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  • Forum game: Image to Artifact

    Simple enough: You post an image, and the next person posts what the Artifact is. That person posts a new image, and so it goes. I'll start:

    The Wood Crown (••••)

    Deriving its mystical properties entirely from the green jade leaves incorporated into it, the Wood Crown allows near-total control over plant life. When attuned for five motes, the Crown allows the wearer to speed the growth of any desired plant or plants within a quarter mile, or blight them, or even animate (Essence) large plants to act as soldiers or servitors (though they cannot uproot themselves).

    And the challenge image:

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    The above is a red jade signet ring, emblazoned with the false image of the sun. It will burn anyone who wears it to cinders, spreading appropriate fear and dependence on the immaculate monks to clean up and safeguard relics that foolish hunters should not be seeking. They are often left in tombs of the anethema.

    Next up:


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      Plentimon's Dice add the roller's Essence to any roll made as part of a game of chance or skill, so long as the roller is trying to win honestly. Rolls made to cheat are penalized instead, as the God of Gamblers detests unfair play. They also will not function if the roller has used the Second Excellency in the past day; being lucky is fine, but there's no point playing if it's a sure thing.

      (That watch is actually a thing you can buy. Link so I don't feel like an asshole.)


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        That's clearly a brass timepiece meant as an exaltation gift to an exigent of the god of Varang, to show how long they have to complete their mission.

        (I really don't like posting my own art, but here's a work in progress I want some opinions on...)

        (Like I said, it's a work in progress, when 3E rolls around, I'll probably paint it magical material and add some design that extends through the hole.)
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          Ironheart was forged in the deepest of caves beneath the Imperial Mountain and carries with it the weight of that place always. It is potent, but dangerous, for its touch turns all things to stone.

          Put a drop of blood in the hole of a Blood Needle (four were forged; three of Soulsteel and iron during the Shogunate and one inlaid with Starmetal in Heaven) and and not only will it hang there in defiance of gravity, the needle itself pulls and points toward the blood's source. It is said a great hunter once tamed one such needle and taught it to grow itself into a mighty blade, drinking the blood of their enemies and whetting its edge with it to cut them further.

          The Hand of the Eternal hangs in empty air in an unmarked room in the Violet Bier of Sorrows, a pendulum without a clock. When tuned by one savvy in the ways of Fate, it ticks and tocks in tune with the beats of a living heart, no matter where that heart moves in Creation, and stops when that heart stops, shining with violet light to mark the passing of a soul into Lethe (if the soul did not pass into Lethe, the portents of the Hand reveal its destination).

          (what can I say, work in progress turned out to be the aesthetic that got my juices flowing. Lots of directions to take that shape)


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