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"Isn't the moon beautiful tonight = I love you": Fun with Creation's languages

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    Upward behind the onstreaming it mooned.

    Fun with languages indeed.

    Writer for Exalted.


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      Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
      Actually, you'd lose that bet; the books go into detail about how not only does Halta have writing, they make some of the best books evar, and they get exported all over Creation to be the envied piece in a rich collector's library! Even the Realm doesn't have books as nice as Halta does! (Except, obviously, for their Haltan books.)

      That one made it to my top ten, on my grand list of "Why Alucard can't enjoy reading about Halta."

      ... Nooooo kidding. I can't wait for Halta to go back to what is was; a interesting, important REGIONAL power. This whole "Teh besht evar! And it covers a third of the East" garbage can go suck a tailpipe.

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