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  • Nyomozo, the Scandal Finders

    Sometimes, things are needed to be found out. Not in the midst of lost archives in long-lost civilizations. Those are for the Jawa. Not in dusty old libraries and old tomes. That is for the Naneke. Not in the minds of demons in Malfeas. Those are for the Achristos.

    No. Dark secrets permeate every place, every dwelling, every single civilization. A city may hold a mafia. A country home may have a child steal a toy, then blame his brother. A town may lynch an innocent traveller, and then bury his existence and never speak of him, hoping that no one would find their sin. A neighbourhood may keep silent of a father's abuse of his daughter, a desire to preserve tranquility and to not rock the boat closing their ears to her cries and their hearts to her tears. A rich merchant may dump toxic waste into the water supply in secret, and when the neighbouring fishing village perishes in agony he swears his underlings to secrecy. Dark secrets. Hidden shames. Little tidbits of information that everyone knows but no one speaks about.

    That is what the Nyomozo are to find. Lanky and tall, wearing dark cloaks, they wear wide-brimmed hats dipped in black tar and wear them on their heads. Their eyes are always a dark grey, and smoke pours out from their mouths. When they brood, omen weather appears. Skies become overcast. The sun dims. And heavy and dreary rain falls upon the area they dwell.

    Their temperament is sarcastic and dripping with snark, and yet, people trust them for some strange reason. The Nyomozo specialise in talking to people. Or more importantly, ferreting out their secrets. A Nyomozo would not be able to tell iron from lead...but he can, with a glance, look upon a man and discern his occupation, his family, his social status, and much, much more. The Nyomozo dig into human secrets, and when they do, it is often impossible to slow them down. Men who vow to keep their mouths shut, suddenly find themselves shouting words which gives clues or incriminate themselves. Women who have sworn to keep silent, find themselves giving out half-clues or pointing to those with the information the Nyomozo needs.

    The digging of secrets of living thinking beings, whether demon or human, always make dangerous enemies. More than one Citizen has been humiliated when a scandal or embarassing secret is found by a Nyomozo. Mafia and triads and other violent groups have found their doings released to the public when a Nyomozo comes after them. Thus for their own safety a Nyomozo carries a flamepiece, steelcaster, or crossbow beneath their dark cloaks, always to surprise an angry suspect or an criminal who suspects they know too much.


    Attributes: Dexterity 2, Strength 2, Charisma 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Perception 4, Stamina 2,

    Abilities: Investigation 5 (+3 to finding out secrets involving people), socialize 4 (+2 for persuading people to talk), Archery 2 (+2 to flame pieces, +1 when making a surprise attack), Athletics 2 (+2 to running away), Melee 2 (+2 for good old fisticuffs), Stealth 2 (+2 in the darkness), Bureaucracy 2 (+2 to finding corruption), Larceny 2 (+2 to breaking and entering), awareness 3 (+2 to sight), manipulation 3 (+3 to self incrimination), Lore 4 (+2 to criminal activity), Survival 1 (+3 to finding people)

    First excellency for Investigation, Bureaucracy, and Socialize
    Second excellency for Investigation, socialize

    I'm just here to talk - The Nyomozo talks to someone who knows a dark secret, or has something to hide. Rolling his socialize and Investigation against her dodge MDV, he attempts to convince her that he's harmless. Upon beating her MDV, her guard will drop, and she will be tell the Nyomozo the information he seeks, as long as it is not too blatant. She will not admit to murder... but she will be willing to admit that she had grown tired of her husband, and longed for a better lover.

    I didn't say it was murder - The Nyomozo talks to someone who he regards with suspicion. Rolling manipulation against the targets essence + MDV, he incites him to either give out information unwillingly or to provoke a reaction. On a success, the target flies into a rage or emotional outburst, that reveals something. This can range from shouting about how his partner cuckolded him, to revealing that he knows far too much about a murder in the docks

    The eyes are the window to the soul - Looking upon the eyes of his target, the Nyomozo attempts to discern what is happening. Upon a success, he discerns... something. A lie. A secret fear. It is by its nature, unspecific.