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    I tend to favor her as Oramus directly, because that way Ran is a 3rd Circle and Chen is a 2nd. Chen doesn't work quite as well as a 1st circle, given her direct association with Ran.

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      They don't need to be demon descent from her. Ran is a demon-fox that got tamed by Yukari after all.

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        I've always dug the interpretation of Oramus as the missing link between Primordial and Shinma, who defines what a Shinma is by not being one. Hell if I know how to make charms out of that, though.

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          Really. The only Yozi that I like is Adorjan. Because there's something I can't hate about "The Bodhisattva Guanyin if she was a gust of wind made of murder."

          Might be because she's crazy. I dig the crazy ones.

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            I had worked up some Oramus Charms at one point, but only have the rough draft (without costs, keywords, etc.). They're in the spoiler box below, and are in very rough form.

            What Is and What Should Never Be
            The Dragon Beyond the World only ever sees that which Is Not, the beings, concepts, and stranger things fundamentally forbidden to Creation by the nature of the Shinma chosen to define it. What stupefying wonders and bright horrors are there to behold! Compared to these, the material of Creation is as dross and ash, an unfit subject for meditation. By his deeds shall the Impossible Dragon sing this truth. The Infernal becomes the gatekeeper of unearthly magnificence, gaining a Stunt Pool equal to the sum of his two lowest Virtues. As with a Raksha Stunt Pool, the Infernal may draw dice from this pool to supplement any action, including an action that would not normally qualify for a stunt (the Storyteller always has first preference for granting stunt dice to an action). No action may have more than three stunt dice applied to it in total, whether from the Storyteller, this Charm, or a combination of the two. Successes granted by any stunt dice are treated as normal stunt dice successes that can activate (Yozi) Mythos Exultant benefits. This Stunt Pool automatically refreshes at the beginning of each story. Additionally, stunt dice that are retained through Oramus Mythos Exultant can be added to the Stunt Pool, up to the Stunt Pool’s maximum. An Essence 3 repurchase of this Charm increases the Stunt Pool to the sum of the Infernal’s highest and lowest Virtues, while an Essence 4 repurchase increases the Stunt Pool to the sum of the Infernal’s two highest Virtues. A final repurchase at Essence 5 increases the Stunt Pool to the sum of all of the Infernal’s Virtues.
            However, dwelling on the insane, terrible beauty of the Beyond has a price; as the Infernal’s attention is drawn towards the Beyond, she finds it harder to focus on the mundane things of Creation. The Infernal suffers an external penalty to all Perception and Awareness rolls equal to her permanent Essence while in Creation.

            Play the Music, Light the Lights
            [prereq: What Is and What Should Never Be]
            [Sorcerous, Scene-long, Simple]

            How can these mobile lumps of clay stand to live in such drear? Oramus shall give them a glimpse of profound horror, such that they shall never forget the powerful dramas enacted just beyond their vision! The Infernal creates a Wyld zone, centered on her, with a radius of [permanent Essence x 100] yards. At Essence 10, this changes to a radius of (permanent Essence) miles and becomes a Blasphemy effect. Countermagic targeted at the center of the Wyld zone dispels it. The Wyld zone has all the characteristics of a Bordermarch, becoming a Middlemarch at Essence 3, Deep Wyld at Essence 4, and Pure Chaos at Essence 5.

            Impresario’s Sure Hand
            [prereq: Play the Music, Light the Lights]

            It is not proper for a director to become entranced by the scenery and lose sight of the production. The Infernal becomes perfectly immune to effects of exposure to the Wyld, including mutation and Wyld Addiction.

            Sheltering the Troupe
            [prereq: Impresario’s Sure Hand]

            In rare moments of relative sanity, the Lord of Not sees the value of protecting useful friends from the wrenching beauties of the Beyond. The Infernal can extend the protection of Impresario’s Sure Hand to any number of targets at a cost of 2m per target; this protection lasts for the remainder of the Scene. An Essence 4 repurchase extends the duration of this protection for a number of weeks equal to the Infernal’s permanent Essence.

            Calculating Dho-Hna Angles
            [prereq: What Is and What Should Never Be]
            [Supplemental, Combo-OK]

            Through his unfathomable power and profound madness, Oramus can defy the Shinma for brief periods of time to impose alien principles and paradoxical truths on an unsuspecting reality; who can hope to defend against that which has no precedent or referent to the possible? A physical attack supplemented by this Charm becomes unexpected, with no chance for the victim to engage in a roll to remove this label. Only Charms or similar magical effects that explicitly remove the unexpected label, such as Threat Monitoring Excitement, can allow the target to defend normally. An Essence 4 repurchase permits this Charm to be used to supplement Social Attacks. This Charm has a tiered cost. If the Infernal is in Creation and Yu-Shan, it costs 8m. In the Bordermarches or the Underworld, it costs 4m. In the Middlemarches or Malfeas, it costs 2m. In the Deep Wyld, it costs 1m. In Pure Chaos, it costs 0m.

            Dreams of Air and Darkness
            [prereq: Calculating Dho-Hna Angles]
            [Supplemental, Combo-OK]

            The Dragon Beyond the World was feared by all who opposed him, and rightly so; what can shelter you from that which is only as tangible as a dream, yet horribly real? This Charm follows all of the same rules as its prerequisite, including costs, but permits the supplemented attack to ignore any bonuses granted to the target’s DV by cover. An Essence [XX] repurchase allows the Charm to ignore natural soak and any soak and Hardness from non-Artifact armor as well.

            Deadly Trompe l’oeil
            [prereq: Calculating Dho-Hna Angles]
            [Supplemental, Combo-OK]

            During the Primordial War, many were the Exalted hosts who thought to attack Oramus from afar or to engage him in guerilla hit-and-run battles. They were…disappointed to discover that the Impossible Dragon did not honor such concepts as “distance.” This Charm follows all of the same rules as its prerequisite, including cost, but permits the Infernal to attack any target who has physically attacked the Infernal on the target's last action tick, regardless of the distance between the Infernal and the target. The Infernal does not actually move as a result of this Charm; she simply draws upon exotic and alien formulations to fold and pierce the concepts of space and distance for an action. When used against a Charm that imposed an arbitrary amount of distance between the Infernal and the target, such as Swallowed in Eternity, a roll-off is required. An Essence [XX] repurchase of this Charm permits the Infernal to attack such a target even if the target is in another plane of existence from the Infernal.

            Actors in a Child’s Play
            [prereq: What Is and What Should Never Be]

            What delight the Impossible Dragon takes in the Raksha! While they are still lesser, pitiful beings, at least they struggle in their feeble ways to comprehend the majesty of the Beyond. Oramus honors them by joining in their little games. The Infernal may choose to engage in Shaping Combat with a Raksha, as described in Graceful, Wicked Masques. For these purposes, the Infernal’s rating in each Grace corresponds to the Infernal’s applicable Virtue, plus the Infernal’s permanent Essence score. In the unlikely event that the Infernal is defeated in Shaping Combat, the Infernal is affected like any other Creation-born entity.

            Painted Wooden Swords
            [prereq: Actors in a Child’s Play]

            The Raksha must forge their weapons, monsters, and conjurations out of the vital essence of what defines them; Oramus is not so limited. The Infernal conjures a Shaping Combat weapon or armor into existence by rolling (the appropriate Grace + Craft), which may always be supplemented by the First Oramus Excellency, against a Difficulty of the Artifact value of the Shaping Combat weapon or armor. The weapon or armor produced by this Charm is only useful in Shaping Combat; a conjured behemoth, for example, cannot be set free to rampage across Creation and is not built with mutations.

            Bright Costumes and Bold Makeup
            [prereq: What Is and What Should Never Be]

            History records that Oramus was a mighty dragon with seven limbs, but he was never constrained by so petty a concept as shape. By activating this Charm, the Infernal may appear as anything she desires as an Illusion effect. Changing her appearance requires reactivating the Charm. Seeing through this Illusion requires the viewer to spend Willpower equal to the Infernal’s permanent Essence (maximum of 5 Willpower); once a viewer pierces the Infernal’s illusory shape, the viewer cannot be affected by this Charm again in the Scene. The listed cost is for activations of this Charm outside of the Wyld; in the Wyld, this Charm is free.

            Pyreflame Dreams
            [prereq: What Is and What Should Never Be]

            The Neverborn are pure examples of the impossible made actual; the Primordials could not die, and yet a number of them now suffer in agony forever in death without end. Owing to this, Oramus finds them unhealthily fascinating and remains the only Yozi who will treat with them (besides the Ebon Dragon, who transgresses all bounds of propriety).
            Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal gains a temporary rating in Whispers equal to her permanent Essence score, and may use Sorcerous Enlightenment of Oramus to imitate Necromancy spells as well as Sorcery spells for the Charm’s duration. However, the Infernal sacrifices the ability to regain Willpower through sleep for a number of day and night periods equal to the rating gained in Whispers, as her nightmares are haunted and warped by the eternal dying screams and curses of the Neverborn.

            Flowers Bloom Like Madness

            Kimbery fancies herself a great artist of grand guignol atrocities, and Autochthon was only tolerated by his brethren because of his abilities as the Great Maker, but no Primordial could match Oramus for the sheer, impossible splendor of his works, each one as unique as a snowflake, as precious as a jewel falling into a still pool of water, and as deadly as cold steel. This is just; the price that he paid for such ability was high indeed. The Infernal automatically acquires bonus successes on any Craft roll equal to the Infernal’s permanent Essence. These successes explicitly do not count against the successes that may normally be added by Charms. An Essence 4 repurchase of this Charm further reduces the required time between each Craft roll, if applicable, to (1/permanent Essence) the required time. However, all of these bonuses only function if the Infernal is creating a unique item. A stunningly-original garden or a sword the likes of which Creation has never seen would be eligible for the bonuses; recreating such things exactly would not be.
            However, minds that are part of that which Is cannot easily coexist with inspiration from the Beyond. Upon learning this Charm, the Infernal acquires a form of insanity that can be ameliorated, but never truly healed. The player and the Storyteller should work together to select a Derangement or partially-controlled Virtue Flaw to which the Infernal is always subject. The Infernal can suppress the effects of this insanity by spending (10-permanent Essence) WP in a scene (maximum 5WP), but no magic short of unlearning this Charm (and losing its benefits) can permanently cure the Infernal of this affliction.

            Muse of Unearthly Delights
            [prereq: Flowers Bloom Like Madness]
            [Shaping, Obvious]

            Oramus is a generous soul, willing to impart stunning visions of the Beyond to those capable of appreciating the soul-wrenching vistas. That such an experience is invariably damaging to the mortal mind is something he either does not realize or does not consider important; demonic scholars continue to debate this issue. The Infernal acts as a wicked muse for another person within sight of the Infernal, granting that person successes to a specific kind of Craft roll that do not count against the person’s limit for successes added by Charms. Upon activation of this Charm, the Infernal learns what, if any, score the target has in Craft, and the Infernal determines the Craft specialty to which the bonus successes are applied (successes cannot be allocated among multiple Craft specialties without multiple activations of this Charm). The same restrictions regarding the unique nature of the Crafted result as imposed by Flowers Bloom Like Madness apply to this Charm. In addition, the number of successes granted equals the bonus point cost of a Derangement mutation, chosen by the Infernal, that is imposed on the target at the same time as the bonuses. Both the bonuses and the Derangement last for the remainder of the Scene.
            Because the Charm is Obvious, the target intuits that insanity will go hand-in-hand with the gift. Those who do not wish to trade lucidity for artistry may resist the effects of this Charm by paying 1 Willpower. Doing so immunizes the target from the effects of this Charm for the remainder of the Scene. An Essence 5 repurchase causes the successes granted by a successful activation of this Charm to be permanent. The imposed Derangement also becomes permanent as a Desecration effect and imposes the Creature of Darkness mutation on the target at the same time as the Derangement, if the target does not already possess it.

            Bafflement of Shining Scales
            [prereq: Flowers Bloom Like Madness]

            The most powerful weapons and Charms levied against the Impossible Dragon during the Primordial War simply broke around his wings like water around a cliff, their magical power stymied by the mad glittering light reflected from the scales of Oramus’ wings. It was not until a young Solar, the sole survivor of an ill-fated army tasked with slaying the Dragon Beyond the World, exhausted, and bereft of Essence, swung her sword against Oramus in a last and desperate act of defiance that the limits of this power were revealed. The Infernal perfectly parries any attack she is aware of, even if it is unblockable. The first cost listed above applies whenever the Infernal is in Creation or Yu-Shan; the second cost applies everywhere else. This Charm suffers from the Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond the World.

            [Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond the World – The terrible power of the Beyond is inimical in the extreme to the mundane realities of Creation, but then again, the reverse is also true; they cut through each other like hot knives through butter. A Charm with this Imperfection is inapplicable against non-magical attacks. Additionally, activating a Charm with this Imperfection warps the Infernal with impossible energy, halving her DVs and setting her soak and Hardness (from any source, including armor) to 0 against non-magical attacks until her DV refreshes. These penalties are only applicable against the kind of attack (physical or social) that triggered them; for example, an Infernal who activated Sheltering Balm of Insanity against a magical social attack would not halve her DV or lose her soak and Hardness ratings against a non-magical physical attack later in the scene.]

            [Greater Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond the World – So soaked is Oramus in impossible power that it permanently infects his constitution and even his possessions. Any Charm with the Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond the World becomes permanent and is considered to be active at all times; additionally, the DV of the Infernal drops to 0 against non-magical attacks.]

            [Concept: Magical attacks. Magic is, in some small measure, an extrusion of the impossible into the real. As such, an attack empowered by magic carries a small part of what Is Not with it at all times, and can be thwarted by the same. An attack that is enhanced by Essence, whether through a Charm, a spell, or the expenditure of motes, counts as a magical attack, as does an attack from an Artifact weapon, a weapon that is formed by a Charm or spell, or an attack that is otherwise composed purely of Essence. For example, an attack supplemented by the First Melee Excellency is magical, as is the Godspear attack of the Five Metal Shrike and a melee attack from a Lunar with Claws of the Silver Moon active. Attacks from beings with Essence 10 are always magical, as are attacks from beings with any mutations or Derangements, attacks from the Raksha, attacks from any being that has used an Essence effect to passively boost an Attribute or Ability used in the attack, and attacks from an Exalt in Limit Break. As an exception to the general rule regarding magical attacks, an attack supplemented only by Ghost-Eating Technique is not considered magical; Oblivion hungers for bright Primordial ornaments and will not be denied.]

            Words that Twist Like Daggers
            [Unnatural Mental Influence, Shaping, Supplemental, Combo-OK]

            Those who talk with Oramus do so as gingerly as those who once warred against him, for it is in the nature of the Impossible Dragon to spread madness like the clouds spread rain. A social attack supplemented by this Charm becomes unnatural. If the target of the Infernal’s social attack does not successfully resist the attack, the Infernal may choose to impose a Derangement of the Infernal’s choice on the target. This Derangement lasts until the end of the Scene. At Essence 4, the Derangement can become permanent as a Desecration effect at the Infernal’s discretion if the Infernal successfully attacks the target with this Charm a number of times in the Scene equal to the bonus point value of the Derangement in question; the Derangement is still temporarily imposed upon the first successful use of this Charm in a Scene, and subsequent uses simply build towards the Derangement’s permanence. Partial Limit Break Virtue Flaws may also be imposed with this Charm, and are deemed to have a bonus point value of 4 for purposes of the Essence 5 repurchase.
            As the Infernal increases in power, this Charm becomes even more fearsome. At permanent Essence 6, the number of successful attacks required to impose a Derangement are halved (rounding down). Finally, at permanent Essence 8, the Charm becomes permanent and automatically supplements all of the Infernal's social attacks at no cost, regardless of whether the Infernal desires this effect or not.

            Soul-Eroding Production
            [prereq: Words that Twist Like Daggers]

            The masques, plays, operas, exhibitions, and other events sponsored by Oramus before the Primordial War are still famous even today among the denizens of Malfeas, sending the audiences insane with joy at the spectacles of pure artistry wrought by the Lord of Not. This Charm permits Words that Twist Like Daggers to supplement a Performance-based roll against any number of targets that are in the Infernal’s presence.
            An Essence [XX] repurchase permits Words that Twist Like Daggers to be used remotely by the Infernal on any witness to a piece of art that the Infernal has created, such as a painting, sculpture, book, or play (including a play created by the Infernal that is being performed in the Infernal’s absence). The Infernal subliminally becomes aware of when piece of art is being viewed by a sapient being or beings (although no information about the viewer is conveyed) and can choose to initiate a social attack (based on Performance for multiple viewers) supplemented by Words that Twist Like Daggers against those viewers. A further repurchase at Essence [XX] permits the Infernal to teleport to the location of the artistic piece through which she channeled a social attack at an additional cost of [XX] motes.

            Soothing Balm of Insanity
            [prereq: Words that Twist Like Daggers]

            The changeability of Oramus’ mental health was a byword among his Primordial brethren; he seemed to be a veritable kaleidoscope of madness. The Infernal may activate this Charm in response to any successful attack in Social Combat. The Infernal perfectly parries the successful attack. The Storyteller then imposes a Derangement on the Infernal with a bonus point value that is equal to or greater than the amount of Willpower that would have been required to cancel the attack’s effects; a Derangement that qualifies as a Deformity will substitute for any amount of Willpower. Partial Limit Break Virtue Flaws may also be imposed with this Charm, and are deemed to have a bonus point value of 4 for these purposes. This Derangement remains for the rest of the Scene.

            Ornamented Lunatic Pyre Shintai
            [prereqs: Play the Music, Light the Lights; Words that Twist Like Daggers; Bright Costumes and Bold Makeup; Sorcerous Initiation of Oramus]
            [Combo-OK, Form-like]

            Oramus is not content merely to transmit the glory of the Beyond. His abysmal madness and horrifying power concentrates the experience as a prism focuses a ray of light through this, the least of his Shintai Charms, intensifying the experience many times over. Mortals caught up in the experience very quickly become broken, twisted, mewling wretches, hopelessly addicted to the limitless possibilities of the Wyld.
            Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal bellows forth a gout of bright colors in all hues possible and impossible, which consumes her body instantly in a glittering bonfire of blazing, shimmering rainbows. The Infernal may activate Play the Music, Light the Lights at no cost at the same time she activates this Charm, and may activate Bright Costumes and Bold Makeup each tick at no cost to constantly change her form. Additionally, this Charm grants the following benefits. First, the difficulties for the Wyld Exposure and Wyld Addiction rolls for any person other than the Infernal who is caught within the bounds of Play the Music, Light the Lights increases by the Infernal’s permanent Essence; Essence-users may offset this penalty for any required Wyld Exposure roll by spending motes on a one-for-one basis, if they are not already immune to the Wyld’s effects. Second, each target must make a Wyld Exposure and Wyld Addiction roll on each of their action ticks while they remain within the bounds of Play the Music, Light the Lights (succeeding at a Wyld Addiction roll prompted by this Charm does not grant the target the normal +1 bonus for future rolls over a number of months as described on page 288 of Exalted). Finally, while this Charm is active, the number of successes required to mirror any spell using Sorcerous Enlightenment of Oramus is halved, rounding down.


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              Originally posted by Dietaku View Post
              The Yozis/Primordials I'm most interested in at present are Oramus, Mardukth and Metagaos, but I'm interested in anything y'all have used or has stood out.
              Mardukth, Who Holds In Thrall?
              Considering that one of the patrons of the Abyssals is a Neverborn named He Who Holds In Thrall, I suspect Mardukth isn't doing well, health-wise.

              I play...
              Kovan, actor, librarian, sorcerer, great bear, Lunar Elder from the First Age
              Thutmose-Osiris, seventh son of a seventh son, descendant of the Supreme Deity Sukhmet, renegade demigod and bearer of the Ghoul-Banishing Bow. Also bright green.


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                The same. Although, in case I didn't mention it, this is/was for a Gunstar Autochonia game, so the Mountain and the Beast Upon It is alive and well. Heck ,the Circle has managed to kill one of his Chosen already, and made an enemy of one of his Second Circle Daevas, the Lord of Birds, Zezoothe.

                Also, sicne this thread seems to have been reinarncated, I'll toss my own hat in the ring for Oramus charms. I have to credit Arrghus for inspiring a lot of these, as his and my ideas overlapped a bit. While this isn't much, I have more in the works.
                Down of Koans Unanswered
                Cost: 3m(+1m)
                Min: Essence 1
                Type: Reflexive
                Duration: Indefinite
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
                Prereqs: None
                While he first arose in the infinite possibilities of the Wyld, Oramus is neither constrained nor burdened by the madness of that realm, his lustrous down shielding from all but the most apocalyptic shaping. When a Titanic Exalt purchases this charm, they can ignore the effects of environmental shaping so long as they commit the essence. Purchasing this charm again allows the Exalt to render themselves immune to all shaping actions as long as they commit the essence to the charm.

                Sight Beyond Sight Prana
                Cost: 3m (+1m)
                Min: Essence 2
                Type: Supplemental
                Duration: Instant
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious,
                Prereqs: Down of Koans Unasnwered
                Oramus' senses aren't constrained by time and space, but by the perceptions of others. The Exalt can add their essence to rolls to detect or sense something. However, for ever y other character in the scene, the Exalt must add an additional mote, as their extra perspectives distort the supernal sight Oramus grants.

                Gazing into the Gossamer Veil
                Cost: - (+1ep)
                Min: Essence 3
                Type: Supplemental
                Duration: Permanent
                Prereqs: Sight Beyond Sight Prana
                Oramus can discern the entirety of Creation from the imprints that its inhabitants make on the Shinmas. Like their Patron, this charm permanently improves Sight Beyond Sight Prana, allowing it to be used on the Shinmas, granting them stupendous range in their senses. However, should the Exalt attempt to observe other realms with this charm, the cost increases by one willpower.

                Footsteps on Glass Practice
                Cost: 10m
                Min: Essence 2
                Type: Simple
                Duration: (Journey's duration)
                Prereqs: Gazing into the Gossamer Veil
                What Oramus can sense, he can interact with. This charm allows the Titanic Exalt to peel back the Shinma and travel along the underside of its surface. This cuts the travel time to a quarter of the normal duration or a minimum of five days, whichever is less, and can travel to other realms of Existence, provided the Exalt knows of them. The Exalt can be tracked with supernatural senses while so doing, with an external penalty of the Exalt's (Essenc). If trying to enter the World-Body of a Titan, the Exalt must get permission first. Also, while this charm allows the Exalt to travel in the infinite expanse beneath Creation's foundations, it does not prevent harm from the endless abyss of formlessness that exists there, necessitating use of Down of Koans Unanswered.

                Aerie in Your Soul Methodology
                Cost: 3m (+6m for Perfect Defense)
                Min: Essence 2
                Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
                Duration: Instant
                Prereqs: Gazing into the Gossamer Veil
                Shinmas are merely Laws upon which all of Creation are beholden to. The Titanic Exalt can then draw upon the Law of their own Exaltation's power to draw up a small Shinma and cover themselves in it like a poncho. This adds a bonus of the Exalt's (Essence) to both their lethal and bashing soak values. This charm can be repurchased at Essence 3, and upgrades the charm to be able to act as a perfect soak that can defend against even unsoakable attacks. This defense then carries the Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond.

                The Imperfection of the Dragon Beyond:
                Oramus is almighty, but cannot affect that which he cannot sense. To this end, defenses with this imperfection cannot defend against sneak attacks or attacks the Exalt cannot see.

                Azure Peacock of Sevenfold Stigmata Shintai

                Cost: 10m, 1wp
                Min: Essence 4
                Prereqs: Footsteps on Glass Practice, Aerie in Your Soul Methodology(*2)
                Making the Lesser Sign of He Who is Not, the Exalt's body shifts into a form befitting the magnificent altruism that Oramus exhibits with his creations, gaining five limbs and a cloak of feathers, along with nine bleeding wounds, one upon each wrist, their side and their feet. This charm grants the user the benefit of (Essence*2) number of successes they can apply to any action while in this form. They can also grant these successes to those they are allied with, provided it is to a rolled pool. They also can perform defend other actions for any being they can sense with Sight Beyond Sigh Prana, such is the Agape of the Bluebird of Happiness.