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Designing Hellstriders any ideas.

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    Originally posted by Demac View Post
    You know, one of the more onerous things about walking around with a warstrider is that it makes it completely obvious who/what you are. Sometimes you don't want the attention. Also, sometimes you just want to get out of the thing to have a nice nap/meal. So taking using a demon with the Form Reduction Technique would be a good idea. You could even have the warstrider transform into a coat you wear, or have it transform into something else and follow you around like a pet.
    The Dancers at the Saigoth Gates(in Compass:Malfeas) have a version of Mirror of the Infinite Wardrobe that makes you whatever people expect you to be. Not as useful as Reduction Technique, but at least people aren't going "By Sol's Illuminated Undercarriage, what is that!!"


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      Originally posted by emeraldstreak View Post

      no, these are called something like erimantula and I mentioned them precisely because of the mist form. Ill dig the name tomorrow.

      Ok. Compass:West. The mist demon is named Eristrufa, p 132. The "leech" is called Infernal Worm, p 158 and 160. It comes with 12 Str, 5 Dex, and 10 Sta.


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        Didnt want to create a new thread for a related question.

        Is their a reason , when working on behalf of a MINION one Wants empowered... if one has the power to summon 3rd circle demons... is their a reason not to just summon Benezet and apply the Gargatuan Mutation to a Minion 2 or 3 times.

        Best guess is that it will Irk Benezet to treat her as a "Factory" for processing Servants with the same exact package... Doesnt say anywhere you CANT do this though..

        (Just thought of an Ermithioi with Gargatuan taken Twice, and Wings once, Wielding warstrider weapons (Need specialized armor two obviously...

        But thoughts on how that compares to a 1st circle hellstrider


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          I did once play around with the idea of a Hellstrider forged from 5 Teodozjia demon-lions, with the basis on Voltron being obvious. It'd be strictly First Circle, tho. Basing it on a original leonine Second Circle Demon would make it more powerful, more along the lines of the real Voltron...

          I also had an idea for a Hellstrider forged from Angyalkae and Gilmyne, so that, even as it fights and destroys, it gracefully dances to music it makes itself...