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Amara, Chair of the Convention on the Multiverse

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  • Amara, Chair of the Convention on the Multiverse

    Fun character concept I came up with...she is not fully statted, since I'm not using her in a game, but in a story. Just thought I'd toss her background up here to see what you all think, and in case you want to borrow her (or the Convention) for a game. For the story, I stole some lore ideas from 3E...namely the idea that the Sidereals are not universally disliked in Yu Shan, but are actually respected. Sure, some old grudges may exist, but most of the Sidereals who took part in the Usurpation are no longer alive...and the gods have the sense to recognize that these are different people.

    Champion of the Anduli, The Miracle General, Dragon of the North, The Peacemaker, Savior of Humanity, Nightmare, Demon, Angel, The One Who Knows; Amara would have many titles, if only her achievements were actually performed in Creation. Amara holds a very unique position within the Bureau of Destiny: she is the only Sidereal that is, functionally, perpetually on detached duty. This is not because she has a tremendous amount of influence to manipulate her way into this, it's just the nature of her job. She is the Chair of the Convention on the Multiverse, simultaneously a position of many advantages...and one that no one wants.

    Quick Notes
    Name: Amara
    Type: Sidereal
    Caste: Secrets
    Age: ~350
    Gender: Female
    Aligned with: Neutral (special)

    The Convention on the Multiverse

    The Convention on the Multiverse was formed in response to a device recovered by the Sidereals in the aftermath of the Usurpation. It was the bastard child of an Otherworld Gate and a Gate of Auspicious Passage, that was then modified and mutilated by a mad Twilight until the result was something completely unrecognizable. The gate was designed to allow its owner access directly into Elsewhere, in hopes that he could start stealing the equipment stowed there. Myopic and egotistical as the Solar was, the inventor had sealed himself away in Elsewhere before he happened upon the truth of what he had created. He had indeed created a device that could directly access Elsewhere, but Elsewhere is infinite in scope and seeking out individual artifacts is an exercise in futility...but a theory arose that it might be possible to find something larger. After all, Autochthon himself was suspended in Elsewhere, and Heaven was not entirely fond of the idea of an entire Primordial being outside of their realm of influence.

    The gate was transported to Yu Shan, and a Sidereal Manse was refit to support it. Aided by Sidereal Astrology, they began to probe Elsewhere, seeking a habitable environment that just might be the worldbody of The Great Maker. Eventually, they found a habitable world, but it was not at all what they expected. They found a world devoid of Essence Users, governed by mortals, and full of strange technologies. Further investigation revealed that they hadn’t discovered some little pocket world...but a cosmos as vast and detailed as their own, and with very different rules as to how it worked (Far more than 5 elements! And no gods!). Alarmed, the investigators pulled back to discuss their findings. A theory was put forward: If there was one alternative reality, then perhaps there might be others. This was proven true as the Sidereals became more accustomed to how they might forecast the settings on the Gate that would lead them to another habitable place within Elsewhere. This tremendous new source of information drew the attention of the Maidens directly, and an investigation was ordered to research these alternative worlds and see what secrets they might hold. Unfortunately, due to some of the quirks in how some of these other worlds worked, the only ones suitable for investigation were the Sidereal Exalted themselves. Thus was born the Special Convention on the Multiverse.

    For a time, the chronically overworked Sidereals took to the new matter with aplomb...but they soon discovered exactly what researching the Multiverse entailed. They were pulled away from their plans, plots, and politics for months at a time, frequently stuck researching worlds that were painfully dull in comparison to Creation. Furthermore, to be out in The Multiverse meant that they were cut off from the Loom itself, instead attaching themselves to the Weave of these other universes; this rendered communication with Yu Shan impossible while deployed. The Multiverse was simply too vast, attempting to properly research it ate up far too much time for far too little profit. So, gradually, membership in the Convention dwindled as its members were reassigned to more pressing matters. As the membership dwindled, the drawbacks to working in the Convention were only increased...and ultimately, active membership was reduced to a single, dramatically overworked Sidereal. Thus began the constant shuffle of the soon as the Chair (and only real member) had enough seniority to do so, they would push the job off on someone junior to them...who would resume the steady pattern of doing as little work related to the Convention as possible.

    Amara's Assignment

    Then came Amara. To most, it looked like she happened to be in the wrong place in the bureaucracy at the wrong time, and was saddled with the position when her predecessor finally wrangled up enough leverage to get rid of his job. The more senior members of the bureau recognized a well-executed scheme when they saw one. The young Seer threw herself into her new position with a surprising intensity.

    Amara was gradually released from other duties; she was so frequently beyond contact in another world that trying to keep her active in other roles was an exercise in futility. Ultimately, she holds a nominal position in a few other conventions and committees, but is completely inactive in their business. Her near constant absence from Yu Shan (and indeed the Loom itself) has separated her heavily from the typical Sidereal politics, as well as most of heaven’s bureaucratic system. Despite this relative disconnection, she is on rather familiar terms with some of the most senior Sidereals in the bureau, including Ayesha Yura and Chejop Kejak.

    Some of the youngest Sidereals simply think Amara is strange, and that is all the explanation they have for why she seems so devoted to such a universally loathed position. Most of the Sidereals feel quite clever that they have figured her out...she has worked her way into a fairly wide array of perks tied to her position. As disconnected as she is from the normal workings of heaven and the bureau, she operates with far less oversight than is typical. This has also limited her bureaucratic oversight to primarily the gods of the Department of the Multiverse...but since gods cannot pass through The Elsewhere Gate, and events occurring beyond it are outside their purview, the gods in that department are fairly minor in power. Since Amara knows more about the multiverse than the very gods who represent its concepts they typically defer to her, despite their official positions. The only true oversight she has is Chejop himself, as well as Nara-O, the Maidens, and the Convention on Oversight, and even they can only interact with her on the occasion that she returns to Yu-Shan between worlds.

    Only a few of the eldest Sidereals know the truth behind Amara’s commitment to her job: she genuinely loves her work. She is fascinated by the Multiverse and prefers to spend as much time as possible out in it. All of the perks she has wound around herself are happy side-effects to a job that she has no intention of surrendering. Just because she likes her job doesn’t mean she isn’t going to milk it for all its worth.

    Amara Today

    Amara is now somewhere in her mid-300s. Her frequent absence from Yu Shan has resulted in a lack of allegiance to any of the many sects within the Bureau. Of particular note is her unalignment with either the Bronze or Gold Factions, though this is a mixture of her absenteeism, the Solars not really being her problem, and a level of indecision on what she thinks of them. Mistaking her disconnection from politics to equate to a lack of influence would, however, be a grave mistake.

    It is an open secret within the bureau that Amara has one of the most extensive spy networks in all of Yu Shan. The reason behind it is quite simple: Amara occasionally brings back ideas, concepts, or material goods from alternative worlds. If one of these things takes root within Creation, then it would naturally require a god to be assigned to managing it. Since these new things are rooted in the Multiverse, such a god would start off assigned to that department and would only be transferred out later if the concept becomes more cemented into Creation. With the tremendous influence that Amara wields over her department, it is simplicity itself for her to push through her recommendation for a god to represent the new concept. As a result, the unemployed gods of Yu Shan suck up to Amara on an almost unparalleled level in hopes that she will create a job for them.

    Despite her lack of allegiance to many of their ideals, Amara also has the ears of the top leadership of the Bureau. Officially, Amara will periodically have appointments with Chejop, and perhaps a few other senior Seers (often reaching across factional lines) in order to discuss the Multiverse and ensure that Amara is properly debriefed after her extended field missions. Unofficially, Amara has a habit of bringing ‘delicacies’ from other worlds to these meetings, turning them into very exclusive social events as well as official debriefings. Attendance is usually small and limited to those in leadership positions; they have to keep up the appearance of an official debriefing.

    Amara lives within the sprawling rating-4 Sidereal manse that serves as the power source for The Elsewhere Gate. The manse has a design reminiscent of a traditional japanese estate, with a large central building, plenty of open areas and courtyards, as well as a number of outbuildings. The manse is laid out in two layers, separated by a simple wall. The outer layer serves as offices for the gods of the multiverse and is the public portion of the estate. The inner layer doubles as Amara’s personal dwelling and contains The Gate. Access to the inner section of the manse is restricted, the single gate is constantly guarded by the Celestial Lions. The buildings within the inner layer are built with a very open floor plan and do not seem particularly secure--until you go underground. The Gate itself is located in a bunker built beneath the manse and is defended against both intrusion and escape by a broad array of excessively lethal systems. Another notable feature of the manse is the seemingly endless warehouse containing the souvenirs brought back from across the Multiverse. Only Amara knows what they all do.


    Amara is considered a bit strange by her peers. She is polite and apparently friendly, but has picked up habits, phrases, and mannerisms from all across the Multiverse. She views the world from an outsider's perspective, as much a stranger in Creation as she is in any of the other worlds she visits. She is generally very cool under pressure, a tribute to the vast experience against an absurd array of foes that she has encountered in her travels. Once one gets to know her better, they find that while she tends to view most of the world with a wry amusement, her only complaint about her job is that it tends to leave her a fairly lonely person. It's hard to maintain friendships when you are constantly traveling between worlds, and more so when the people you are around have a hard time remembering you. As a result, she tends to make friends while wearing a Resplendent Destiny in the other worlds, even though they tend to slow down her work and will forget her eventually...and for most worlds, the odds of her returning within her friends' lifespans is very low.


    Amara is slightly below average height, fair skinned, and has light brown hair that is cut just shy of shoulder length. She changes the way it is styled on a regular basis, usually influenced by whatever world she was last in. She has a build that is petite and lean, but made of wiry muscle--a testament to 300-some years of Martial Arts. She is not built nearly as 'womanly' as many of her peers, but is completely comfortable with herself. Her dress style is every bit as eclectic as the girl herself, she has styles of clothing from all across the Multiverse, and is often seen dressed in whatever style matched the world she was most recently visiting.

    Notable Contacts

    Amara’s Sifu is a Bronze Faction Chosen of Secrets by the name of Stern Oak. The two have a friendly, non-romantic relationship; Amara spends much of her time in Yu Shan with him, practicing the martial arts. Stern Oak taught her to play Gateway and routinely thrashes her at it, though she is putting up a better fight lately. Stern Oak disapproves of Amara’s refusal to align herself with the Bronze Faction, but believes that she only needs time to see the correctness of their dogma. Apart from Chejop, he is the only Sidereal with a standing invitation to Amara’s ‘debriefings.’

    Nara-O is somewhat fond of much as he is ‘fond’ of anyone. The sheer amount of information that is known only to her, and the infrequency at which she discloses it, endears her to him.

    Chejop Kejak is technically her superior, and the two maintain a professional relationship. There is a rumor that she routinely sneaks him treats from across the multiverse that no one else ever sees, in addition to the things she provides for her debriefing sessions. While he disapproves of her ‘indecision’ regarding the Solars and the Realm, he is more tolerant of it than normal because she is so rarely present.

    Ryzala (goddess of paperwork and bureaucracy) likes to speak with Amara at times, her stories of worlds with extremely high literacy rates intrigue the goddess. Amara once made the mistake of mentioning a device capable of allowing mortals to mass produce written works, and Ryzala has been working to force Amara to bring one back with her ever since. Amara is not particularly fond of Ryzala, but plays along as best she can because it’s less annoying than the pushy goddess actually getting involved in her affairs. As of yet, Amara has not brought a printing press back with her.

    Known Artifacts

    NOTE: It is possible that some of the souvenirs she brings back through The Gate may be potent enough to qualify as an Artifact...but if so, she hasn't told anyone.

    Starmetal Long Powerbow: Socketed with a Jewel of Fortuitous Concealment (She carries this bow most of the time, but the hearthstone prevents almost anyone from seeing it)
    Silken Armor
    Ultimate Document
    Ring of Shifting Tongues (Custom Artifact): An advanced version of a Ring of Tongues, Amara can 'tune' this ring to give her fluency in any single language. The ring requires exposure to the language in spoken form in order to tune in to it. It may only tune one language at a time.
    A few other miscellaneous 'utility' artifacts

    Known MA Styles

    Violet Bier of Sorrows
    White Veil (used for assassination)
    First Pulse (She finds it barbaric, but useful)
    Mantis (Her most commonly used style)
    Celestial Lightning (not in the books, uses bow as MA weapon. Used when things get serious)

    She has just started working on learning Prismatic Arrangement of Creation, but has not learned any charms yet...her first charm will be Spell Shattering Palm


    Initiated into Emerald Circle, doesn't know any combat-focused spells, only utility ones.

    The Elsewhere Gate

    Remember that comic where a Twilight stranded himself in Elsewhere? Yeah, that's the gate her job is built around. Operating the gate requires attunement to the manse that powers it, as well as precise use of its controls in order to aim it at an actual reality, and not just dump you somewhere in Elsewhere. Amara uses a codified, lengthy Astrology process that takes a minimum of one month in order to determine the settings needed to find a new world (it used to be much longer, when the Gate was first discovered). Finding a world with specific attributes is considerably harder. To successfully aim the Elsewhere Gate without these calculations would be a truly epic feat. Amara maintains documentation on all previously discovered worlds, including what settings are needed to reach those worlds...the information on the settings is encrypted, of course. To return from a world requires the user to summon the Gate to herself using a process roughly equivalent to a Celestial Circle Sorcery spell. (note: it is not a proper spell, it just has similar power requirements and is thus out of reach of the Terrestrial Exalted. You can ONLY learn it from Amara's records, or a former member of the Convention. The call does not work in Yu Shan as the gate must reach across Elsewhere in order to work..)

    Traveling through the Elsewhere Gate is strange...simply because other worlds do not work the same way that Creation does. The relationship between realities is a little strange, but can be best summed up as follows: If you have something from Reality A and take it to Reality B, Reality B will try to make the thing play by its rules. If there is something in Reality B that is basically the same as the original use of the item from Reality A...then the item will work just like its equivalent from Reality B. If there is no equivalent, then the item is considered Outside Fate and will operate exactly the same as it did in Reality A, with the added side effect of damaging the Weave as it defies the Logic of that reality. Note: This is based on the following premise: Is the effect of the device/power/item/whatever possible according to the rules of Reality doesn't care if said equivalent hasn't been invented yet.

    To give an example: If you took a Thousand Forged Dragon to modern Earth...well, a TFD is basically a nuke. So if you set off a TFD on Earth, it would act like a nuclear device. However, if you took a Soulbreaker Org to Earth...there is nothing on Earth capable of targeting the soul. So the Soulbreaker would act just like it would in Creation...and rip a hole in the Weave from all those lives extinguished by means unknown to the Logic of Earth. As an interesting extra bit to note...while Undead are Outside Fate in Creation, if you transported them to a world like the one used in D&D, where Undead are a normal part of that world...they would be Inside Fate in that world.

    The most interesting cases here are the Exalted. Sidereals are rather unique in that their intrinsic connection to the Loom allows them to reflexively sync themselves up with the Weave of other worlds. A Sidereal sits in a strange relationship with Fate. Despite the fact that most worlds don't have a parallel for 'Fate Demigod', their normal actions are considered Inside Fate. It is only when they use abilities that go against the Logic of the world they are in that they start to disrupt the Weave. On Modern Earth, a Sidereal could do very little without causing minor disruptions in The Weave. In a universe where Super Powers existed, they could operate at nearly full capacity. While it is not known for sure, it is assumed that a Terrestrial or Lunar would be Outside Fate the entire time. No one yet knows how the Multiverse would react to the introduction of a Solar.

    (Possibilities: Solar is Outside Fate or Solar forces the reality to acknowledge his powers as 'normal' because F___ you.)

    Gameplay Notes

    Amara is, at the root, a neutral force in Creation. Intentionally so. She doesn't take sides, simply because she believes it is for the best...especially since she has access to information and weaponry that is apocalyptic in scale. In some cases, it even operates outside the Logic of Creation (example: If she came back with an Anti-matter explosive [note: she is aware of a reality where they exist, but has NOT brought one back with her]). Also, she's not that interested in the affairs of Creation...there is so much variety in the Multiverse.

    As of yet, she is unaware of the other means of accessing the Multiverse that exists in Creation: The Well of Udr. The Well is not controllable, cycling its access to realities at random...but it can potentially connect to any reality, without the need of complex, time consuming calculations. Were she to become aware of it, and particularly of the fact that it is controlled by a Deathlord, she would be shaken from her usual lack of involvement in Creation, and would focus on either seizing the Well, or destroying it utterly.

    Amara periodically finds something in her travels that she thinks is cool enough to merit introduction into Creation. So, any of those weird anachronisms that you've run into in your games? Probably her fault.

    Her wide ranging travels have left her without the time for the extensive meditation required for Essence Growth, as a result, her Essence is at a lower level than would be expected for her age. However, her detached, solo assignments have forced her to generalize, and has turned her into a jack-of-all-trades. She knows a wider variety of Charms, and has more skill in more areas than most of her peers.

    While she is a very capable combatant, she generally prefers to avoid fighting when possible, especially against other Exalted. She has too much work to do, and is too disinterested in the affairs of Creation to risk herself like that. Typically, if she is attacked, her first move would be to snap off Avoidance Kata, cover her tracks, and move on with her life.

    She abuses the heck out of Avoidance Kata, Duck Fate, Efficient Secretary Technique, and Avoiding the Truth Technique.

    She has a wide array of 'cover names' that she uses while abroad...ranging from obvious aliases like 'Jane Doe' to more normal names that are completely unassuming.