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"Silver" solars during the shogunate, scarlet empire

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  • "Silver" solars during the shogunate, scarlet empire

    In the setting there are a few solar shards that never were captured but instead kept Exalting folks as solars throughout creations long history.

    These solars would have common ground with the Lunars in their war against the siderials and the realm in that the same groups of folks are trying to murder them both. Are there cool stories to be told about a solar working with the Lunars? Where can this go wrong?

    If the Lunars can track and save a large proportion of their own newly exalted, is there some reason that they shouldn't have done the same with the few solar shards? Is there some reason that the wild hunt is more effective against them than the lunars?

    If there are ~400 Lunars and ~3 solars that have been under attack by the same foes together for the last 1500 years how differently will they still see each other at this point in time how little social distinction will be left between them? Will "Janice is a solar, we will never again be ruled by her like" be the more common reaction, or will there be more of "Janice may glow the wrong color and be unable to transform herself, but she's still one of us."?

    There is the temptation to have the solar be quite effective in their struggle because they're a solar. How effective should they have been, balancing their successes against what the lunars accomplished to allow a history where all of the involved were supremely competent and powerful (having the Lunars accomplish stuff with the aid of solars, is somewhat close to the pitfall of the lunars not accomplishing anything in the last thousand years).
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    Originally posted by Ars Fan View Post
    If the Lunars can track and save a large proportion of their own newly exalted, is there some reason that they shouldn't have done the same with the few solar shards? Is there some reason that the wild hunt is more effective against them than the lunars?
    The remaining Solar shards are the number one with a bullet priority of the Wyld Hunt and their Sidereal backers, displacing that of the Lunars by a wide margin. The Bronze Faction is going to burn as much mojo as it needs to to get them taken care of. It cares comparatively less about the Lunars and will largely leave keeping the boot on their necks to the Shogunate and afterwards the Realm, which does a "good enough" job to not need things like extreme prophetic mojo and a Sidereal lowering TNs for the entire hunt or things like that.

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      The Lunars don't necessarily care either. They have their own way of doing things. In a lot of ways a Solar would draw heat and slow them down. I'm sure Lunars used the reincarnating Solars as convenient heat sinks or catspaws more than anything else.

      Keep in mind that 3e is lowering the overall power curve so Solars are still potent but not as objectively potent. This provides the DBs a reason to kill them young and an ability to actually do so.

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        Also, Lunars have shapeshifting. It is much easier to evacuate a bird than it is to evacuate a human.

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          I think there's plenty of time and space for one of those Solars to have interacted with some Lunars, if you've got a good story to tell about it.

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            Do we have even a rough number of the solar exaltations that didn't get locked up? I think that there are at least 3 (2 dawn and 1 night) but do we have anything more than that?


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              I figured the "bare handful" was at least one of every caste so that the Shogunate and Realm Wyld Hunts wouldn't abandon any tactical doctrines for lack of use.


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                There were 11 or 12 in the Invisible Fortress (including Mask of Winters and Walker in Darkness) but they stayed in there for several hundred years, so wouldn't have been around for most of the Shogunate.
                In the modern day, Filial Wisdom (Dawn), Yurgen Kaneko (Dawn) and Samea (Zenith) all predate the return of the Solars, so there's them too. Though there were some Zeniths in the Invisible Fortress, so Samea might be one of those exaltations (there weren't any Dawns in there though, IIRC).
                So, maybe about 15-ish, but most of them weren't doing anything in the early Shogunate.

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                  Anyway, in terms of stories, I think they were so few that they wouldn't have a big effect on Lunar society, but they're there, so if you really want to do a story it's possible.

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