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    Apparently there are a few Isidoros charm-sets out there, does anybody have one they can recommend?

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    Here the one made by Revlid.

    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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      Times like this make me terribly sad that the old Wiki is still MIA. There were at least three other sets on there with differing perspectives on the Black Boar.

      Yes, yes, one of those was mine, but I'm not going to go pitching it because I'm pretty sure Revlid did it much better.


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        One of these days, I will get off my butt and write up an Isidoros set using the philosophies from the Ask the Black Boar thread. I really liked trying to get into the head of a being who sees everything from social niceties to the ground he's walking on as so much cardboard.

        I used to know things. Forbidden things.


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          This is the Charm set I use. The hell Google docs ate some of it! I'm going to have to get to work again on it.
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            JiveX wrote a charm set in collaboration with Nephilpal, aka Micheal Goodwin. I don't know that it still exists on the internet, but I keep it on file, so here it is copy pasted.
            First Isidoros Excellency
            Cost: 1m per dice; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 1 or Step 2)
            Keywords: Combo-OK
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: None
            Isidoros is, above all else, enormous, in both the physical and metaphysical sense of the world. More than any Yozi he thinks on a grand scale, and has little if any regard for details. Thus he appears, unchanging, implacable and heedless, though he is, in reality, not so careless as he is perceived to be. His obliviousness comes as a result of his lack of regard for things inferior to himself and his inattention to details. He is action, more than he is entity. He inflicts changes upon the world and upon those he crosses paths with, but is himself often unchanged. He might reshape the world, but he takes no ownership nor possession of things. He is an unstoppable force and an entity of pure transgression, he overcomes obstacles because it is his nature to do so, he crushes lesser entities underfoot because they can be crushed. Yet he has no love of senseless destruction, and takes no more pleasure in it than a tornado takes in the destruction it causes. He bends and breaks and shatters because that is the effect his presence and power has upon the world, but in truth he loves action and purpose and power far more than anything else. Because of his enormity he walks alone in the world, at least in his own eyes, and he relishes contact with those who are of sufficient scope to catch his attention. Though his attention can be more perilous than his disregard. He cannot conceive of restriction or bondage and his power surges to prevent such conditions from being inflicted upon him, even Fate holds no sway over him. Isidoros does not acknowledge limitations of any sort, he acknowledges no social contract outside the law of strength and pays heed to know binding of any type. the same token, he does not command, those who follow him do so because of the gravitational pull of his own desire and purpose. He exudes a sort of involuntary, animal charisma, drawing those to him by making them desire what he does, not by compelling action. He is driven by purpose, though he can be capricious and forgetful of his causes if he allows his attention to them to lapse, and values the thrill of conflict and action more than he savors victory itself. He is a supermassive singularity of desires and drives, but has little 'self-hood' beyond these apetites and wishes. In the face of his great Will, the world and the minds of those within it bend and break as they are caught up in the irresistible momentum of the Great Boar's charge. Inexorable and tenacious in all endeavors, he is shameless and inexhaustable in the pursuit of his goals.

            Characters may apply this Charm to any action that uses strength, brute force, or any similarly direct approach to overcome obstacles that prevent him from pursuing or acting upon his Motivation or Intimacies. Similarly, it may aid in actions which interact with entities of a similar scale to himself in the pursuit of such objects. Through it, Isidoros bends, breaks and reshapes the world around him to further his goals. This charm never permits the user to act in an evasive manner. It does not aid in the avoidance of conflict or peril either physically or socially, permitting him only to face such obstacles head on, or not at all. It similarly cannot be used to compel or demand fealty or obeisance from others, though it can be used to sway the hearts and minds of others on an emotional level. This Charm cannot aid any action performed at the command of another, though he may be persuaded to see a point of view, or to and may act on that acquired value, nor can it aid any action which does not directly serve the ends of his Motivation or one of his intimacies. Isidoros is never subtle, and his Excellency does not aid him in actions which trade pragmatism and directness for subtlety and guile, nor will its power aid him in the face of anything less than half his size. This charm cannot aid in actions which directly target beings who are less than half his size, if the Infernal knows charms to increase the number of ways that a character can be considered less than half his size, then it cannot be used to target beings wh meet two or more of these criteria. The one exception to this restriction is that he may use it to interact with such beings on a grand scale, or incidentally as a result, or side effect, of another action which targets something of appropriate magnitude to warrant the Black Boar's attentions. The final, and perhaps greatest restriction upon the use of this excellency is that it may not be used directly seek personal accomplishment, renown or gain except in the short term as a gratification of intimacies, or as a tool for the pursuit of a greater cause. Isidoros does not seem to acknowledge his own existence beyond his role as an agent of change, purpose and self gratification.

            Mythos Exultant
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: Shaping
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: First Isidoros Excellency
            Before the Yozi Isidoros seas part and mountains bow, such is his power and raw might. In lieu of the opportunity to rmote, willpower or other rewards for is stunt the Infernal may opt to use this charm to impose an External penalty to the DV or roll of any character opposing the stunted action (or to the difficulty of the action itself) equal to number of dice the stunt affords him.

            Self Vastness Enlightenment
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: None
            Isidoros is a being of singular purpose, relentlessly unstoppable in the intensity of his feelings and the course of his action. Upon learning this Charm, the Infernal is permanently modified as follows:
            ● The first time he gains one or more points of Limit per scene, he also regains one Willpower point.
            ● The number of scenes required to build or erode an Intimacy in his mind increases to (Willpower + Essence) instead of Conviction. Moreover, the character cannot voluntarily establish or weaken an Intimacy toward a concrete subject (e.g. person, place, object, etc.) without direct interaction with that subject. This limitation still applies when building new Intimacies or excising unwanted Intimacies through the use of Charms, as Isidoros changes his heart through action rather than contemplation. External effects that build or erode Intimacies function normally, so it is still possible to socially attack the Infernal into embracing or discarding a belief.
            ● The MDV modifiers for his Motivation and Intimacies increases to 3 and 6, respectively.
            ● The maximum Intimacies his mind can hold without losing any to sleep or neglect increases to (Willpower + higher of Compassion or Conviction + number of Isidoros Charms known). Charm repurchases count toward this total.
            ● He reduces the total distance he travels as a result of Knockback effects by (the number of Intimacies he possesses) yards. If this results in a distance of zero or less, he does not move. With Essence 3+, he is immune to non-magical Knockback effects (or all Knockback at Essence 10).

            Scorn the Sow
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Self Vastness Enlightenment
            The ethics and aesthetics of Isidoros are not those of lesser beings. This Charm permanently modifies the Infernal as follows:
            ● Compassion 3+ does not compel him to care about anyone half his size or smaller. With Essence 3+, metaphysical size also matters. All Isidoros Charms he knows with the phrasing “half his size or smaller” also include all beings with an Essence rating half the Infernal’s own Essence rating or less.
            ● He considers all fear-based mental influence an unacceptable order whenever the source is someone half his size or smaller.
            ● Relative Appearance cannot penalize his Dodge MDV if his opponent is half his size or smaller.
            ● He considers all seduction-based mental influence originating from a being half his size or smaller an unacceptable order unless the attack preys upon one of his Intimacies. If he has any Intimacies of attraction (whether to individuals, specific genders, etc.), only these Intimacies open points of vulnerability to seduction attempts.

            Relevance Through Impact *NEW*
            Cost:--; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: Illusion
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Titanic Assertion Aura, Scorn the Sow
            The Warlock charges through the world, and lesser things are caught up in the momentum of his passage, drawn into his legend as flotsam drawn into the wake of a passing ship. The fact that they are drawn to him is a clear demonstration that they are also lesser than him. This charm expands the Infernal’s definition of size such that any being who receives (or has re-asserted) an Intimacy towards the Infernal by the effects of Titanic Assertion Aura is treated as a being less than half the Warlock’s size for as long as they carry the intimacy imposed by Titanic Assertion Aura unless their Permanent Essence equals or Exceeds the Warlock's Permanent Essence. In situations where direct interaction between the Warlock and the victim triggered Titanic Assertion Aura, this effect does not apply to that being until the following scene. If the character influenced by Titanic Assertion Aura would already qualify as a being half the Warlock’s size or smaller this charm causes the Infernal to totally ignore the character. This has the effect of negating their attempts at influencing him in social combat. This is (including drawbacks and restrictions) identical to the effects of deliberately ignoring someone described in the Core Rulebook (Exalted, p. 171), with the notable exception of the fact that the Warlock does not actually perform another action, he simply does not heed beings demonstrably lesser than himself. If an ignored being successfully influences or strikes the Infernal the Warlock may perceive them normally for the rest of the scene. This charm's unnatural mental influence is an Illusion which targets the Warlock himself, at all times. It is not voluntary, and cannot only be suppressed if the warlock spends one point of temporary willpower (to shrug off the unnatural mental influence) or through the use of charms or other magics, but cannot be repressed for longer than One Scene at a time. At the end None of this charm’s effects apply in cases where the character who received the intimacy is, herself, the subject of one of the Warlock’s intimacies provided that intimacy existed for One Day or more.

            Tracks Through The Mind

            Cost:--(+8m); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent

            Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Social

            Duration: Permanent

            Prerequisite Charms: Titanic Assertion Aura

            The tread of Isidoros is a heavy thing, both metaphysically and literally. His passage leaves indelible tracks upon the psyche of those whose lives he passes through that are as evident as the physical traces left in the wake of his destructive progress. Purchasing this charm upgrades the effects of Intimacies bestowed Titanic Assertion Aura in the following ways:

            • Whenever the Warlock makes a Performance based Social attack he may spend 8m in Step 1 of attack resolution, to apply the attack to all characters within (Essence) miles who bear an intimacy towards the Warlock imposed by Titanic Assertion Aura provided the following two conditions are met:
            First, the attack must prey upon the intimacy imposed by Titanic Assertion Aura. Second, because the attack is not heard, but rather, is felt in the depths of the target's being, it attack must be simple enough to be conveyed as a one or two word statement. As an incidental benefit of this effect attack may be conveyed regardless of whether the character can understand the Warlock's spoken language, or even if they are inactive. The influence roots in their subconscious and is understood on an instinctive level.

            • All social attacks made by the Warlock that prey upon the intimacy created by titanic assertion aura are treated as unnatural mental influence. At Essence 6+ Being's less than half the Infernal's Size cannot parry these attacks without a stunt or charm. Mortals and non-Exalted beings with a Permanent Essence of two or less cannot parry them at all.

            • Any character who carries an intimacy towards the Warlock as a result of Titanic Assertion Aura knows, instinctively, by the prickling of their thumbs or the thrill they feel in the pit of their stomach, when they are within one mile of the Warlock. Furthermore, provided the Infernal is within the same realm of existence, they add half the Infernal's permanent Essence in automatic successes to all attempts to track him using Survival or Investigation. The tracking attempt must still be a valid one, and the Infernal may contest attempts to find him as normal, but he cannot suppress the effects of this charm.

            The Yozi Isidoros is, for the purpose of this charm, considered to be the origin of all intimacies created by Titanic Assertion Aura. Thus, beings who are affected by that charm find they may track him more readily, but also will periodically feel the pull of his will upon them should they stray into Malfeas.

            Implacable Urge Armor
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Self Vastness Enlightenment
            Isidoros shall not be deterred from his path, literally or metaphorically. Upon purchasing this Charm, the Infernal is permanently modified as follows:
            ● External sources of mental influence that would make him act against his Urge are considered an unacceptable order. He may still choose to violate his Urge normally.
            ● The MDV modifier for his Intimacies increases to (Essence rating or 6, whichever is greater).

            All-Consuming Ego Singularity
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Relevance Through Impact, Scorn The Sow
            The core of Isidoros’s psyche is a hyper dense singularity of raw will, into which all things are inevitably collapsed. Not even the Black Boar’s own sense of self can resist the crushing force that lies at the heart of his being. Upon learning this charm, the Warlock capacity to develop and maintain his Motivation is forever altered in the following ways:

            ● His Motivation must relate to something external and cannot acknowledge the Infernal as anything other than an agent of that agenda. Thus, he cannot have a Motivation to acquire or build or become something, but must have a Motivation that reflects the desire to support, oppose, destroy or otherwise act upon a concrete thing or state of things. In this way, the Infernal becomes more a Verb than a Noun in his self ideation. For example, an Infernal with this charm could not aspire to “Become the Emperor of the Realm” but could wish to, “Overthrow the Realm.” This change runs deep in the player’s psyche, and represents a meaningful psychological transformation, players who attempt to skirt this restriction through creatively worded Motivations should have this fact explained to them. If his Motivation would be unnacceptable at the point at which he learned this charm, he may change it without expending experience. He may wish to have no Motivation until he encounters a situation that allows him to build one, but he cannot regain willpower through rest without a Motivation.

            ● He can only build a Motivation around a subject which he has encountered personally at the time he develops the Motivation. Should he spend more than (Willpower) days without encountering something directly related to his motivation or working towards it they temporarily lose access to the benefits related to their Motivation. During this time they may, if the encounter a circumstance that would allow him to develop a new motivation, he may spend 1xp to change it.

            ● Except when his Motivation lapses, as noted above, the Infernal treats mental influence which contradicts or attempts to force him to betray his motivation as an Impossible Order. He is even immune to such persuasion when will-broken.

            ● This charm also proofs him against magic would alter his motivation, even magic he himself uses, and prevents such effects from functioning except when his Motivation recedes due to inattention or after it has been competed but before a new one is selected.

            ● Upon learning this charm the Infernal’s altered nature becomes expressed in strange and unnerving ways. Any mundane surface that catches his reflection, distorts, warps, cracks or is tarnished (as a non-mechanical cosmetic effect) such that his image is distorted. Still water begins to tremble in his presence, and mirrors crack and break. This effect is not Obvious but when it comes into play any observer may make a difficulty 1 (Perception+Awarness) roll to notice the Infernal is the source of the disturbance and obviously supernatural. A being with Occult 3+ who scores 3+ threshold successes on this roll knows instantly that the Infernal is manifesting the effects of Demonic Charms. With 5+ threshold successes the nature of the power as being characteristic of the power of Isidoros is also obvious.

            ● When the Character completes a Motivation, he may select a new one as appropriate without expending any Experience. In all other ways the Motivation functions as normal.

            Unstoppable Force Ascendant
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: Native, Stackable
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: All-Consuming Ego Singularity
            A being of pure, self-propagating force and action, thus the Infernals action’s feed the resevoirs of his own stregnth, making him an unstoppable juggernaut once he sets his mind upon a course. This Charm acts as an additional 10 mote Peripheral Essence pool refilled at rate of one mote per hour (at end of the hour) she spends actively pursuing her Motivation. This pool refills to capacity should she successfully complete her Motivation, but no Essence can be regenerated when inattention to the Warlock’s Motivation causes it to lapse.

            Irresistible Charisma Sledgehammer
            Cost: 1m or 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
            Keywords: Combo-OK, Social, Emotion
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Implacable Urge Armor
            The weight of the Black Boar that Twists the Sky’s personality is a thing to bend even the most iron wills. This Charm supplements any Charisma based, Presence or Performance social attack. The attack may not be a written attack. If the attack interacts with any of the target’s intimacies in such a way as to produce an MDV bonus or penalty, that intimacy becomes Obvious to the Warlock. More significantly, if the target suffers a penalty against the attack, they use the MDV modifier established by Implacable Urge Armor rather than the normal +/- 1 modifier. This is an unnatural mental influence which manifests as an Emotion effect and cannot be resisted through willpower expenditure. The attack itself remains natural mental influence, unless altered by further magic. At Essence 3+ the Infernal may spend three motes rather than the normal one mote cost of this charm to further augment the attack, this renders the social attack a form of unnatural mental influence, which may be resisted, as normal, for one willpower. At Essence 5+, this charm may be repurchased to allow it to issue unacceptable orders to characters who are less than half the Infernal’s size when they spend three motes to activate it.
            This charm cannot supplement Presence based social attacks against target’s who are less than half the Warlock’s size, such beings cannot merit the full attention of a being as vast as the Warlock. Such targets may be incidentally affected by large scale social attacks (such as those made with Performance) however.

            Titanic Ego Force
            Cost: 0-7m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
            Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
            Duration: One Action
            Prerequisite Charms: Scorn The Sow, Implacable Urge Armor
            The fabric of reality ripples before the might of the Black Boar that Twists the Skies. The Infernal, surrounded in palpable waves of force, holds himself superior to those who are demonstrably his lesser. This charm adds the Infernal’s (Willpower) to his Strength, Charisma, and Stamina for the purpose of determining Soak. This bonus applies only against beings or objects which are less than half the Warlock’s size and only to actions that explicitly interact solely with such entities. In situations where the source of this damage is ambiguous (such as falling damage) the soak bonus applies provided the damage was provoked by the actions of a being less than half the Warlock’s size or by the Warlock’s own actions. In the case of Environmental Effects which do not originate from the actions of a character, treat the effect’s Trauma as its Permanent Essence and the radius of its effect as its size. If the environmental effect results from magic, use the character who originates it as the basis for determining whether bonus soak applies. These trait increases count as bonus dice added by charms, but may themselves explicitly break the dice adder cap.
            While this charm is active, the Infernal’s supernatural nature is unmistakable, he stands as a singularly powerful entity, both awesome and terrible. This has the same effect on the Warlock, with regards to how conspicuous he is, as an 8-10 mote anima display. The Cost of this charm is equal to (10 - Permanent Essence), Warlock’s with Essence 4+ may activate this charm as a non-charm innate power. At Essence 10, this charm becomes permanently active.

            Ur-Boar Temperament
            Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 5)
            Keywords: Combo-OK
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: First Isidoros Excellency, Self Vastness Enlightenment
            The Black Boar That Twists The Skies is not so easily twisted. This Charm may be activated as a defense against any Compulsion or Servitude effect, making that specific instance of mental influence an unacceptable order. The defense works just as well against the most powerful magical influence as it does mundane social attacks (as the latter have the Compulsion keyword when used to compel specific behavior).
            Ur-Boar Temperament cannot defend against any specific influence the Infernal was already targeted with during the previous hour, as adjudicated by the Storyteller. This limitation is based on the intended result of the influence rather than the means of imposing it. For example, if an enemy demands that the Infernal surrender to her, he cannot use Ur-Boar Temperament for the next hour to stop any mental influence compelling him to surrender to that same adversary. By contrast, influence that would make him surrender to her and tell her the location of his hidden base is sufficiently different that the Charm can stop it. Consequently, anyone careful to press a specific point can eventually trump the warlock’s stubbornness. This weakness constitutes the Charm’s special flaw of invulnerability.
            With Essence 3+, Ur-Boar Temperament may be used as an innate power rather than a Charm activation. Essence 4+ makes Ur-Boar Temperament cost nothing to use.

            Solipsistic Ego Reification
            Cost: 1m or 2m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
            Keywords: Combo-OK, Social
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Ur Boar Temperament
            The Black Boar that Twists the Skies weathers the slings and arrows of lesser beings without breaking stride, there is no inferior force that can give him pause or break his stride. This charm activates itself automatically, even if the Warlock is unconscious, though it still counts as charm activation, in response to any unexpected attack (at a cost of 2m). The Warlock expends two motes to reduce the minimum damage of an unexpected attack to 1. In Social combat this charm can be activated to reduce the willpower cost to resist natural mental influence inflicted by an unexpected social attack by -1 to a minimum of 0wp. At Essence 3+ this benefit can also apply against unexpected, unnatural mental influence as well, provided it originates from a being with Permanent Essence less than the Warlock's (Willpower-3).
            Characters who know Scorn the Sow may activate this charm as a non-charm innate power against characters who are less than half his size.
            Characters who know Relevance Through Impact reduce the cost of this charm to 1m (from 2m) when it is activated against unexpected attacks beings that the charm forces the Warlock to ignore. At Essence 4+, if that character would qualify as a being less than half the Infernal’s size absent the effects of Relevance through Impact this charm costs 0m to deploy.
            A Warlock with Essence 3+ may repurchase this charm; upgrading its power when it is used to reduce damage. Any Shaping or Crippling effects that used the surprise attack as a vector fail if the attack does not inflict damage on the Warlock, even if the effect itself does not normally require such. Furthermore, the Warlock may activate this charm against attacks which are not unexpected, but doing so costs three motes rather than just two.
            Explanation: This charm is important for a couple of reasons: First it is an interesting avenue for dealing with Unexpected Attacks (which should be a serious bane to the black boar’s charmset, which should make him ignore a lot of things). Second, it makes taking charms that limit his ability to perceive the world less lethal, third it creates a reason for players to branch out in his tree.

            Droning Irrelevancy Rejection
            Cost: 0-8m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
            Keywords: Combo-OK, Sorcerous
            Duration: One scene
            Prerequisite Charms: Ur-Boar Temperament
            The little people are a chattering and meaningless multitude, unworthy of notice by the Black Boar That Twists The Skies. Droning Irrelevancy Rejection costs one Willpower to activate, plus (10- Essence) motes. While this Charm is active, the warlock cannot understand anything that anyone communicates to him by any means. This occlusion of meaning applies to speech, writing, body language, telepathy and even more exotic methods. Although he still technically hears what others say, he gleans no more no more meaning from their utterances than he finds in the chirp of crickets or the random jangling of wind chimes.
            The warlock’s inability to parse communicated meaning also makes him immune to all mental influence from external sources. Unfortunately, his own social attacks suffer an internal penalty of his Willpower rating due to his utter inability to comprehend and apply observed nuances.
            As an exception to the rules normally governing Sorcerous effects, this charm requires motes remain committed to it for its duration, but still cannot be voluntarily deactivated until its duration expires.

            Titanic Assertion Aura
            Cost:0m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
            Keywords: Emotion, Combo-OK
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Self Vastness Enlightenment
            The Black Boar That Twists the Skies cannot help but draw others into his legend, exerting gravitation even upon the souls of bystanders. This Charm is not activated consciously. Instead, its power self-invokes in response to specific trigger conditions as a free innate power.
            When Titanic Assertion Aura activates, it reflexively imposes mental influence on all valid targets defined by the pertinent trigger condition. Targets with a Dodge or Parry MDV less than half the Infernal’s (Charisma + Willpower) gain an Intimacy toward the warlock as explained for the trigger. Using Parry MDV as a defense still requires vocal argument against the emotional aura. Characters with an MDV high enough to resist still feel the emotional pull and may choose to gain the Intimacy if desired.
            Affected characters can pay one Willpower point to ignore this unnatural mental influence, making them immune to all invocations of Titanic Assertion Aura by all characters for the rest of the scene. Intimacies imposed by this Charm override existing Intimacies toward the Infernal, reasserting the new emotional context at full strength. If this Charm instills a negative Intimacy or shifts an Intimacy to a negative context, further invocations by the same Infernal cannot alter the Intimacy to a positive context for the rest of the scene.
            Neutral/Positive Interaction: The first time each scene that anyone can perceive the Infernal, his aura flares. If successful, the attack causes her to instantly develop an Intimacy toward the warlock with an emotional context corresponding to the Intimacy the Infernal has toward himself. The warlock’s player decides how to implement this, subject to Storyteller approval. For example, if the warlock has an Intimacy of pride toward himself, his presence causes others to share in this pride. Narcissistic self-love could prompt romantic attraction or respect. Self-loathing could prompt hate or terror. This trigger condition does not activate if the Infernal lacks an Intimacy toward himself.
            Negative Interaction: The first time per scene that anyone perceives the Infernal take aggressive action toward her or witnesses him take an action that is likely to harm her, his aura flares. Success causes her to develop a negative Intimacy toward the Infernal with a context chosen by the victim’s player (often fear, resentment or loathing).

            Hearts Beat As One
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Titanic Assertion Aura
            Those who fall prey to the emotive emanations of Isidoros find themselves drawn further into the orbit of his passions. This Charm permanently improves its prerequisite as follows:
            Whenever Titanic Assertion Aura would instill an Intimacy in someone who already has that specific Intimacy, the flare would bestow, this charm instead grants the victim one of the Warlock’s other intimacies. Generally, this intimacy is the one most relevant to the current scene, although at Essence 3+, the Warlock may choose which of his intimacies he wishes to grant. If Titanic Assertion Aura would have bestowed a negative intimacy, the intimacy the target acquires as a result of this charm is a negative one related to the Intimacy that the Warlock shared. This effect incidentally makes the Intimacy shared Obvious to all characters targeted by that activation of Titanic Assertion Aura, even if that intimacy is not being inflicted upon them.

            Crushing Force of Being
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Titanic Assertion Aura
            Isidoros is no king to demand obeisance like the Mountain and the Beast Upon It or the Empyreal Chaos, but rather an undeniable force who cannot help but impose his personality upon the world. This Charm permanently modifies its prerequisite as follows:
            ● The cost to resist the warlock’s aura increases to (Infernal’s Essence, maximum 5) Willpower points.
            ● The aura’s influence affects targets with an MDV less than half the Infernal’s (Charisma + Willpower + Essence).
            ● The Infernal suffers an internal penalty of his Charisma rating to all rolls to hide via Stealth. His emanating glory refuses to be hidden.
            PHYSICAL CHARMS:
            Primeval Might Expansion
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: None
            If the Empyreal Chaos and The Mountain and the Beast Upon It first birthed and embodied the concept of authority through strength, then the concept of pure force for its own sake can surely be said to have originated withe Isidoros, the Black Boar that Twists the Skies. His strength served no purpose but its own existence, and knew neither call nor measure. In his purest state, he was unbridled and unlimited, pure power and transgression. Learning this charm, the Warlock embodies the raw might of the Black Boar, shattering the limitations of his body. This charm permanently increases the Maximum rating of the Warlock’s Strength and Stamina traits by one dot each, or by an one dot for every two purchases of the First Excellency of Isidoros (whichever is greater). In addition, upon learning this charm the Warlock gains one instance of the Large pox, the bonus dots from which counts as a natural increase to his traits and provides all the benefits and drawbacks of that mutation (including additional health levels). As the bonus provided by this charm increases, so to does the Warlock's size, upgrading his Large pox to Huge [CoCD: The Wyld, p. 146] (With Four purchases of a single Isidoros Excellency), then to Giant [CoCD: The Wyld, p. 148] (with Six purchases of a single Isidoros Excellency), then to Gargantuan, [Lands of Creation, p. 131] (with 8 purchases of a the First Isidoros Excellency). This charm increases the Character's maximum rating in the aforementioned attributes at Essence 10 as well, but does not further increase his size. Once the Infernal acquires the Huge Mutation as a result of this charm, it becomes Obvious that he is a supernatural creature. He also becomes immune to Shaping effects which would reduce his size unless they are Isidoros’s own charms and, after learning this charm, cannot gain the Small (or similar mutations) by any means. Finally, learning this charm also prevents the Warlock from acquiring that mutation through means other than this charm or other charm’s belonging to the Yozi Isidoros. If he knows other magic that would allow him to acquire (temporarily or permanently) a portfolio of mutations, he may replace the Large or Small mutations in that portfolio with others or, if he purchased the Mutation with experience, choose to be refunded that spent experience.

            Hundredfold Apocalypse Force
            Cost: —[+2m]; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: Obvious
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: First Isidoros Excellency

            The blows of Isidoros inflict large scale devastation, not simply personal scale destruction. The impact of the Warlock’s feet and fists are accompanied by thunderous shock-waves which erupt from the point where his strike impacted his enemy, laying low lesser beings who had the misfortune of being caught up in the melee. This charm upgrades its prerequisite allowing the Infernal to spend an additional 2m when he activates that charm to benefit a Fierce Blow made with his Natural Weapons. The two motes spent on this charm count against the maximum number of motes that can be spent on that charm (ie; they take the place of two dice or one success added by that charm). Motes spent on this charm are considered to be motes spent on the First Excellency for all purposes including charms which reduce the cost of the First Isidoros Excellency. Should the Infernal successfully inflicts damage upon a character with Martial Arts Fierce Blow using a natural weapon, apply the results of the initial attack roll as separate attacks to all objects and character’s less than half the Warlock’s size within 3 yards of the injured target. These ‘replicated’ attacks have a minimum damage of 1 and, beyond having the same accuracy roll and damage traits, do not benefit from other magical enhancements that benefited the initial attack. It is, in all other ways, identical to the original attack.

            A Character who Knows Primeval Might Expansion may repurchase this charm at Essence 3+ such that this effect always applies to unarmed fierce blows that land successfully, even if they inflict no damage. Furthermore, at Essence 4+, this repurchase allows the attacks to have their normal Minimum damage (rather than just 1).

            At Essence 5+ this charm may be repurchased a second and final time. This adds an additional functionality to the charm; by spending an additonal 1wp (for a total of 2m, 1wp) in step 1 of attack resolution when attacking a target of any stature, he may extend the radius of the shock-wave from three yards to the lower of his (Strength/2) or (Permanent Essence) yards. At Essence 8+, the second repurchase of this Charm permanently extends the radius of the shock-wave to the lower of (Strength/2) or (Permanent Essence) yards even if no additional willpower is spent, and allows a 1wp expenditure in Step 1 of attack resolution to double this radius. The shock-wave created by this charm cannot be restrained and damages whatever is caught in its radius regardless of whether the Infernal wishes that thing harm or not. This shock-wave is generated by the impact of the Infernal’s Essence upon the Essence of another target as much as it is caused by brute strength and force. Thus, striking inanimate objects does not produce the shock-wave effect. The effects of this charm are only Obvious when they take effect.

            Exultant Hurricane Attitude
            Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: Obvious, Overdrive
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Hundredfold Apocalypse Force or Titanic Assertion Aura

            Unrestrained Cataclysm Blow
            Cost: 0m or 1m-3m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -2)
            Keywords: Combo-OK
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Hundredfold Apocalypse Force, Primeval Might Expansion
            This charm is a Fierce Blow attack made at close range with either Martial Arts or Melee. This attack may always benefits from Hundredfold Apocalypse Force even though it need not made with a natural weapon. Additionally, if the attack targets a being who is less than half the Infernal’s size it need not be a fierce blow (and in these cases this charm has a DV penalty of -1). Each purchase of Hundredfold Apocalypse Force after the first reduces the cost of this charm by 1m cumulatively (to a minimum of 1m). At Essence 4+, a character who has purchased Hundredfold Apocalypse Force three times, can use this charm for 0m when making an unarmed attack with a natural weapon or an attack with an improvised weapon. He may also use this charm to generate a Thrown attack with an improvised weapon against a target within (Strength x 2) yards (this feature costs 0m as well). 0m uses of this charm are still considered Simple actions and still count as charm activations.

            Immutable Will Buffer
            Cost:—; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Scorn the Sow
            Isidoros is invulnerable to the futile bites and scratches of the insects he crushes underfoot. As a permanent enhancment The Infernal reduces the pre-soak damage of any attack by a being less than half his size by his (Willpower). This occurs before damage is compared to Hardness and Soak and can reduce raw damage as low as the attacker’s Permanent Essence. At Essence 3+ this charm may be repurchased. Upon doing so the Warlock treats all unexpected attacks made by beings with a Permanent Essence less than his own as attacks made by beings less than half his size. At Essence 4+ this charm may be repurchased a second time to allow the Infernal to reduce the pre-soak damage of attacks made by beings less than half his size by (Willpower+Permanent Essence).

            Unbreakable Beast Ablation
            Cost:4m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
            Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Immutable Will Buffer, Primeval Might Expansion
            The Black Boar shrugs off the attacks of lesser entities without issue. This charm duplicates the effects of Adamant Skin Technique (Exalted, p.207) except that it is subject to the Imperfection of the Black Boar that Twists the Skies. At Essence 4+, characters who have learned the First Isidoros Excellency gain an additional benefit; this charm is not Obvious when used to defend against the attacks of beings less than half the Infernal’s Size, the invulnerability of Isidoros follows naturally

            Imperfection of the Black Boar that Twists the Skies
            As a creature of almost pure will, Isidoros’s invulnerability is tied to his reserves of inner strength. Charm’s bearing this flaw cost an additional +2m to activate whenever the Infernal has 6 or fewer points of temporary willpower and +4m to activate when his Temporary Willpower drops to 2 or below.

            Trivial Peril Understanding
            Cost:—[0m to 4m];Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Unbreakable Beast Ablation
            The effort Isidoros must expend to shield himself from even the most savage attacks made by lesser beings is laughably minimal. The infernal shrugs off such attacks with little more than a grunt. This charm reduces the cost to use Unbreakable Beast Ablation against attacks made by beings less than half the Infernal’s size by 1m for every way in which they qualify as a being of inferior size to a minimum cost of 1m. Thus, an Infernal could use that charm for 2m against a being who was both physically less than half his size and had a Permanent Essence less than half his own. If the Infernal also knew Relevance through Impact, and the attacker being possessed an Intimacy imposed by Titanic Assertion Aura, he would benefit from a further 1m cost reduction. Infernals with Essence 4+ further reduce the cost of this charm by 1m against mortals and beings with Essence 1 (minimum cost of 0m) the first time it is activated in a given scebe.

            Proven Invulnerability Conviction
            Cost:—;Mins: Essence 5; Type: Permanent
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Permanent
            Prerequisite Charms: Unbreakable Beast Ablation
            This Charm permanently upgrades its prerequisite allowing it to be employed as a non charm innate power against any character who rolled damage against the Warlock at some point earlier in the scene but failed to inflict damage or other deleterious effect (e.g. Sickness, Crippling, Poison, etc.) upon him with the attack. Activating this charm as a non-charm innate power always forces the Infernal to pay a surcharge as if the Infernal had half the amount of Temporary Willpower he currently possesses.
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              Thanks for the responses! HaplessWithDice, I noticed the charmset you linked has something called a "Harem" keyword. How does that work?


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                I'm always surprised with how many Charmsets the Black Boar has wound up getting, relative to the other Yozis without canonical Charmsets. Those sets have gone in some pretty diverse directions, to boot. That's not to say I'm disappointed; I just find it odd I've seen quite a few more sets for him than, say, Oramus, Szoreny, Hegra, and Elloge. It interests me, and I wonder if there's a reason for it. Just more popular and/or easier to get a handle on than other Yozis?

                Also, much as I hate to sound whiny, would you mind putting that Charmset in spoilers, Hark? It's an awesome thing to include, it just kinda stretches out the page as-is.
                EDIT: Many thanks to ye!
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                  Originally posted by Not a Platypus View Post
                  Thanks for the responses! HaplessWithDice, I noticed the charmset you linked has something called a "Harem" keyword. How does that work?
                  Pretty simple; The Harem is a collection of NPC's the warlock collects, because the greatest weapon ever forged against the black boar was Loneliness. In order to protect himself from this the boar developed a charm that allows him to collect lovers who so long as they are treated reasonably well, will not leave him. Plus this gives the boar people to show off to.

                  The charm harem collecting gesture allows you to build a harem. A harem is rated 1 to 5, and this background can be purchased multiple times. Though 1 dot for each member. Each dot in harem acts as a dot of manse while you are with your harem, additionally charms with the harem keyword gain extra benefits.


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                    No one has made a full charmset for either Elloge or Hegra.

                    Makes me sad.

                    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                      My goal at one time was to do a full write up on all Yozi...Then I heard 3E was coming out, and Green Sun Prince charms wouldn't be Yozi based I stopped.


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                        You know what? Screw it, I managed to track down my old set, and here goes.

                        DISCLAIMER: I had to copy-paste it from a PDF file and some things pasted...weird. I've tried to fix what I can, but if there's a quirk of formatting, I'm very sorry.

                        Also, this is only the charms themselves. The short version of the other crunchy bits follows:
                        • The Ego Keyword allowed for Isidoros's charms to be used differently--usually more powerfully--while he had Sky-Warping Titan Shintai active.
                        • His Urge was the Urge to Mark--to take things that weren't his and in some fashion assert possession, such as breeding themselves into noble families, carving the face of the Penitent of the Lap to resemble their own, or making a prayer book to the Yozis with the hides of Immaculate Masters for vellum.
                        • His Act of Villainy was Pearl-Trampling Autonomy Assertion, which was nearly identical to Revlid's.
                        • His sorcerous enlightenment gave him a cost discount to fire-and-forget spells, but penalized him on spells that required direction or attention after casting, or that demanded more thorough setup.
                        Anyway, without further ado, here's what I had. It's rough, it's got some oversights, and a couple charms that I actually deliberately did NOT copy down here because they were bad ideas, at least for the Boar's native set (Frex: there was an extension to On The Anvil of Wanting that was employed its effects as a counterattack on entities using Shaping effects on the Infernal--I'm not convinced the idea itself was horrible, but as someone else said, it's really more of an Oramus charm that Isidoros might have a copy of himself)

                        First Isidoros Excellency
                        Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Combo-OK
                        Duration: Instant
                        Isidoros is proudly individualistic, stubborn, and decisive. He freely
                        burns bridges
                        when he has crossed them, or has chosen not to take them,
                        and does not look back on his victories nor his defeats, but always moves
                        . He is always exactly where he wants to be, and when he moves,
                        he is going where he wishes to go. He lays waste to that which is in his
                        , because it is in his way. He is always himself, and attempts to
                        impersonate him or duplicate him only enrage him. Further, as he is always
                        himself, he demands and encourages the same of all else, even as he cannot truly
                        call any "equals." He acknowledges no superiors, and treats others who might
                        consider themselves his equals with contempt for no greater or lesser reason
                        than they are not he, and expects the same from others. From those
                        truly beneath him, he desires respect, and craves awe, but for the most
                        part ignores their existence and does not seek loyalty, and works with
                        who he will because their will is the same. At the same time, compromise is
                        to him, whether in himself or in others.
                        Isidoros Excellency may be employed whenever he realizes an option on his
                        that defies the other paths laid out before him, or to enhance rolls
                        intended to resolve problems quickly and perfunctorily via excessive force.
                        It may also be used to raise the Infernal's own MDV as long as they are not suffering a
                        penalty from their Virtues, Intimacies, or Motivation. It may not be used in extended
                        rolls, or against the same target more than once per scene, unless those directly involve
                        an intimacy or motivation on the behalf of the Infernal, or deal with an obstruction to
                        the same. Isidoros also does not prevaricate; this Excellency cannot be used to tell a
                        lie or deliberately mislead, although Isidoros has no problems stubbornly keeping his
                        mouth shut on matters which he does not wish to speak of, such as a past relationship
                        with the Arczeckhi or the...complicated...nature of the White Huntress who follows

                        Isidoros Mythos Exultant
                        Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                        Duration: Permanent
                        Prerequisites: First Isidoros Excellency
                        Isidoros comes closest to understanding others when they themselves stand
                        larger-than-life, and he takes note accordingly. The Infernal may reap the full mote
                        or willpower benefits of a successful stunt she observes, whether it is performed by an
                        ally or an opponent.
                        If she does so, she cannot enjoy this effect until her DV refreshes again, or she performs
                        a stunt of equal or greater value.source

                        Needing No Introduction
                        Cost: None; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Special
                        Keywords: None
                        Duration: Permanent
                        Prerequisites: None
                        All souls know the Black Boar that Twists the Skies. Even the most sheltered
                        peasant in the furthest, most ignorant reaches of the so-called Blessed Isle would not
                        help but know Isidoros for himself if he were to appear before them. All of Creation
                        and All besides knows him, and there can be no substitute.This charm infuses the
                        Infernal with his own identity, and he, too, cannot be mistaken for another. This
                        charm permanently grants the Infernal his Essence to any rolls made to convince
                        another of his true identity, and adds the same number to the difficulty of all attempts
                        to misrepresent the character: Any slander or lies told regarding the character ring
                        as false as any disguise applied to him. Boastful hyperbole is explicitly an exception
                        to this penalty. The Infernal himself also takes this as an internal penalty to any
                        attempts to disguise himself as anyone other than himself, but such a Warlock should
                        truly ponder why he wishes to hide his glory in the first place. On the other hand, if
                        the Infernal is redefined through Change-or-Die Ultimatum, Needing No Introduction
                        will both limit the extent of his reshaping and allow him to establish his identity again
                        easily. This charm does not betray any supernatural qualities of the Infernal.
                        At Essence 3 this charm automatically upgrades, and attempts to ape the Infernal
                        grow even more difficult even as he becomes more recognizable; any description can
                        identify him at a simple difficulty, but any further attempt than the most cursory
                        sketch or description adds his Essence to the difficulty as though it were a direct im-
                        personation. On the other hand, the certainty in himself becomes infectious, imbuing
                        the truth of his words with the bottomless conviction of the Black Boar. As a result,
                        any attempt to convince another of the unvarnished truth (that is, without deliberate
                        intention or other intent to mislead) automatically adds dice equal to his Conviction
                        to the attempt.

                        Singular Existence Affirmation
                        Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Needing No Introduction
                        There can be no other Black Boar than Isidoros, and attempting to argue other-
                        wise ends only in painful correction. By activating this charm, the Infernal reflexively
                        destroys any non-masterwork impression of himself. Sculptures crack, paintings boil
                        and melt, and parchment with insufficiently epic descriptions of his grandeur disap-
                        pears into flame. Anyone in direct physical contact with such an impression takes two
                        levels of lethal damage (Except for the Infernal, of course. The original is always supe-
                        rior). The scale on this is limited to things that could be broken with a feat of strength
                        equal to the Infernal's willpower. At Essence 4, this charm can be re-purchased to
                        show Isidoros' affront more directly, and such insulting mockeries explode rather than
                        simply break apart, causing this damage to everyone within (Essence) yards and doing
                        (Valor) levels of lethal damage.
                        At Essence 6 with the second purchase, the cost of this charm becomes 2 motes, but
                        the Infernal must fail a conviction roll not to use it when presented with an insufficient
                        representation of himself. Singular Existence Affirmation gains the Ego Keyword at
                        this point, and is automatically applied to all viable targets in the Infernal's presence
                        regardless of his knowledge thereof while he is in Sky-Warping Titan-Beast Shintai.
                        It only functions at its most basic level thus, but the Infernal may expend a mote as
                        a non-charm action to make a single insult to him explode at its maximum capacity.

                        Who Argues With Falling Stars?
                        Cost: None; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                        Keywords: Social
                        Duration: Permanent
                        Prerequisites: None
                        Isidoros is merciless and thorough in his dedication to that which he pursues.
                        Each purchase of this charm hones an Infernal's sense of drive further, making her
                        more difficult to sway from that to which she has committed herself. The first purchase
                        of this charm doubles all benefits to her MDV that she would gain from Intimacies,
                        Virtues, and her Motivation. This focus on the passions that empower her, however,do
                        come at a small price, as the doubling effect also applies to the penalties she suffered
                        from social attacks that specifically target the same. A second purchase at Essence
                        4 redoubles the benefits of Intimacies and Virtues, and any social attack where the
                        Infernal's motivation provides a benefit to her MDV automatically fails, regardless of
                        its origin or nature, and grants this charm the Ego keyword; while one of Isidoros'
                        Shintai charms is active, the Infernal automatically and perfectly defends against
                        any social attack where her Intimacies or Virtues provide a benefit,and she may
                        reflexively spend two motes to perfectly parry any social attack. However, regardless
                        of her current shape, this focus on what truly matters can be played against her; She
                        treats attacks that target her Intimacies, Virtues, or Motivation as Unnatural Mental
                        Influence; she may spend a resist the former two with a single willpower point, but
                        she cannot argue with what drives her.
                        Infernals do not treat their Urge as a Motivation for the purposes of this charm.

                        Perfected Invincible Form
                        Cost: 4m+; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK, Stackable
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Singular Existence Affirmation, Who Argues With Falling Stars?
                        Just as the Black Boar's visage cannot be mocked, so too can it not be marred.
                        Not even his fellow (and he uses the word loosely) Yozis can harm him with all their
                        fury and madness. This charm encompasses the multifaceted and inviolate perfection
                        of Isidoros' shape, and perfectly negates all damage from an attack with its basic
                        function. However, Isidoros is proof against more than wounding of the body; further
                        negative effects (e.g. Poison, Sickness, or Shaping) can be prevented by invoking this
                        charm multiple times; each invocation after the first protects against a different effect.
                        This charm suffers from the Imperfection of the Black Boar.

                        World of Paper Walls
                        Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Who Argues With Falling Stars?
                        Nothing really matters except Isidoros himself. Where he strides, sometimes
                        men and demons and mountains try to say otherwise. "We are in the way!" They
                        shout. "The path is not clear!"
                        "But I am Isidoros." Says the Black Boar, and to that there is no answer. And then
                        his footsteps crush the men and demons, and their buildings (whether hay or wood or
                        stone or the brassy outgrowths of Malfeas) are torn asunder and left in ruins.
                        So it is that an Infernal incorporates the understanding that he is in all ways more
                        than the world around him, and so surpassing it, he too may leave its sundered in his
                        wake. this charm may be activated when the Infernal makes a move action towards
                        an inanimate object before him, and damage it in the process as though he had taken
                        the time to perform a proper feat of strength as a dramatic action. At Essence 4, his
                        (Strength+Athletics) pool is doubled for the purposes of this charm, and a second
                        purchase allows him to make a reflexive attack (with his bare hands or any melee
                        weapon he has ready) against any living targets in his path as well. At Essence 5
                        with this second purchase, World of Paper Walls gains the Ego keyword, and while
                        in his shintai this attack becomes unparryable and undodgeable without the use of
                        This charm only functions against objects and creatures that obstruct the Infernal's
                        path; if he successfully removes them from his way via this charm, any remaining
                        distance from his Move action (which must be a move action; effects that allow one
                        to treat jumps, dashing, or anything else as a move action may not be used for this
                        charm) completes, and as Isidoros does not turn to look back, nor can the Infernal
                        turn back around to trample those whom he has already removed from his path. The
                        pathetic fallen are beneath him, and he beyond them.

                        Unity of Flesh and Soul
                        Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK
                        Duration: One Scene
                        Prerequisites: None
                        Certain scholars wonder, given the treatment of Isidoros' fetich at the hands of
                        the Exalted, why the Black Boar that Twists the Skies has not taken on a new shape.
                        They do not understand the horror--and glory--that has come of this mutilation. For
                        all that was done, Isidoros' fetich yet lives, in a sense; the heart of his being is no
                        longer embodied in a single fetich which might be mistakenly taken as a representa-
                        tion of his own majesty, but instead spread out and embedded through the host of
                        his Third Circle Souls. As such, Isidoros has no single core, no weak points to assail.
                        All of Isidoros is equally him. This charm allows an Infernal to ignore the supposed
                        flaws of his own shape, and gain something of Isidoros's homogeneity of being. When
                        activated, this charm immediately denies any crippling effect purchase upon the War-
                        lock, allowing him to fight on despite slashed tendons, broken bones, and other effect
                        which by all rights should form a real and physical barrier to carrying on; this recov-
                        ers no health levels, and basic wound penalties remain. More severe crippling effects,
                        such as Amputations, require a full scene from beginning to end to recover, unless the
                        Infernal can use a miscellaneous action to hold the limb to its stump. Until Essence
                        4, however, any crippling effects assert (and/or reassert) themselves once this charm
                        expires at the end of the scene unless the charm is renewed. Also at Essence 4, this
                        charm is proof even against decapitation. The Infernal of course loses faculties of
                        speech, as well as most of her senses of perception, rendering communication more or
                        less impossible, but the Infernal suffers no further penalties unless the wound would
                        have been lethal regardless. Obviously, if the charm is allowed to lapse under these
                        circumstances, the Infernal will immediately die.

                        Change-Or-Die Ultimatum
                        Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Social, Shaping
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Unity of Flesh and Soul, Who Argues With Falling Stars? x 2
                        Isidoros is everything that he feels and everything he values. Sometimes, a
                        demon feels themselves clever and plays to the Black Boar's weaknesses to convince
                        him of another course of action. It is rare, of course; not even the Unquestionable
                        should get away with such a trick upon one of the Yozis. Still, it does happen, and
                        when it does, Isidoros cannot proceed as he is, bowing his head to another and going
                        along with what they suggest. Isidoros must die.
                        At the same time, Isidoros is too great to be stopped by something as petty as a
                        simple quandary of priorities.
                        Isidoros must live.
                        The Infernal may activate this charm in response to any Social Attack which
                        the Infernal cannot defend against with Who Argues with Falling Stars, perfectly
                        defending. However, as the infernal defies a part of himself, he casts it away as
                        irrelevant: he may change the emotional context of the Intimacy to something that
                        would allow him to deny it in this instance, or discard it altogether. If a Virtue has
                        been defied, he must move a point of it to another virtue if at all possible. However,
                        if he defies his Motivation it must change then and there.
                        As a secondary effect, the Warlock's redefinition of himself appears on a very visible
                        level: he rolls his willpower (plus 1 for an Intimacy defied, 2 for a Virtue, or 3 for a
                        Motivation), and applies successes as though they were a disguise roll to determine the
                        level to which this charm has remade him; the Infernal does not consciously control
                        this, although the Player might. This "disguise" is real and permanent; the Infernal
                        has discarded that-who-he-was for that-whom-he-is.

                        Singular Catastrophe Charge
                        Cost: +5m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Ego
                        Duration: One Scene
                        Prerequisites: World of Paper Walls
                        There are so many insignificant, unimportant things dwelling in Malfeas. If
                        Isidoros spent all his time and Essence bothering to disregard each one, he would
                        have no time to contemplate himself. The Infernal likewise puts that horrible possi-
                        bility from her mind with this charm, which enhances World of Paper Walls as listed
                        above.At Essence 4, the Infernal may extend the duration of this charm to Indefinite;
                        while using this function, the Infernal applies the effects of this charm to all surfaces
                        she touches; doors splinter at a touch, as do the bones of men. Only objects which the
                        Infernal owns--and the Infernal herself, of course--are proof against this destruction,
                        although she may spend a willpower to imbue an object or person to whom she has
                        an Intimacy with her own presence; this protection lasts for a single scene.
                        The Ego power of this charm further allows the Infernal not only the power to
                        crush that which is in his path, but also to further his claim: he adds his willpower
                        to his Bashing and Lethal soak values.

                        Pursuit of Vengeance and Glory
                        Cost: None; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
                        Keywords: Obvious
                        Duration: Indefinite
                        Prerequisites: World of Paper Walls
                        Isidoros disregards the world around him most of the time; when he does find
                        something worth his attention, he will not wait or let that selfsame unimportant
                        world slow him down. This permanently enhances World of Paper Walls, allowing
                        the Infernal to use dash actions instead of move actions with this charm when moving
                        in the direction of an Intimacy, channeling a virtue, or acting in direct fulfillment
                        of her motivation, and activate it as a non-charm action. Until she reaches Essence
                        6, she cannot benefit from this charm and Singular Catastrophe Charge at the same

                        I Will Not Be Denied
                        Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: World of Paper Walls
                        Sometimes a person or a thing gets in the way of Isidoros, and it has the pride
                        not to move and/or the resilience to force him to do more than idly step over or
                        through it. Isidoros respects and approves of both of these. However, it is still in his
                        way, and must be crushed.This charm can be activated whenever the Infernal finds his
                        way obstructed by an object he has just targeted with World of Paper Walls, adding
                        his Essence to his raw damage (or his Strength + Athletics total). If this attempt fails,
                        he may try again, adding his Essence again to the pool from the previous attempt,
                        but adds the cost of the prior invocation of this charm to the next. While the Infernal
                        can initially only benefit from this charm a number of times equal to his Essence, he
                        may purchase it again at Essence 5, at which point there is no finite limit to the
                        number of times that this charm may be used (and thus how high the raw damage
                        can climb), save the Essence pool of the Infernal.
                        At Essence 4 this charm can also supplement the Isidoros Excellency, adding dice to
                        valid rolls. While the dice from this charm does count towards the limit of dice-adding
                        charms, he can break the cap through continued application of this charm.

                        To Bear the Brass Sky
                        Cost: None/15m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
                        Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK
                        Duration: One Action
                        Prerequisites: First Isidoros Excellency, I Will Not Be Denied
                        Isidoros' strength is without equal; those who wrestle him are crushed, those
                        who get in his way are trampled, and even the being who still thinks himself the
                        king of all his kind occasionally tries to crush him between the layers of the Demon
                        City. He tries.This charm enhances any Strength + Athletics pool to lift or throw
                        an object, as long as that attempt is also enhanced by the Infernal's First Isidoros
                        Excellency. The Infernal doubles both the dice and successes added by excellencies,
                        as well as the maximum number of bonus dice he may add to such an attempt with
                        his Charms.
                        At Essence 7, for a flat cost of 15 motes and 1 willpower, the Infernal may lift or
                        throw any inanimate object as though he had ten (strength+athletics) more than the
                        minimum required to lift it, and applies his Willpower in automatic successes to any
                        roll this charm supplements if it is opposed.
                        At the end of this Charm's duration, the Infernal is left with his own strength
                        again; he may set down whatever he has picked up, throw it if possible, or use this
                        charm again; continuing to bear the solid jade pillar of a manse when one no longer has
                        the strength to carry it bears consequences best pondered by a creative Storyteller.

                        Rutting Boar Conflict
                        Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Sorcerous, Social
                        Duration: One Scene
                        Prerequisites: Who Argues With Falling Stars?
                        It is nigh-incomprehensible and anathema to the Black Boar that Twists the
                        Skies that one might bow to another without expending every bit of their will that
                        they can muster. This charm makes a Wits+Presence Roll against the target's MDV;
                        the target need not be aware of the Infernal's presence in order to feel this blessing.
                        If the Infernal succeeds, he imparts unto them a small portion of Isidoros' will and
                        pride; the next time within the scene their MDV is overcome in Social Combat, the
                        target must spend willpower to continue the combat if at all possible. At Essence 4,
                        the Infernal may extend this effect for the entire scene by adding a point of willpower
                        to the invocation cost of this charm. The target may restrain himself for the cost of
                        2 points of willpower, and may ignore this charm for the rest of the scene by resisting
                        it twice.

                        All Causes Are Worth Blood
                        Cost: +1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Special
                        Keywords: None
                        Duration: One Day
                        Prerequisites: Rutting Boar Conflict
                        This Charm enhances its prerequisite, forcing another to continue physical com-
                        bat until they have either proven their superiority or fallen to their better. The target
                        simply cannot pull himself away from combat until his opponent is either unconscious
                        or dead{or until the target of this charm is. Any attempts to instill supernatural fear
                        or motivation are treated as an unacceptable order, and he receives a bonus success to
                        resist any other attempts to calm him. The target may spend a willpower to restrain
                        himself for a single tick, and may throw off the effects for four such willpower spent.

                        The Stars Lie
                        Cost: None; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Reflexive
                        Keywords: Obvious, Ego
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: The Boar is No Fly
                        Fate is a flawed concept in flawed execution. By weaving the deeds of great
                        men in the stars before they are performed, the pattern spiders seek to chain them,
                        control them.It fails, and Isidoros will always be there to laugh when it does.
                        This charm allows the Infernal to activate The Boar Is No Fly whenever he is
                        in the presence of a Blasphemy effect; as a side effect of this charm, he becomes
                        instinctively aware of the presence of any Blasphemy effect in the area, although he
                        gains no special insight into the nature of the effect, nor who--if anyone--invoked it.
                        Isidoros cares more that he has been given another chance to make his point than
                        who has given him the opportunity to do so.
                        If Isidoros is in Sky-Warping Titan-Beast Shintai, he may employ his own Fate-
                        defying presence to shred the Loom asunder, and invoke The Boar is No Fly as
                        a Miscellaneous Action (which may be part of a flurry, although not with itself)
                        regardless of whether or not he is within Fate at the time. Doing so does not invoke
                        the usual Ego willpower point surcharge for this charm or its prerequisite.

                        On the Anvil of Wanting
                        Cost: None; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                        Keywords: Obvious, Shaping
                        Duration: One Scene
                        Prerequisites: None
                        The wants and urges of Isidoros outweigh the petty whims of those who would
                        reshape the world around him. Regardless of what they try,attempting to directly
                        impose their own desires onto the fabric of Malfeas only sates the boar himself. This
                        charm in and of itself grants no particular protection against shaping attacks or actions
                        made upon the Infernal, or the area around her, but whether such an effect succeeds
                        or fails, the Infernal regains a willpower point. In addition to any effects made by a
                        successful Shaping action, basic wants of the character also manifest around her--a bed
                        to rest in if she is tired, favorite foods or wines for hunger, or concubines of whatever
                        sort may please her. Such creations only last until they are used according to their
                        function; a soft bed disappears once the Infernal awakens from it, and a platter of
                        rich foods vanishes once her hunger is appeased(though she remains full). This charm
                        explicitly does not function for Shaping actions that the Infernal herself performs; she
                        deliberately chooses the way in which the world shall reflect her desires, and so forces
                        it to gratify her, instead of letting it come naturally.

                        Ocean-Swallowing Gullet
                        Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Obvious, Ego
                        Duration: Indefinite
                        Prerequisites: On the Anvil of Wanting
                        The great bulk of the Black Boar is beyond imagining and defies reason: on
                        the outside, he swallows mountains; on the inside, he can contain worlds. This charm
                        allows the Infernal to devote an action to consuming any inanimate object he can
                        carry{this is a dramatic action if the target of this charm is too large to be wielded as
                        a weapon, otherwise a Speed 5/DV-2 Miscellaneous action. He cannot carry objects
                        he cannot lift with his strength + athletics. His mouth and throat can expand to
                        grotesque sizes as he consumes, but he shows no sign of containing that which he
                        does; such things are not actually passed along to the Infernal's stomach for digestion,
                        but linger in a sort of Elsewhere-space until the Infernal decides he no longer wishes
                        to carry it within, at which point he may vomit the swallowed object up through his
                        mouth, or otherwise relieve himself of the burden through another orifice; this takes
                        as long as it did to initially swallow the object. He may also reflexively relieve himself
                        of any stored possessions by forcing them through his skin; this inflicts a number of
                        Lethal health levels of damage equal to the Strength + Athletics Total required to
                        lift it. Alternately, he may pass it along to his stomach as though he had initially
                        swallowed it, with whatever reasonable consequences might ensue. If the Infernal
                        is in Isidoros' Shintai, consuming objects imposes no DV penalty, and any ejected
                        items inflict a single level of bashing damage to him. He possesses no upper limit
                        to the amount of things he may carry with this charm, but each invocation requires
                        a separate committed mote, and he may not manipulate them inside himself in any
                        way unless he has Ever-Burning Forge Gut.If the Infernals is slain, all the contents
                        stored by this charm spontaneously erupt forth immediately upon his death.

                        Greater Beast Consumption
                        Cost: 4m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Special
                        Keywords: Obvious
                        Duration: Indefinite
                        Prerequisites: Ocean-Swallowing Gullet
                        Blessed is the man consumed by Isidoros, for the man shall become Isidoros.
                        This charm allows the Infernal to swallow living beings with Ocean-Swallowing Gul-
                        let,although this requires a complete lack of resistance; any significant struggle on the
                        part of the victim prevents the Infernal from being able to consume the target. Any
                        entity so stored remains comatose and immune to the ravages or demands of time,
                        although they may spend 3 points of willpower to awaken; a creature who regains con-
                        sciousness finds themselves alone in the infinite space inside the Infernal this charm's
                        prerequisite provides, and they may free themselves from this charm as though it
                        were a Shaping effect with results as though the Infernal had opted to reflexively
                        eject them from their body.

                        Weight of the Mountain's Shadow
                        Cost: 7m; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Obvious, Ego, Shaping, Combo-OK
                        Duration: One Action
                        Prerequisites: Greater Beast Consumption
                        The towering frame of Isidoros crushes men and demons with his mere awesome
                        presence as surely and brutally as the passage of his countless dark hooves. With this
                        charm, the Infernal directs his attention and the force of his personality upon a
                        single target within (Charisma) yards as an overwhelming, overbearing pressure that
                        crushes lesser men utterly. Treat this as an Environmental effect with a damage of
                        (Willpower)L/Action, and a trauma of 4. Further, the overwhelming mien of the
                        Warlock weighs even more literally upon the target, and she takes a penalty to her
                        actions as though she were carrying a load of a Strength+Athletics rating of the
                        Infernal's Charisma+Essence. While in Shintai, the Infernal adds 5 to the mote cost
                        in addition to the Ego surcharge, and applies this effect to everything in his vicinity
                        within Essence*10 yards.

                        Sea Swallows Snowflakes
                        Cost: 8m; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Supplemental
                        Keywords: Obvious, Ego, Shaping, Combo-OK
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Weight of the Mountain's Shadow
                        A grain of sand disappears into the desert. A drop of rain disappears among
                        thousands into the rising waters of a fl
                        ooding river. A man or demon sinks into
                        Isidoros. In all these things, a single insignificant part disappears into an infinitely
                        greater whole. This charm adds the Infernal's Essence in dice to any attempt to
                        maintain or gain control of a clinch. As he does so, his body takes on the night-black
                        pitch of the Boar who Twists the Skies; even if he fails to maintain control of the
                        clinch he may inflict his Essence in dice of damage to any who do not release him,
                        as his opponent is crushed into the Infernal with far beyond brute strength. If he
                        reduces his opponent to Incapacitated, he may maintain the clinch and absorb his
                        foe through his skin immediately as though with Greater Beast Consumption (this
                        completes when his DV next refreshes).While in Sky-Warping Titan Beast Shintai,
                        the Infernal may alternately choose to enhance this charm's prerequisite; rather than
                        crushing his enemies into the ground, he may instead beckon them to join in his great
                        being. This bears any targets through the air to the nearest surface of his body with
                        a force equal to his Strength+Essence, and he may still opt to absorb them (either
                        per Greater Beast Consumption or for simple nourishment or pleasure) when they
                        lose consciousness and/or life. If he chooses to consume his fallen enemies like this
                        the process requires no action, but takes three ticks to complete.

                        Ever-Burning Forge Gut
                        Cost: 1m+, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Ego
                        Duration: Indefinite
                        Prerequisites: Ocean-Swallowing Gullet
                        Those things which Isidoros has consumed become a part of him, and if there is
                        one thing of which Isidoros assumes complete mastery and dominion, it is himself. For
                        an Essence cost of twice the resources value of the materials with which he works (or
                        twice the Essence of an entity he contains), the Infernal may make Dramatic actions
                        upon objects carried via Ocean-Swallowing Gullet; he may absorb the information in
                        books, perform Craft actions upon raw materials, or perform Medicine actions upon
                        an entity he carries via Greater Beast Consumption. The Exalt explicitly may not
                        engage in social combat with a sentient being he contains; if he is large enough to
                        contain it, it is too small for him to accord it the honor of debate. The Infernal
                        may only be performing one dramatic action at a time with this charm, but need not
                        devote conscious attention to this. If the Infernal is in Shintai, then these actions are
                        performed around the clock, even while the Infernal may be sleeping or otherwise not
                        in control of her faculties.

                        Everything Louder Than Everything Else
                        Cost: (+1m); Mins: Essence 1; Type: Special
                        Keywords: Social, Combo-OK, Blasphemy
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: First Isidoros Excellency
                        Isidoros cares less whether an action is done for him or against him, and more
                        than it is done well, wholly by one's own will, and with impact. By spending an extra
                        mote when applying an excellency, the Infernal indiscriminately grants the effects of
                        it to all sentient entities within (Essence x 10) yards. Targets do not know the source
                        of the power that temporarily floods them, but they are instinctively aware of the
                        rules of the Excellency,and that if they act within the next 6 ticks, they may benefit
                        from the Excellency as though they had used it themselves. This awareness comes as
                        a wild impulse, and to indulge it gives the target a point of Willpower; to bottle the
                        urge, on the other hand, costs a point. The Infernal does not need to act on the tick
                        she uses this charm, neither gaining the benefit for going with the flow nor suffering
                        for resisting it; however, she forfeits any benefit from the excellency for herself by her
                        restraint.Creatures who have Excellencies of their own do not gain this benefit--they
                        have their own, somewhat lesser, glories to unfold--but do intrinsically understand
                        that if they use one of their own Excellencies along Isidoros' themes, its cost will be
                        discounted by up to half the motes that would be spent on this charm, rounded up.
                        This discount is not optional, and cannot reduce the cost of a charm below 0.
                        Regardless, the Infernal becomes pleasantly aware of anyone who takes advantage
                        of this charm, and further is aware of anyone who used a different Excellency than
                        the one she offered. This does not pinpoint the location of Essence users, but it does
                        give the Infernal a bonus equal to her Essence on any subsequent rolls that scene to
                        detect their presence.
                        While this charm does register as a Blasphemy, it echoes off of every target who
                        takes advantage of the charm, with none of them registering as the originator of the
                        effect; unless the Infernal powers this charm with Peripheral Essence--or none take
                        advantage of it--there is no innate way to pinpoint her as the point of its origin.
                        As a final effect, at Essence 3 all those who accept the willpower benefits from this
                        charm are treated as Creatures of Darkness for the rest of the scene. If they are the
                        target of Desecration effects during this time, they remain loathed by Heaven until
                        they have removed the Desecration effect.

                        Restoring the Barrow's Soul
                        Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Social, Combo-Basic
                        Duration: Instant or One Week
                        Prerequisites: Everything Louder Than Everything Else
                        Isidoros' grace be upon those whom he touches with this charm; all uncertainty
                        shall fade from their mind, all distractions fall like autumn leaves, and the road to their
                        greatness and legend shall be clear. The Infernal rolls (Charisma + Presence) against
                        a mortal target's MDV. This effect is Unnatural Mental Influence, and costs two
                        willpower to resist. If he succeeds, he imbues the target with a new heroic motivation
                        centered around one of their Intimacies. Said mortal loses all other Intimacies in the
                        process--a small price to pay for such unmatched clarity of vision--and the Infernal may
                        imbue the mortal with virtues and Willpower as a training effect. This charm does not
                        sustain itself in any supernatural fashion; while the lost intimacies and motivation
                        will not return on their own, the target suffers no protection from other interests
                        clouding his direction. This charm does not allow the Infernal--or a hypothetical
                        willing target--to choose the new motivation; if their newfound direction and drive
                        lead to conflict with the Boar, then at least they face him honestly, and will die
                        honestly.The Infernal may also target the Exalted with this charm, with similar effects.
                        However, this change is temporary, lasting only a week if not otherwise countered;
                        the Exalt's original motivation and intimacies return at this time. Further, the Black
                        Boar either respects or disdains the Chosen too much to empower their souls further,
                        and so the Infernal cannot employ the aforementioned Training effect upon them.At
                        Essence 4, the Infernal may repurchase this charm to apply its effects to anyone who
                        accepts the benefit of its prerequisite; this costs 4 motes for each dot of magnitude
                        the infernal wishes to affect, and such blessed souls are somewhat aware of this when
                        the Infernal activates Everything Louder Than Everything else, knowing intrinsically
                        that to accept the benefit will make them <i>more</i> than they are now, intrinsically.
                        They may still fight off the effects of this charm while accepting the benefits of its
                        prerequisite, but must spend an additional point of willpower to allow them to swim
                        in the flood of power Isidoros offers them, and not be swept away.

                        On the Failure of Compromise
                        Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Sorcerous, Shaping
                        Duration: Indefinite
                        Prerequisites: Everything Louder Than Everything Else
                        As it galls Ferand to see the many weak band together against the strong,
                        so too does Isidoros scorn the yoking of one's will to another's purposes. To do
                        so acknowledges one's inadequacy and ineffectiveness, after all; while they would
                        certainly fall if they stood apart and individual, at least they would do so on their
                        own terms. With this understanding, an Infernal may demonstrate the inadequacies of
                        the many against the strength of the one.The Infernal names a group of a Magnitude
                        no larger than his Essence when he invokes this charm; all actions against him as an
                        individual by members of that group (e.g. Social or physical attacks, investigations,
                        traps) suffer an internal penalty equal to his Essence.
                        This penalty has no effect on entities of a higher Essence than the Infernal, and
                        others may opt to sever their ties to the targeted social group and thus escape the
                        penalty. Such an admirable and iconoclastic gesture must not be hidden; if the brave
                        soul who would circumvent this charm has a reasonable expectation that the group
                        she separates herself from will accept her return, then she continues to suffer the
                        penalty described above.
                        This charm explicitly cannot be used on a single person, and fails to protect an
                        Infernal in Mass Combat unless he acts as a solo unit.

                        Star-Shattering God-Reaper Stride
                        Cost: 1m or 6m; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Obvious, Blasphemy, Ego
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Sea Swallows Snowflakes, The Boar is No Fly
                        The heavens seemed to weep when Isidoros walked Creation, and the Maidens
                        still shed tears involuntarily when this charm is mentioned in their presence. This
                        charm murders the least gods of every dust mote, every blade of grass, every raindrop
                        and breeze in the Infernal's presence. Yet in this charm is a sort of benevolence, for
                        Isidoros grants these beings without any real sort of self a part in his own grandeur.
                        As each one dies, his power forges its Essence into Starmetal, and for a brief time
                        gathers these not just into himself, but wears them upon his skin. Upon invoking
                        this charm, the Infernal gains the Magical Material bonus of Starmetal to either his
                        attacks or defense. If the Infernal has both this charm and Sky-Warping Titan-Beast
                        Shintai active, the cost of this charm rises to 6 motes plus the Ego surcharge, and
                        every action the Infernal makes further shreds the Loom of Fate; as stars fall from
                        the sky in a shimmering rain, Isidoros extends his glorious presence to them, as well.
                        Every tick the Infernal spends with this charm active gives him a success on a crafting
                        roll to create either a weapon with which to enhance his punches, kicks, or clinches (if
                        he is enhancing his damage with this charm), or to create armor (if he is enhancing
                        his defense). This panopoly is treated as artifact arms and armor, but he may only
                        activate one at a time. He may also add successes equal to the motes of Essence
                        gained out of any stunt, and also add the Essence of any god he kills. The artifacts
                        are visibly formed of starmetal, although it is equally plainly tainted by the Infernal's
                        Essence, as though it had been immersed in Vitriol. At Essence 6, this charm gains
                        the Stackable keyword, although further invocations in Shintai cost a mere two motes
                        of Essence.
                        As this charm terminates, the Infernal absorbs the armor and weaponry through
                        his skin as it disappears forever; the Infernal regains a number of motes equal to the
                        artifact level of whatever he absorbs through this charm.

                        Content to Wallow
                        Cost: 5m (+1wp, see text); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Ego, Combo-Basic
                        Duration: One Day
                        Prerequisites: None
                        Isidoros earned his title more than once before he and his were trapped away in
                        their king, but he could not truly trample the constellations and tear stars down from
                        the sky without being willing to wade in the hateful concept that they represented.
                        The Infernal allows himself to sink into Fate with this charm (which cannot be used
                        in an area Outside of Fate), and for all intents and purposes seems to be a creature
                        of Creation for the rest of the day. Those looking into the stars may see him reflected
                        as a being of great but unclear Destiny (of a strength equal to his Essence), but
                        nothing directly betrays his Yozi patronage. While this charm is active, he is treated
                        as within fate for all effects, and for a time, at least, ignores the Blasphemy keyword
                        of any charm with a minimum Essence less than his permanent. If such a charm's
                        Blasphemy effect is ongoing, it will reveal itself at the end of this charm, and Heaven
                        will react accordingly.This charm terminates when the Infernal activates any charm
                        which would remain a Blasphemy effect; regardless of his permanent Essence, this
                        always includes Sky-Warping Titan Beast Shintai; if he actives it again via its Ego
                        power (Which costs but two motes and can be used as part of a flurry), he will
                        leave fate once again on his next action; the Infernal is too great a thing to be truly
                        constrained by the Loom.
                        Regardless of the form of this charm, a willpower dot is committed alongside
                        the Essence (this also takes the place of the usual Ego surcharge); the Infernal is
                        containing himself in ways that he cannot help but be subconsciously aware of, and
                        his presence suffers for it. On the other hand, the dot and its point return fully at
                        the charm's end.

                        The Boar is No Fly
                        Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Special
                        Keywords: Obvious, Shaping, Ego, Blasphemy
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Content to Wallow, World of Paper Walls
                        Whenever Isidoros wraps himself up in Fate, he shudders in joyful anticipation
                        of release, when he breaks free and reveals himself in all his glory. This charm can
                        be activated when Content to Wallow ends, whether by choice of the Infernal or the
                        natural time limit expiring; he may also invoke it other circumstances in which he
                        passes out of Fate; he may break free of any effects placing him inside fate for 4
                        motes each with this charm; any other effects contingent upon him being within fate
                        immediately end.The Infernal's anima immediately flares to the 8-10 level for the
                        rest of the scene (unless it was already there or larger), and the Loom is temporarily
                        damaged: all Sidereals in (Essence) miles experience a +2 difficulty to all astrology
                        rolls, and minor loom failures commence in the Infernal's immediate area. For the
                        next (Essence) ticks, any other Blasphemy effects in the area do not register with
                        Heaven; they may likely send forces to investigate, but not as rapidly or intently as
                        they might to a more obvious working of the Yozis. As the Infernal has no control
                        over the way this chaos expresses itself, he regains a willpower point if he possesses
                        On the Anvil of Wanting.
                        The Ego power of this charm allows the Infernal to place the entire area outside of
                        fate, instead of merely inflicting minor problems. If the Infernal is already in a place
                        outside of fate, the usual effects of this charm occur, but the Infernal does not pay
                        the mote surcharge to activate this charm.

                        Glory Beyond Stars
                        Cost: (+3m per dot, 1wp); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                        Keywords: Social, Sorcerous, Desecration
                        Duration: Instant
                        Prerequisites: Restoring The Barrow's Soul
                        The great men Isidoros imbues with a bit of himself are glorious and
                        magnificent{the sort whom the stars in the skies tell the legend of. This is, of course,
                        wholly unacceptable.This charm permanently enhances the effects of Restoring the
                        Barrow's Soul; the Infernal may grant the target the Destiny background at a cost of
                        3 motes per dot. However, this destiny is not of the Loom of Fate: the target is out of
                        Fate as long as the effects persist, and his actions are in defiance of Fate, rather than
                        according to what it had in store for him. Any time the target of this charm uses his
                        Destiny background, it is treated as a Blasphemy effect.
                        If this is used with the second purchase of Restoring the Barrow's Soul, the Infernal
                        need only spend the motes for a single ersatz Destiny background, but spends an extra
                        point of willpower for each level of magnitude the Infernal wishes to affect.

                        Sky-Warping Titan-Beast Shintai
                        Cost: 6m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Form-type, Obvious, Blasphemy
                        Duration: One Scene
                        Prerequisites: Weight of the Mountain's Shadow, The Boar is No Fly, Perfected
                        Invincible Form
                        Isidoros is Isidoros. One could leave it at that, but such elegant simplicity
                        does not enlighten the casual or ignorant listener. Isidoros towers over mountains
                        and castles, and even in the infinite expanse of Malfeas, his shadowed back always
                        seems moments away from brushing against the brass ceiling, though never quite close
                        enough to reach. His shadow can block out the sun, and were he to carefully balance
                        himself on the Blessed Isle, and were Sextes Jylis to raise his head from the Eastern
                        forest and Dana'ad hers from the Western Ocean, they would not see each other, but
                        the Black Boar. His grand shape is too great for the stars to contain.Upon invoking
                        this charm, the Infernal's body bulges and swells as they take on the mind-staggering
                        stature of the Black Boar who Twists the Skies. Almost. The Infernal multiplies his
                        size by a factor of his Essence, and adds his Essence to his Strength.
                        On the other hand, the Infernal has also outgrown all those around him: any crea-
                        ture more than 2 Essence points beneath his own is no longer a valid target for any
                        interactions outside of the physical. The Infernal doubles his Soak against those so
                        ignored, but he cannot engage in conversation with them, only able to recognize their
                        chatter if they make a social attack that circumvents the effects of Who Argues with
                        Falling Stars. The Infernal may deliberately open his mind to more meaningful in-
                        teraction to anyone he could spare from the effects of Singular Catastrophe Charge,
                        but this requires the expenditure of a willpower point.
                        On the other hand, he treats all Charms with the Blasphemy keyword as having
                        a minimum Essence equal to his permanent Essence (which is raised by 1 for the
                        duration of this charm; he cannot train higher-essence charms to take advantage of
                        this, nor train Attributes or Abilities at a higher maximum, but does gain enhanced
                        minimum damage and Essence pool, as well as enhancing the power of the charms he
                        does possess). Isidoros, of course, is not subtle.
                        Further, the Infernal's emulation of Isidoros is perfected; any charms with the Ego
                        keyword gain access to their true capabilities.
                        At Essence 7, the Infernal may purchase this charm again, and treat it as his
                        natural shape; doing so triples the size multiplier of this charm, adding another point
                        to the Infernal's effective Essence, as well as rendering him nigh-impervious to harm;
                        any attack which could be absorbed by Perfected Invincible form does its minimum
                        damage instead. The Infernal also adds his Willpower to his strength in addition
                        to his Essence. He may still spend the cost of this charm to suspend all its effects
                        and commit the willpower as well as the motes to take on the pathetic stature that
                        was once shamefully his (He may also take on the size of the first purchase of this
                        charm for 2m, 1wp). The committed willpower is cumulative with that of Content to
                        A third purchase of this charm exists, but the effects of the full grandeur of the
                        Black Boar's true size are beyond the scope of this charmset (<i>Read: No, seriously,
                        he's really, really big and I want to see what the Yozis-as-a-Landscape rules look like
                        before I do anything with this.</i>)

                        Sidebar/Errata: With the maximum number of purchases, this charm theoretically
                        means that Isidoros himself is flaunting a sort of phantom Permanent Essence of 12,
                        at least. Yet the cap for all things in Creation and beyond is 10 or less. So, how does
                        Isidoros do it?
                        In typical Primordial fashion: by imposing his own rules on reality. As far as he is
                        concerned, he's Essence 12 (which means, per NNI, he doesn't change at all via CoDU
                        unless he casts off his own Motivation with that charm). Most of the rest of the world
                        is inclined to agree. As with all limitations, he does not merely step outside them,
                        he shatters it and strides past the rubble. However, anything with a shaping defense
                        active asserts the laws of Creation against him, and as far as they are concerned, the
                        Black Boar who Twists the Skies is a paltry Essence 10, no bigger than anything else
                        has a right to be.
                        This assertion of limits only applies to effects directly applied to the character
                        protected; if Isidoros uses Weight of the Mountain's Shadow, the Exalt in question
                        must still contend with the effects of a 120-yard radius to the power, rather than 100.
                        On the other hand, repeated applications of I Shall Not Be Denied to attempts to
                        crush the unshapeable target only add 10 dice per invocation, rather than 12.


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                          Originally posted by Gaius View Post
                          I'm always surprised with how many Charmsets the Black Boar has wound up getting, relative to the other Yozis without canonical Charmsets. Those sets have gone in some pretty diverse directions, to boot. That's not to say I'm disappointed; I just find it odd I've seen quite a few more sets for him than, say, Oramus, Szoreny, Hegra, and Elloge. It interests me, and I wonder if there's a reason for it. Just more popular and/or easier to get a handle on than other Yozis?
                          A little from column A, but mostly column B, I think. He has an obvious and very appealing style, which also happens to be more... material than, say, Oramus or Elloge (who are both popular, but have very few Charmsets to their names).


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                            Originally posted by amechra View Post
                            No one has made a full charmset for either Elloge or Hegra.

                            Makes me sad.
                            Actually, GitP forum member LixLorn has written an Elloge set(I'm posting from my phone, so forgive any wonkiness):

                            The Demented One/Robert Vance(I think that's his real name?) also made a Hegra set back in the day, collected here (fourth post down):
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                              I'll back The MG on this. Isidoros has some hooks in his set that--once you've locked onto them and figured out how to implement them--become really supportive of creating charms. He's big, he's strong, and he's stubborn. In some respect he's one of the easier yozis to write charms for in that "Lift and break" charms are pretty straightforward.

                              On the other hand, a lot of Yozis lack those hooks. I have a fraction of an Elloge set, but it took a while to put together some of the effects (though the idea of crazy fanfic author yozi who looks at what is and rewrites characters to be more interesting helped) and I know there had to be people who looked at it and wondered why one of the root charms made you partially illiterate.

                              I still have NO idea how I would approach Oramus. At all.