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  • Kunoichi
    Oooooh. *reads*

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  • notthepenguins
    Originally posted by Kunoichi View Post
    *wishes that there were Elloge charms*
    I have no idea who originally made these. But I have them saved.

    Infernal Stuffs

    The Ellogian Urge - The Urge to Express
    People do not truly understand each other. They do not truly know each other, because communication
    is imperfect outside of Elloge's own body. They must settle for the imperfections of mortal language. This drives
    those afflicted with Elloge's Urge to madness, as they strive to find greater and more perfect means of
    expressing their thoughts to others. Their art projects are grand and terrifying, achieving a beauty that is both
    marvelous and incomprehensible. To make the outside world see the inner world is the goal of all who have the
    Ellogian Urge, but it is futile; none shall ever achieve that perfection... or will they?

    Sample Urges:
    • Paint a perfect representation of the suffering of the Yozi, such that all may understand their torment.
    • Write a text of demonic lore surpassing the wisdom of the Broken-Winged Crane, and ensure that it has
      better narrative structure
    • Create a sculpture out of the corpses of the entirety of Lookshy, creating a monument to the ushering
      of the Third Age

    The Imperfection of the Sphere of Speech
    Elloge comprehends the world in terms of narrative structure. To her, people act in predictable ways,
    allowing her to defend from their attacks. However, when people defy her expectations, she finds herself
    paralyzed, unable to defend herself. Any Charm which carries the Imperfection of the Sphere of Speech cannot
    be used against an opponent who has knowingly worked against their own Motivation in the past scene.

    Act of Villainy: Loving Self-Sabotage
    Infernals who favor Elloge understand her love of a good story, even if that story goes against her own
    interests. The Infernal must intentionally fail to correct a problem or flaw in himself, his tools or his plans, and
    explain to another person why, according to his role in his narrative, he must not correct that problem or flaw.
    He then rolls (Conviction), with each success reducing his Limit by one. And Infernal may take advantage of this
    Act of Villainy only once per plan; confessing to the same flaw multiple times loses its gravity, after all.

    The Torment of the Sphere of Speech
    Those who earn Elloge's wrath suffer her greatest curse: she retracts their ability to communicate,
    ensuring they can only speak or write in incoherent glossolalia. All speech is garbled and random; all written
    words become unreadable. All rolls that require written or spoken language automatically fail for one day.
    Worse, this effect is contagious; all who share an Intimacy with the Infernal or who are within (Essence x 10)
    yards of the Infernal for more than a minute become similarly afflicted.


    First Elloge Excellency
    Cost:1m per die; Mins:Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The First Elloge Excellency adds dice to enhance valid actions using the same costs and rules as other
    First Excellencies, except as stated here. If the action or value enhanced uses only an Attribute or an Ability, but
    not a combination of the two, the dice limit is (Used Trait + Essence). The italicized words and phrases in the
    description below provides the core themes of Elloge's purview.

    Each time the Infernal or Akuma increases her Essence, this Charm must be re-purchased as a Training
    effect. Thus, no Infernal may have fewer purchases of any given First Excellency than her Essence at any time.
    The Sphere of Speech is romantic, given to flights of fancy and becoming lost within herself . She is
    invisible to those outside of her, while her inner world is complex and rich beyond imagination. She perceives
    the whole world through the lens of narrative, understanding relationships through archetypes and themes. She
    seeks to build connections between people to create a more unified narrative. She dictates reality around her,
    but admires introspection and self-exploration. She also enjoys paradox and self-contradiction, as it creates
    more complication and greater depth in her stories.

    To Elloge, words are what they represent, and she does not distinguish between symbol and symbolized.
    She speaks only truth, though it is the truth of stories, rather than of cold-hard fact. Facts that are inconvenient
    to her stories are edited out of existence, as Elloge seeks to create the perfect story. Her narrative structure
    dominates the Wyld, as her narrative holds the greatest power over those entities which exist outside of
    Creation's law.

    This Charm may be used to enhance any action in which the Infernal uses words or language as a part
    of his task, or which is used in an act of self-expression. This Charm may also be used to encourage a narrative
    that the Infernal enjoys, or to develop relationships, whether or not she is a part of that relationship. This
    Charm cannot be used in any action to make someone act in a way that is antithetical to their character, or to
    inhibit any act of self-expression which is in accordance with an archetype or narrative she wishes to foster.
    Finally, Elloge has an obsession with marriage and children, and as such this Excellency may be used in
    any action to facilitate romance or aid in protecting children.

    Elloge Mythos Exultant
    Cost: –; Mins:Essence 3
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: First Elloge Excellency
    The Yozi revel in the exercise of their purview, drawing power from the very strategies they use to
    spread that power through Creation. As with any (Yozi) Mythos Exultant, no action may be enhanced by more
    than a single Mythos Exultant. Whenever the Infernal succeeds while stunting on an action that could benefit
    from the appropriate Excellency, she may choose to receive the alternate reward listed below instead.
    Characters may partake of these awards even if they did not use the pertinent Excellency to assist the action,
    just so long as doing so was an option.

    Above all others, Elloge understands the beauty of a well-crafted narrative, and she believes it
    important that others share her understanding. Any who perceive an Infernal make a two- or three-die stunt
    enhanced by this Charm and have a Dodge MDV less than the number of successes gained on the stunted roll
    must spend a point of willpower or gain an Intimacy towards the Infernal as appropriate to the situation (as
    decided between the player and ST). This is an Emotion effect and counts as unnatural mental influence. All
    Intimacies created through this Charm fade after one week, unless they are reinforced through other means.

    Sorcerous Enlightenment of Elloge
    Cost: –; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Sorcerous
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: First Elloge Excellency
    By the power of the Primordials, Creation came into existence, as did the elements, deities, and life
    itself. Sorcery is this power, filtered down through fractured glimpses of understanding that cannot begin to
    describe the intricate elegance of the universe. To be a sorcerer is to be mad with jagged shards of cosmic
    awareness and with will and might enough to impose that madness upon the world.

    This Charm grants the Infernal the shallowest fragment of supernal wisdom, enough to learn and cast
    spells of the Emerald Circle. This Charm may be re-purchased a second time at Essence 4+, and a third time at
    Essence 5+, granting access to Sapphire and Adamant Circle Sorcery.

    As this knowledge is granted by Elloge herself, the spells the Infernal may access via this Charm are by
    nature limited; however, some sorceries are so in tune with Elloge's nature that they are easier for the Infernal
    to cast.

    Beneficial spells dealing with communication, whether by enhancing it or allowing it when before it was
    unavailable, all receive a 10m, 1wp cost reduction (the Willpower cost of a spell may not be reduced to below
    1wp in this way). Examples of such spells include Infallible Messenger, Commanding Presence of Fire, Empathic
    Wind, and Eye of Alliance.

    While Elloge is a superlative communicator, she is often locked into action by her own stories. She may
    not cast spells that will cause a target to act antithetically to their Motivation (some uses of Sorcerer's
    Irrestistible Puppetry, for instance) nor may she utilize Sorcery with an effect opposing an active Narrative she
    has invoked or contrary to a Role she is playing. If she has knowingly acted against her Motivation in the scene,
    she adds a 1wp surcharge to all Sorcery.

    Additionally, all spells learned via this Charm must utilize the themes and imagery of Elloge – however,
    as Elloge's stories change, so does her imagery. Sorcery learned via this Charm must be cast with whatever
    imagery is most thematically appropriate to the situation at hand. If Elloge has declared a Narrative in the area,
    the imagery and themes will match the Narrative she has invoked in some way (either by upholding it or
    subverting it). If she is playing a Role, then that Role's thematics take precedence over that of the Narrative. If
    she has neither a Role nor a Narrative active, then her sorcery utilizes Elloge's native imagery of words and
    stories – Death of Obsidian Butterflies might manifest as a storm of stone shards, each with letters etched upon
    them (were someone to assemble the shards into order, they would find a story; perhaps one unrelated to the
    moment, but perhaps the story of some other way those precise injuries could have been inflicted upon the
    spell's target). This imagery and theme do not change the mechanical elements o the spell in any way (except
    by allowing different Stunts to be made).

    This shift in imagery is noticeable to the canny observer, however – for Emerald Circle spells, those with
    Occult 1+ may make (Wits + Occult) rolls at difficulty 5 to recognize the taint. For Sapphire Circle spells, the
    difficulty is 3, while for Adamant Circle spells the difficulty is only 1.
    Spells with Holy effects may notbe learned by Infernals, nor may Infernals utilize the demon-summoning spells of other Exalts (however, Infernals do have access to their own versions of demon-summoning spells).

    Elloge Charms

    Speaking of the Self
    Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    Words are not just Elloge's passion, they compose her very being. Thus, it is impossible to distinguish
    between what Elloge says and what she is. Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal announces a particular idea
    which she wishes to foster in herself. This idea can be no more broad than the purview of an Intimacy. For the
    rest of the scene, she may spend willpower to gain the benefits of channeling a Virtue on a roll without using
    up a Virtue channel, so long as she acts in accordance with the idea she wishes to embody. She may spend two
    motes at any time while this Charm is active to reflexively change the idea she wishes to embody. She cannot
    have more than one iteration of this Charm active at one time.

    At Essence 3+, the duration of this Charm extends to one day. A second purchase of this Charm at
    Essence 4+ makes the duration of this Charm Indefinite; so long as the Infernal continues to commit motes, she
    gains the benefit of this Charm.

    Ways of Many Voices
    Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Obvious
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Speaking of the Self
    Elloge must tell entire stories, not merely act a single part. This Charm enhances its prerequisite,
    allowing the Infernal to have up to (Essence) iterations of Speaking of the Self active at one time, though she
    may only gain the benefits of a single iteration for any one roll.

    The Writer Unseen
    Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Sorcerous
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Speaking of the Self
    Characters in a story do not see the storyteller. Neither does Elloge allow herself to be seen by those
    caught within the strands of her narrative. Activating this Charm requires a (Wits + Stealth) roll with a difficulty
    of the Essence of the highest-Essence being present. If successful, the Infernal becomes seemingly invisible,
    evading all notice as an Illusion effect. Those who wish to resist this effect may spend two points of willpower
    to become immune to the effects of this Charm for the rest of the day. Those who do not spend the willpower
    automatically fail any mundane attempt to notice the Infernal, and all supernatural attempts to discern the
    presence of the Infernal take an external penalty equal to the Infernal's permanent Essence. The Charm ends as
    soon as the Infernal attempts any significant interaction with her environment or with the people around her.

    At Essence 4+, the Illusion keyword is removed from the Charm description.

    Walking Among Patterns
    Cost: – (+1m or 3m, 1wp); Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Illusion
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: The Writer Unseen
    A storyteller subtly alters the world around her, even if the world itself does not acknowledge her
    presence. Such is the passing of the Sphere of Speech that most do not notice her most glorious work until she
    is already gone. This Charm permanently enhances its prerequisite, allowing the Infernal to interact with her
    environment in simple ways while remaining unnoticed. She may open doors, lift objects or even attempt to
    pickpocket someone without ever being noticed. Attacking someone or something still breaks the concealment
    effect, but makes the attack unexpected.

    Additionally, the Infernal may now subtly communicate with people while under the power of The
    Writer Unseen, implanting suggestions of what they should do. By reflexively spending one mote, the Infernal
    talks to the individual normally, but the person must make a (Wits + Integrity) roll at a difficulty of the
    (Infernal's Essence) to remember that the conversation occurred.

    By reflexively spending three motes and one willpower, an Infernal may make an enhanced social attack
    of ([Charisma or Manipulation] + Linguistics) against any individual they can speak with and who understands a
    language the Infernal can speak, which must be a suggestion to undertake a particular action under a particular
    set of circumstances. Such an attack is considered a Compulsion effect and becomes unnatural mental
    influence. If the attack is successful, the Infernal's suggestion is implanted, with the target being none the wiser.

    One akuma of Elloge infamously used this Charm to orchestrate an apparently spontaneous recital of A
    Lover Clad In Blue at a dinner party being held by House Cynis, partly to inspire fears of Yozi cultist infiltration
    among the Dynasts, but mostly because she thought it was funny.

    Contextual Redefinition Methodology
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Speaking of the Self
    Sometimes people do not play the roles they ought. Sometimes, this warrants the character's removal..
    but sometimes it is more convenient to rewrite a bit of a character than to just throw them out. This Charm
    supplements a Linguistics or Performance-based social attack against one person, making it unnatural mental
    influence, and adding (Infernal's Essence) automatic successes. If successful, the Infernal may rewrite the
    emotional context of a single Intimacy, changing love to hate, envy to hero worship, lust to professional
    courtesy, etc. This Charm cannot create an emotional connection that does not exist (i.e. this Charm cannot
    create a new Intimacy). The effects of this emotional rewrite fade after one day per threshold success on the
    activation roll.

    A second purchase at Essence 3+ allow the Infernal to target multiple individuals at once, though they
    must share the same Intimacy with the same emotional context to all be targeted simultaneously.

    Narrative Revision Technique
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Extended
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: The Writer Unseen, Contextual Redefinition Methodology
    A character's actions and reactions are shaped by their memories. Thus, it sometimes becomes
    necessary to edit a person's memory to create a more favorable narrative. This Charm enables an Infernal to
    rewrite a person's memory of a specific event, changing anything from the smallest details to the big picture,
    possibly even removing or replacing the memory entirely. To activate this Charm, the Infernal rolls
    (Manipulation +[Linguistics or Performance]), with (Infernal's Essence) additional automatic successes. If the
    total exceeds the target's Dodge MDV, the Infernal may rewrite a person's memory of a single event in any way
    she wishes. The event in question can not have taken place over the course of more than one day.

    At Essence 4+, this Charm may be used to rewrite memories of events that took place over longer
    periods of time, extending to a length of one week. At Essence 5+, the Infernal may rewrite an interval of
    memories that took place over the course of a month. At Essence 6+, the Charm may rewrite memories from
    over the course of a year. Finally, at Essence 7+, an Infernal may rewrite a person's entire lifetime with a single
    activation of this Charm.

    Live Within the Part
    Cost: 5m+; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Obvious, Sorcerous
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Speaking of the Self
    When Elloge assumes a role, it is not in jest. Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal creates a persona
    she wishes to assume. This persona has its own Motivation and Intimacies, which the Infernal must create as
    she activates the Charm. In addition, she may temporarily rearrange her Virtues, reallocating her Virtue dots as
    she sees fit. She may use fewer dots than she actually has without penalty (to a minimum of one dot per
    Virtue). If she requires moreVirtue dots, she may temporarily obtain more for two motes per Virtue dot.
    So long as this Charm is active, an Infernal effectively isthe persona she has created. All mundane
    attempts to discern her Virtues, Intimacies or Motivation reveal those created by the Infernal. The Infernal need
    not choose a proper name for his persona or his persona's intimacies, defining them merely as "the pauper,"
    "my daughter" or "my hated boss"; after all, many people share similar traits. All supernatural attempts to
    discern her true nature suffer an external penalty equal to her Essence; failure indicates that her persona's
    traits are revealed.

    Unlike most Sorcerous Charms, an Infernal may end this Charm at will. After all, there's no point in
    being able to take on a role if you can't also take it off.

    Internal Persona Archive
    Cost: – (3m or 2xp); Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Live Within the Part
    Every writer has a few favorite characters they love to return to. Such is the case with an Infernal and
    her personae. This Charm permanently enhances its prerequisite, allowing an Infernal to create a library of
    personae that can be called up through Live Within the Part. An Infernal who uses this Charm may create a
    persona, as per Live Within the Part, and spend two experience points. From then on, an Infernal may call upon
    a prepared persona for a flat three motes, rather than for the five (or more) normally required to create a
    persona on the fly, and may do so as a Reflexive action without counting it as a Charm activation.

    Impromptu Casting Method
    Cost: 5m per target; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Obvious, Emotion, Sorcerous
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Internal Persona Archive, Contextual Redefinition Methodology
    A story with only one character is boring. Thus, Elloge finds herself having to press others into her
    stories in order to make them happen. This Charm allows an Infernal to target up (Essence) other individuals
    within her line of sight. The Infernal need not roll against willing targets, but against unwilling targets the
    Infernal must roll (Charisma + [Linguistics or Performance]), adding (Infernal's Essence) automatic successes. If
    the roll is greater than the target's Dodge MDV, the attempt succeeds. This is an unnatural mental influence and
    counts as an Emotion effect.

    Assuming the target is willing (or an unwilling target's MDV is beaten), the Infernal may grant the target
    a single persona from his Internal Persona Archive. The affected targets act in all ways as though they were
    under the effects of Live Within the Part, save that they cannot terminate the Charm prematurely. The Infernal
    cannot affect two people with the same persona, as Elloge hates redundant parts.

    A second purchase at Essence 5+ removes the cap on the number of people that can be affected with
    Impromptu Casting Method, ensuring that the Infernal's only limitation is his library and his dice pool.

    The Plot Thickens
    Cost: 2m to 2(Essence)m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping, Sorcerous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Speaking of the Self
    Elloge finds herself wanting greater and more interesting stories. Sometimes, people fail to oblige, in
    which case Elloge must take matters into her own hands. An Infernal with this Charm may increase or decrease
    the difficulty of a single action anyone in sight is undertaking by one, to a minimum difficulty of 1. The Infernal
    may modify the difficulty of a single action by up to (Infernal's Essence), spending 2m per difficulty increase or

    Plot-Weaving Atemi
    Cost: 8m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping, Sorcerous
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisites: The Plot Thickens
    When Elloge wishes for a plotline to go forward, none can gainsay her. This Charm enables the Infernal
    to wrap the world around her in a net of narrative, altering the course of events as she sees fit. Upon activating
    the Charm, the Infernal creates a Narrative that she wishes to pursue, whose effect extends over an area of
    (Essence x 100) yards. The Narrative is a specific goal or theme the Infernal wishes to encourage, which has the
    same general purview as a Motivation. Samples include "two strangers fall in love," "student avenges his
    master," or "hero learns the true meaning of despair." So long as the Infernal remains within the affected area,
    all rolls intended to bring about the Narrative have their target number reduced by one, to a minimum of 4,
    while all rolls that contradict the Narrative have their target numbers increased by one, to a maximum of 9. All
    people within the radius of the Charm understand intuitively the Narrative they are being encouraged to follow,
    while using All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight or an equivalent effect reveals the Infernal as the source of the
    fate anomaly.

    This Charm has more power over the Fair Folk and other creatures of the Wyld, defined as they are by
    their own lesser stories. This Charm increases or decreases the target number of their rolls by two rather than
    one, so long as they attempt to encourage or contradict the Narrative of this Charm.

    Recognition of Lesser Threads
    Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Obvious, Shaping, Sorcerous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: The Plot Thickens
    The world can always use more heroes; after all, they always make the most interesting stories. To use
    this Charm, the Infernal must target an extra and touch their target. The extra so affected automatically
    becomes a heroic mortal for all intents and purposes, and becomes a legitimate target for Exaltation.

    At Essence 4+ this Charm can be repurchased, allowing the Infernal to spend an additional five motes
    when activating this Charm to bestow the Enlightened Essence mutation on someone who is being affected by
    Recognition of Inner Threads. Using this aspect of the Charm carries a drawback, however; Elloge leaves behind
    her tainted mark, giving the recipient of this Charm the Creature of Darkness mutation if they did not already
    possess it.

    Living in Interesting Times
    Cost: – (+1wp); Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Obvious
    Duration: Permament
    Prerequisite Charms: First Elloge Excellency, The Plot Thickens
    The Sphere of Speech blesses those that make the world more interesting. This Charm permanently
    upgrades the Infernal's Elloge Excellencies, allowing him to spend a point of willpower to grant a single
    individual in sight the benefit from the Infernal's First and Second Excellencies as though they were the Infernal
    for the rest of the scene. The maximum amount of dice or successes the Infernal may grant through the First or
    Second Excellencies are determined by the affected person's dice pools, not by the Infernal's. An Infernal
    cannot use an Excellency to benefit both himself and another in the same action; doing so requires two
    separate activations of the Excellency, and is treated accordingly. Normally, the Infernal must spend the motes
    out of his own pool, but if the target is willing and aware of what the Infernal is doing, and has access to an
    Essence pool, he may spend motes out of his own pool to gain the benefits of this Charm. Doing this still counts
    as the Infernal's Charm activation, rather than the target's Charm activation. Using this Charm is always
    considered Obvious, as it is clearly manipulating events around the Infernal.

    A second purchase at Essence 4+ allows the Infernal to grant targets of the Blessing of the Narrator the
    benefits of Ellogian Mythos Exultant and Ellogian Inevitability Technique (if the Infernal has them), while a third
    and final purchase at Essence 5+ eliminates the willpower cost for using this Charm and grants access to So
    Speaks Elloge (if the Infernal already possesses it).

    Wisdom Within Words
    Cost: 3m (+1wp); Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Combo-OK
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    When Elloge wishes her words to be known, none may stop her. This Charm allow the Infernal to ignore
    all internal penalties that would inhibit her ability to communicate through words, be they written or spoken. If
    her throat is cut, she can still speak or sing; if her fingers are broken, her pen can write by her will alone; if she
    in agonizing pain from a terrible injury, she can still create exquisite calligraphy. She may also spend an
    additional point of willpower to reduce external penalties to affected rolls by her Essence, to a minimum of

    A second purchase at Essence 3+ allows the Infernal to ignore any Crippling effects, in addition to
    external or internal penalties, for the purposes of communicating through words so long as this Charm is active.
    Using Wisdom Within Words in this way makes this Charm Obvious.

    Unspoken Name Discernment
    Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Combo-OK
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Wisdom Within Words
    All things have names, and all names can be represented as words, even the unspoken name of Elloge's
    sister, the Principle of Hierarchy. Thus, it is a simple matter for Elloge to learn the name of a would-be character
    in her story. The Infernal rolls (Perception + Investigation), with a difficulty of (Target's Essence). Success
    indicates that the Infernal learns the person's true name, along with any monikers they may use. Each threshold
    success garners an additional fact about the person from the following list:
    • The target's Motivation
    • The rating of one of the target's Virtues
    • One of the target's Intimacies
    • One of the target's Favored Abilities
    • One of the target's Favored Attributes
    • The single most important moment in the target's life (from the target's perspective)
    This Charm may only be used on a single target once per scene.

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  • Eldagusto
    Oramus, Isidoros, and Qaf are easily the Yozis I most charms for! Love Em!

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  • Kunoichi
    *wishes that there were Elloge charms*

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  • Dietaku
    Thanks, I appreciate it. All of those resources do seem to be up, at least in pieces. Still, better than nothing.

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  • notthepenguins
    Are these Mardukth Charms?

    Yes, these are Mardukth Charms.

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  • Dezeroth
    there are several entries for all of the above that were on the old forums, you might still be able to find them on in the archive if you go hunting.

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