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    If you were to hire a writer unfamiliar with the setting to write a story based in Creation, what would you tell them about it?

    Basically, what do you think a person NEEDS to know in order to get Exalted?

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    I'd tell them that it's an eastern style fantasy setting about divinely-empowered champions of the gods in an age long after the world's golden age.

    Then I'd ask what kind of story they want to tell and go from there.

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      I'd hand them the 2e core and point them to the setting chapter.

      Like I seriously doubt how the Realm handles is going to severely differ between 2e and 3e, or what Chiaroscuro looks like, or the social situation in Paragon, etc. And the mechanics don't matter at all.

      I'd also point to pop culture on top of he standard slew of Greek myths. Aladdin, Game of Thrones, Conan, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Avatar (the TV show), Xena...these are all pretty readily available things that provide a good referential feel.
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        The 1e lexicon, corrected and expanded to touch on material such as Exigents, the limitations and typical use of sorcery, Malfeas being both a realm and a living being like Tartarus, and referring to the Neverborn by that name alone. Also, some locations, given short descriptions a la the 1e core's "places to be from: $DIRECTION" sidebars, along with the new map. After that, point out the scale of the map, and note that there's plenty of room to plunk down new material as long as it doesn't horribly violate the limitations outlined.

        It's probably still a bad idea in some fashion, but I got hooked on the lexicon spoilers back in the day, so it's what I think of as an introduction.


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          Well, for a short story, such as that was in the Anthology, I don't think the entirety of the 2nd edition manual would be necessary.

          A basic synopse of Creation, what it's about, and the like. Perhaps a five or ten page setting summary, with directions to other resources if they wish to know more, and maybe an extra couple of pages for a sampling of charms and powers.

          Then, once they've read it over and perhaps gotten an idea for a story, I'd ask them to deliver an outline or summary of that story before writing the whole thing. Because, I'd likely veto or inquire into such concepts as (Solar Twilight in a school of Solar sorcerers) and (Dragon-Blooded gets chosen by the Sun).


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            I'd tell their agent that I expected stories that fit an Exalted anthology.

            Unless this was a open submission anthology, then I'd wade through all the stories that didn't fit and select those that did. "Fit" here can refer to length, tone, subject matter, adult content, writing style, quality, and/or how much it matches the setting.

            The idea of an editor contacting writers out of the blue and requesting a story seems strange to me. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
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              I'd tell them to read the Exalted article on wikipedia and see where their imagination takes them. It covers the broad strokes well enough that it can give someone a general idea of what the world and the key actors are like, and if they had specific questions, let me know and I can tell you which books would work for your story.