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  • free character sketches

    Hi... I am a freelance artist looking to get my name out and some practice in, so who wants a character sketch?

    Leave me:
    character name
    brief description
    any identifying marks

    My DA page

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    DA page has great work on it!

    If you're just looking for practice my longest running successful character was a fire aspect named Ledaal Catala Castor. He was sort of a soft looking man with a chain shirt that he wore under his tunic and a red jade direlance.


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      :.P Sure, Im game. This sounds neat.

      Character Name: Minatos: Treason of Winds

      Brief Description: One of the Fair Folk of the Winter Court in the North, a noble Raksha. He is androgynous, with a human body made of the aspects of snow and cat. Slender and feline, the fur that makes up his ears and tail is actually a fine white snow that constantly falls in a small snowdrift wherever he goes. He is generally seen in a plain white outfit, almost resembling a martial arts gi, though it has a tendency to slip slightly off, and his medium white hair accentuates it almost perfectly.

      Identifying Marks: Battling a snow drake in the north for the approval of a Lunar tribe, he received a wound along his left side which never healed, seemingly frozen halfway. The blood still coats his clothing. His warm and cheerful demeanor are at odds with the cold glacier color of his feline eyes.

      If you need anything else, lemme know.


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        Ascendant Sword is a Chosen of Secrets. Sword is a tall man, hailing from the Confederation of Rivers with long dark stringy hair and an olive completion. He typically wears long baggy pants, and a long sleeved woolen shirt, over which a long star-metal cloak is thrown; all of his clothing are cut and designed to obscure his body posture and movements. He wears a long rosary-belt of jade beads (all five colors in sequence). Sword is an unarmed fighter; he uses starmetal prayer-strips wrapped around his hands and forearms as a wrist wrap.

        As for identifying marks... I always viewed him as perpetually stubbly, with a slightly slovenly appearance.


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          One of my players characters

          Character Name: Tetsu

          Brief Description: Slayer caste Infernal with Ebon Dragon favored. Former slave from Gem with dark skin and wear from years of physical labor and fighting in the pits. His notable markings consist of tattoos along his arms and up one side of his neck to signify his achievements in the ring. He is muscularly built but his past does not show in his demeanor as he is almost jovial but that is in part because he almost is never in his own form. With the aid of the ebon dragon his form is concealed behind a veil to garner respect and admiration from those around him. In battle he carries a Vitrolic moonsilver reaper daiklave and wore vitrolic moonsilver articulated plate.


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            character name: Dancing Firefly
            brief description: Male Amazon Warrior, Eclipse Caste Solar
            Dancing Firefly wears a Red cloth that looks like a kilt or skirt that falls to his knees, he also has upon his upper arms as a sign of his new position a bone and turquoise bead band. His forearms bear what he now knows are hearth stone bracers of Oricalcum inlaid with turquoise and silver patterns. Upon his hip he carries a chopping sword that to the world outside of the villages looks like a very well decorated machete for chopping through thick jungle growth. The sword has a silver hilt and turquoise inlay. His feet are shod in sandals, and his platinum blond hair has a slight red tinge to it. The hair is long enough to reach the middle of his back and is braided, and held in place with a bone clasp. His skin has a light reddish brown complexion to it. He should have a almost Aztec look to his outfit.

            any identifying marks:
            He has a mutation that gave him eyes that look similar to a cat's eyes. Clothing and decorations look Meso American/South Western Native American in style.
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              Awesome! I think I'll ask for Tamarin Eisenschmidt,

              Tamarin is a short redheaded Haslan woman, and a Dawn Caste Solar. She dresses in a baggy fur coat, pants, and moccasins. Her coat is usually open, revealing her chest bindings, partly as an implicit sign she possesses supernatural power in the cold Northern climes she lives in, and partly to show off her impressive abs. While her chest is fairly modest, made even more so by her wraps, her figure quite impressive, perhaps to compensate? She also wears a belt carrying a steel cutting sword, useful in the cold tundra to cut through ice and frozen supplies as needed, and her irritating grand daiklaive, Gravdbolg, a straight, double edged orichalcum blade.

              As for identifying marks, she possesses two parallel scars up her left cheek; a reminder of her exaltation fighting the Walrus King, and she usually wears her hair with blunt bangs and the remainder done up in a simple ponytail.


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                I'd like to put forward one of my characters. I'd be overjoyed if you decided to sketch this guy!
                Name: Final Breath of the Forgotten Depths (Breath, for short)

                Description: A person of the sea who served as shaman to his tribe, until he died struggling to save some of his people from Coral slavers - he then rose again as an Abyssal Exalt of the Midnight Caste.
                Breath is short and slightly skinny, he is around twenty-eight years of age. His skin has a blue tint to it and gives way to scales in a few places, while his purple hair is usually stylised as a traditional mohawk when on land. His eyes are red and his teeth are somewhat sharp.
                He typically dresses in either a white robe with red and black glyphs scattered across it or a traditional outfit made out of shells, bones and seaweed, his primary weapon is a sacrificial dagger made out of Soulsteel.
                Breath is disdainful of surface dwellers who have yet to earn his trust and is generally in a sour mood when out of the Sea, but he knows how to hide it when he has to talk peace; still, he's usually got a frown on his face and is definitely uncomfortable with the dry air.

                Identifying Marks: His gills, naturally, alongside Polynesian-style tattoos along his face, torso and left arm. It would be neat to have him drawn with his Midnight Castemark showing, but that's not too important.

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                  Name: Donna Grimoire

                  Description: A female No Moon Caste Lunar Exalt. She has long wild bright reddy/orangey hair with her Tell being a streak of white running through it. She's average height, slim, fairly muscular and agile. Her eyes are green and her skin is a tan bronze'ish kind of colour, the sort you'd get from being born and/or raised in a tropical climate. She's a sorceress so usually goes about with various occult items attached to her person as reagents for her spells. Her most distinguishing items are her moonsilver armour and weapon. Her armour takes the form of an articulated breastplate with matching greaves and vambraces, the shoulders molded into outward facing vixen heads, matching her totem. Her weapon is a direchain usually kept wrapped around one arm.

                  Identifying Marks: aside from the aforementioned white streek,the only other noticeable thing are her moonsilver tattoos that run across her shoulders and down her arms, taking on swirling patterns like swimming shadows.


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                    Ooh, yes please!

                    Name: Righteous Relentless Engine

                    Description: Orichalcum caste Alchemical. Gulaki. Looks young, early twenties at the latest, with bright blue eyes, a blue soul gem in the middle of his forehead, and a perennial grin plastered across his face. The newest champion of Gulak, Engine's soul has spent many incarnations among the populat, leaving him feeling out of place in his caste. He hides this self-doubt behind a cocky, irreverent attitude, and distracts himself by taking as many combat missions into the reaches as he can get. Engine has developed a variant of thousand wound gear style that lets him use his integrated autoklave (a chainsaw built into his left forearm) as a form weapon along with his two gyroscopic chakrams, carried sheathed on either shoulder. He wears a sleeveless zip-up white hoodie and loose dark green pants, and is usually barefoot.

                    Distinguishing Marks: Big grin, heavily augmented left arm (integrated orichalcum autoklave built into his left forearm, which retracts when not in use, piston driven megaton hammer built into his left bicep, blue jade pins for electrical onslaught dynamo scattered across everywhere else on the arm), messy blonde hair, metallic golden sheen to skin.


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                      Name: Dogen

                      Description: Tall (6'3"), muscular and handsome caucasian male (230lbs). He appears to be in his late 30's. Shoulder-length, straight black hair (swept back) with fierce blue eyes. He sports a neatly-trimmed, thick beard (but not at all long or bushy, if that makes sense). He has stretched earlobes (to about 1/2") in which he wears black stone. He is a Chosen of Luna, a Full-Moon Caste Exalt whose totem is the Black Wolf. He wears a black fur, open vest/stole around his shoulders, black leather pants (with a belt that is just a bunch of chains) and black knee-high boots. He often has a menacing, teeth-bearing grin on his face. I sometimes use Tyler Hoechlin and Joe Manganiello as inspiration for his physical appearance. Sometimes he wears a wolf's head "hat" (like a toque).

                      Distinguishing Marks: His right hand from the wrist down (sharp, pointed nails included) is black as if permanently stained by ink. There is a elongaged triangle-shaped piece of his left ear missing at the top where he was once clipped by a falling axe.


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                        Sure I'll bite

                        Name: Bright Machine Speaker

                        Desc: Tall and broadly built asian-looking man, dark-gray hair done up in a waist-long braid, equally long fu-man-chu stache. Wields a golden disk that can protrude 2 inch blades around its edge. Think chainsaw-tron disc, without the glowy bits. He wears a heavily faded but well-maintained military uniform (from Lookshy)

                        Distinguishing Marks: his golden disk (artifact gyroscopic chakram) and his sick ass fu-man-chu beard

                        Ref pics: (pony versions - I'd like a human version...)

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                          Ok great start... I will pm about what I have done

                          My DA page


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                            Hey i was thinking of doing something like this too as soon as i finish my White Elephant thing. if you get swarmed too much, i could join in and do a few? I'm no pro but i don't suck at digital doodlin'

                            Anyways, i'm always the one to draw others characters so i've actually never had an exalted character of my own drawn by others before. I'd like that.

                            Name: Sahlak Aina

                            Description: Female Eclipse caste Solar courtesan noblewoman (think Companion from Firefly or Japanese Oiran). She is an Ebony-skinned beauty with armpit length black wavy hair of average height. She wears many different luxurious and often revealing outfits mostly from the Southern lands or when she needs to look more sophisticated bought from Realm merchants. Her body language and face expresses her dignified nature and she often wears makeup and jewelry to enhance her beauty.

                            Distinguishing Marks: A white-ink tattoo of a dragon that writhes from her left arm, over her back and down her right leg, almond shaped magenta eyes, and a heavy gold earring on her left ear inlaid with a Dream Opal.

                            Ref pics:
                            Original concept drawing
                            Tattoo reference (sorta NSFW because of nudity hidden behind black bars)
                            redesign of the sword and scabbard
                            sketch i'm currently working on for a less cartoony style drawing
                            Random face sketch

                            Amateur drawsmith


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                              Character name: Humble Mouse
                              Humble Mouse has dark skin and Middle Eastern features; he's a young Sidereal Chosen of Battles dressed for desert survival, even when he's in Yu-Shan. He's thin and small, which makes him look even younger than he is; expression-wise, he'll probably be looking pensive, one hand lightly touching the smoked-lens goggles he lets dangle around his neck. If you want to include his anima, it's like a cloud of red sand with a sinuous shape moving through it behind him. His typical weapon is a small, well-made straight sword created for him by one of the lesser war-gods of the South; unless he's fighting, expect it to be sheathed at his side. He also sometimes uses a buckler or smaller knife in his off-hand.
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