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  • Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

    This attitude from yourself and several others was not conductive to polite conversation.

    By the time i went there, it wasnt a conversation. We dont even need to talk about polite or conductive. You could see from the third post of the OP that the thread was doomed, because in that thread, "Is Celestial Bliss Trick rape?" wasnt a question, but an affirmation in the form of a question.


    • Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

      This attitude from yourself and several others was not conductive to polite conversation.
      that person literally got banned from talking about Exalted on other forums iirc. He never cared about 'polite' conversation, he was literally just attempting to agitate people and confirm his already accepted statement that EX3 is the worst game to have ever existed. It's kind of interesting on this forum because I see people both complaining that this forum both shuts down polite conversation and 'I'm just asking questions' like rude assholes and that it's a crazy frontier town where anything goes.


      • Originally posted by Flare View Post

        that person literally got banned from talking about Exalted on other forums iirc.
        Is there not a rule against cross-forum drama?

        ​Seriously, trying to discredit a person in a conversation by simply providing a link to how they have been reprimanded on another forum is a low point for here.

        I have approximate knowledge of many things.
        Write up as I play Xenoblade Chronicles.


        • I don't particularly care for the individual in question and I've seen him post across multiple forums and I do think that he isn't a troll, and that he sincerely doesn't understand how his posts are received.

          I don't think that makes him any less of a toxic, argumentative presence, but I do think that the suggestion that he is a troll is a faulty one. He really doesn't 'get it.'

          So, uh, make of that what you will?

          I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


          • Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

            Is there not a rule against cross-forum drama?

            ​Seriously, trying to discredit a person in a conversation by simply providing a link to how they have been reprimanded on another forum is a low point for here.
            I don't think it is, though. And first of all, this isn't cross-forum drama, this is looking at how someone acts on another forum pretty similar to this one and judging from their postings both here and there to conclude the poster isn't acting any differently. For another, I know you post on so I can reasonably assume you're familiar with their moderation policies - you know they don't just hand out bans from posting about an entire topic lightly or without consideration. It is not unfair to take how a person has conducted themselves on other forums into consideration with how they will conduct themselves here. Would it be unfair to give him an a priori ban just because he's banned there? I mean. Yeah. Probably. Is it unfair to look at how he's acted to judge how he will continue to act? No.
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            • Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

              Is there not a rule against cross-forum drama?

              ​Seriously, trying to discredit a person in a conversation by simply providing a link to how they have been reprimanded on another forum is a low point for here.
              good thing I didn't post a link then.

              But as it turns out, generally outside of odd circumstances, people will act mostly the same from forum to forum involving the same topic. As Kongurous says, giving him a ban pre-emptively isn't right. But when you look at how he was shilling his homebrew as Exalted 4, his consistent attacks on the game, etc., saying 'well we can't act like we even know how he was ever treated on other forums' is silly.

              You shouldn't pre-emptively judge, and you shouldn't ban someone for what they do on other forums, but if you're going to say 'well you can never take into account the fact that that guy had gotten in trouble constantly across multiple forums for his constant statements phrased as questions that Exalted 3E is the worst game in the world as anything, that's just rude' it's very...strange.

              as for him being a troll; as little as it matters, I do not think he is a troll. I think he legitimately, truly does intensely dislike Exalted 3E and the developers, but he goes about it in an intensely hostile and aggressive way, because he seemed more concerned with everyone admitting he was right then just accepting that people have different opinions. I don't think there's anything wrong with not liking the game, and there's even less wrong with not liking parts of it. But if you don't like a single thing about the game, apparently, from top to bottom, the question becomes more about why you're on a forum specifically about the game in the first place.


              • Something I work on occasionally for my long-running Exalted game, it's Seven Sentinels my PCs base of operations in a style somewhat inspired by the information in Compass of Terrestrial Directions. I did this mostly how I keep information about the city coherent given that it's not a preexisting location but rather something they wyld shaped into being and populated with their followers and the NPCs they collect like pokemon. At the same time I wanted it moderately friendly to the people who haven't been following my posts for the last decade and not some rabbit hole of a characters who don't mean anything to them.
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                • Originally posted by Lioness
                  Orche Plaza
                  Assuming it's supposed to be "Ochre Plaza," named after the color?

                  But yeah, I really like what you've done with it.


                  • Good catch, apparently my spellcheck thought that was a real word.

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                    • I like that the city has relatively modern amenities while also taking some more fantastical solutions to problems, such as making a deal with the birds so they don't shit over everything.


                      • On Previous Incarnations
                        I have a rule when I’m characterising previous incarnations for my PCs, namely that they’re them on a bad day often with someone enabling their worst flaws as I saw them.
                        I’ve had 10 years to work with the PCs from my game and I thought I’d talk about some of them here. I'll have to talk about some of the other characters who don't have previous incarnations or (who I haven't finalised one for, not everyone's is immediately relevant afterall) and what they stand for later.

                        Lu Zhin:
                        The second youngest child of Cathak Cainan and the disappointment, Lu Zhin Exalted while adventuring in the Threshold. He had very vivid memories of his former life and associated Exaltation with privilege that lead him to desire things he wouldn’t have otherwise known to want to find his Lunar mate, to reunite with his old Circle and to be served by Dragon-Blooded. He didn’t mistreat any of those individuals so much as he didn’t really know what to do with them.

                        Ashima is someone who had all of that and squandered much of it, her Lunar Mate being older than her by centuries became a source of embarrassment as other Solars openly speculated that she was too submissive towards him and she eventually let him to die so that she could have a relationship that better conformed to the aesthetic of other Solar/Lunar couples she knew.

                        Similarly, too much association with her Dragon-Blooded Gens brought derisive comments. The last thoughts by the Iron Wolf during the Calibration massacre was appreciating the irony that her younger self might have seen this coming.

                        Joyous Sky:
                        The fact that Joyous Sky’s previous incarnation had become a Deathlord known as The Maiden of a Thousand Veils meant I had to take extra care as she was still around. Sky’s a ghost hunter and musician from the north Second Edition limit break was Heart of Flint and meant she ended up with a serious demeanour tendency and wanting everything just-so.

                        Silver Song turned out like this spoilt diva, she was someone who had whirlwind romances and even faster breakups who kind of lost it when her adult daughter was killed by falling debris from an airship collision which fuelled a morbid fascination with cloning and ultimately Lethe itself.

                        She wasn’t really angry at the Dragon-Blooded for the Usurpation, from her perspective it happened so fast before she got a chance to gloat at some of her more martially inclined peers who hadn’t really fared any better. It was when the other Solars started fading into Lethe and she was forced to ask herself the question of why she hadn’t joined them that she started on a very different path.

                        Mina of Chaya:
                        It was only natural that Mina would take after her father in studying martial arts but rather than it bringing discipline it instead brought the chance for her and her best friend to touch each other in ways that their society deemed inappropriate. When she learnt her friend was going to be married to a man she didn’t love the two of them ran away together with limited success culminating in a public fight against her own father and Exalted confronting the Devil Tiger of Larjyn when it appeared in response to her refusal to show filial piety.

                        Exaltation brought with it the passion that her homeland suppressed, she knew the thrill of a good fight and shed her sexual inhibitions long before she got to Great Forks but even as she marvelled at her newfound strength she maintained her training regime going so far as to learn Hungry Ghost to fully unleash her newfound ferocity when the situation called for it (and sometimes when it didn’t but, shit happens).

                        Queen of the Fire Legions was one of the foremost teachers of combat and strategy of her era who would occasionally grace an academy with her presence but mostly liked her private lessons. It became something of an open secret that her behavior towards her students was predatory and that a refusal could see the career of a young Exalt in ruins before it even got started.

                        Laughing Latrani:
                        As a young man Latrani sought to be one of his tribe’s Braves and sought to prove himself in a rite of passage. In the hollow of a tree he found one of the Fair Folk who was as curious about him as he was eager to get away from it, after failing to get away he tried a different survival strategy. He talked, he talked about nothing, he talked about everything, he chattered away because he knew that when he was no longer of interest his soul would be eaten.

                        As day turned to night his throat ran dry and it seemed he’d only be a sad tale of what happens when one wanders too deep into the woods. But when moonlight came, it came not from the sky but from him. He quickly took to shapeshifting and it’s infinite potential for mischief that even the Silver Pact was forced to acknowledge and when he came to be tattooed as one of the Changing Moons he was already kind of infamous as Laughing Latrani.

                        Experimenting with his shapeshifting and taking his jokes to such extremes that his circlemates thought it was enemy action brought with it the discovery that he had once been Nakik, the first Lunar to fall to Chimeraism. With that revelation came unwanted attention in the form of Raksi who saw him as something of a patient zero and sought a way to end the affliction once and for all. Latrani was for all his mischief a creature of honour at his core, the notion that the Queen of Fangs was willing to vivisect him if necessary was secondary to sparing other Lunars the decline into madness.

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                        • I’m quite taken with the Solar/Lunar mate concept even though there’s a lot of ways to make it horribly creepy. Some more details on those characters and how they've struggled with that particular part of their predecessor's legacy.

                          Lu Zhin:
                          As mentioned previously Lu Zhin felt a Lunar mate was part of being a Solar but he also remembered how things ultimately ended with Ashima and her husband. A Lunar assisted vision quest in the far north lead him to a newly Exalted Icewalker Shaman who had risked her life to rescue a child from a frozen river.

                          The immediate problem was that they didn’t speak the same language but even once that barrier was overcome he found that Anise often prefered to keep her thoughts private and had gone from feeling like an essential part of her tribe to feeling like an accessory.

                          They eventually ended up in bed together but this was not long before he learnt that his Water Aspect girlfriend was pregnant with his child which initially confounded Anises’ sense of purposelessness but ended up bonding with the girlfriend while playing midwife.

                          Eventually after frequent disagreements over how to do things Lu Zhin turned over his incipient spy network to her and finally gave her a role she felt vital doing. Ironically things didn’t really get on course for Lu Zhin and Anise as a couple until a few months before his death, in the aftermath the Water Aspect and her kid moved in with her and now she’s dealing with the attraction she feels towards his female reincarnation.

                          Joyous Sky:
                          Joyous Sky’s mate had the misfortune of also being Silver Song’s mate and when The Maiden of a Thousand Veils met Wandering Nightshade she corrupted him. Sky never really knew Nightshade she knew he was conflicted about what his mistress made him do and that he was fixated on her for the Exaltation she held. His life ended up being the first that Joyous Sky ever took and she considered it a mercy killing.

                          Much later it became known that Nightshade had a lover many years ago, an exorcist of Joyous Sky’s people who attempted to reason with him and ended up carrying his child though dying from illness long before she could bring their daughter into the world. When she died, so did a vital piece of Wandering Nightshade’s humanity.

                          Nightshade’s reincarnation was the southern acrobat turned scavenger lord Creeping Juniper, in many ways she was Sky’s opposite in ways that the Zenith found irritating. She was also already married by the time they first met and dealing with remorse over killing Nighshade.

                          Juniper and Sky were outwardly as different as night and day, the Zenith’s serious disposition contrasted by her mate’s far more jovial demeanor and constant need to tease her. They agreed on the Deathlord threat but had vastly different approaches while Joyous Sky sought to be incorruptible Juniper had studied the ways of necromancy from a ghost of consiousness that resided deep in her mind, that of Wandering Nightshade. Despite all this they were romantically drawn to each other much to the chagrin of the married Joyous Sky.

                          They’re finally at the point where they respect how each other operates. The romantic relationship has managed to thrive despite the fact they’re both also in love with other people.

                          Mina of Chaya:
                          When she left her homeland Mina realised she was being followed, she’d had confrontations on the road but nothing could have prepared her for the person she encountered.

                          Lana Ironwood Breaker was a member of a forest tribe who Exalted some twenty years earlier during a slaver raid, a master martial artist who gained her moniker from how she would leave branches and trunks shattered with her Luna given might. She also wore only a loincloth and to Mina her lovely form was like a siren’s song and the notion of a confrontation with another Exalt was equally tantalising. The two of them fought among the trees Lana claimed victory because she had the young Dawn on her back while Mina claimed victory because she had claimed the Full Moon’s loincloth during their struggle but conceded that her talents were still raw and would need to be nurtured by someone with great skill and tremendous patience.

                          Lana took the Dawn under her wing as mentor, lover and eventually her wife. They were last heard from in the Underworld during a great upheaval, it’s unknown if they survived as the storm raging down there has made travel and communication all but impossible but their allies hold out hope of their eventual return. There’s a tradition in Seven Sentinels of leaving a light on in the hopes they’ll find their way home one day.

                          Laughing Latrani:
                          Latrani saw much wisdom in omens, it’s how he found the other Exalts and it’s how he eventually found his mate and eventual wife. White Sparrow was a woman of the Hundred Kingdoms, a genius savant who had chosen exile from her homeland rather than bring the Wyld Hunt down upon those she knew.
                          So through was White Sparrow’s exile that she had found a place where Creation bled out into the Wyld and learnt to shape it to her whim, in her loneliness she surrounded herself with beautiful winged humanoids wrought from the chaos and when she met her mate she initially questioned if he was real. Latrani convinced her to come back with him.

                          White Sparrow enabled her mate at times, she created various things from the wyld at his request and in her own way was as whimsical as he was. The Great Eastern Ocean was supposed to be their magnum opus but now the Fair Folk have eroded it and the sorcerer princes of Ysyr have begun to lay claim to the islands they made.
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                          • So I did a Nocturnal QC. My interpretation of them may not be to everyone's tastes but I think its better than leaving the splat forgotten.

                            Somewhere among the countless possibilities is Nox, the brother of the Five Maidens. Of course the Five Maidens would deny the existence of such a brother and they would be correct. However, the possibility exists and given Nox’s unique nature his non-existence could be only a minor setback.

                            The Nocturnal Exalted are chosen among those who have been held back by circumstance, they are individuals of great unfulfilled potential because fate didn’t see fit to smile on them in this lifetime. Exaltation is a moment of profound self-realisation that brings immediate awareness of how things could have been different in their lives and some are driven mad as their minds drown among the seas of myriad potential. Even those who survive such an experience invariably find themselves opposed to the established order particularly the Sidereal Exalted who fear that the actions of the Nocturnal Exalted are part of Nox’s plan to force his way into existence.


                            There are five Nocturnal Castes draw their names from omens in the night sky Nova, Comet, Aurora, Empyrean and Nebula


                            Personal Essence (Essence) +15

                            Peripheral Essence (Essence x4) +34


                            The Nocturnal Exalted tap into the innate aptitudes provided by their Attributes and can bolster it with raw willpower. A Nocturnal can add up to (Attribute) dice to any action. However, if her action aligns with a Major or Defining Intimacy she may add (Temporary Willpower) dice if that would be higher.


                            Nocturnals may create illusions showing alternative possibilities from paths which were never taken. For Quick Characters they use the system for Sorcerous Workings though without a roll interval allowing a Nocturnal to perform relatively uncomplicated Fluctuations as quickly as she would a spell. However they normally fade from existence at the end of the scene.

                            As a final complication, once the Fluctuation has lapsed the Nocturnal gains points of Paradox equal to the xp she would have committed to the Sorcerous Working.

                            Paradox Weapons

                            Nocturnals possess an affinity for Adamant and Starmetal but its very rare that they find Magic Materials at all some of them have learnt to make permanent weapons from their Fluctuations. These “Paradox Weapons” have similar traits to Starmetal.

                            Ozera, Aurora Caste Rebel Leader

                            Ozera was married at a young age, a devoted wife and mother whose world was turned upside down when her nation was conquered by the Realm. Her husband was the first one she lost, executed for his rebellion against the Satrap.

                            Some months after that her oldest daughter disappeared after catching the eye of a Realm officer, Ozera clings to the hope that she’s enjoying some life of affluence on the Blessed Isle but that’s not enough to make the nightmares go away, nightmares that brought her to the attention of Nox.

                            Now Ozera has used her family’s amassed wealth to start a tea shop that’s a focal point for resistance activity as Ozera plays the innocent owner. Recently activity has been stepped up due to the activities of an individual called “The Tiger General” that the Realm assumes is a Lunar Exalt.

                            Ozera has never met the Tiger General only their agents because though she’s yet to realise that she is the Tiger General. At least in a manner of speaking, the persona is who she could have been without family to soften her. Unknown to either of them, two sides of her are destined for collision course because her daughter has fallen in love with that Realm officer and lives not very far away, were the Tiger General to learn of this first she may try to spare Ozera the pain of learning of her betrayal.

                            Defining Intimacy: “I need closure for my daughter” (Principle)

                            Major Intimacies: Her Children (Tie), Her Homeland (Tie), Her Husbands Memory (Principle)

                            Minor: “I am sympathetic to the Rebellion” (Principle)

                            Essence: 1; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 5 dice (+2 for 2m, +6 for 6m)

                            Personal Motes: 16; Peripheral Motes: 38

                            Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.

                            Actions: Create Fluctuations 8 dice (+3 for 3m, +7 for 7m); Read Intentions: 7 dice (+4 for 4m, +7 for 7m); Senses: 6 dice (+2 for 2m, +7 for 7m); Social Influence; 9 dice (+4 for 4m, +7 for 7m); Stealth: 5 dice (+2 for 2m, +7 for 7m)

                            Appearance 4, Resolve 3 (+1 for 2m, +3 for 6m), Guile 4 (+2 for 4m, +3 for 6m)


                            Attack (Paradox Wrackstaff): 11 dice (+4 for 4m, +7 for 7m; damage 14, minimum 4)

                            Combat Movement: 5 dice (+2 for 2m, +7 for 7m)

                            Evasion 4 (+2 for 4m, +3 for 6m), Parry 3 (+1 for 2m, +3 for 6m)

                            Soak/Hardness: 2/0



                            Scapegoat and Glory Hound (5m, Reflexive, Social) The Nocturnal treats her temporary willpower as 10 on a persuade attempt where she seeks to shifts blame to for an action from one party to another.

                            Absurd Satirists Mask (6m, Reflexive, Instant, Social): Instead of applying her Resolve against an opposing argument the Nocturnal instead creates a social Clash with her Inflame Passions pool. If she is successful then her target must spend a point of willpower or consider their own argument foolish, weakening their intimacy towards a related tie or principle or creating a negative intimacy if they already lacked conviction.


                            Remembered Mortality (5m; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-Only): An Exalt or other supernatural opponent will bleed from the Nocturnal’s attack as though they were mortal (pg 174 core).

                            Position of Uncertainty Offensive (4m; Reflexive; Instant; Withering-Only): When the Nocturnal makes a Withering Attack roll 1d10. Or spend 1 willpower to choose from the list below.

                            1: Balanced

                            2-3: Flexible

                            4-5: Smashing

                            6-7: Chopping

                            8-9: Piercing

                            10: If the attack is successful the opponent suffers a 2L/round difficulty 4 Environmental Hazard.

                            She may choose to spend the necessary Initiative to gain the benefits of a particular weapon tag and forgoes this cost if her weapon already had it.


                            Improbable Response (2m; Reflexive; Instant; Uniform): When the Nocturnal wishes to Dodge or Parry an attack roll d10. Or spend 1 willpower to choose from the list below.

                            1: Steals 1 initiative from an unsuccessful attack.

                            2-3: Counts temporary willpower as 10 for dice-adding purposes.

                            4-5: Ignores all penalties to chosen defence.

                            6-7: Gains Soak and Hardness equal to temporary Willpower.

                            8-9: Benefits from Defend Other action with a parry equal to half her temporary Willpower.

                            10: The attack is automatically considered to have missed.

                            Unhesitating Duelist Parturition (1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-Only): The Nocturnal may reflexively clash against a single opponent.


                            A Cut in Time (1m; Simple; Indefinite; None): May throw a weapon forward into the future spending 1m to summon them back.

                            Alliance of the Alter-Ego (Permanent, Indefinite, None): The Nocturnal has an alter-ego she may adopt for 10m and a point of Paradox her traits are changed as follows.

                            “The Tiger General”

                            Defining Intimacy: The Rebellion (Tie)

                            Major Intimacies: Her Homeland (Tie), No Mercy for Traitors (Principle)

                            Minor: The Soldiers Under Her Command (Tie)

                            Commanding Soldiers: 9 dice (+4 for 4m, +7 for 7m); Create Fluctuations 5 dice (+3 for 3m, +7 for 7m) Feats of Strength: 7 dice (+4 for 4m,+7 for 7m may attempt Strength 3 feats); Read Intentions: 6 dice (+2 for 2m, +7 for 7m); Senses: 5 dice (+2 for 2m, +7 for 7m); Social Influence: 7 dice (+4 for 4m, +7 for 7m)
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                            • norraba

                              I think this was my attempt at your Twilight's mother, I found it on an old Hard Drive from back in June. It initially confused me because Fatima is the name of someone I used to play D&D with. Fatima, The Librarian


                              Essence Insightful:

                              A Librarian may add her (Essence) in successes to her dice pools or static values at a cost of 2m per success. May enhance Abilities rated at 3+.


                              Once per day the Librarian can meditate on knowledge she has obtained on her travels rolling (Intelligence + Lore), each success she rolls is banked and can be used to enhance later actions provided they draw upon knowledge. Meditating again resets the pool rather than stacking with it.

                              A Point of Wisdom is regained when the Librarian succeeds at any of the following actions Establishing a Fact, Reading the Intentions of a non-trivial character, Winning a Strategic Maneuver Roll, Performing a successful Diagnosis, Casing a Scene or Profiling a Character.

                              Unless stated otherwise, no combination of Wisdom or charm use can add more than 5 successes to any given action.


                              Appearance: Dark blue in colour, manifesting as a book at the iconic level.



                              Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2

                              Charisma 4 Manipulation 3 Appearance 3

                              Perception 4 Intelligence 5 Wits 3


                              Athletics 1, Awareness 2, Craft 1 (papermaking), Dodge 3, Investigation 4 (research), Linguistics 3 (poetry), Lore 5, Medicine 2, Melee 1, Occult 4, Performance 3 (storytelling), Resistance 1, Socialize 3, Survival 1, War 3 (strategy games)

                              Willpower 5

                              Essence 2

                              Personal Essence 14

                              Peripheral Essence 33

                              Attack (Knife): Accuracy 8 Damage 9L

                              Combat Movement: 4 dice

                              Evasion 3: (+2 for 4m) Parry 2

                              Soak/Hardness: 2/0


                              Deductive Reason Strike (3m; Reflexive; Instant; None) When building upon an Aim action Fatima reduces her target’s soak and hardness by 3.


                              Singular Defeat Declaration (6m 1 Wisdom) In an almost prophetic moment Fatima promises the downfall of an individual in her presence, rolling (Intelligence or Manipulation + Occult) this is treated as an attempt to Introduce a Fact and instill an intimacy of fear in the target.


                              Flow of Battle Foresight (1 Wisdom; Reflexive; Instant; None) A beleaguered Fatima draws on the combat knowledge of the ages as the attack patterns of her foes seem clumsy and repetitive, any Onslaught penalty she is currently suffering is inverted into a defensive bonus.

                              Heavenly Knowledge Prayer (5m; Reflexive; Instant; Clash, Decisive-only): Fatima responds to the threat of violence with knowledge and the promise of more, this is treated as a Bargain attempt and a Clash made with her (Charisma + Lore). If she obtains more successes it not only defends her but may persuade her opponent to hear what else she has to say.

                              Flawless Arcane Understanding (-; Permanent, Permanent) Fatima may attempt Countermagic and Distort spells (Ex3 pg 466) despite not actually being a sorcerer. If she becomes a sorcerer in the future this charm grants a non-charm dice for each 10 rolled.


                              Knowing The Enemy (-; Permanent, Permanent)

                              This charm allows Fatima to flurry an Aim Action with a Read Intentions Action (page 218) this is an exception to the normal rules concerning Aim Actions.

                              Heaven’s Dilettante Insight (-; Permanent, Permanent)

                              Once per story, Whenever Fatima could gain a point of Wisdom through her actions she may instead acquire a free Specialty in the appropriate ability.

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                              • The Numinous Exalted
                                In an alternative sequence of events Autochthon was awoken and created a new Exalt intended to help stem the damage caused by the Great Curse. These Numinous Exalted represent an attempt to create a Chosen of Humanity for they draw power from their connections to the world, particularly those towards their fellow humans.

                                The Numinous Exalted are inspired by FrivYeti’s Heroic Exalts an interesting interpretation of an otherwise rather cringeworthy idea in the back of Exalted: The Autochthonians which saw the Primordial Autochthon awaken and create a new type of Exalted.

                                “The Mortal Exalted: Realizing the irresponsibility of the Celestial Hierarchy toward their Exalted, Autochthon liberates the process of Exaltation. He sacrifices some of the souls and energy he collected and crafts them into unaligned Exalted Essences, to roam free and find brave and worthy souls to attach themselves to and Exalt. They are Chosen of No One and will in time come to be known as the Heroic Exalted, heroes that obey no god and have no false claims of leadership.”

                                I really liked how Friv tied these Exalts to humanity via backgrounds rather than making them Solars 2.0 the Numinous name was my idea because “Heroic Exalted” is pretty obnoxious and unoriginal in any context.


                                Essence Heroic: A Numen Excellencies based on their rating of her Story Merits and can add (Essence + Merit Rating) to her dice pools.

                                Essence Pool:

                                Personal: Essence x 2 +10

                                Peripheral: Essence x 6 + 20


                                Advocate, Champion, Journeyman, Regent and Scholar

                                Soaring Hawk, Champion Caste Mercenary Captain
                                Soaring Hawk is an orphan boy taken in by his mercenary family the Wolf Brothers, a tale of success in the face of adversity but he truly came to prominence when he aided Queen Naikra of Winterport against an assassination plot by her cousin. This earned him a friend for life and the gift of Exaltation.
                                Now some years later Winterport is in rebellion and Hawk is once again coming to the aid of his friend. Privately he hopes that another timely rescue will create enough good will in the people of Winterport for the alliance to be cemented through marriage and for him to be named consort. However is Soaring Hawk on the correct side?

                                Caste: Champion
                                Essence: 2; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 9 dice (+5 for 5m)
                                Personal: 14, Peripheral: 24
                                Health Levels: -0x3/-1x2/-2x2/-4x3/Incap.
                                Actions: Command Soldiers: 10 dice (+6 for 6m); Feats of Strength: 8 dice (+5 dice for 5m); Read Intentions: 5 dice (+4 dice for 4m); Resist Poison/Disease: 7 dice (+5dice for 5m); Senses 7 dice (+5 dice for 5m); Social Influence: 9 dice (+5 dice for5m); Strategy: 8 dice (+2 for 2m)
                                Appearance 4, Resolve 4 (+2 for 4m), Guile 3 (+1 for 2m)
                                Relevant Merits:
                                Allies 2 (Naikra), Artifact 3 (Frostfang), Influence 2 (Winterport), Familiar (Greywolf), Followers 4 (Wolf Brothers Mercenary Company), Reputation 3 (Protector of the Queen), Resources 3
                                Attack (Icefang, jade daiklave): 14 dice (+5 for 5m, Damage 15L/5)
                                Evasion 1, Parry 7 (+2 successes for 4m)
                                Soak/Hardness: 10/0 (plate and chain armour)

                                Awe-Inspiring Stance (4m, Reflexive, Instant, None) The Numen gains double 9s on a social influence roll that builds upon his Reputation.

                                Swashbuckling Strike (3m, Reflexive, Instant, Decisive-Only) The Numen may reroll (Charisma) dice when performing a Gambit.

                                A Friend in Need Method (permanent, Reflexive, permanent; None) The Exalt may roll (Perception + Awareness) to sense when one of his allies is in danger regardless of distance.

                                Noble Guardian Opposition (3m 2i, Reflexive, One-Scene; None): Defend Other on a character within Close Range, wave this initiative cost if they are one of the Exalt’s Allies.

                                Invulnerable Hero Understanding (6m; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-Only): Numen gains a Hardness rating of (Essence + Reputation), may be activated after a Decisive attack hits but before it is resolved.

                                Physical Mastery Method (3m per dice 1wp, Simple, One-Scene, None) The Numen may purchase bonus dice for all Athletics, Ride, and Resistance rolls for the duration of the scene.

                                If you Lead Them Method (3m; Reflexive, Instant; none) A Battle Group following the Exalt’s orders rerolls 6s until they fail to appear. May also enhance a roll where the Exalt leads their Followers by example outside of combat.
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