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    Sanansaattaja, the Ladies of Obsidian Wings
    Demons of the First Circle
    Progeny of Viettelijä, Indulgent Soul of the 10th Soul of Adorjan
    (CLAMP Joke incoming)

    Sanansaattaja are androgynous inhuman beauties of long limbs, impossible large eyes in all shades of crystal, radiant cascades of hair and fine angular features who are in fact perfectly capable of switching gender at will. What remains distinctive however is the Sanansaattaja's digit-grade legs ending in a five talon-ed feet of living obsidian, and the large powerful wings which give them their name. While not exceptional strong, Sanansaattaja are astonishingly agile and flexible, a feat matched only by the incredibly calculating and ruthless cunning the Ladies of Obsidian Wings.

    Created to ensnare and entrap mortals in cascade of pleasant delights before showing them the mercy of Adorjan, the Ladies of Obsidian are ruthless falcons in constant search of prey. Prey they peruse with delightful dances, smouldering glances and whispered words of pleasures to come. Pleasure that can last for years as the Sanansaattaja hide their sadism, milking victims of resources, knowledge, favors and preferably worship before unleashing a sudden torrent of anguish and sadistic sexual torture on the flesh of their victims before hiding all evidence. Or revealing in it as an initiation activity within the inevitable cults they seek to establish in Creation.

    Martial skill is often a secondary concern but a natural affinity for Archery leads to common assumption that those without a bow are relatively new. More importantly however is the Ladies is the realm of society as they move among the bureaucracies and societies of hell, putting their clever, twisted minds to good use promoting the cause of the Yozi's. Many a Sanansaattaja has clawed her way to understanding the basics of sorcery, the most obscure tea ceremony, or the most moving of poetry.

    For Sanansaattaja naturally form together in Murders, claiming high towers flocking together in highly polite, elegant courts where one ill considered choice can send a Lady tumbling down the pecking order, or vaulted to leadership on the basis of a single dance. Woe onto those who attempt to interject themselves into the politics of a Murder without being a natural Citizen for the whole group will turn on outsiders with utter ruthlessness.

    Obscurity 2/6 Apart from competing with the Neomah, the Ladies of Obsidan Wings are often called upon to be messengers as they can travel great distances each day. Additionally they can be called upon for training in a wide variety of skills, most often relying upon brokering deals with Murders to summon the individual with the required skill
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    • Out of curiosity, has anyone compiled all the homebrew demons in this thread into one document?


      • Originally posted by Tytalus View Post
        Out of curiosity, has anyone compiled all the homebrew demons in this thread into one document?
        No. It's pretty hard. And I'm too tired to do so.

        I'm hoping this doesn't fail like the previous forums.


        • Originally posted by Accelerator View Post

          No. It's pretty hard. And I'm too tired to do so.

          I'm hoping this doesn't fail like the previous forums.

          Fair enough. IT's the kind of thing I used to do when I had more time. I might still try to sit down and do it, but wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be replicating someone else's work first.


          • I will add this thread to my list of ones to save in the Wayback Machine. Seriously, Lioness is suggesting the forum could die soon. I strongly encourage everyone to save any and all threads you find useful at Check if the thread has already been saved, but each page of a multi-page thread has to be saved separately (right-click the next page number on the bottom and open in a new tab. If you can't, reload the page you're on but replace .../web/2021######/... with .../web/2/[url] first. If your first (or first 10) attempts to save a page don't work, please don't give up. If it keeps failing you can check*/[url] to see if it was saved and the Wayback Machine was only kidding about the errors (it throws up fake errors a lot). Sometimes it takes 24 hours for the saved page to be indexed (making it available on the web). It's wonky right now but I've been steadily archiving whatever Exalted and oWoD urls I could salvage. I'm asking for any help I can get in this massive undertaking. We can do it! *insert Alchemical pep-talk*

            Argatoi, the Brass Turtles
            Progeny of ?, ? soul of Ligier the Green Sun

            Originally posted by Exalt in the Machine View Post
            Came up with these while getting anxious for 3e to drop. Thought I would share and seek any advice people are willing to give. In particular some different ideas for the unbound slip into creation portion would be nice. Not certain that the current condition is even feasible in the wild except under extremely unlikely events.

            Argatoi, the brass turtles, demons of the first circle
            These large six-legged, red leather and brass plated turtles are known for their appetite for coal as well as assistance in the forging of metal. Though they resemble turtles that are about the size of a wagon, they are generally faster than creations turtles, though they have difficulty running. They are strong and resilient and can be used as beasts of burden, though that is not their specialty in the demon realm.

            They consider coal to be a rare delicacy, and like most things they eat they heat it up in their mouth before consuming it. They can emit a strange green light from their tongues and throats which allow them to heat meals or breath a line of green light and fire in self defense.

            They are very skilled at maintaining an exact temperature when heating a meal, so they can be instructed to heat a mouthful of coal to very specific temperatures. Metal smiths learned long ago that they could bargain with an Argatoi to help them forge a piece of equipment in exchange for the coal used in the forging process. The brass plates that make up part of their shells can also function as anvils within easy reach. The various ridges, spikes, rounded, and flat surfaces offer just about any kind of shape required. A smith simply needs to be familiar with a particular Argatoi's shell and move to an appropriate part.

            At this point most Argatoi have witnessed and been a part of the forging of a great many metalworks, and smart summoners will prize them as much for their advice on craft projects as they do during the forging. Flattery and stoking their ego seem to work best when convincing them to impart advice, though the asker should be prepared to listen to a long-winded tale about a previous work. A summoner must remember to ask before starting a work as it can be rather difficult to understand a demon turtle who is speaking with a mouthful of coal and metal.

            Those who wish to make use of them should be careful. The heat and green light they emit increases the usual fatigue experienced when working the forge, so a smith should set aside ample time for rest. In addition prolonged exposure can cause strange blistering and an effect not unlike sunburn, and long-term exposure may cause temporary or permanent blindness. Many smiths cover themselves from head to toe, and wear darkened goggles when using the assistance of an Argatoi. These precautions will of course heightened the effects of fatigue experienced by the crafter.

            A pristine deposit of coal that is set on fire by natural occurrences may draw an Argatoi from the demon realm, mouth watering for a tasty meal.
            Exalt in the Machine invented these, and there was a general criticism that they didn't have enough weirdness or drawbacks to fit in with other First Circles. Here's my attempt to add some of that:

            Argatoi are progeny of the Doomed Champion:

            Sometimes Drihtan removes a piece of his armor, either because it’s broken or for some other reason, and animates it as a Brass Turtle.

            Argatoi are enthusiastic for whatever forging project they’re engaged in, but they cannot avoid incorporating some flaw into every work forged with their aid. Sometimes the flaw is noticeable, but most often it is a failure condition that can cause the item to break, unknown to anyone until it happens. For mundane equipment, the failure condition is as rare as a first circle demon’s escape condition. For a 1-3 dot artifact, the failure condition should be as unlikely as a Second Circle Demon’s escape condition. 4-5 dot artifacts should only break as easily as a Third Circle Demon escapes unbound into Creation. Mentioning this problem to a Brass Turtle, or ordering it to remove or not add such a flaw, will cause it to gain 1 Limit, and is futile in any case since they can’t help themselves

            In addition, Argatoi must be specifically ordered by their summoner not to consume all the coal stores they can smell, and can cause havoc (and out of control fires) if they get into a coal mine. Feeding them charcoal instead of earth-coal gives them diarrhea and uncontrollable green-flame belching for a day, and makes their products more seriously flawed. If fed coal, they increase the crafter’s Means by X. (I don’t know 3E mechanics)

            Whenever a new deposit of coal or jet is opened for the first time on an overcast and rainy day, an Argato may appear under cover of the clouds, eager to burn the wet coal.

            I still have no idea what they eat in the Demon City in place of coal. Suggestions?
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            She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
            My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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            • Here are a couple I used in a game
              I used both of these home brew demon types for a game set in the North, which were continuously replaced by a Sorcery Shaping done by an exiled Dynastic sorcerer, as he wanted to have absolute control over the areas people. Basically it was my attempt to set up a horrific xcom 2 like game for my players, where the Solars could try to overthrow the local tyrant.

              Demon Squads:
              Jabberer AKA Jabs
              Description: A black armored figure occasionally seen without their helmets, they are largely bald with grey irises, small, almost snake-like noses, and heavily pushed-back ears. The armor isn't actually part of them but the exoskeleton of another of Cecelyne's children.

              Origin: Cecelyne, the Endless Desert is their progenitor and they spontaneously are birthed from her silver sands there are some rumors that they are actually born from when the winds of Adjoran touch an Anuhle egg that was laid in the Silver Sands of Cecelyne.
              Essence: 2 Willpower: 5
              Personal Motes: 70
              Health Levels: -0/-1x3/-2x3/-4/Incap.
              Actions: Climbing with Tentacle: 8 dice; Feats of Strength: 10 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats)
              Resist Poison/Illness: 8 dice
              Senses: 7 dice
              Threaten: 5 dice
              Appearance: 3 (Hideous)
              Resolve: 3
              Guile: 1

              Combat:Join Battle: 6 dice
              Black Baton Withering Attack:
              11 dice (Damage 15)
              Black Baton Decisive Attack: 8 dice
              Tentacle: 10 dice (Damage 15, & can drag the target to him or pull the attacker to him)

              Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (10 dice to control)
              Combat Movement: 8 dice
              Evasion: 2
              Parry: 4
              Soak/Hardness: 7/0

              Shattering Voice:
              Description: Once per scene, a Jabberer can shriek with the silent wind destroying most things in a column of absolute silence.
              15 motes, 1 wp, Simple
              13 dice attack (Damage 20)

              Tentacle Pouch: 5 motes to have the whip leave its pouch of flesh.
              Description: As the being learns this charm a pouch of flesh grows under an arm of their choice, within this pouch lies a scorpion tailed tentacle that is only mildly controlled by the person it lives within.
              This gives the host a powerful movement, and ranged weapon that is extremely multi-purpose but quite gross and occasionally wants to feed.

              Tentacle Host: 10 motes, 1 wp
              This allows its wielder to make 2 attacks or any 2 actions involving its tentacle whips works as Principle of Motion. You may also take any evocations for this weapon as your own essence sustains it.
              Tentacle: Thrown, Short Range, Lethal, Disarming, Grappling, Flexible
              Accuracy: +5 at close range, +4 at short range
              Damage: Strength + 10L
              Note: You can buy additional evocations for this revolting thing.

              The Skinless Horrors AKA Skins
              Description: Unlike the Jabberers, these things can never be confused for men as they are four armed skinless masses of fleshy muscle that seep blood continuously. The grotesque things are only sent out on certain objectives usually to pound a victim into literal chunks of flesh. Basically a shock trooper used to intimidate the masses, although these are occasionally directed by Jabberers to move debris or a fully laden cart usually filled with bodies.

              Origin: The progenitor of these revolting masses of skinless muscle is thought to be Malfeas but as they have never spoken it is unknown.

              Essence: 2 Willpower: 5
              Personal Motes: 70
              Health Levels: -0x5/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.
              Actions: Feats of Strength: 15 dice (may attempt Strength 8 feats)
              Resist Poison/Illness: 10 dice
              Senses: 5 dice
              Threaten: 10 dice
              Appearance: 5 (Hideous)
              Resolve: 4
              Guile: 3

              Combat:Join Battle: 8 dice
              Charging Body Block: 13 dice (Damage 18B) (Smashing)
              Rend: 17 dice (Damage 15L) (Reaching)
              Grapple: 12 dice (Initiates a grapple on a decisive attack.)
              Combat Movement: 12 dice
              Evasion: 3
              Parry: 3
              Soak/Hardness: 10/5

              Shattering Touch:
              Description: These things are known for being able to simply charge through buildings leaving nothing but debris in their way. Anything between their target and them is likely shattered into debris covered with red pasty blood.
              5 motes, Simple
              13 dice attack (Damage 18 + 5 auto successes of Bashing damage)
              This destroys any cover except for full cover between this monster and the target.

              Description: If this beast gets is hands on you, your likely to be literally torn limb from limb.
              5 motes, Supplemental
              This adds 7 to any withering or decisive damage roll when performing a Savaging action.

              Brutal Pounding:
              Description: If this monster hits a target for 5 or more initiative in a single withering attack it can immediately make a grapple action against that target unless it is already grappling them.
              4 motes, Reflexive

              Four Arms of Wrath:
              Description: This charm allows the Skins to ignore any defense penalty while grappling, and to engage multiple foes with grapple attacks.


              • Turns out the Brass Turtles had already been posted on this thread. Hopefully my addition was worth it.

                I have Web Archived this thread now, except page 17, and a lot of the various threads and homebrew linked from it.

                Why do the Skinless Horrors look like yet another mockery of the UCS in Hell? There's that behemoth, too.
                I wouldn't be surprised if there is a First Circle demon made in mockery of each Incarna, of Gaia and Autochthon, of the Dragon Kings and Jadeborn, and all of them exist either to be disgusting or to be tortured.

                Edit: By the way, please don't use Google Docs for saving these things. Google Docs cannot be Archived in the Wayback Machine at all and on September 13 Google is going to change many or most of the urls. I am racing to download all the homebrew before the urls all become invalid.
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                She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
                My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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                • Ok guys, since this forum might die soon, what should be done? Sword of


                  • Like I said, I recommend saving everything you care about in the Wayback Machine. Unless you can find something that could save an online copy of a whole website of this size.

                    I have already saved this thread, and the threads linked from it.

                    She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
                    My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
                    Exalted-cWoD-ArM url mega-library. Exalted name-generators, Exalted and WTA stuff from me and others.