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    Sanansaattaja, the Ladies of Obsidian Wings
    Demons of the First Circle
    Progeny of Viettelijä, Indulgent Soul of the 10th Soul of Adorjan
    (CLAMP Joke incoming)

    Sanansaattaja are androgynous inhuman beauties of long limbs, impossible large eyes in all shades of crystal, radiant cascades of hair and fine angular features who are in fact perfectly capable of switching gender at will. What remains distinctive however is the Sanansaattaja's digit-grade legs ending in a five talon-ed feet of living obsidian, and the large powerful wings which give them their name. While not exceptional strong, Sanansaattaja are astonishingly agile and flexible, a feat matched only by the incredibly calculating and ruthless cunning the Ladies of Obsidian Wings.

    Created to ensnare and entrap mortals in cascade of pleasant delights before showing them the mercy of Adorjan, the Ladies of Obsidian are ruthless falcons in constant search of prey. Prey they peruse with delightful dances, smouldering glances and whispered words of pleasures to come. Pleasure that can last for years as the Sanansaattaja hide their sadism, milking victims of resources, knowledge, favors and preferably worship before unleashing a sudden torrent of anguish and sadistic sexual torture on the flesh of their victims before hiding all evidence. Or revealing in it as an initiation activity within the inevitable cults they seek to establish in Creation.

    Martial skill is often a secondary concern but a natural affinity for Archery leads to common assumption that those without a bow are relatively new. More importantly however is the Ladies is the realm of society as they move among the bureaucracies and societies of hell, putting their clever, twisted minds to good use promoting the cause of the Yozi's. Many a Sanansaattaja has clawed her way to understanding the basics of sorcery, the most obscure tea ceremony, or the most moving of poetry.

    For Sanansaattaja naturally form together in Murders, claiming high towers flocking together in highly polite, elegant courts where one ill considered choice can send a Lady tumbling down the pecking order, or vaulted to leadership on the basis of a single dance. Woe onto those who attempt to interject themselves into the politics of a Murder without being a natural Citizen for the whole group will turn on outsiders with utter ruthlessness.

    Obscurity 2/6 Apart from competing with the Neomah, the Ladies of Obsidan Wings are often called upon to be messengers as they can travel great distances each day. Additionally they can be called upon for training in a wide variety of skills, most often relying upon brokering deals with Murders to summon the individual with the required skill
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