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    Does anyone have a write up on Qaf or a charm set. I've found part of one on an Obsidian Portal game - but feeling I'll have to write?

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    While writing I did come to this conclusion:

    "I find it interesting that he had always sought distant horizons and now he can only seek the truth in himself. ****ing sucks being a Möbius Strip."


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      I don't know of any, but I'd like to see the partial one you found.

      Long ago Reminiscent Oasis wrote this First Qaf Excellency:

      Qaf, the Heaven-Violating Spear
      The Heaven-Violating Spear is distant, stoic, and immovable. He appears as both sage and ascetic. High above worldly affairs, he spends centuries in meditation, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and striving for perfection. He considers his fellows fools for seeking the Shining Answer over far horizons; ultimate wisdom lies within. Such enlightenment is earned and he only helps those who help themselves. Even then, he teaches hard lessons by experience and speaks only in indecipherable koans and oddly applicable proverbs. He asks penetrating questions and dispels superstitions and preconceptions. He loathes the gods and has since their first invention (oh, how he sometimes wishes to be intemperate enough to say, “I told you so!”), believing they allowed the Primordials to neglect the bitter work of self-improvement.

      This Charm may aid the character in any attempt to ignore distractions or endure hardships. It may not be used to acquire or provide simple, direct assistance and it may never be used to enhance a prayer to another being. Qaf fights his own battles and expects the same of others. Assistance earned through considerable effort or from deciphering vague hints is permissible. Finally, this Charm cannot enhance any action which the character must suppress his Temperance to perform.

      She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
      My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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        Well he's pretty much unwritten as a Yozi thus far. So I wrote this as a kinda lamp post for my future endeavors:

        Qaf, The Heaven Violating Spear

        Once, before mortal minds grasped onto concepts of time through aged fingers, Qaf appeared unto the Wyld. Qaf was as infinite as the Realm Unshaped and from the first sought its beginning and end, striking out as brilliant white line against the roiling mutable madness. In their travels, the other Primodials found him, a clear direction in an unreadable shifting realm. They shared with him the Shining Answer, a place/concept or thing that must have started all of this and set into motion the events of their existence. Intrigued, Qaf joined them and offered to be their guide, foraging into the unknown for the birth of the Universe and inso themselves. Qaf was possessed of the Shining Answer - even when the conflict with the Unshaped had eased to a gentle wave, no longer threatening to sweep them away, as the others lay down worn and tired and seeking peace and recuperation…Qaf sought on. Creation was build around him, his unbending will and impossible hunger for understanding forming the Axis Mundi, his Joten the spine of a fledgling cosmos all their own. When the gods, who dwelt upon the pile of dirt and dust that gathered about him, what would come to be known as Mount Maru, rebelled – he was far away still, seeking the answer.

        As the Primodials became Yozi, when the king of their kin entered bondage and crawled within himself, the gods looked upon Qaf who stood as a shimming line to pierce into the realms of heaven and beyond. Though Qaf had not raised a hand in the grand conflict, though he had not given council or curse, and though he had only held all of creation about him with every rock and quake that threatened to sunder it – the victors looked upon him and sneered. In him they saw weakness, dependance and something that would always be beyond them. Many questioned how Creation could continue to exist without Qaf, what would it be without the celestial pole? Others asked, how could they cast away and seal something without limits, as even the Endless desert was only bound in half to the prison – her hands grasping and felt in places of desolation. In the end they bent him so that his beginning and end converged, thus and then was he banished into a realm were there were no sights and no wisdom to be found, only still blank infinity. No longer could he seek the shining answer, no longer could he study and learn from the infinite vistas of the Wyld – now he had only himself as the path. If the Shining Answer were to be found, it would be within himself.


        On ‘Portals of Black Nacre’:
        Though Qaf knows the truth can and will only be found in himself, he still seeks perspective, thus did the Portals of Black Nacre grow up like windows of night gazing out on his brothers and sisters. Though they are shaped, though the world outside is a pale comparrison to the blurred infinities of yesteryear – Qaf prizes his portals above all things he yet possess. Not because he believes there is truth out there, but because what is outside can help one to understand what is within. Each is a lesson, a lesson to be learned again and again, as each grows in turn.

        I don't know of any, but I'd like to see the partial one you found.

        It's, sadly, quite poor.
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          I'm certainly interested when you have more!


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            Originally posted by ZealousChristian24 View Post
            I'm certainly interested when you have more!

            Before working on charms I usually come up with seeds. I know it's nothing awesome, but here's what I have so far:
            Qaf Charm Seeds:
            • Immortalizing moments of one's life for meditation and the deep lessons to be found in such events
            • Trial and punishment, but also reward if the itinerant is successful (given to others)
            • Gazing through portals of nacre -> Study others to learn about the self in relation (I am like/unlike the observed)
            • Carrying your teachings and being in those who you've taught
            • Being the Axis Mundi, become the center of attention and focus through personal magnetism. rather than loud and overt action
            • Enlightenment of others, beyond simply opening their eyes to their essence (suite of powerful training charms with high costs and difficult trials)
            • Refusal to quit/give up upon one's motivation/urge/declared quest
            • Transcend physical bounds, allowing one's will to buoy one up
            • Building of monuments, of learning/enlightenment/beauty and personal meaning/moments
            • Bending of Space
            Then the most important seeds, the ones that will be woven through the whole of the other charms:

            "You have power over those you have taught & you may ignore the existence of the ignorant"

            The above will take the form of keywords or checks applied to others through the use of charms, that is to say, did this person seek enlightenment or master my trials? Did this person sit under me or seek guidance on the path of true knowledge? Many challenge charms will include the marking of others as ignorant, much like checks for creatures of darkness or 'Outsiders', this will be a new check for Qaf alone. Many of Qaf's lasting social influence charms will stem from the Teacher/Pupil relationship that other charms will cultivate, causing the latter to view the former with awe and deference, as one who is further along the path of enlightenment.

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              I don't have an idea how to incorporate it, but there's a statement somewhere that Qaf's slopes can only be ascended by learning lessons that are harmful to mortal souls, but enlightening for demons.

              She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
              My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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                I found a handfull of Qaf charms laying around the many Exalted homebrew folders of my HD

                Don't know if they are useful for you or not.

                First Qaf Excellency

                Qaf is endless and aloof, standing beyond the dimensions of Creation. He embodies generation, procreation, engendering and enhancing entities, objects and concepts throughout Creation. He defined perfection, and empowers those who seek it. He is the immovable object, never to be moved or conquered. There is nothing beyond him, but to seek is the heart of his being.
                Characters may apply this charm to any action that improves spiritual, resists change, and represents progress. Qaf defines perfection, changes to himself are unnecessary and undesired. This charm cannot aid actions which alter oneself or prevent others from enhancing themselves. Qaf represents enlightenment for all, and is not stingy with his blessings.
                Mount Ascending Sage
                Cost: −; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Permanent
                Prerequisite Charms: None

                -No checks are necessary for climbing.
                -Climb speed is equal to move speed.
                -Recover 1 additional mote per hour when meditating.

                Bodily Limit Transcendance
                Cost: −; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                Keyword: Native
                Duration: Permanent
                Prerequisites:Ascending Mountain Sage
                Qaf dedicates no time to those bodily functions which limit his quest for enlightenment. Meditation counts as sleep for all purposes, including the recovery of willpower.

                Inner Self Contemplation
                Cost: −; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                Keyword: Native
                Duration: Permanent
                Prerequisites:Bodily Limit Transcendance
                Qaf seeks greater enlightement through self contemplation
                This charm expands the peripheral pool by 10 motes which can only be expanded by the bonus motes granted from Ascending Mountain Sage.

                Infinite Flesh Assumption
                Cost: 10m; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 8)
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms: Mount Ascending Sage

                When one encompasses infinity, the blow of a sword feels as nothing. The infernal temporarily assumes a small aspect of this slope, replacing her flesh with that of the endless mountain. This is a perfect soak subject to the Imperfection of the Heaven-Violating Spear.
                Collapsing Mountain Inevitablity
                Cost: 6m; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 2; Type: Extra Action
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms:Infinite Flesh Assumtion
                The fall of a single rock may cause little harm, but the fall of thousands wipes cities from the world. The infernal replicates the death that these falling rocks create, each cut may not kill but they contribute to felling the greater beast. The Infernal makes a number of attack rolls equal to their Essence with no multiple action penalty and the highest DV penalty of any attack, and sums all of the extra successes from these rolls. These successes are counted as the extra successes from a single attack and applied against the targets soak as a single attack. For example, an Essence 3 Green Sun Prince with a strength of 3 and a +4L damage weapon makes 3 attacks and gets 4, 3, 4 extra successes on these attacks, he resolves them as a single attack with a pre-soak damage of 18.

                Detritus Escarpment Shintai
                Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 4; Type: Simple
                Keywords: Form-type, Obvious
                Duration: One Scene
                Prerequisite Charms: Collapsing Mountain Inevitability

                One of the greatest dangers on the slopes of Qaf are represented by the debris from those ahead of you on their journey. The Infernal assumes the form of this scree, and her motions scatter it about the battlefield. Anyone within essence yards takes must face an environmental hazard with damage of (Essence + Highest of Virtue)B and a Trauma of the Infernals highest virtue. Additionally, any attack they parry within 2x Essence yards sprays shards of rock, treated as a counter attack using Essence + Occult for dice pool and highest virtue for damage.
                Endless Distances Meet
                Cost: 15m, 1wp; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Sorcerous
                Duration: Indefinite
                Prerequisite Charms: Infinite Flesh Assumtion

                Qaf exists in a unique place beyond both Creation and Malfeas. Being outside both realms allows him to more easily touch both with his nacre portals. Use of this charm opens a similar portal to a unique pocket dimension in Elsewhere. These portals can only be created within the boundaries of Creation and the realm of Malfeas, the streets of Yu-Shan have long since been shielded from these portals and the Wyld doesn’t contain enough memory of Qaf’s touch to create the binding. This realm functions as a Sanctum(2) for the Infernal who creates the portal, including the ability to banish or prevent entry from those who possess a lower Essence score and vulnerable to the effects of charms and spells designed to influence Sanctums such as Stone is the Gate. Up to Essence such portals may exist at a time, and in the event that all such portals are closed, artifacts and people inside the Sanctum are cast out at the last such portal to be countered. At Essence 6+ a second purchase of this charm may be taken. This repurchase raises the effective level of the Sanctum to 5 and increases the Essence requirement of the charm to 6 for purposes of counter magic. In addition spells to grant entry without permission and entry by those of higher essence who wish to force their way in are contested with a (Willpower + Eseence) roll against the portals creator. Stone Flesh Forged
                Cost:20m, 1wp ; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
                Keywords: Native
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms: Endless Distances Meet

                Qaf tuned his realm and the rules that apply there to his desires. This charm replicates the effect of Wyld Shaping Technique and Wyld Cauldron Technology within the Sanctum. In addition the strong resonance of this realm with its creator bolsters their essence flow. While within the Sanctum the Infernal recovers essence as if he was in a level 5 manse to which he is attuned. This does not stack with the benefit of actually creating a manse within the Sanctum using Wyld Shaping Technique. A repurchase of this charm at Essence 5+ allows the Infernal to modify the physical laws of his Sanctum. He can manipulate the speed at which time flows within the realm by up to Essence in either direction. So they may either speed up time relative to the outside world to allow them to quickly craft and forge their world, or slow time such that they may outwait short lived foes. In addition they can manipulate the relative space within the region, defining what attribute controls speed. Speed inside the Sanctum can be set to any attribute or virtue as opposed to dexterity for purposes of moving. Touch of Perfect Form
                Cost: 3m; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms: None

                Qaf has fought against the corrupting touch of the Wyld since the day Creation was born. None understand better, save perhaps lost Adrián, how to opposed the corrupting touch of the Fair Folk. This charm enhances any physical attack against Fair Folk or Wyld Mutants who are so malformed as to no longer be part of Creation. Fair Folk take aggravated damage from the attack as their essence is forced to compose to the Primordial defined order. Any Fair Folk slain through use of this charm becomes a heroic mortal instead of dying and is bound to fate as part of Creation. Wyld Mutants who would take damage from an attack enhanced with this charm lose points of mutation corresponding to the levels of mutation taken instead, with unused points being held until they are able to pay for an entire mutations. For example, a mutant with the Regeneration Abomination takes 5 levels of damage of damage from and Infernal using this charm. This is not enough to remove the Abomination but the next time the mutant takes damage from an attack enhanced with this charm Regeneration will be lose as the mutation is stripped from his form. Mutants who lose mutations this way regain any exp or bonus points spent to acquire it. Vibrant Imagination Made Manifest
                Cost: 5m, 1wp, 0g; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
                Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms: Touch of Perfect Form
                Qaf’s touch upon Creation is not seen directly in his own creations, but in the strengthening of the constructs of those around him. He is able to convert simple dreams and thoughts into the solid and real mass of being. This charm serves as a defense against the shaping attacks of the Fair Folk. Instead of being resolved as a shaping attack, the imagery conjured by the attacker is converted into actual reality modifying the scenery in a real way. These constructs are created as generic representations of themselves and lack any loyalty to pre-existing groups or beings. For example, in the course of a Sword Shaping Attack a Fair Folk paints the image of a barbarian horde descending upon the Infernal, and upon his defeat retreating away with all of the Infernals goods. Instead of this, a very real horde of barbarians will appear and will act as any group of similar beings would when stuck in the midst of a fight between a Fair Folk and an Exalted. This charm suffers from the Imperfection of the Heaven Violating Spear. This charm needs careful revision for the mechanics bit, but I think the concept is there.

                Bound Deity’s Dreams
                Cost: 20m, 2wp; Mins: Qaf 0, Essence 5; Type: Simple(Dramatic Action)
                Keywords: Blasphemy, Sorcerous, Obvious, Shaping
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisite Charms: Vibrant Imagination Made Manifest
                The thoughts and dreams of the Fair Folk are but pale reflections of the glories imagine by the Primordials. Even from their sealed prison their thoughts touch upon the objects whose existence is bound to their rules and essence. The infernal can further this connection to the Yozi, allowing their essence to further permeate the terrain, making it an extension of their bound selves. This charm converts a piece of terrain of size no larger than Essence x 100 square yards into a region controled by the Yozi most associated with it. This zone serves in all ways as if it were within Malfeas, meaning demons may enter it from an associated location with Mafleas as if they were connected and respire essence normally within its boundaries, it is the first step toward bringing the Yozi from their prison by defining creation as being inside the bars with them. Multiple castings of this charm in adjacent areas expand the region as if it was one casting, though it requires Adamant Countermagic or the equivalent to sever this connection for regions of at least 1 square mile. First circle demons may freely leave this region as long as they are associated with the Yozi to which the region is bound. Second Circle Demons require 1000 square yards per dot of Essence to be bound to their Yozi master before they may freely leave the confines of their prison. Third Circle Demons are constrained tighter still, at least their Essence in square miles must be severed before they are able to roam freely in Creation. If by some means this blasphemous region isn’t countered by the forces of heaven before an entire direction of Creation is corrupted, the Yozi which possess affinity with the largest corrupted features may march forth themselves and resume their rule. A region countered by sorcery or similar effects still maintains an infernal taint to the flora and faunta, but is once more part of Creation and severed from Yozi influence. This countering influence must be used from the center of the corrupted region.


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                  Also, Revlid, who I don't think is that active here anymore, wrote up this Charm on Sufficient Velocity

                  Mountain’s Clouded Peak
                  — ; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Permanent
                  Keywords: Idol
                  Duration: Permanent
                  Prerequisite Charms: None
                  Qaf is unconcerned with worldly matters. While meditating, the Infernal does not need sustenance (including air) or sleep, and any ongoing afflictions internal to his body - including bleeding, sickness, and age - are suspended. His body is effectively locked in time, only his mighty mind left free to ponder itself - or the universe that reflects it. Each hour he spends meditating, the Infernal may roll Temperance, regaining points of Willpower equal to his successes - doing so erodes one of his personal intimacies by a scene. Personal intimacies are those which refer to a specific individual, location or group, as opposed to an abstract principle.

                  At Essence 3+, he can ignore any environmental hazards with a Trauma lower than (Essence) while meditating.

                  New Keyword!
                  Idol: Qaf knows that enlightenment only exists within. Others, too, have discovered this, and seek him out to mine wisdom from the rich seams that run through his mountain heart. While active, Charms with this keyword automatically apply their effects to any character with an intimacy or Motivation related to learning from or imitating the Infernal, as a Shaping effect. This requires that the character in question meditate within (Essence x 100) yards of the Infernal, and allows them to use the Infernal’s Essence in place of their own for the purposes of calculating the effects of these Charms.
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                    Small changes, but makes him a lot more PC friendly. Social contract and all that - no one wants a loner at the table.

                    First Qaf Excellency:
                    The Heaven-Violating Spear is observant, contemplative, and ever seeking. He appears as both master and pupil. A being of many realms, he seeks ever more knowledge, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and striving for perfection. He scorns his brothers and sisters for abandoning the Shining Answer - even if they can no longer gaze over far horizons, that is only half the journey and wisdom yet lies within. True enlightenment is a state of being, an endless quest, and he only helps those who walk the path. Even then, he teaches hard lessons by harsh trials and deep contemplation over frozen moments immortalized in stone. He asks penetrating questions and dispels superstitions and preconceptions. He loathes sloth and complacency, be they mortal or god, and has no time or thought for such beings of spiritual poverty. Those that pursue the bitter work of self-improvement are the only beings worthy in his gaze.


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                      Qafian Urge (The Urge to Enlighten)
                      Qaf wishes his chosen to discover lost secrets, study other realms of existence, immortalize lessons, uplift the worthy that seek them out and finally master themselves. Qaf also wills it’s chosen to eradicate distraction, throw down those who quit the path, and find answers to impossible questions. A stone cannot know enlightenment, for it is empty and blind, only through the accumulation of knowledge and personal growth can the path be taken further.

                      Qafian Acts of Villainy & Torment:

                      Qaf seeks enlightenment above all, above freedom, and above joy. When the chosen forces a student to overcome harsh trials, torments and mutilation in the pursuit of enlightenment – Qaf is pleased.

                      To step from the path of enlightenment is to lose the light from your eyes and know only helplessness, fear and loss. While under torment, the chosen is filled with a great dread that they have lost their way, desperate to find their path again. Many chosen beat themselves to cleanse their bodies, others purge their systems of filth, and some isolate themselves in dark chambers of hidden torments to attain focus at any cost. Further, those that fall under the pupil keyword are also affected by their master’s torment through the poison welling up in their spiritual link, and seek to reaffirm their path similarly.


                      Diamond Soul Honed In Torments
                      Cost: — ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: N/A
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisite Charms: None
                      The white featureless prison of Qaf is frigid and turbulent - no orbs of fire rise nor do cloaks of starlight fall to share their warmth. Yet, the cold makes the body felt and hones the mind sharp as knives. The wind carries whispers that keep one’s thoughts from running together – giving clarity and focus. The trials of the elements, of existence, learn them and find the spring of wellbeing within yourself.

                      For each scene spent basking in the power of the world around you: sitting under a waterfall, whipped by frigid winds, standing at the lip of a caldera and so on – the character may make a roll to recover willpower. In so long as the threats are real, you may roll dice equal to the lesser of the damage or trauma of the environmental hazard and recover willpower. The player is free to pursue other activities while drinking in the lessons of existence, but such activities must be related to their pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Should it ever be impossible for an environmental hazard to harm the character, the character has risen above what lessons it has to teach, and no rolls may be made.


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                        Very simple entry level charm to a tree, but I've some ideas for it to bloom into something cool as it plays off of the pupil keyword in later charms:

                        Sagacious Emulation Methodology
                        Cost: 10m,1WP ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
                        Keywords: Pupil
                        Duration: Permanent
                        Prerequisite Charms: None
                        Knowledge and wisdom is akin to a great magnet

                        Qaf knows that trials and tribulations are the root of wisdom, but wasted effort is the mark of ignorance. He allows others to walk his path to enlightenment, following it’s beaten track, forgoing falsehoods and spiritual walls. Though his approach might be steep, it is straight, and the lessons learned are true ones. A better way is revealed, one where ones efforts feed the soul spiritual fruits. The act of sharing this wisdom grows and refines the will of the universe, allowing greater heights to be attainted .
                        This charm allows the Infernal to tie spiritual bonds to worthy pupils. Sagacious Emulation Methodology, tentative upon a successful trial issued by the Qufian, unblinds the pupil to his own essence. Hence forth, the charm recipient is bound as pupil to his master, to only be broken should the student surpass his mentor on the path of enlightenment.


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                          A Journey is but One Step
                          Cost: — ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                          Keywords: Pupil
                          Duration: Permanent
                          Prerequisite Charms: Sagacious Emulation Methodology

                          Qaf has explored deeper and seen more than any other being in existence save the eldest Yozi, Oramus. Each moment bearing further into uncharted horizons – always blazing forward seeking answers.

                          The chosen of Qaf has walked many paths and climbed many mountains; each is different, but each guides him to the next. Any trial that the Qafian has surmounted before, any tribulation he has endured for enlightenment, yields its wisdom to him in the face of similar obstructions. The Infernal/Akuma may apply a one die specialty, stacking to normal limitations, to surmount any trial in which he has bested a similar such one in the past. Pupils also benefit from the purchase of this charm.