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  • Originally posted by Ferryman View Post
    Something else. "{Your questions to this point have been about things that happened, but now you ask me what I am. Before I answer this question, tell me why you ask it.}"

    The fact that Yos asks at all means he already suspects it is true, but does not want to act on that suspicion without first confirming it. He is not interested in our nature for its own sake - he does not care. He only wishes to know if we are this thing. He should tell us why.
    Yes, this.


    • You halt in your tracks. The entire group stops in place while you glare at Yos. "{What is it to thee?}" you growl. "{Thy questions until now have been of... things that happened. Now thou dost ask me what I am. Before I answer thee, tell me why.}"

      Yos does not answer immediately and his expression does not change. You briefly wonder if he heard you. Then, finally, he replies, "{Through the course of thy time in Yu-Shan, thou hast done many extraordinary things. Thou hast traveled countless miles with neither food nor rest. Thou hast fought against a supernaturally empowered warrior and emerged not only victorious, but unscathed. Thou hast freely mingled with the... esoteric beings we know as gods, without fear. But a short time ago, we saw with our own eyes that thou canst run as no mortal can run, with essence flowing in thy wake. It seems certain, then, that thou art no mere mortal hero. It behooves us to understand thy nature, so that we may understand thine actions.}"

      You cross your arms and snort. "{That is not thy true reason. Thou dost not wish to know my nature for its own sake. Thou dost but seek to have thy suspicion proven true. Now tell me truly - why should it concern thee if I am of the solar exalted?}"

      A few seconds pass in which no one says anything. The other members of the crew glance between you and Yos. The lions you spotted earlier have paused in their stalking for the moment - at least, the one you can see without turning around is lying in wait.

      Eventually Yos answers, a little more coldly than before. "{The safety of Heaven is my concern. The presence of the Sun's Chosen jeopardize our peace in ways thou canst not know. So answer me - art thou, or art thou not, of the Solar Exalted?}"
      • Affirmative. "{Yes.}"
      • Negative. "{No.}"
      • Attack.
      • Flee.
      • Something Else?

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      • eh, shouldn't have stopped. Might lose track of steps.
        Something Else
        I have meant no harm to anybody I have met, save Tal. Not even Ozdis, and many would say I have cause. I begin to suspect that you will accost me whatever I say. I have a task to complete before the Doom following me comes into being, and wish you would leave me in peace.
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        • Something else: "I am here on my own, peaceful business. Any strife caused by my presence shall not be at my instigation. Pray thee, dost tell me of the nature of this jeopardy so I can ensure the safety of Heaven is ensured for as long as my business keeps me here."


          • Pause for a long moment. Then look him in the eye and very deliberately say:


            Then make it clear that we have no intention of remaining in this place once our purpose is fulfilled. We will leave.

            Since it is the presence of a Solar that endangers his city...we will not be one. And Yos can choose to walk away if he chooses, for his suspicions will remain unconfirmed. Duty has been satisfied.

            He will more than likely recognize the truth, but will understand that we have offered him a way out of his dilemma. If his goal truly is to avoid violence, he can let us go. If he chooses not to, then he will know that it is he who brought it about...not us.

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            • "You have nothing to fear. I am only a few dozen steps away from my objective. Once the violet lady has heard my plea I will return to my children and never again set foot in this heavenly city."

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              • BadassOverlord, mentioning the goal is kinda asking for trouble, it may something they want to 'protect'. Or not, who knows what the OP will do. Anyways, I do like the part about 'my goal is within my grasp'.

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                An Exalt is never unarmed.


                • Your eyes flick between Yos, his companions, and the waiting lions. Then, with as much calm as you can muster, you resume walking. Three hundred twelve, three hundred thirteen...

                  You are so close. You only need to stall for time... "{I shall leave Heaven soon,}" you answer confidently, but without looking at Yos. "{I meant no harm to anyone when I arrived, and that has not changed. As soon as my business is finished, I will depart.}"

                  Yos keeps pace with you. "{That is well enough, but thou hast not answered my question. I believe I hath been discrete, in that I have not asked what thy business is. But perhaps I should wonder...}"

                  "{No,}" you snap back. "{I am not...}" You pause and blink. What were you saying? You were counting steps. Three hundred thirty. Three hundred thirty one..."{It should be of no concern to you,}" you feebly finish.

                  Yos does not answer. You look back at him to see he is looking at Krein, who is raising their stylus again... and holding it sideways?

                  Yos turns back to you. "{We shall accept that answer,}" he announces. "{But know thou shalt be watched, and further transgressions against the Heavenly City or its inhabitants will not be tolerated.}" His face is, as ever, unreadable. His companions', however, are not. Looking back, you can see Quartz pursing his lips, exuding half-hearted resignation. Olefsdotr is grinding her teeth. Krein is shrinking into themselves again. Only the Unbound Queen remains poised, although her mask limits what you can glean from body language.

                  "{If that is thy wish,}" you grumble. "{Wilt thou follow me every step along the way?}"

                  "{No,}" replies Yos, clearing his throat. "{We part ways here. If the fates are kind, we shall not see each other again. Farewell, Otgonbayar.}" With that, he raises an arm, and the airship crew comes to a halt. You pause too, on reflex, but then you remember yourself and continue on without them.

                  You glance back to see the group turn around and begin walking back to their ship. They are conspicuously silent - not a word is exchanged between them. Olefsdotr looks back at you once, then looks away. The lions split off as well, breaking from stealth and running off into the fields.

                  You walk another fifty paces and look around again. Your brows furrow. You were mistaken before - only two lions have left. The first one you noticed is still following you. But all you can think to do is grit your teeth and carry on.

                  At five hundred paces, you stumble upon a carved path. You could not see the path before you first set foot on it, but now it is plain as day - raked dirt, clear of stones and plants. Ahead, there is an enclosure of high, green, leafy walls - a latticed fence laced with ivy so thick that you cannot see through to the other side. The path cuts through the grass to the southern side of the fence.

                  Fifty five paces later, the path ends in the middle of an ivy-wall. Dark purple blossoms hang among the vines. There is no sign of any door or other apertures anywhere. You wonder if perhaps you should cut your way through or leap over.

                  The Doom materializes in front of you once more, standing just off the path. The creature waves an arm at the ivy. The fence groans, bends, and then parts in front of you, forming a perfectly-sized doorway. You glance at the Doom with an unspoken question in your eyes. He makes a low bow to you and gestures for you to walk in. You take a deep breath and look back. The lion that was tailing you is no longer in sight. With mixed emotions, you step through the portal. The doorway closes behind you.

                  The fence encloses a small graveyard. A few score tiny monuments dot a field of closely cropped green grass. These monuments are very plain, compared to the enormous constructions you saw before - many are simply wooden boards stuck into the earth, or large rocks with a few words crudely chiseled into them. It is very quiet here - there is no sound at all, except the faint noise of wind and rustling plants. The high ivy-wall casts precisely half of the courtyard in shadow, with a flagstone path dividing the light from the dark. Said path runs down the middle of the yard from where you entered to a small, unremarkable-looking mausoleum at the far end. Just before the mausoleum is a high stone chair, like a throne but not as elaborate. Death is seated there.

                  She looks nothing like what you expected1, but you still recognize her at once. It is self-evident that you are looking at Death, just as surely as you would know the sun. She is easily ten feet tall, solidly built but not too large for her height. She has dark skin, black hair twisted into rows, deep purple clothing, and a jeweled diadem adorning her brow. Her face is unmarked by age, but you still get the impression that she is as old as the world itself. When you enter the yard her eyes are closed, but she opens them as you cross. They are purple, too, and sparkle with the light of stars.

                  "{As was foretold, thou hast come.}" Her lips do not move, but you hear a soft voice as if she had spoken right into your ear.

                  "{...foretold?}" You repeat the unfamiliar word and take another quick look around the yard. If she had said that you were "expected", that would make more sense - many people or gods you encountered could have informed her you were coming. But "foretold"...?

                  "{Indeed. It was prophecied that one like thyself would come unto me.}," she answers, meeting your eyes across the courtyard. "{I have watched thy journey with great interest, seeing our meeting travel from the realm of possibility into certainty. Once thou madest thy choice, it was inevitable that thou wouldst reach this place.}" Death shifts slightly in her seat. "{Come, Otgonbayar, Chosen of the Sun, last of the Many-Horse clan, Chief of the Sunblessed, hero, thief, butcher, wonder-worker... your journey has reached its end.}"

                  You walk closer and steel yourself for the last and most important part of your quest - the negotiation. "{Oh Death, I have come to ask thy favor.}"

                  She nods. "{Then ask, champion.}"

                  Finally, you launch into your prepared speech. "{I, Otgonbayar, blessed by the Sun, warrior without peer, come before thee to plead the case of my many progeny. My heirs, who are shaped by my power and my will, are unrecognized by Heaven - their souls are unwritten in the records of life and death. Therefore I say unto thee - thou shalt remember them, and judge them. For their lives are worth as much as those of any mortal and more, for they are mine and under my protection. So let it be done.}"

                  Death is silent for some time, resting a cheek on her fist. "{...No.}"

                  "{No?}" You did not expect immediate acceptance, but the bluntness of her answer surprises you. "{What dost thou mean!?}"

                  "{Thy children are made things, constructed of will and the raw stuff of creation. Doubtless, they would wish to be acknowledged by Heaven, but on what merit?}" Death stands up from her chair, looming over you from a distance. "{Knowest thou how many more souls wait their turn, in the space between? More than a thousand thousand thousand mortals bide their time - victims of calamities beyond thine understanding. Wouldst thou have me put thy few newborn aberrations before the countless many?}" Her voice is still quiet, but now it has an unshakely hard edge to it.

                  "{They are my children!}" you shout back.

                  "{All are children to someone,}" answers Death, with a touch of sadness. "{I have spoken - thou mayest leave.}"

                  You do not leave. You stand where you are, shaking with rage. Before you know what you are doing, you reach over your shoulder and draw Cleaver from its sheathe. You hold the sword ahead of you, gripping the hilt as hard as you ever have, battle ready.

                  "{Thou woudst challenge my decision?}" Death asks rhetorically, with no surprise in her voice. "{So be it.}" She hold out a hand, and the air shimmers. A long shaft with a long, curved blade appears in her hand. The shaft glitters, and the edge shines. It resembles a farmer's scythe, but you have never seen one so large or shaped in that way - this is a blade for reaping flesh and bone, not grass.

                  You mentally prepare yourself yourself.
                  • Battle Death for the souls of your family.
                  • Refuse to accept that all you've done was for nothing. You can't. You won't.
                  • Fight for your dreams of a future.
                  • Take revenge for your broken past.
                  • You've come too far to change course now.
                  Your traditions spoke of the death god as a starved man with a goat skull for a head. How could they have gotten that so wrong?...
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                  On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

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                  • Battle Death for the souls of your family. You failed your first family. You will not fail this one.

                    I write things.


                    • Battle Death for the souls of your family The rest seem to be about Otgonbayar, not about the Sunblessed.

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                      • Originally posted by wonderandawe View Post
                        Battle Death for the souls of your family. You failed your first family. You will not fail this one.
                        This for reasons


                        • Battle Death for the souls of your family.
                          Silly Saturn, have you forgotten what Solars can be like if they don't get their way?

                          Are you in the market for some Martial Arts? Perhaps some custom Artifacts for your campaign?


                          • What else can we do? Battle Death for the souls of your family.

                            I post Artifacts in this thread. How I make them is in this thread.
                            I have made many tools and other things for 3rd Edition. I now host all of my creations on my Google site: The Vault of the Unsung Hero


                            • Death takes a single step forward from her seat. She raises her war-scythe in a two-handed-grip, placing the blade above her left shoulder and pointing the shaft at you. Then she waits.

                              You lower your sword, roar, and rush forward, willing as much power as you can into your legs. You cross the distance in an instant, turning and raising Cleaver for a rising slash at her side. Death reacts faster than your eyes can see, setting the scythe's shaft into the ground in the path of your sword. Cleaver skitters off of the handgrip, throwing sparks. She shifts her grip, pulls the scythe free of the earth, then spins it around her torso. You leap back. The tip of her blade misses you by mere inches.

                              In the instant after the scythe blade passes you, you think you see an opening. You swap your hands on Cleaver's hilt, step up, and make a hard chop at Death's other side. Midway through your swing, Death releases one hand from her weapon and moves her palm in Cleaver's way. Violet light flows from her hand as she catches the sword, completely stopping your momentum. Then she steps back, releasing Cleaver as she pushes it away. You struggle to regain your balance. Death readjusts her hold on her scythe and turns a complete revolution, swinging her weapon with her entire body. You manage to duck and roll away, feeling the wind of her attack blow over you.

                              You come to a crouch and immediately leap twice your height into the air. You pull Cleaver behind you rise, and as you fall you force all your weight into a mighty chop at Death's head. She sees you coming once again. Again, she takes a hand off her scythe without fighting its momentum. Just as your fall takes you within her long reach, she thrusts out her arm and hits you squarely in the chest with an open-palmed strike. It feels like you took a hammer to your ribs.

                              A feeling of despair washes over you as you exhale violently. Your grip on Cleaver goes slack and you find yourself flying away from it. A moment later you crash onto the flagstones, sliding a short way on your back. As you desperately kick out with your legs and hop to your feet, you see Death picking Cleaver up off the ground. She holds up the sword with one hand, seeming unconcerned with the weight, and looks at it for a time. Then she squeezes the hilt and Cleaver vanishes into glittering fuschia mist.

                              You reach about yourself for other weapons.
                              • Fire and Water. You have to strike from inside her guard, make her size work against her.
                              • Reaching Fist. If you can entangle her weapon, throw off her balance, you might have a chance.
                              • Vortex. Mobility is your best advantage - best use a tool to let you strike at any distance.
                              • Archer's Paradox. Her height and her weapon give her reach, and that last hit shows she also outmatches you for brute strength. You'll never win this fight from close quarters.
                              • Something else?
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                              On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

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                              • Reaching Fist. Let's try to disarm her.

                                I write things.