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[White Elephant for Limited Reagent] The Legend of Peerless Ocelot

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  • [White Elephant for Limited Reagent] The Legend of Peerless Ocelot

    Merry Belated Christmas, Reagent! Truth be told, your request left me a bit perplexed as I was rarrin' to get down into the nitty-gritty of mechanics, but I tried my best to put soemthing cohesive together for you. I hope you like it!

    The Legend of Peerless Ocelot

    There is but a few who remember the distant Age of Dreams, but of those, one such fellow is the inestimable Peerless Ocelot. Now, a bureaucrat of the Bureau of Destiny whose actions decide the fates of entire nations, he was once an intrepid adventurer whose actions helped shaped the present age.

    Early Life

    Born in the city of Rathess to a pair of death priests, Peerless Ocelot was raised in a city with a unique view of both life and death. He saw the sacrifices of the Dragon Kings to the Sun and the other Celestial Gods every day, and took the tutelage of rhetoric and negotiation that priests were tasked with with abandon. He doesn't remember his exaltation, but much like marriage, he feels that his life as an Exalt is more about the journey than any one beginning. Such is his thoughts as a Reckoner, in any case.

    Patronage under Towering Falcon

    With his discovery and tutelage under Kalamu Yurugi, Chosen of Serentiy and games-master extraordinaire, Peerless Ocelot had the short and happy time of his life, which he calls “His awakening.” His entire worldview was shifted, and all the wonders and learning of Heaven was open to him, and he took to it hungrily.

    Then, it, happened...

    He thought he could take care of it, but the Wyld outbreak was much more comprehensive than was forecasted. Instead of a lone noble with their minions, the Adamant Envoy of a Million Wiles, an Unshaped who took words and twisted them into lances to strike down their opponents, broke into Creation with their thousand and one Diplomancer Lawyer-Janissaries. While Ocelot's actions to overcome these odds were admirable, he realized that this ultimately would be the end, pierced like a pin-cushion under witty repartee. However, this would not come to pass. Saved by a shining soldier in the garb of a mighty bird of prey, the Lawgiver drove back the underlings of the Unshaped, and smote it then and there. This was Towering Falcon, a Dawn Caste Swordsman and Occultist, and one who Peerless Ocelot would come to despise, but in the heat of the moment, Ocelot was so moved by the peerless offensive that saved him that he swore then and there to dedicate his life to Falcon's service. Falcon took this in stride, and then spoke but once:

    “Pack your things, you're moving to Tarhoun.”

    Plot Hook:
    The Envoy's emanations managed to survive, and are seeking to resurrect their Greater Self. However, the Pythia of the Furthest Wastes has prophesied that their resurrection hinges on the most beautiful and rare of all words. Sadly, said word has been sealed and hidden.

    Rebuilding Tarhoun

    Gilded Tarhoun was Towering Falcon's capital, and an impressive city in its own right. It had running water for all homes within its borders, and geomantic power to run a number of machines for each citizen. However, it was slowly approaching its limits in terms of size, and Falcon recognized that he had no talent for architecture. Unable to rouse his Lunar mate from her own projects, he turned to his new vizier to finish the task. However, the young Reckoner found himself poised with the massive undertaking of renovating the city without any practical architectural or geomantic experience himself. Thus, he turned to Falcon's Lunar mate to aid him in this task.

    The Directional Animal Styles

    Kardalla Fluegelhund was a native of Tzimitl that exalted into the No Moon Caste with a Polestar Wolf as her totem. Raised among work crews to maintain the opulent floating city-ship while its Solar masters partied nonstop, she learned to deal with arbitrarily shifting curfews, visits from the Mandatory Cheerfulness Inspectors, and the Spontaneous Premediated Crimes division of the Imperial Bureau of Investigation, she found solace in reading. Thus, when she exalted, she sought to surround herself with her one love. Building a library the likes of which would be impressive even in the Age of Dreams, she modeled herself after the faerie princesses that she loved so in her books, making her collection all the more impressive with its dreamy ambiance and Fae staff. Thus, did Ocelot approach Kardalla and the two forged a great friendship. Both loved reading, and while Kardalla never understood Ocelot's fastidious preoccupation with order, and Ocelot never got the knack of Kardalla's immensely complex pop-up novels, the two shared a bond that goes on into the present age. To this end, and with Kardalla's tutelage, Ocelot began to reshape Tarhoun into a luscious paradise, empowered by the passage of the constellations in the Sky Vault above, it was perfectly in tune with the essence of Creation; a geomantic marvel. Once completed, however, Falcon, who had recently returned from a safari into Malfeas, ordered Ocelot once more.

    “Build me a palace to spirit me away should the end of all occur, and soldiers enough to battle for it.”

    Ocelot had no words for this command. What was Falcon thinking? Creation was more safe than ever. What was he implying? That Her Radiance would find offense at his preoccupations with Malfeas? There were many demonologists in the Deliberative, and while Falcon was an eccentric, he was no more so than many of his peers. However, Ocelot's word was his honor, and he obliged.

    To the first end, he began building a powerful bunker in the near East, on the furthest steps of Falcon's territories, while he began selecting talented candidates from Falcon's Dragonblood Genses for his experiement. Using these talented souls, Ocelot meditated upon the elements and several creatures that thrived within their respective harsh climes. Using this insight, he forged five new Genses and taught them his new secrets.

    To the Northern Polestar Clan, he taught the Ferocious Polestar Wolf style, a powerful martial arts style that focuses on breaking down an opponent with assaults to both her mind and body until going in for a brutal kill, turning the very land itself into an icy tomb to do so.

    To the Eastern Archen Clan, he taught the Iiresponsible Immortal Archen Style, a martial art that suffueses the user's body with the very essence of life, allowing her to shed off crippling effects, wounds, and later, even grow short-lived copies to assist in battle.

    To the Southern Cobra Clan, he taught the Smoking Mirage Cobra Style, an explosive martial art that emphasizes fiery, bombastic offense above all else, raining fiery death on the user's foes until being able to make an essence bomb large enough to destroy an army itself.

    To the Western Octopus Clan, he taught the Mysterious Ephemeral Octopus style, a martial art that allows the user to bend their essence much like a martial artist bens his opponents, reacting to an opponent's attacks and trapping them, with masters able to use their animas to clinch their opponents at range.

    To the Central Boar Clan, he taught the Irrepressible Imperial Boar Style, a martial art that prizes stillness and defense, protecting others, until unleashing all the stored motion into a raging strike that can cut even an entire island in two.

    These martial clans were given special fortress-sanctuaries on the edge of Creation, and told to watch for increased activity. While they often worked with the Swords of Luna, their actions were often paraded around Tarhoun, native heroes who worked tirelessly to protect Creation.

    Plot Hook:
    Rumors in the far east mentions a fairy princess with hair of spun silver who takes long naps, but if roused and entertained, will make wondrous books for her guests. Also, her collection of books rivals that of the Gods in Heaven themselves.

    Plot Hook 2:
    In the Far Threshold, there are rumors of Outcastes wielding heretical styles that match the Celestial Dragon Styles in puissance. Who or what are these pretenders, and what are their motives, as they proclaim the glory of long-dead god-kings?

    The End of Tarhoun

    While Ocelot worked on these projects, Falcon became more erratic and paranoid. He saw enemies in all dark corners, and when his idol and point of obsession, the Infernal General disappeared, his paranoia reached a fever pitch. When asked about this, Kardalla shrugged it off as merely her mate being his usual eccentric self, but Ocelot felt something further was afoot, even if in all of his studies, he couldn't put his finger on why. Thus, when the Fivescore Fellowship approached him to enact a foreboding prediction on the very future of Creation, he went without any reservations. What he saw at this great gathering confirmed his suspicions, that many Solars were reaching to completely irrational levels of action and disregard for their responsibility. To this end, Ocelot sided with the Bronze Faction, seeking to rid himself of the now tiresome Patron he had gained. While the free reign he was given under Falcon was enjoyable, he no longer felt if his life being saved was worth it when he is asked to perform unsavory rites to summon souls of the Yozis themselves for his master's works. Working in secret with his conspirators, Ocelot gathered a dragon of his most loyal retainers and marched on Gilded Tarhoun. What they found was that Falcon had left to fight Ligier for the Sword of the Yozis, making Ocelot's assault a moot gesture. Not wanting to harm his beloved friend, Ocelot made a token gesture to “contain” his friend's wyld-palace, and left to report his accomplishments back to Yu-shan. Meanwhile, out of the geomantic engines of the city arose a terrible Fey Beast. Later called the Black Beast, it fell upon the citizens of Tarhoun, both invaders and mortals alike. Gilded Tarhoun was lost forever that day, leaving only the screams of its victims and the shrill calls of the Black Beast itself.

    Plot Hook:
    There exist rumors of a ruined city deep in the jungles of the east, which somehow managed to escape the ransacking that is so common in this age. However, no one has thus far returned. Those who spy it from far off mention a fluting cry and resulting silence from the local fauna. What secrets hides there?

    Later learning of his force's annihilation and his patron's death at the hands of the Green Sun just as the Usurpation occurred, Ocelot felt a surge of mixed emotions. He had tried to solicit the Silver Pact's cooperation into their subterfuge, but his pleas had fallen on deaf ears, but at the same time, he was finally free of his accursed better. While his co-conspirators sought to run the world through catspaws and puppet states, Ocelot retreated to his studies and his books, until finally returning to Creation on his own special investigation. While still nominally a leader of the Bronze Faction, he preferred to not make much of this connection, becoming more and more convinced that these leaders are becoming slowly just as power-mad and arrogant as the selfsame Solar Tyrants they sought to depose. So long ago.

    Ocelot Today

    Ocelot today no longer concerns himself with the politics of Heaven, instead focusing on the disturbing occurrences in the Southeast. There, a geomantic anomaly is beginning to expand, warping nearby dragon lines into red desert. Centered around a series of ruins from First Age sorcerors, this would be nothing to worry about, but the sudden resurgence of Kerred'r Harmonicas has Ocelot very, very concerned. Modeled after the fifth soul of Cytherea, Kerred'r Harmonicas mimick the demon's keening trumpet blasts, allowing the user to summon demons regardless of time and much quicker than the ordinary summoning rituals. Banned in the First Age after a series of proxy wars between sorcerers had reduced the island of Kaath-J'or to slag, many of these relics survived into the current age, even if damaged or their wearers being unaware of their true function. Thus, Ocelot suspects foul play, with many bands of stray demons and demonbloods being present in the area. What is at the center of all of this? And does this relate back to Ocelot's hell-obsessed patron? Only the Maidens know this, as Ocelot now approaches the end of his third millennia of life.

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    Oh wow, this is great! A lot of potential here, both from the explicit plot hooks and the bits and pieces of names and places and events throughout. I'm sure to use this as inspiration the next time I'm running Exalted. Thank you!

    Edit: It's also funny that you were rarin' to get to some mechanics but got someone wanting fluff, since I was rarin' to do some fluff but got someone who wanted mechanics.
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