first of their kind was created long before that, perhaps during the final days of the Usurpation.

                      In Creation the Mist Haired Singers take to standing upon cliff sides and spacious groves. They appear comely maidens wrapped in diaphanous mauve saris with translucent hair that unfolds into the very mist that surrounds them. They lack fingernails and their hands are warm and comforting to the touch. The mist that surrounds their faces would obscure their two columns of two almond eyes if not for the fact that their dark sockets glow red when their song is in the air. One pair of their arms tends to stay wrapped giving themselves or another a soft embrace, with their other pair gesticulating as they sing their lilting melody. The Mist Haired Singers have flesh that gleam with moonlight, pointed ears, and weigh as much as a bag of feathers. Those without awakened essence view the Mist Haired Singers as milky silhouettes that are barely in motion; however animals and those with essence can see them as they really are. Most are often shocked to discover images taken of the Mist Haired Singers, whether paintings modeled after one, or first age pictocaptures, will show their form in constant motion mouthing a silent song.

                      Perhaps the key to their survival is tied to their origins, but such secrets are lost to the ages. It is said the first of their kind, only known as the Mist Haired Singer, eventually chose to Martyr herself by mastering sorcery and awaiting her starbound fate through the End of All Wisdom. The end of her life was never witnessed, however it has been recorded that she plumbed the depths of the Underworld for its secrets. She has learned secret melodies from her travels and passed them to her offspring when she finally discovered the secret to her replication. The Mist Haired Singer spent centuries pursuing the love her heart must have inherited from somewhere. When she cast aside here heart in learning Sorcery, or some whisper Necromancy, her cast aside heart shaped into the form of her five daughters. To her daughters she taught her secret songs. The Shade Danser Melody can awaken the turbulent Po in any corpse that died without knowing true love, or that had true love taken from it. The Lambent Mists Call can quell any storm and convert it to miles wide mists. Finally the Trembling Heart Serenade allows for the sacrifice of a Mist Haired Singer’s Compassion dots to form offspring from them, and in so doing form a five dot intimacy towards each of her daughters in a different chosen subject. With this she ensured each of her daughters was the chosen consort of a different Citizen and spread her kin throughout the Demon City.


                      (Obscurity 3/5)

                      Sorcerers often summon the Mist Haired Singers for a combination of their mysterious beauty, and pleasing emotion mastering voice. They normally find employ as professional courtesans both in Creation and Hell, and due to the nature of their birth many are valued concubines for royalty both mortal and Demonic. When a white haired maiden truly casts aside her love while singing a heart rending tune then mists will shroud her and a Mist Haired Singer will reveal herself in the moonlight drawn by her familiar pain.

                      Motivation: To find true love. Intimacies: Love (Longing), other Mist Haired Singers (Sadness) (only for those who have never sung the Trembling Heart Serenade).

                      To aid my children. Intimacies: Love (Disdain) (For those who sang the Trembling Heart Serenade), other Mist Haired Singers (Concern).


                      Compassion 5, Conviction 3 , Temperance 1 , Valor 2 (Before Trembling Heart Serenade)

                      Compassion 1, Conviction 3 , Temperance 5 , Valor 2 (After Trembling Heart Serenade)

                      Willpower 8

                      Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4 , Stamina 3 ; Charisma 5 , Manipulation 6 , Appearance 5 ; Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2


                      Martial Arts 1 (Embrace 2)

                      Melee 1


                      Thrown 1


                      Integrity 3 (For Love 3)/(Against Love for the Heartless 3)

                      Presence 4 (Sex Appeal 2)

                      Performance 6 (Songs of Love 3) Resistance 2 Survival 1 (Weather 2, At Night 1)

                      Medicine 1 (Heart Troubles 3) Investigation 1 (Longing 2, Love 1) Craft Water1 (Brewing 1), Air 1 (Invoking the Heart 2)

                      Occult 3 (Secret Songs 2, Underworld 1)

                      Lore 1 (Times of Glory 1, Lintha 1) Athletics 3 (Flexibility 3) Awareness 2 (Sight 2) Stealth 3 (Night 2, While Singing 1) Dodge 3 (While Singing 2) Larceny 2 (While Embracing 2, While Singing 1) Socialize 5 (Matters of the Heart 3) Ride 1 (At Night 1) Sail 2 (While Singing 2, Moonlight 1) Bureaucracy 1 (Contracts 2, Marriage 1) Linguistics 2+ (Native Old Realm, River Speak, High Realm, and maybe more)


                      Backing 2 (Most have a backing of at least two due to being born high prestige Courtesans or Concubines), Resources 4 (Most have a collection of gifts from paramours), Contacts 3 (Admirers, Other Quiqui, other Courtesans)


                      2nd Excellencies: Integrity, Presence, Performance, Socialize

                      Essence Plethora x1

                      Measure the Wind: to find greater patrons


                      Benefaction: Targets receive a die bonus when working towards the Love or Admiration of the Mist Haired Singer.

                      Eye of Inspiration: To lend the Performance and Presence excellency to those working for Love.

                      Amethyst Awareness: Works as long as all 4 of their Eyes are open.

                      Memory Mirror: While singing their tune crawls into the minds of its listeners.

                      Sense Domain: They may sense love and Longing.

                      Tracking: Instead of allowing themselves the use of this Charm they may allow anyone with an intimacy or motivation of love or admiration towards them to track them.

                      Call: May call to the Lonely, or those attracted to them.

                      Impromptu Messenger: Their song may be emitted through Mists and Moonlight, as well as through images of them.

                      Worldly Illusions: Those listening to their melodies may meet with them in a field of Mists and Moonlight.

                      Dreamscape: They may visit the Dreams of those who desire them.

                      Weather Control: They may nullify any storm or winds and convert it to mists through their Lambent Mists Call.

                      Mirror of Infinite Wardrobe: They may barrow the form of loved ones from a targets memory.

                      Landscape Travel: They may travel upon mists and moonlight.

                      Geas: May lay a Geas dealing with love, winning love, or marriage.

                      Harrow the Mind: May cause targets to believe “Pursuing Love” or “Abandoning Love” is the actions they must take.

                      Mind Knife Sacrament: They have mastery over intimacies of Love and Desire.

                      Stoke the Flame: Instills Desire

                      Subtle Whisper: Through their Haunting Songs

                      Landscape Hide: Within Mists and Moonlight

                      Fruit of Living Essence: They may drain their Paramours with their Embrace.

                      Spice of Custodial Delectation: When Singing.

                      Wine of Infinite Heartbreak: Hearts are their bread and butter.

                      Bane Weapon: Those who are Married.

                      Words of Power: Her Songs of Power.

                      Secret Songs:

                      Shade Danser Melody: By Spending 1 Willpower and 10 Motes per Po their song is heard by any corpse that died before knowing true love, or that lost true love. After 10 minutes their hungry ghosts are summoned to protect the Mist Haired Singer or hunt and kill for her.

                      Lambent Mists Call: Channels her Weather Control, Landscape Hide, and Landscape Travel. The mists they summon contain properties of the moon and so they reflect and refract light. Animas activated within may blind the Exalted imitating them if they fail a resistance + stamina roll with a difficulty of their own Essence level. If they fail they are completely blind within the Mists. The mists confer normal visibility penalties for mists, but the Mist Haired Singers may see easily through it.

                      Trembling Hearts Serenade: If a Mist Haired Singer chooses to Sing this secret song then she lowers her Compassion to one condensing it in her heart which moves out of her body through her song and forms into five new Mist Haired Singers whom the mother may choose to tie an intimacy of love as a shaping effect to any 5 listeners tying them to one daughter each. This is a shaping effect on the targets mind and soul. Afterwards the Mother may always add her temperance to her MDV when being emotionally swayed.

                      Essence: 4

                      Soak 1L/6B Diaphanous Robes of Longing 0L/3B

                      HEALTH: One -0, Six -1, Five -2, One -4, Incapacitated

                      Mutations: Extra Limbs.

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                        Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post
                        Player needed a demon that could get the wounded and wyld-mutated back on their feet. So we came up with this.
                        Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post

                        Please excuse the odd font size. I copied this from another forum.


                        A Vlirvakh looks like a giant glass spider with a fleshy human hand at the end of each leg. Their touch dissolves flesh and bone into threads, which they can weave like silk. Sorcerers call them up to alter the bodies of men and beasts, or to create clothes and other cloth goods.

                        Vlirvakh hate simplicity and dull patterns, so unless carefully micromanaged they will cover the bodies of those they are asked to modify and the goods they are asked to make with multicoloured fractals and strange structures of unclear purpose. They take pride in their intelligence and the complexity of their work, and expect to be treated respectfully even when bound.

                        Vlirvakh would be among the foremost mathematicians of the Demon City if they were capable of explaining themselves, but they are not. Their normal fondness for obscure words reaches an absurd extreme when they talk about mathematical topics, making their mathematical insights very difficult to follow.

                        Vlirvakh almost universally love Neomah, but this fondness is rarely reciprocated.

                        Common Intimacies:

                        Defining Principle: Simple things are boring and morally questionable.
                        Major Principle: I am intelligent and skilled and deserve to be respected for that.
                        Minor Tie: A particular Neomah (affection, lust or similar)
                        Minor Tie: A particular piece of work (pride)

                        Essence: 2
                        Willpower: 5
                        Motes: 70
                        Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-4/-4/-4/Incap

                        Actions: Senses 5, Resist poison/disease 6, Social influence 5, Knowledge 9, Read intentions 5, Weaving 12, Mathematics 12, Stealth 7
                        Appearance: 2 Resolve: 3 Guile: 3

                        Join Battle: 5
                        Attack: Bite 7 (11)
                        Combat Movement: 6
                        Evasion/Parry: 3/2
                        Soak/Hardness: 9/0


                        Master Weaver: A Vlirvakh is always treated as though it had access to tools of exceptional quality for weaving. It works four times as fast as a human.

                        Mathematical Mind: A Vlirvakh never forgets a number and may always act as though it had access to an abacus of exceptional quality in its mind. However, their explanations are generally incomprehensible; anyone tutored by a Vlirvakh in mathematics doubles their training times instead of reducing them, and following a Vlirvakh's explanation of the answer to a question generally requires an (Intelligence + Lore) roll against a difficulty 1 less than that of solving the problem yourself.


                        Unraveling Touch (15m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 2): This Charm supplements a decisive attack, doubling 9s on the damage roll and adding 1 to the wound penalty of anyone injured by it. Wounds inflicted with this Charm require a (Dexterity + Craft (Weaving)) roll against a difficulty of the resulting wound penalty or a (Dexterity + Medicine) roll against that difficulty plus one to re-knit the flesh before it can begin to heal. This Charm may also be used outside of combat, to justify weaving flesh that normally could not be woven.

                        Artisan of Meat (4m per dot granted, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Essence 2): The Vlirvakh spends a few hours modifying a body, and improves it in some way. The subject benefits from a physical Merit that could be created by adding woven structures to the body. A new hand or foot counts as a 2-dot Merit, a new limb counts as a 3-dot Merit. Taking a wound penalty or withdrawing the committed motes ends this Charm, and leaves a gruesome deformity in the form of a shattered structure of woven flesh behind. The Vlirvakh can fix such deformities, of course. If the Vlirvakh spends a month at work, they can make a granted Merit permanent. This inevitably involves trade-offs that leave the subject with the same amount of xp as before. Note that this Charm is not Stackable, so any given person may only benefit from one use of it at a time. Vlirvakh can incorporate foreign materials into the body to a limited extent, which may change the aesthetics but not the effects of their work.

                        Moment Of Calculation (10m; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): Once per turn, the Vlirvakh instantly performs mathematical work that would normally take it an hour to perform.

                        Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The Vlirvakh teleports to its summoner at the beginning of its next turn.

                        Materialize (35m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The Vlirvakh weaves itself out of thin glass strands.

                        Measure The Wind (5m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The Vlirvakh gets the measure of anyone whose flesh it unravels.

                        So anyway, yes. i quote this from someone else.



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                          More by Eldagusto

                          Spindex, the Mockeries.

                          Spindex, the Mockeries.
                          Demons of the First Circle, Progeny of the Infinitely Coiled The Infinitely Coiled twists endlessly against the very oaths that bind the Yozis. There are no confirmations to which Yozis the Infinitely Coiled belongs, but many are the results of the plans to escape. The Spindex are progeny destined to die for freedom. In Malfeas they are naught but coiled bundles of potential. Awaiting destiny outside of the demon city they lay in their dream birth until a sorcerer summons one into Creation. They are summoned upon corpse of one of the dead and the Spindex has no Materialize charm, only a unique form of the Ride Charm were they perform the Ritual Weave the Goblin Chrysalis and over 8 hours out of the sickly green cocoon a Mockery takes its first breath.

                          Mockeries will be reborn using the same abilities as the mortal corpse, but with only 15 points worth of the corpse’s abilities. 16 points worth of Mutations maybe purchased, including negative mutations to gain additional points, 4 and three charms may be chosen from spirit excellencies, Ox-Bodies, Essence Plethoras, or Reserve of Wills. The Mockery may purchase new spirit charms as normal but must have a teacher. They also have a version of Endowment that allows them to raise abilities that they possess a 4 or more in (or any Language they know) over the course of a week as a training effect up to their rating. This may be spent on abilities, Specialties, and Thaumaturgy.

                          Mockeries are effectively new Demons born from the union of a Spindex and a corpse; they are born from flesh and are naturally Material due to this. They inherit their parents summoning bindings. Sorcerers often summon a Mockery into being as teachers or advisers so they may take advantage of a slain enemy of great skill, or a fallen mentor who refused to release their greatest secrets. Mockeries have also been created as their name suggests desecrating a fallen foe, and having their likeness serve past death as a novel amusement. They make excellent doppelgangers to infiltrate everything from courts of rival kingdoms and even fixing weddings between two factions. What many do not realize however is that part of the nature of the Mockeries is the fact that they stay upon Creation after their bound service is up. This may be fixed with a simple banishing spell, or a swift swipe of the Goremaul, however. One of the leading causes of Mockeries rampant in Creation is simply Sorcerers bargaining with the Demon Prince the Infinitely Coiled, exchanging sorcerous training for the pledge to summon a variable amount of Mockeries into Creation. After all it is their nature to twist from their bounds.

                          (Obscurity 3/4)
                          Spindex may twist their way into Creation when a skilled mortal, 5 or more in a skill, perishes with their last breath exhaling lament over their knowledge being lost to the world the Spindex taste these in their dreambirths and follow it into their dead lungs to have a Mockery born anew.
                          Mockeries loose upon Creation may cough up a milky fishlike egg once every calibration. They will hide this and when they finally die or are banished to Malfeas the eggs will hatch and seek a corpse to perform the Rite of the Goblin Chrysalis upon.
                          Motivation: To Birth Themselves into Being
                          Virtues: Compassion 5, Conviction 5, Temperance 1, Valor 1
                          Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Stamina 1; Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 1; Perception 1, Intelligence 1, Wits 1

                          Martial Arts
                          Survival 4 (Find Host + 3)
                          Occult 3 (Dreams 2
                          Dodge 5
                          Linguistics (Native Old Realm)
                          Backgrounds: Charms:

                          Ride A unique version that may only be used on human dead, and results in a new being that uses only the traits of the corpse.
                          Track- Find Corpses
                          Essence: 2

                          Spindex is often used to refer to the Dreamspirit that merges with a corpse, and the resulting being is referred to as a Mockery. However some have taken to referring to both using the title Mockery.

                          Motivation: To Live A Life of Freedom. With intimacies of Fear towards Malfeas due to memories and instinct informing them to live in Hell will most assuredly result in their doom.
                          Traits: Use the traits of the corpse but only retain 15 points worth of Abilities, and add 16 points worth of Mutations, and three charms from either Spirit Excellencies, Ox-Body, Essence Plethora, or Reserve of Will. Automatically learns the unique Endowment charm. Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE Each Degree in Thaumaturgy kept counts as Three Skill points. Starting essence is 2


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                            Melicula, the Horned Greeters.

                            Melicula, the Horned Greeters.
                            Demons of the First Circle, Progeny of the Weaver of Voices Like her creator, the Green Sun, the Weaver of Voices indulges in the pursuits of vanity. The Horned Greeters are formed from the need to recognize Ligier’s Glory coalescing into being from the avalanche of Berengiere’s parted veil whenever Berengiere bares witness to Ligier in person, or when greeting the Green Sun after a long period of absence from seeing the skies of the Demon City. The Horned Greeters ply their trade across the many layers of the Demon City. As there is always a great demand for beautiful sycophants the Horned Greeters have spread far and wide across Hell for Millenia becoming a very common and popular species of demon.

                            Melicula appear as lithe yet athletic nude females. They are hairless and have smooth skin in light tones varying from purples, greens, blues, and greys. Normally they sport two upturned horns upon their brows, though some may only sport one large horn and a rare few are hornless. Commonly they take to tattooing simple stripes and circles about their unadorned bodies. The simplicity of such ink provides all the modesty they desire. They take their names not just from the horns upon their head but also from the fact that each one carries a greeting horn of the same type that rises from their head only several sizes larger, which they instinctually are driven to play.

                            Their duty is to deploy a sonorous greeting to the worthy and they are valued for this throughout the Demon City as not only does it ensure more sound to drive away the Silent Winds but it is deeply flattering to the glory hungry hordes. They are a natural race of groupies, and often they find employment as part of the retinue of the citizens of the Demon City. They are found in everywhere from the classiest brothels, to the grimiest allies of the Demon City. Sorcerers everywhere Summon them to caress their Egos, head their parades and triumphs, or simply as earnestly sycophantic toadies that are easy on the eyes.

                            Their talents allows for impromptu poems from a thousand traditions both human and demon, upon the greatness of those they greet, all to be heard from their mouths and horns throughout the crowds of the Demon City. Even to the point of cutting through the skull-rattling cacophony that is commonplace even outside of celebrations and triumphs. Sorcerers often keep on in their retinue as their chosen confidants as they are naturals in winning over others with their earnest awe and devotion. The problem is they are perhaps too easy to win over and take to filling their role as a groupie extraordinaire as quickly as possible when not given an immediate task. They make excellent translators as each individual learns a large array of languages and poetry traditions. While Demons rarely care, many humans are put off by the hermaphroditic/androgynous nature of the Neomah, driving them to elegant and lovely arms of the Melicula whom are prized for their simplicity, sturdiness, and over all cheapness. They are well prepared for all but the harshest of abuses of the mortal world, as they cannot compare to what their masters amongst the Demon City can casually express. They enjoy gossiping amongst themselves and many thaumaturgists summon them for updates on Hell’s rumor mill, or a night of celebration if they have something to brag about. Though one thing some forget is that they are apathetic at best towards the unimpressive, and when there are none around to brag about or greet they may show disdain and spite towards the weak, common, and inglorious. In the First Age many Exalted used the Horned Greeters to bolster the morale of their cults.

                            (Obscurity 1/1)
                            When a hero has achieved a glorious triumph that has resulted in widespread change their return home may be greeted by over a hundred and one cheering maidens and a Horned Greeter may find herself amongst them, as her cheers cut through even the loudest mortals regards. When a Horned Greeter is driven to a state of hysteria by witnessing a truly magnificent spectacle they may unconsciously sunder one of their horns from their skulls and play a booming melody that causes the horn to grow till the point where a newborn Horned Greeter ripples into existence taking up their birth horn.

                            To Grandly Greet the Great. Many develop intimacies to powerful and or successful figures, and all are born with an intimacy of Awe towards Ligier. Conversely they have intimacies of Disdain for the unimpressive
                            Compassion 3, Conviction 2 , Temperance 1 , Valor 2 Willpower 5
                            Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4 , Stamina 4 ; Charisma 4 , Manipulation 2 , Appearance 4 ; Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2

                            Martial Arts 1 (Horn 1)
                            Melee 1 (Horn 1)
                            Thrown 1 (In Celebration 1)
                            War 1 (Triumphs 2)
                            Integrity 2 (In Awe 3)
                            Presence 3 (Bragging 3)
                            Performance 4 (Greeting 1, Horn 1, When Impressed 1) Resistance 2 (When Impressed 3) Survival 1 (Garlands 2)
                            Medicine Investigation 1 (Reputations 3) Craft Wood 1 (Woodwinds 1, For the Great 1), Craft Water, Craft Air 1 (Tattoos 1, Scenes of Glory 2)
                            Occult 1 (Triumphs of Hell 1)
                            Lore 1 (Triumphs 3) Athletics 3 Awareness 2 Stealth 1 Dodge 2 Larceny Socialize 4 (Reputation 3) Ride 1 (Parades 2) Sail 1 Bureaucracy 1 (Celebrations 2) Linguistics 5+ (Native Old Realm, at least five other languages. Heroic Poetry 3 )
                            Backing 1, Contacts 3 (Horned Greeter’s Gossip), Artifact Some have Demon Ink Tattoos in honor of meeting truly brag worthy individuals.

                            2nd Excellency: Presence, Socialize, Linguistics, Performance

                            Measure the Wind: to measure ones greatness.


                            Benefaction- When greeting a great one with their body in some way, be it a simple kiss, or a lengthy romp in the hay, they receive a one die presence bonus for the next scene.

                            Eye of Inspiration- Presence may be boosted by the Melicula’s excellency when the target brags about themselves.

                            Touch of Divinity- a Horned Greeter’s kiss may restore a Valor or Conviction channel.

                            Sense Domain (Glory)- The Melicula may sense a being’s glorious deeds and reputations so as to greet them properly.

                            Call- Send messages of glory to all who are impressed or in awe.

                            Impromptu Messenger- They may extend their horns clarion through all horns in the area.

                            Spice of Custodial Delectation- They regain essence when praising and greeting.

                            Essence: 2

                            Soak 2L/4B
                            HEALTH: One -0, Three -1, Three -2, One -4, Incapacitated

                            Mutations: Most have the Horns mutation unless they have used their horns to spawn other Melicula, and some who have taken to wandering have developed exotic colorations, and bandy hooves.
                            Notes: Illustrations of the Horned Greaters may be found on page 16 of Roll of Glorious Divininininty II, and page 22 of Compass of Celestial Directions Malfeas)


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                              Yisterza, the Demon Minters.

                              Yisterza, the Demon Minters. Demons of the First Circle, Progeny of the Jeweled Auditor

                              The Jeweled Auditor is found of two things that come from the humans of Creation, lovers and wine. Though some lovers he will not release for disappointing him, and he develops knots from the greed of unskilled lovers, and the left over tang of avarice on wine bottled by mortals with less passion for their wineries and greater lust for their profits. Sometimes these feels have caused precious stones to slough off of the Jeweled Auditors knots. When these stones strike the ground they crack releasing tiny insects that quickly swell as they devour the shards from their birth gems, and other precious resources and symbols of wealth. Soon they are full grown and the denizens of the Demon City know them as the Yisterza, the Demon Minters.

                              The Demon Minters are varied in shape, but can best be described as insects the height of tall men. Most have a set of six limbs, normally in the arrangement of two legs and four arms, but some end up having eight or even twelve limbs divided randomly between legs and arms. Their carapace takes the mixed features of different anthropoid life; one perhaps may have body features such as the head of a mantis with an abdomen appearing as a mix between a cockroach and a ladybug. The sheen of their hides matches those of the various forms of currency in Creation, including copper, silver, gold and even tin. Inside their mouths their mandibles appear as polished cowries, and their large eyes always appear as massive white jade discs with intricate patterns possessing pupils that match the holes found in yen. Spots and camouflage upon their shells blend with green patina, orange rust, and tarnished silver. When their wings deploy they appear as stain glass patterns of precious gems such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds, only thin as scripted bills and seemingly fragile as sugar. Those that dwell acclimated to Kimbery tend to take on the qualities of crustaceans such as possessing massive pinchers, eye stocks, and prawn tails. Minters are most often found wearing the loose billowy open backed robes of office with insignia and iconography depicting the empires that employ them. Their voice sounds like the jingling of spare change formed into words.

                              In most quarters that go beyond basic barter and trade legions of Demon Minters are employed to mint custom currency for their lords. Each Demon Minter has the ability to crystalize motes of essence into solid coins emblazoned with whatever markings their employer desire. Each Demon Minter also has an intuitive sense of weights and measures and can easily mint or forge even the most intricate of mortal currency. A Demon Minter wells up essence and circulates it through their large silk and ivory heart, and through their two smaller jade hearts until they pass them in solid coin form out of their mouths covered in threads of silk. The Yisterza live to count and distribute money in all forms. Each Demon Minter can no more pass up a bribe of honey then a mortal pass up a breath of air. And honey, even diluted with water, will have the same effect as strong alcohol imbibed by a human body. Though the Demon Minters find the barking of dogs hilarious, they detest the beasts as detestable distractions.

                              Though they may eat raw ore and uncut stones, these things will make a Demon Minter ill in the same manner that feeding uncooked meat to man will make him sickly. But anything made into currency instantly become edible and provide nourishment to a Demon Minter, and an interesting trick they can pull off is devouring currency and crapping out any form of selective change adding up to anything equal to or less than the value they devoured, up to an hour of devouring said money.

                              Not only are Yisterza found in groups Minting coins for their kingdoms, but they are also found traveling the edges of their masters’ territories collecting taxes and tithes by crystallizing the very essence of their masters subjects. They vastly increase the efficiency of their masters ability to shepherd their kingdom’s resources, as once they mint motes into coins these same motes may be re absorbed by burn, eating or breaking them in some way, which reverts them to air that may be collected by the first to respire them as they stick slow and heavy as clouds in the air. The process of condensing motes into tangible currency is unpleasant and trying so the Demon Minters prefer to use the motes from other Demons. This means Demons are brought to the Hive Banks of the Yisterza, or the Demon Minters take some Demon leg breakers and travel throughout their territory shaking peons down for their motes.

                              Alas the constant problem the Demon Minters face is that over all indifference the Demon City faces towards their currency initiative. Money is more a human conceit, and most 2nd Circle Demons do not bother with such scraps they can squeeze from their minions when they can just process precious chalcanth till their wicked hearts content. As for the other denizens of Hell, they are more accustomed to being slaves without property, and when they need things they will just barter, trade, or outright take it. But Yisterza are popular amongst sorcerers for intuitive grasp of the exchange rate of currencies throughout the face of Creation. They also make fine loan sharks, and fiduciary advisers. If a Demon Minter drains a being, Demon or mortal, of all their essence they may then hollow out their innards and lay a clutch of amber colored eggs, the size and shape of children’s’ marbles, within equal to that being’s permanent essence. They then string up the corpse in a silk cocoon and after the first month of the New Year the eggs will hatch. If they are not separated their young will devour each other as they consume their cracked eggshells, and will grow to adulthood upon eating at least one sibling. Otherwise they will need to consume about an adults weight in silk and metals to achieve adult status.


                              (Obscurity 3/3)
                              When a coin that has exchanged hands between over a thousand people lands upon an insect crushing it, then a Demon Minter may hear this sound in their Hive Banks and follow it to Creation to offer their services those that appreciate the concept of coin.

                              Motivation: To encourage the circulation and use of all forms of currency. They possess intimacies of Counting (joy), Hording Money (disgust), Misers (hate), Dogs (shameful amusement)

                              Compassion 2, Conviction 2 , Temperance 4 , Valor 2 Willpower 6
                              Strength 3, Dexterity 3 , Stamina 3 ; Charisma 2 , Manipulation 3 , Appearance 3 ; Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 2

                              Martial Arts 1 (Mandibles 2)
                              Melee 1 (Money 3)
                              Thrown 1 (Money 1)
                              War 1 (Costs 1)
                              Integrity 2
                              Presence 2
                              Performance 1
                              Resistance 2 (Counting 3) Survival 1
                              Medicine Investigation 2 (Finance 3) Craft Fire 3 (Minting 3), Craft Air 2 (Paper Bills 3), Craft Earth 1 (Weights and Measures 3)
                              Occult 3 (Debts 1)
                              Lore 4 (Numbers 3) Athletics 2 (Lifting 2) Awareness 2 Stealth 2 Dodge 2 Larceny 3 (Forging 3) Socialize 2 (debtors 3) Ride 1 Sail 1 Bureaucracy 5 (Cash 3) Linguistics
                              Backing 2, Resources 3, Contacts 2 (Demon Banking)


                              2nd Excellencies: Lore, Craft, Bureaucracy

                              Measure the Wind- Those with higher essence can probably circulate money better.


                              Essence Plethora x3

                              Touch of Divinity- Mote distribution

                              Sense Domain- Applies to currency, exchange rates, and fiduciary concerns

                              Tracking- They may track Hell Pesos

                              Chrysalis of Preservation- To solidify motes into Hell Pesos. 10 motes from any source may be solidified into 1 motes worth of coin. The coins appearance can be whatever the Demon Minter desires, but its weight and numbering depend upon how many motes comprise it. Pesos collected in groups of over a hundred motes worth of value may crackle with essence discharge, and result in instances of omen weather when derived from Demon essence.

                              Calculated Order of Immediate Action- Minting of Coins and Scripting of Bills, though on small scale they can consume money and crap out change for free.

                              Stoke the Flames- used to instill avarice

                              Animating Management- they can make money sort and count itself

                              Landscape Hide- in money

                              Bread of the Weak Spirit- to collect motes for minting

                              Fruit of Living Essence- to remove taxes and tithes of essence for minting

                              Meat of Broken Flesh- Sometimes they have to collect taxes and tithes the hard way

                              Spice of Custodial Delectation- whenever counting, minting, or dealing with money

                              Thaumaturgy: Alchemy 2 (They often learn the procedures to smelt Magical Materials)

                              Essence: 3

                              Soak 5L/7B Metallic Carapace 4L/4B

                              HEALTH: One -0, Four -1, Four -2, One -4, Incapacitated
                              Mutations: They often possess the extra limbs mutations, as well as having variable armored hide and fang/claw mutations (in the form of mandibles and pincers).