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[2.5 Homebrew] Some Adorjani/Kimberian Heresy

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  • [2.5 Homebrew] Some Adorjani/Kimberian Heresy

    Whipped these up the other day. The exact numbers on mote costs and such probably need tweaking, and so I come to the forum for help.

    Mother Masters Children
    Cost: 3m per Magnitude or Size; Mins: Essence 3 Type: Simple
    Keywords: Combo-Basic, War
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms:Mother Sea Mastery

    Oh, how blessed are Kimbery's children – provided they listen to their mother. This Charm allows the warlock to commit motes to extend the benefits of Mother Sea Mastery to either a Mass Combat Unit they lead composed predominantly of beloved characters, or the beloved members of a social group led by the Infernal. The commitment cost is 3 motes per Magnitude of the unit, or Size of the organisation. The Infernal may enhance a Magnitude or Size worth of characters up to a maximum rating equal to their permanent Essence.

    If the Infernal commits enough motes to enhance the entirety of a social group, any non-beloved characters within it treat any scene spent working on a Leadership Action ordered by the warlock as a scene spent building a positive Intimacy of loyalty towards the Infernal. In addition, any reviled characters within the organisation suffer an internal penalty to all actions enhanced by the first benefit of Mother Sea Mastery equal to the warlock's Compassion.

    Soaring Scarlet Riptide
    Cost: - (+3m); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Heretical, Obvious, Touch
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Acrid Slipstream Assist x2, Earth-Skimming Gale Tread x2

    Kimbery is master of her own waters, but struggles to travel beyond them. Adorjan, her mad sister, shows her how she might break free of her own limitations at the intersection between sea and storm.

    This Charm permanently upgrades its prerequisites, permitting the warlock to pay a 3 mote surcharge upon activating them to bestow the benefits of Earth-Skimming Gale Tread upon the target of her Acrid Slipstream Assist, summoning up a riptide of emerald and scarlet waters to bear her mount or vessel aloft, even over reefs or land. The riptide is roughly equal in length and width to the vessel it carries aloft, and is as deep as is required for it to carry the vessel to the height the warlock desires, and counts as a Sea solely for the purposes of Acrid Slipstream Assist's keyword, permitting the riptide to travel beyond the ocean that birthed it. Anything within the area of the riptide is treated as being underwater, and is subjected to an environmental hazard (10B/action, Trauma 4) from the effects of the violent currents upon them.

    If the warlock also knows Spiteful Sea Tincture, she may activate it reflexively every time the riptide damages a reviled target to imbue the currents with her poisonous lacquer, forcing the target to also suffer the venom of Kimbery.

    Finally, if the warlock also knows Pellegrina's Fury, the entire area encompassed by the riptide suffers the effects of the stone-eroding aura produced by that Charm.

    Waltzing on Bloody Waters
    Cost: 1m per dash; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Heretical
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Death-Dealing Journey, Foam-Dancing Haste, Retributive Tsunami Force

    Kimbery has many wayward children to punish, but so many of them are out of reach. Fortunate, then, that her sister Adorjan's gales might blow her waves up into a mighty tide that can wash over the shore and the reviled alike.

    This Charm permanently upgrades its Kimberian prerequisite. Whilst using Retributive Tsunami Force, the warlock may spend 1 mote in step 10 of attack resolution to immediately move up to her dash speed towards another target, moving towards fresh victims even as her last one reels from her blow.

    Tempestuous Admiralty Shintai
    Cost: 25m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 5 Type:Simple
    Keywords: Blasphemy, Form-type, Heretical, Obvious, Sea
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: All-Devouring Depths Shintai, Mother Masters Children, Scarlet Rapture Shintai, Soaring Scarlet Riptide

    Where the sea and the sky meet, there is the storm. A force of unbridled fury, the storm is deadly enough without direction. How much deadlier must it be filtered through the poisonous depths of Kimbery, and sent surging by Adorjan's instructional winds? How might the storm serve those beloved of the Great Mother and the Silent Wind when given direction by them?

    Upon activating this Charm, the warlock's body is transubstantiated into the sea and skies around them, creating an ocean storm with a diameter of (Essence) miles, with a maelstrom with a diameter of (Essence x 100) yards at its exact centre. The waters in the affected area turn dark green, and the storm clouds seem stained the colour of dried blood. This produces the following effects:
    • All the warlock's worn and carried possessions are banished Elsewhere for the duration.
    • As a creature of living wind and water, she is immune to mundane attacks, and reduces magical attacks against her to minimum damage. Attacks that have no physical component or that have an area of effect bypass this protection.
    • She cannot be affected by clinches or Blockade Movement actions unless they use magic that could reasonably constrain a storm, nor can she take such actions herself. Any Poison, Sickness, or Crippling that could not reasonably affect a being whose body is living wind and water cannot affect her.
    • She gains all the benefits of using Fathomless Poison Haven.
    • Contact with her waters is an environmental hazard with the same statistics as that produced by Soaring Scarlet Riptide. Within the area of the maelstrom, the damage is upgraded to 10L. Every time this hazard damages a character, the warlock may reflexively activate Spiteful Sea Tincture in order to further punish her victim.
    • The winds within her storm-body duplicate the effects of Pellegrina's Fury and Wind-Daughter's Wrath, causing 1L damage per tick to any objects and creatures within the storm.
    • The warlock may commit motes to enhance Mass Combat Units through Mother Masters Children even if she does not lead them, provided they are subordinate to her and comprised predominantly of beloved characters. Characters currently benefiting from Mother Masters Children, and any vessel or mount of theirs, are immune to the effects of the warlock's winds and waters, as are any of the Infernal's beloved vessels.
    • Reviled characters within the storm take a penalty to all actions enhanced by the first benefit of Mother Sea Mastery equal to the warlock's Essence.
    • Finally, the warlock can direct her waters, winds and lightning to directly assault targets, granting her attacks with the following profiles. The Infernal's lightning deals lethal damage rather than bashing, but she cannot enhance such attacks with Spiteful Sea Tincture. Any target within the area of the warlock's storm-body is considered within range of these attacks, and is a valid target if she is aware of them. The Rate of all these attacks are capped at 5.
    Battering Waves: Speed 5; Accuracy (Resistance + Compassion); Damage (Essence + Compassion)B; Defence (Resistance + Compassion); Rate (Essence); Range special (see above); Tags O3
    Pounding Gale: Speed 3; Accuracy (Athletics + Temperance); Damage (Essence)B; Defence (Athletics + Temperance); Rate; Range special (see above); Tags O2, P
    Scarlet Lightning: Speed 6; Accuracy (Essence + Conviction); Damage (Essence + # of beloved characters)L; Defence (Essence + Conviction); Rate (Essence); Range special (see above); Tags O3, P
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    Never seen a heretical shintai before. These are very interesting, from two Yozis that go quite well together.