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    You stay very still in your hiding place, frozen in terror. Your heart pounds so loudly in your chest that you wouldn’t be surprised if they can hear it in the hallway. You try to think of a way out of your situation. Creation. You have to head towards the Gates in the Downtown Plaza. You have to get out of Yu-Shan and head to Creation.

    “Svante?” the stranger calls. When you hear his voice this time, you realize suddenly that this man isn’t a stranger at all. It is one of your tutors, Akachi. You hear the sound of someone pulling a chair towards the wall. They know you are in the air ducts! You crawl away from Akachi and the Owl and towards the outside.

    No, boy. You hear the Owl’s voice in your head. Head back towards the bathroom. Stay out of reach when you near the vent. Having no other real choice, you awkwardly begin to turn to head towards the bathroom, when the vent grate squeaks. Akachi pops his head into the vent.

    “Maidens, how can you still fit in here?” Akachi takes a moment to untangle one of his dreadlocks that had got caught on the hinge of the vent. “Svante, let’s get out of here. We are going on a little trip. Won’t that be fun?” You stop at the sound of his voice. You like Akachi. Out of all of your teachers, he is your favorite. You remember that one time that you went swimming with dolphins in the Western Sea. You remember his showing you the great trees of the East. Other memories of all the fun times you had with Akachi flood your mind.

    Be strong, boy, the owl says in your head. Turning away from Akachi was one of the most difficult things you have ever done. You begin to head back towards the bathroom.

    Good. Lead him to the bathroom. I’ll take care of the rest.

    “Svante! Where are you going?”

    “He’s heading towards the bathroom! We can catch him there!” the Owl proclaims.

    When you near the bathroom vent, you stop just out of arm’s reach. Your will wavers. Why would Akachi do anything to hurt you? He doesn’t seem to be the type to drag you out into the Wyld.

    “Ah, he stopping. Svante, why don’t you come out of the vents and we can talk.” Akachi walks into the bathroom and then the bathroom door slams shut.

    “Keeper? What are you doing!?” You hear the bathroom door handle jiggle.

    “Svante, come out though the vent in the classroom,” The owl instructs you calmly. You cautiously open the vent and find the owl waiting for you. Your classmates stare at you in shock. You are very confused about what just happened.

    The owl smoothes out his feathers and explains. “I am the Keeper of the Locks, god of all that has been locked away. And Akachi’s very existence is a rather large secret that is now locked away in the bathroom. “

    “What? Keeper, let me out of here!” Akachi begins to bang on the door.

    You are still very confused. Why is the Owl helping you?

    The owl sighs and says “You’ll understand when you are older. Though that moment of clarity might be coming sooner than you think.”

    “I’ll tell Nara-O…” Akachi threatens.

    “Go ahead and tell Nara-O. I’d sure he would be greatly entertained by the story of how four thousand year old Exalt managed to get himself locked into a bathroom.”

    Akachi begins to kick the bathroom door down. Both you and the owl jump, as the door slams against its frame. “I always forget how strong he is,” the owl mumbles.

    “Now go, boy! I can’t hold him here for long,” the owl says, as the door slams again. You gather up your book bag and begin to head out of the classroom. Your classmates are whispering again about you, but you ignore them.

    “Keeper! You are really straining the bonds of our friendship right now.”

    “Oh, hush you! I’m not going to keep you in there for long. Though you haven’t paid me back the Ambrosia you owe me yet…” The owl sits back down at his desk. “Now, where were we, class? Oh yes, the Order-Conferring Trade Pattern….”

    It is dark out now. Luna has raised high in the sky and lights up the streets of downtown Yu-Shan. You head towards the plaza where the Gates of the Blessed Isle are located. As usual, three Celestial Lions are guarding each of the gates.

    You’ll need to find a way past them to enter.

    What do you do?
    • Wait for a large group to show up and sneak in with them
    • Try to casually walk by the lions and bluff your way through the gate.
    • Cause a distraction and sneak by while the lions are busy.
    • Maybe Svante has a better idea?
    OOC -
    Svante wins! Our boy is from the north! As you can tell, I’ll be using the other names chosen for NPCs.

    Also, I edited the first post. I don't think the crazy fantasy of a twelve year old makes a good mouse over teaser.
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      Do your best Assassin impression and sneak through with a group.

      On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

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        I say cause a distraction, then if that doesn't work, sneak in with a group.


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          fire has a way of attracting everyone's attention. maybe Svante can find a way to piss off a temperamental volcano drop something on his head from a rooftop (without him knowing who was to blame of course. no sense in making enemies). or if no such opportunity presents itself, he could set a couple fires the more mundane way


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            If Svante waits to attach himself to a group, then he will have less choice of where to arrive on the Isle. So what is the outbound traffic like at the moment? Does Svante feel he has the luxury to wait for a large enoughcrowd?

            But otherwise Akachi would swiftly learn exactly where to start looking in Creation once he questions the Lions. In particular, if Svante causes enough of a distraction to draw all nine Lions guarding a gateway away from their posts, the commotion would draw Akachi straight to the plaza -- if he's not already on the way.

            If Svante feels he can wait to blend into a crowd, he should go where the traffic flows. Otherwise he should bluff his way through his preferred gate by being as forthright as possible.


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              Owl said Akachi is a 4000 year old exalt (I'm rather impressed that Owl managed to lock him away at all). It probably won't take him long to track us down once he gets out of that bathroom. Whether we go with distraction or sneaking, it needs to be soon.


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                You feel impatient to be on your way. Though it is night in Yu-Shan, you know that the Games of Divinity control what satellites light up the sky rather than the time of day. It is currently early afternoon in Creation. There is a lot of traffic going in and out of the Gates. Mostly groups of one or two gods, but there are traders with goods going in and out of Yu-Shan.

                OOC: I had some doubts about the last scene actually. I thought about changing the Exalt’s age, but I decided to go with my original plan for the NPC and see what happens. I already had in the back of my mind that Akachi and the Owl had a pretty good friendship. If it was a fair fight, the Owl would have lost. However, the Owl is not without a bit of power himself, so he was able to take advantage of Akachi’s trust and lock him in the bathroom. Also, I think it would be rather dull for a four thousand year old exalt to be infallible. I just hope I didn’t make Akachi seem too incompetent.

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                  I say sneak through with a group.


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                    After considering your options, you decide to try to blend in with a group of traders heading though the Vanchow Gate. As you are walking towards the traders, you notice a group of Terrestrial Gods milling around one of the many tchotchke booths in the plaza. You hear one of the gods arguing with the peddler.

                    “I don’t know how you can get away with charging so much for this cheap crap. I can get idols on the Blessed Isle for a third of the price!” the god says.

                    “Then maybe you should have bought your idols before coming to Yu-Shan. If you aren’t going to buy something, then move along. I got other customers.” The peddler turns away from the Terrestrial God. The God is speechless at such poor treatment.

                    You decide to take the opportunity to cause a distraction. Pulling a piece of Quintessence out of your pocket, you take aim at one of the Unconquered Sun idols sitting on a shelf above the god. Ping! The idol is unbalanced and is knocked off the shelf. It hits the god square in the head.

                    “First you snub me and then you attack me. Do you know who I am? I am Quidel of the Combusting Precipice. I have thousands of worshipers in Creation who offer prayers to me daily to avoid offending me. I….“ The Volcano god continues on for a while.

                    Ignoring the god’s ranting, the peddler picks up the fallen idol and looks around to see how it managed to fall off the shelf. You duck behind a planter, but can’t help peeking over it to see what happens. Not finding the culprit, the peddler shrugs and turns back to the Terrestrial God, idol in hand. One of Sol Invictus’ four arms is broken off. “I’ll give you this one for twenty-five percent off, if you’d like.”

                    The god roars in frustration. The air begins to heat up around the god and a few of the wooden idols light on fire. “Are you crazy?! What do you think you are doing?” The peddler says, as he tried to put out the flames. You duck your head back down behind the planter and put your hand over your mouth to hide your giggles.

                    As the argument between the Terrestrial god and the peddler heats up, you notice that your group of traders is about to approach the lions. You dash past the fight, hiding behind the crowd that has gathered to watch it. You quickly catch up with the traders. The lions, distracted by the now burning tchotchke booth, wave the traders though.

                    You follow the traders down a long tunnel. Soon you pick up the scent of damp earth and rain. You heart starts to speed up and you hold back your desire to run ahead. You always loved visiting Creation.

                    You emerge from the gate outside of the city of Vanchow. From your vantage point, you can make out the Sword of Creation.

                    What will you do now?
                    • Catch a ride on a ship to the threshold
                    • Lose yourself in the city
                    • Find a caravan to head away from any Yu-Shan Gate
                    • Other
                    OOC: Svante escapes to Creation hiding with a group, but I couldn't help but include the Volcano God. Gold Star for Caladon for their suggestion!

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                      Stowing away on a ship sounds good. The further away you get from the Blessed Isle, the less easily any Sidereal will be able to track you.

                      On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

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                        Lose yourself in the city. Cities are all you know, and you're in the farthest place from the place you don't want to know. Plus they'd never think to look this close to the gate! Even a Sidereal can't find you in a whole city, right? Right?


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                          Originally posted by wonderandawe View Post
                          Gold Star for Caladon for their suggestion!

                          woot gold star!

                          Immediately start walking away from the gate. Any distance is good and buys us time. Next find a caravan heading away from any Gate because farther is better. Do we have any particular skills we think we can trade to pay for food/travel expenses. Or do we have any money?

                          I would say look for a boat, but once we set sail our options become very limited. We can't change our mind or pick a new destination until the boat docks at its next destination.


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                            Originally posted by WarDragon View Post
                            Even a Sidereal can't find you in a whole city, right? Right?
                            What's a Sidereal?

                            Originally posted by Caladon View Post
                            Do we have any particular skills we think we can trade to pay for food/travel expenses. Or do we have any money?
                            You have money! You just got your weekly allowance from Nanny! It's in your bookbag. You have plenty of Quintessence pieces....which dissolve into nothing when you reach Creation. Oops. Good thing you have this apple.

                            As for skills, you can read and write and have some basic knowledge (Lore) and have some skill in math (Bureaucracy). You speak the Language of Yu-Shan and have picked up the street language of the Blessed Isle (Linguistics). You know to be sneaky with all of your air duct eavesdropping (Stealth) and have a pretty good arm (Thrown). Oh and of course you know Martial Arts! Maybe you can get a job as protecting the caravan from bandits!
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                              ((Fun quest! I'm surprised that people living in Yu-Shan haven't even heard of Sidereals. Love the Nanny Goat.))

                              Stay on the Isle, far far away from the nasty icky Wyld. That place really is Dirty and has cooties.
                              They'll figure out we came to the Isle, pretty quick probably. Staying in the city would be more comfortable, but we've visited rural places too. If we take a caravan to someplace far from the gates, then Akachi has to track us down before he can catch us. Then we can have a grand ol' adventure and see parts of the Isle we've never seen before!

                              For a 12 year old, we're super accomplished. How many 12-year-olds on the Blessed Isle speak two languages, read and write, and know math and martial arts? Who wouldn't want to hire us?

                              Man oh man Nanny is gonna be so sad when she finds out we ran away. Maybe someday we can send her a message telling her what happened.

                              I am extremely literal-minded and always write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
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                                Originally posted by Erinys View Post
                                ((Fun quest! I'm surprised that people living in Yu-Shan haven't even heard of Sidereals. Love the Nanny Goat.))
                                ((Arcane Funkiness is like that.))

                                So we can get by on the Isle, but will have a harder time in the Threashold. Still, the Imperial City may not be the be the best place to hide. Sure, it's an interesting place, but a dinky little suburb compared to Yu Shan, and a wee bit too close to the gate when ... someone?... is sure to be after us. Anyway, we need room to move. A trip to the countryside might be in order.