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[2.5e] Replacing Devil Tigers with something a bit more sane.

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  • [2.5e] Replacing Devil Tigers with something a bit more sane.

    A bit more sane in the sense that it doesn't force you to write a full goddamn Charmset.

    Echoes of Myths Unspoken
    : --; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Any (Yozi) Excellency

    The Yozi are myth-made-flesh-and-geography; it is a Warlock's given right to sing these myths from Yu-Shan to Deep Chaos. However, they are not the only myths that can be sung, and myths change in the telling...

    Upon first taking this charm, define a set of Yozi General charms, an aesthetic, and an Imperfection based of off a First (Yozi) Excellency of your design; this is referred to as your Myth. You gain the ability to learn these charms for the normal costs for Favored charms; these are the sole charms in your Myth, barring any that you adapt.

    However, that is not the key benefit of this charm; much like the Yozis themselves, you gain the ability to adapt charms from other Yozis to match your Myth. You may adapt any Favored or Caste Yozi charms that you know to match your Myth, paying for them as Favored charms. If you already know the charms you wish to adapt, you may adapt them for 1xp, replacing them in an Obvious upwelling of Essence. You may 'adapt' General charms in this way, replacing them with the corresponding charm from your Myth.

    As part of adapting Charms to your Myth, you may tweak the mechanical nature of the Charm as well; this mechanical alteration should not be much larger than changing an Attribute or Ability, altering what kind of intimacy is inflicted, or other minor, mostly stylistic differences.

    Child-Tale Instruction
    Cost: --; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Echoes of Myths Unspoken

    Myths are simultaneously potent and fragile; if they can spread, they survive. And once they survive, they live on for far longer than it was ever thought they would.

    Upon taking this charm, any and all Heretical charms that specifically have charms you have adapted to your Myth as their only prerequisites may be learned as if they were charms in your Myth, costing the standard 1xp to convert if you already know them. Heretical charms adapted in this way lose the Heretical keyword.

    In addition, you gain the ability to develop completely new charms for your Myth; this follows all the normal rules for developing a new charm.

    Finally, you may teach other Green Sun Princes charms from your Myth; they must pay non-Favored costs for those charms, and this does not allow them to further innovate charms along that path. Your Myth, at least at this point, is yours to guide.

    I-Am-Here Declaration
    -- (30m, 10 Limit; 5wp, 5AHL); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Echoes of Myths Unspoken

    Legends aren't supposed to be secrets; myths weren't made to be whispered. It is time to shout your declaration to the world.

    Upon taking this charm, define a Caste Mark, Urge, Torment, and Act of Villainy along the lines of your Myth. Upon creating this panoply, it lies hidden until you are ready to declare it.

    As a Dramatic action taking a full day, you may reveal your Myth to the whole world; by committing 30m for this period of time, you immediately enter Torment, your Anima Banner flaring totemic. At any point during this enforced Torment, you may spend 5wp and take 5 Unsoakable levels of Aggravated damage to take control of your madness; the nature of your Torment immediately alters to match the Torment you defined through this charm, your Caste Mark likewise changes, your Anima Banner's aesthetic alters to match that of your Myth, and your Urge is replaced by one in keeping with your Myth.

    This Charm may serve as the sole prerequisite for Swallowing the Scorpion; upon taking that Charm, you may immediately activate this charm, waiving the willpower and health level costs of completing your conversion.

    I'll write up the Charms that let you redefine your Caste and such fun stuff later. Including one that would let you hack prerequisites, and so on and so forth.

    A fun note is that a valid Myth is taking, say, the Malfeas General Charms, and start adapting Adorjan and Ebon Dragon charms to fit. With enough time (and the Caste-definition Charm, and so on and so forth), you could have a second, perfectly valid interpretation of Malfeas running around.

    As for "why would you do this", I ran across an interesting thread on where they adapted a few iconic charms from one Yozi over to another Yozi. You do much the same thing here.
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    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.

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    I notice the minimum Essence for this is far lower than the beginning of the Devil Tigers from Broken Winged Crane. Will that be the case with further charms from this project? If so, how do you explain/justify the lower permanent Essence?

    Do you feel the Devil Tiger Essence requirements are just too damn high? Or is is it that this seems to be a more incremental process?


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      Hmm, if I'm reading this right, you can never learn non-favored charms at favored cost, nor skip the pre-requs for anything but instead are effectively paying exp per charm (below E5) to get a thematic change on a subset of charms you could normally buy at favored cost (this xp cost is then refunded at E5).

      As something you have to pay XP for in the first place, I'd just have the E5 upgrade work all the time, I'm not seeing a bunch of abuses for it.

      (If on the other hand, the intent is that you can *save* XP with this charm, or skip pre-reqs then it just doesn't belong in the game. )


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        I've felt that locking Devil Tiger mojo to the higher rungs of Essence means that you aren't going to see it in play; I also feel a more incremental approach is better. This Charm actually lets you become a Primordial, since it has its own copy of (Yozi) Cosmic Principle and all that other goodness. But as it is, your Myth requires you to make 4 charms and an Imperfection. And those 4 charms are formulaic charms in the first place (the Excellency, the Mythos Exultant, the Mythos Ascendent, and the Sorcerous Initiation.), so it'd be the work of maybe an hour with your ST.

        Well, it was more a thematic thing; I can drop that bit, because it is, in most cases a minor aesthetic/mechanical change.

        For example, you could use this charm to build a Malfeas charmset out of the Ebon Dragon and Cecelyne. Some minor mechanical tweaks are necessary, but that's why it is called "adapting." I'll actually toss that into the charm as a clarification; your adaptation should be able to tweak the mechanics a bit.

        With the ED/Cece Malfeas "hack", I would go with a direct port over of his General charms and Imperfection; I'd then start filling in with Cecelyne charms, using Followers instead of Cult and using urban areas instead of places of desolation. I'd grab the Verdant Essence Endowment tree, with the "debt" instead being levels of Lethal damage hanging over their heads (Malfeas doesn't curse you; he lights you on fire for your impertinence); I'd leave off a bunch of the upgrades for VEE, and maybe tweak what you can grant with the basic charm, to make it more "King of the Universe".

        From the Ebon Dragon, I would have to port over Witness to Darkness to adapt the stuff behind it; I adapt it and call it Viewpoint of the Emperor or something; it penalizes Manipulation and lies, while boosting up commands, and protects you from excessive light (or something). The Golden Years Tarnished Black tree can be refluffed and tweaked to work as Malfeas' speachifyin' (though Want Becomes Need is a no for Malfeas.) A Bloodless Murk Evasion would work by moving the attacker instead of the defender, and so forth.

        It would end up feeling like Malfeas if he were more focused on social stuff than the physical manifestations.

        EDIT: I tweaked the first charm and threw in a pair of successor charms. I still have a planned E5 Upgrade for I-Am-Here Declaration that actually changes your Caste. I am kinda worried that I-Am-Here Declaration lets you change up your Urge too easily (you just need to enter Torment for a day), so I'd like to hear what people have to say about it.
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        I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

        So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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          I don't think it's an issue. These are the sorts of charms you should have to go questing to access rather than just having them available right off the bat. This isn't a charm for "bam, your urge is different now easy as pie" because you have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to figure out that these charms exist and can be taken.