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    Whale, I have had this concept for quite a while, but haven't had the opportunity to have the rubber hit the road with him. (I mean seriously the only character development he's had is when I'm writing about him -.-)

    Rajmael the Palimpsest Upon Gold, Twilight Caste Solar. His hair is a bright burnished copper, his skin is tanned, like someone used to inside spaces having spent a great deal of time in the sun, and his eyes are like molten bronze. Smiles come easily to his face, which is characterized by a strong jaw, shaven, with straight nose, and an overall leonine appearance. He wears what might charitably be called a buff jacket, but rather seems a red silk robe with long sleeves, covered with a plate of Oricahlcum and Ivory, epaulets of Garda bird feathers surmounting his shoulders. (Think Lu Xun from Dynasty Warriors ) his blade, Death's Resplendent Quill is a daiklaive wrought of orichalcum, an ivory hilt, and differentially tempered steel, making it glitter with all the colors of twilight, golds and oranges and blues and purples.
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      Originally posted by Morty View Post
      Character unnamed yet, but a Dawn Caste Solar I plan to build once the game gets out.

      A tall, lean and wiry man - all muscle and sinew. Tan-skinned, with thin, angular features, and long, black hair that he keeps in a ponytail. His features are either Caucasian (as in, from the actual Caucasus peninsula) or Uralic - I have no idea where in Creation similar people might be found. Stoic, almost empty dark eyes and a frightening mess of scars all over his visible skin. He's wearing, I imagine, a light-weight scale or lamellar armour, with some worn clothes over and underneath. His weapon is a long narrow, straight sword with a gleaming orichalcum inscription running through the middle of the blade. He's also got a bandoleer full of knives.
      Here you go, that's it for today as i have work tomorrow. Might do some more another day.
      It's been a pleasure.

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        Whoa, that's pretty great. Many thanks.