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Hateful Wretched Noise Upgrades[Homebrew, Please Critique]

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  • Hateful Wretched Noise Upgrades[Homebrew, Please Critique]

    Just as it says, a couple of Homebrew upgrades to Hateful Wretched Noise I was hoping someone could tell me if they're good or not.

    Cost: None; Mins: Essence 3; Type:Permanent;
    Keywords: Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: Hateful Wretched Noise, By Agony Empowered
    The Silent Wind suffers, burdened by the pain noise brings her. Malfeas too lives in pain, but the once King of the Primordials has learned to endure these indignities, a lesson the Heretic soon learns to apply to a world so deafening as Creation. This Charm upgrades its prerequisites; so long as the Warlock is under the effects of By Pain Reforged, he no longer suffers from the reflexive penalties or Compulsion effects of Hateful Wretched Noise. Alternatively, he may allow himself to suffer the Compulsion in exchange for gaining a bonus equal to the penalty he would normally suffer so long as he acts in line with the Unnatural Mental Influence, his madness urging him to greater and greater atrocities

    Cost: None; Mins: Essence 4;
    Type: Permanent;
    Keywords: Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: By Screams Untouched, Fathomless Poison Haven
    Kimbery is always willing to endure the weakness of her children, so that she may be even more outraged when they "betray" her. By incorporating this into themselves, the Heretical students of the Silent Wind might become less of a threat to those they love. This Charm upgrades Hateful Wretched Noise; the Infernal no longer suffers a Compulsion to silence any Beloved characters or objects, and never treats them as producing more noise than would be necessary to provide a -1 penalty to non-reflexive actions. Yet, at the same time, Kimbery does not suffer fools gladly when she has no need. Whenever the Infernal suffers a penalty of -2 due to noise produced by others, she treats the scene as one building a negative Intimacy towards them.

    And one that, while not a direct upgrade, is linked to the first one.

    Cost: (+5m); Mins: Essence 4; Type:Permanent;
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: By Agony Empowered
    Malfeas lives. He lives though Theion is dead, though his kingdom is toppled, though his subjects are mutilated, though he lives in constant torment. Pain, in the end, is meaningless to one such as him. With this Charm, the Warlock may find such peace. This Charm upgrades By Pain Reforged; by adding 5m to the price of that Charm, he may commit the cost, turning it Indefinite. This stacks with all other upgrades.

    So, what do you think? How might I make them better?

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    All look pretty good. Balanced. Flavourful. It's very clear what each charm does.

    I always liked just spending the Willpower point when Hateful Wretched Noise kicked in, then using Joy in Violence Approach to get the WP back from picking a fight with a random NPC. But then I play muderhobos...

    Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


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      I like them, effective and flavorful. Also, I believe the second one is the first Charm I've seen that requires Charms from three different Primordials.