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[Exalted 2.5] Charm tree for a Primordial (Amy)

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  • [Exalted 2.5] Charm tree for a Primordial (Amy)

    Howdy! I come seeking the collective wisdom of the internet regarding a suite of charms for an up-and-coming Primordial. Your time is greatly appreciated. And if anyone else has done/is doing this as well, I'd love to share notes, reciprocate, or hear war stories.

    A few notes follow:

    1. Brutal honesty, please. I've never done a project of this scale before; I'm sure there are bugs. Also, I love questions.

    2. To make formatting/editing easier, and to allow me to seek and collate input from different sites, I'm sharing the charms through a Google doc instead of writing everything here. Behold!

    3. This needs to be a complete charm set by itself (the PC may be attacked by an interesting story that rides rabid houserule puffin-dingoes and lose all except her native charms). If you see any holes, don't assume that a Yozi or something can be used to patch them.

    4. Notes underlined are my comments, not part of the final charm. Everything else would be "in the book," so to speak.

    5. The fact that all of her combat charms are buried off in an above-average-prerequisite corner where her inward and outward trees intersect is a conscious choice; Amily's not a combatant, and becoming a Primordial doesn't automatically add "Invincible Sword Princess" to her list of titles, I think.

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    Tell me more about the character this is based on.

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